Used and Humiliated by My Neighbor Pt. 02

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When I woke the next morning, it was already noon. Yet, I still felt exhausted. My neighbor had forced me to serve his feet until 5 am. By that time, he had been ready to dump another load on my face. He had instructed me not to wash my face until the next time we saw each other, and I had obeyed… until now.

Waking up with his dried-up, sticky cum still on my face made me feel disgusted. I rushed to the bathroom and started washing my face. I tried not to look at myself too much while I cleansed my face of last night’s humiliation.

When I thought about last night, I felt like crying. I had let myself be abused by a man who had no respect for me and thought of me as a nothing more than a sex slave.

Thinking about it now, there must have been something I could have done. Yes, he had blackmailed me, but I shouldn’t have panicked like that. I could have threatened to go to the police.

When I returned to my room, I noticed I had a new WhatsApp-message from David. “Are you up, slut?” I felt my pulse raise and decided to put my phone in airplane mode. I had always been good at running away from problems, and since I didn’t feel like standing up to David just yet, running away felt like the most comfortable option.

After breakfast I took my bike from the garage, all the while making sure not to glance at my neighbor’s house. I drove to the river and looked for a spot where I was completely alone, where I continued reading a Stephen King novel. I had started reading it last week and didn’t get further than fifty pages. However, today I needed a distraction, and usually King’s books provided exactly that.

It took me a while to fully concentrate on the story, but when I did, I finally felt myself relax and for a couple of hours, I didn’t think of David or the humiliation I suffered that night.

It wasn’t until six ‘o clock, when I started to get hungry, that I finally returned home. When I arrived at my house, I carefully looked in the direction of my neighbor’s house. At first, I didn’t notice any movement, but then I caught him in the corner of my eye in the kitchen window. He was shirtless, preparing a meal for one. Or so I assume. I didn’t look long enough; afraid our eyes would meet.

A couple of minutes later, I was standing in my own kitchen, looking for ingredients to wrap up a meal for myself. However, looking at half an onion and an old carrot, I decided to order pizza instead.

I ordered a large pizza with mushrooms and sat down on the sofa, trying to decide which movie I was going to watch.

Then the bell rang. It had only been ten minutes since I ordered the pizza and although I had ordered it on my laptop, they usually send a text to confirm the delivery. I automatically looked at my phone, only to realize that I had put it in airplane mode. I got up from the couch and opened the door.

It was David. I wanted to shut the door again when I noticed he was on the phone.

“Hold on, he just opened the door.” He said, with a charming smile on his face. I looked confused when David passed me his phone. “It’s your dad.”

“Kevin? Are you alright?” My dad’s voice sounded anxious.

“I’m fine, dad. Why?” I asked with the exact level of irritation that can be expected from an eighteen-year-old.

“Your mom and I have been trying to reach you all day. You had us worried sick!”

I sighed. When putting my phone in airplane mode I had completely forgotten about the daily phone call my parents make to check on me.

“I’m fine. I had just been wrapped up in a Stephen King novel and didn’t notice my phone died.”

For a couple of minutes, I listened to my dad giving me a lecture about being responsible. I had to promise to answer their calls and to keep my phone charged. Then my father asked to speak to David again.

I handed him the phone without saying anything.

“No problem, I’ll keep an eye on him.”

His voice sounded warm and neighborly, but with his eyes he gave me a menacing look while he said it.

It was only then that I realized that David had stepped inside while I was on the phone with my dad. There was no way of shutting the door now.

“Okay, Mark! You take care. Say hi to Katherine for me.” yalova escort And with those words he ended the call.

For a couple of seconds, we stood there in silence. I looked at his body. His broad shoulders looked intimidating. He was wearing a tank top that looked like it had been painted on his sweaty, muscular torso.

“I see you found some time to put on a top.” I said, sounding more confident than I felt. For a second I thought David wasn’t going to react.

Then he leapt forward and hit me in the groin. I fell to my knees, gasping for air.

“You disobedient slut.” David hissed. “I’m going to punish you until you remember what you are.”

It was only when I felt the tears dripping from my face, that I realized I was crying. My balls felt like they had been smashed with a rock. It hurt so much I worried that I might need a doctor.

