Wetting on the Bus

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The last bus of the night was almost completely empty, but I still made my way to my usual spot at the back of the bus, on the left, by the window. I passed by a snoring, haggard business man wearing a suit with a loosened tie, and a tired-looking nurse looking out the window with her headphones in. I plopped down on the seat, and put my bag on the seat next to me, boxing me in and shutting me off, at least somewhat, from the world around me.

This new job is killing me. I mean, I love it, but the hours are murder. This is my third night this week taking the last bus home, and I barely made it this time. It would have been a long and lonely walk.

The bus starts moving, and I look out the window at the darkened skyline. It’s the early hours of the morning, but there are still some lights on. I wonder what has them staying up so late on a weekday, or perhaps why they are getting up so early as the bus bumps along.

I pull out my phone and unlock it, and am greeted by my voicemail screen. I forgot that I had just checked this voicemail from Haley, for, like, the 100th time. I look at it for a moment, then press the “play” button, and sink into the seat a bit more as her voice washes over me.

“Hey beautiful!” her voice greets me, “this morning was amazing.” she laughed, “so… um, I know you were, like, embarrassed, but don’t be. I loved it. And I love you, and, um, I can’t wait to see you again! Let me know when you’re off work, and we can… chat, or something.” she paused. “Or something.” she added, mischievously. “Gotta go. Love you! Muah!”

I sit in silence following the end of the voicemail with a big smile on my face. The “morning” she was referencing was just last week, when she woke me up eating me out, and… I peed on her. It was a total accident. At least… it was for me. I’m pretty sure she knew what she was doing. I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since then. Having an orgasm and peeing at the same time felt so incredible, a new kind of release, just complete freedom… and I’ve been longing for it again ever since. I’ve even been restraining from peeing at work, in the hopes that Haley will want another wet session when I get to her dorm.

The bus hits a bump, snapping me out of my daydream, and I look around. At some point the tired nurse got off the bus, and now it was just me and a loudly snoring businessman on the bus. I adjust my butt yalova escort on the seat, and am surprised to feel warm wetness between my legs. I briefly glance up at the sleeping man about 5 rows ahead of me, then back out the window, trying to put the thought out of my head.

It isn’t long before my hand starts exploring the outside of my jeans, as my thoughts turn to Haley, and that morning we shared together. The way her tongue felt between my legs, the way her eyes locked with mine, and the way my pee splashed against her mouth as I released everything I had at my moment of orgasm.

I noticed my heart rate had quickened, and I was breathing a little heavier as I rubbed at my crotch. What am I doing? I thought to myself as I unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and slipped an exploratory finger beneath my panties. I lean forward, resting my head on my arm on the back of the chair in front of me as my finger sinks lower into my panties, becoming enveloped in warm wetness. I bite my lip, stifling a moan as my finger passes my clit and I feel that familiar pleasurable tickling sensation. That same sensation that led to such a mess on that morning with Haley last week. For a moment, I wished that I had peed before getting on the bus. But only for a moment.

What am I doing? I thought for a second time, as I became aware of a certain pressure in my bladder, which only became sharper as my finger ran against my clit. Am I really considering this? I glanced up from my arm on the seat at the still sleeping man in front of me, and the driver all the way at the front of the bus.

I bit my lip again, and before I could talk myself out of it, I vigorously began rubbing my clit. I had already worked myself up, so my orgasm came easily and quickly. I shuddered with pleasure, and felt the smallest warm spurt in my pants. I pulled out my hand in panic, and looked wide-eyed at the sleeping man in front of me, certain that he heard something, or that the bus would come screeching to a halt and I would be kicked off in the middle of no-where.

But nothing happened. My heart was throbbing in my chest, both from the pleasure of the orgasm and the thrill of being caught. I was panting softly, and I licked my lips. I examined my finger, which was wet and dripping. I wiped it on my jeans, and looked down at my crotch. A barely visible dark patch was forming between my legs, but my heart yalova escort bayan still jumped.

