Rick’s Revenge

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Rick was pretty pissed when we got home after the photo session with Mr. Politician and his colleagues. For those who want to know what happened, read the story ‘Circle of Light’.

According to him, my nude photography session had turned into a wankfest, fuelled by too much champagne. I didn’t look at it that way, I found it more of an art happening, but this was not the moment to have a big discussion about art.

I undressed in the bathroom and went to bed where I placed myself on all fours, my butt in the air. I knew Rick was in a sexual overdrive kind of mood. He always was when he was jealous. He placed himself behind me and entered in one big thrust. There was no kissing, no foreplay, just this animalistic fuck that, as in the animal kingdom, didn’t take long either. Rick came, retreated and fell almost immediately asleep, leaving me unsatisfied. But I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself.

We more or less cleared the situation the next morning. The negotiations weren’t that difficult as I agreed on all points. I had to be punished, one way or another.

I cooked dinner for both of us, something elaborate and not the usual pizza, pasta or ten minutes rice dish. I put on a new flowery sundress, knowing that Rick is the guy who can get extremely excited by it. We had an expensive bottle of red wine and so far everything was good.

After dinner, Rick sat on the couch and severely ordered me to go to him. I was standing in front of him when he asked if I was wearing any underwear. I confessed that I was wearing some undies. I had put on some super sexy ones, but I also need them because I can be a quite slippery girl.

“Never wear underwear, when you belong to me,” Rick said seriously.


“Yes, who?”

“Yes… master?”

This seemed to be the right reaction. The game had started. I removed my undies, blue transparent ones, and stepped out of them. Rick slid one hand over my leg, under my skirt and penetrated me forcefully.

“I guess you like that, bitch.”

I nodded, biting my lips. It didn’t take long for me to get my juices flowing. Rick now had two fingers in me and was tickling and scraping the inside of my pussy. This always makes me hot and today was no exception.

Rick removed his fingers and ordered me to kneel. I knew what this would lead to. So far our game wasn’t that particularly different from our regular lovemaking.

Rick made me lick his fingers and ordered me to get his penis out. I could feel through his pants that he was excited.

“Suck me, bitch!”

The dirty rapper talk left me unmoved. I found it a bit childish. But it was his game. I took his dick in my hand, giving it a spring-cleaning by licking his shaft. Scratching my fingernails on his pink head made him moan. So far it was I who was in command, apparently.

I’m truly happy when I can make my man happy. I love sucking his bahis şirketleri cock. I have no problems swallowing his load. He shot his warm stream of love in my throat and I genuinely enjoyed it. He pulled my hair. I looked up at him with puppy eyes.

“Bathroom,” he said.

That’s where we went after he fixed his trousers. I wondered if my punishment would get anything better… or worse. Rick ordered me to strip, again with a one-word sentence. At least he left the silly ‘bitch’ behind.

Now we’re talking, I thought when I removed my sundress. Standing naked, in front of him, I felt like a toddler caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I could only think how I loved this man and how I would follow him to the end of the world. It made me a little mellow and pretty wet. Perhaps the punishment would be no sex at all.

Rick looked at me like a stern teacher who needed to grade a student. It felt intimidating, as he was silent, and so was I. We knew each other’s bodies, having lived and loved together for nearly two years, but this time I felt a bit ashamed. His game was starting to work.

Rick undressed, taking off his shirt, his shoes, socks and trousers, but leaving his underwear on. He wore one of his sexy red and blue thongs. His package was small, understandably as I had just sucked the last drop from his balls. I knew he was the man who would be fit again in fifteen minutes. The second fuck was always better than the first and would take considerably longer.

Rick walked behind me and I could feel his body warmth against my back. He grabbed my right breast, squeezing it hard while he started to whisper in my ear.

“Never, ever do this again.”

His left hand was around my throat. I tried to nod, but couldn’t. His right hand wandered down to my pussy. He found my tunnel and entered me hard. It wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t meant to be pleasant. I did realise this was a game I had consented to, but I felt quite abused. Probably the power game was what he wanted.

“Why did you jerk off Mr. Politician?” Rick croaked.

“You… you… we negotiated for a more… personal approach,” I stumbled. “They tripled the price, remember?”

Rick moved his finger deeper.

“That was for them to picture you. Not for you to… open his trousers and grab his dick.”

I could only stumble a sorry, while tears were forming in my eyes. The interrogation wasn’t over.

“You masturbated his secretary.”

I knew there was no way to explain this. In my brain, I visualised his nice cock and the heavy stream of sperm I had extracted from him. Perhaps living monogamously with Rick for nearly two years had made me want to touch another bloke’s penis. Even now, during my punishment, I cherished the memory.

“I was very drunk,” I apologised.

“You gave his son a blow-job.”

The shy man was the Politician’s son? I never knew this.

“He… bahis firmaları he couldn’t perform in front of the others. I didn’t want him to look like a failure.”

“So you took his dick in your mouth out of compassion?”