Oh no, I thought. What am I going to do? I looked around. It was pitch dark outside, and someone would have to look pretty closely at my crotch to notice the wet spot. Maybe it would be fine? But then I became aware of the wetness around my butt on the seat. My crotch won’t be very noticeable, but anyone walking behind me will see the wet spot on my ass! Still breathing heavily, I opened the zipper on my backpack. Yes. My sweater was still in there. I could wrap it around my waist, hiding my shame from the world around me.

I exhaled, and leaned back into the seat in relief. My damp hand was resting on my thigh, and it wasn’t long before it was exploring the edges of my crotch, seemingly of its own will. I looked up again. Yup. He’s still sleeping. The button on my jeans was still undone, and my hand slipped easily into my panties again.

I moaned softly as my hand slipped easily around my wet lips, moving them back and forth as I explored around my clit, both excited and scared of what could happen. The palm of my hand had pressed against my bladder on its way under my panties, and I clenched to keep from peeing, but my resolve weakened as my fingers quickened, flicking across my clit. I thought of Haley, and her tongue, darting back and forth between my lips, her eyes locked to mine, a smile on her face as she prepared for what was to come. My back arching as the orgasm approached, then rocked my body with waves of pleasure, and the sweet release as I loosened my bladder all over Haley’s face…

And back on the bus, my body shuddered from another powerful orgasm. A soft noise escaped my lips as I tried in vain to stay quiet, and I could feel a longer stream of pee squirt out from between my lips, splashing around my fingers and soaking into my panties, the warmth spreading out between my thighs, and down between my cheeks and on my butt. I let out a shuddering breath as the orgasm rippled through my body, my legs shaking on the seat, the warm wetness spreading from the small spurt I had let escape.

Okay. Enough’s enough, I thought to myself. It’s time to stop, before I get caught. I pull my hand out from my pants, and without thinking, put my wet fingers in my mouth. What am I doing? I think to myself, but I don’t stop. There’s a salty taste to it, coupled with the taste escort yalova of my vagina. For some reason, I moan softly. I look up, startled, but nothing has changed. I can feel my face flushed, my heart still pounding. I lick my fingers, and without thinking, plunge them under my panties again.

My finger slides easily inside of me, I’m already sopping wet. I’m breathing heavily, and I lean forward in the seat, resting my mouth on my arm on the back of the seat in front of me to stifle my moans, as my fingers move faster, working the inside, then the outside, slipping between my soaked lips, and rubbing my clit, faster and faster. I feel it welling up inside me, that familiar sensation, as a powerful orgasm approaches. I feel my bladder screaming, teased by the small spurts I allowed it to release and wanting more.

I moan into my sleeve as my body is rocked by a powerful orgasm. My legs convulse on the seat, and my muscles tighten as I restrain myself from making too much noise. Wave after wave of pleasure wash over me, and I feel my bladder release in my pants, splashing my fingers with a deluge, pouring into my pants, and around my thighs and down my butt, but I don’t stop it. It feels incredible; the perfect release. I allow the orgasm to wash over me, and the pee to wash into my pants as I push it out. Powerful streams spurt into my jeans, and I feel the hot wetness spread around my butt, not just between my cheeks now but all around. I am sitting in a hot puddle, and i’m still filling it up. I can hear it spurting against the wet fabric of my jeans like a squirt gun, and I am rocked with a never-ending orgasm. I pull out my hand, and still I’m spurting in my pants. I can feel drips traveling down my leg and into my socks and shoes, but I don’t care. The release feels too good, and it’s too late now to stop it.

The stream slows to a trickle, and I lean back in sweet relief. I should stop peeing now, but I don’t. I push some more, spurting the last few drops into my saturated panties, not wanting to let go of the warmth of the wetness enveloping me. I feel completely relaxed, completely unclenched, sitting in the puddle that I made, and it feels so good. I let out a shuddering sigh as I regain control of my body.

I should feel scared, but I don’t. I should feel embarrassed, anxious, nervous, but all I feel is bliss, and relief. My stop approaches, and I stand up. I feel gravity pulling the warm puddle down my pants and legs, but I don’t care. I button the top button of my jeans, wrap the sweater around my waist, and briskly walk past the still sleeping man off the bus into the black night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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