“He wasn’t even erect. He didn’t even come.”

“You love me?”

The million-dollar question. Of course, I loved Rick. I loved every square centimetre of him. What a silly thing to ask.

“I love you more than when I met you. Please, forgive me.”

Rick removed his finger, turned to my front and kissed me on my mouth. Our tongues made a fertility dance for at least a minute. I saw that Rick was still angry, but his face mellowed when he remarked my tears. He softly touched my wet cheek.

“I forgive you. Like I always forgive you,” he said. “But this doesn’t mean your punishment is over.”

I nodded.

“I accept it, my darling.”

He took my cheeks in his hand, squeezing hard.

“I’m not your darling.”

“Yes… master,” I corrected myself.

“I don’t want to see your whorish body any longer,” Rick hissed.

He threw me a plain white shirt and some everyday knickers. His remark made me feel dirty and ashamed of my nakedness. I dressed in silence and waited for his further instructions.

He opened the shower curtain and I stepped in. We had once showered with our clothes on. It had been an exciting experience, but we had never repeated it.

The cold water hit me hard. He was literally giving me the cold shower, although he well knew how I hated that. I started to cry like a child. It took an eternity until he switched the water off. I sobbed inconsolably.

“Stay there. Don’t you move. Wait till I come back.”

I nodded. Rick left. I was cold. I was shivering. I waited. I heard how Rick put on the telly. I heard the canned laughter of a stupid television show. Finally, after one of the longest quarters of an hour in my life, he returned. God, how he looked sexy in that thong. I, on the contrary, must have looked miserable, with wet hairs, wet clothes, red eyes from weeping,


He didn’t react.


Rick looked at me and nodded.

“Permission to pee, please.”

He permitted me, but when I wanted to leave the shower he stopped me.

“I never allowed you to leave the shower,” he said with a serious voice.

I nodded and stepped back. I asked him if I could take my undies off. The answer was negative. I asked him if I could crouch down. The answer was negative as well. Living together for two years meant that he had seen me sitting on the loo. I had taken his dick a couple of times to make him aim better. Not with much success, but with great fun.

I forced my bladder to release itself. Pee was leaking from my undies, from my legs. I never knew Rick kicked on this. Rick came closer and felt my warm wet knickers.

“You are a dirty girl,” kaçak bahis siteleri he said maliciously.

I could sense he was amused, the little pervert. He removed my undies and smelled them. He grabbed my hair and made my head tilt backwards.

“Open your mouth.”

What, what? I felt a stream of fear racing through my body.

“Open your mouth, slut.”

I knew what to do. I opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue. Rick squeezed my undies and I felt the liquid dripping on my tongue, entering my mouth. A big pervert he was. Luckily he didn’t order me to swallow. I spat out as much as I could, trying to get rid of the taste and smell.

He put a hand between my legs, located my lips and spread them. He opened a bottle of lube, since when did we have lube?, and greased my pussy thoroughly. The lube tingled a bit. This felt really, really good. Why didn’t we try it before?

Rick took the dildo he had once bought for my birthday. It was a medium-sized replica of a dick. I didn’t use it very often, but I knew Rick kicked on it. Rick likes dildo porn, he doesn’t hide he watches it, although I suspect he does it a lot more than he admits.

The dildo slid into me. The front of Rick’s thong grew considerably into the shape I liked so much. He retreated the rubber dick and inserted it again. He did this a couple of times and I didn’t mind at all.

“Keep it in,” he ordered while he searched for my butt-hole. I smiled a sly smile. So this is where he was heading to. I’m a conservative girl, at least when I’m not drunk, and anal sex is a no-no for me. Rick did it to me once, and that had been enough for the rest of my life.

His finger entered my butt, using lots of lube. It didn’t feel that bad, to be honest, just a bit awkward. He removed his thong and I caught a glimpse of his ornamental piece. He ordered me to bend over and proceeded with the ceremony.

I felt his dick slide in my ass, centimetre by centimetre. It felt unnatural, but it felt steamy as well. I realised why the bastard had made me suck him. The second round always takes way longer than the first. Our first and only anal experience had taken him a couple of minutes, but this one promised to take a lot longer.

Rick was prudent and slow at first, I have to grant him that. After a while, he slid in and out at a steady pace. This was doing nothing for me, so I just started counting the thrusts. He moved the dildo to and fro, I tickled my clit, hoping it would have some effect.

Rick moved more and more rapidly and after an eternity he finally came. I was glad he removed his penis. The dildo fell on the floor.

Rick turned to me and said: “Let that be a lesson.” He kissed me on the cheeks and I saw he had been crying as well. I ran to the toilet while he stepped into the shower. I joined him and kissed him, saying a million times I loved him. I grabbed his dick but it was in a coma. I still liked the touch though. The game was over.

We went to bed and he fell asleep. I didn’t. I kissed his limpid dick for a while, hoping it would give him pleasant dreams. Then I masturbated heavily and fell asleep as well.

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