“Lay your face down on the floor, slut!”

I was still too preoccupied with my balls to react.

David slowly squatted next to me and whispered in my ear: “Lay your slutface on the floor, so that I can put my foot on it.”

I felt too weak to resist. Slowly I brought my face down and rested it sideways on the floor. Through my tears I saw David. He looked enormous from this perspective.

“Put your ass up, slut!” He ordered.

It didn’t even occur to me not to obey him. I Got my ass up in the air, just like he told me. Then I saw him raise his right foot. The sole of his sneaker looked huge.

“Please…” I pleaded. But no other words followed.

As a response David put his foot firmly on my face. I yelped.

“Are you ready to submit and become my cockslut?” David asked, while rubbing his sole all over my face.

The pressure of his foot really started to hurt, as did his sole scraping my left cheek. But the humiliation was what made this situation unbearable. I felt like a worthless slut.

“Yes!” I answered, knowing this was the only way to get his foot off my face.

“Say you’re a dirty slut!” David screamed, while putting more pressure on my face.

“I’m a slut!” I yelled, while the tears streamed from my eyes.

David removed his foot from my face. As I tried to get back up, he demanded me to stay on my knees.

“You will stay on all fours while you’re around me.” He said calmly. He continued: “Tonight I’m going to punish you and mold you into the slut you are destined to be. By the time this night is over, you’ll be nothing more than a degraded cockslut.”

Then the bell rang for a second time tonight. It took me a second to remember I ordered pizza.

“Wait here!” David said, as he walked into our living room. I saw him walking up to the board that usually didn’t serve any purpose, but now contained all sorts of post-its with chores and emergency numbers that made my mom feel a little bit better when she left on her holiday. When David returned, I saw he was holding the permanent marker my mom had used to write the post-its.

“Sit still.” David said while he took off the cap and started writing on my face. While I expected him to simply write “slut” on my face, I was surprised when I felt him form multiple words on my forehead. I couldn’t quite make out what it said, but when he was done, he ordered me to strip naked and open the door.

A couple of seconds later I was standing butt-naked with my hand on the door handle. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart-attack. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

The delivery guy was already leaving but turned around as soon as he heard the door open. He opened his mouth to say something, but when he noticed my naked body, he closed it again. He looked confused. I felt so humiliated I could have died right there. Without saying a word, he handed me the pizza box.

Then I heard David’s voice from inside the house: “Get on your knees, slut!” He commanded.

I looked at the delivery guy, pleading for him to turn around and walk away, which would end my humiliation. However, he just stood there, frozen.

Since I realized I was in this exact situation because I disobeyed David earlier today, I knew I shouldn’t risk it this time. While tears of humiliation started flooding my eyes, I yalova escort bayan slowly bent my knees and knelt naked in front of the delivery guy.

As I looked up, I saw the disgust on his face. He was a couple of years older than me, somewhere in his mid-twenties. He looked like a jock that spent more time at the gym than he ever did in school.

Before he could leave, I heard David appear in the doorway.

“How would you feel about making some extra cash?” David said.

“Fuck off, I’m not going to suck your dick!” He answered, while his body language suggested he wanted to kick our asses.

However, David confidently stepped forward, crossing his arms, which accentuated his insane biceps. “I’m not talking about sucking anyone’s dick. I already have a little cocksucker for that.” I felt David look at me while he said those words.

The delivery guy looked confused.

“I’m prepared to offer you ten bucks if you spit in the slut’s face.” David said calmly.

“All I have to do is spit in this faggot’s face?” The delivery guy asked.

I could already tell he was considering it. David nodded.

“Offer this man your face, slut” David said, too loud to my liking.

The delivery guy took a step forward and opened his mouth. Instinctively, I closed my eyes. I heard him spit, before feeling his saliva hit my face. His spit was covering my face from my forehead, over my right eye, down to my chin.

I had never felt this degraded. This man, whom I had never met before and had no respect for me, had just dumped his spit on my face.

“Nice job!” David said, in the same way you would congratulate a fellow football player who scored a goal.

David put his hand in his back pocket and reached for his wallet. He took out ten dollars and offered them to the delivery guy.

“Thanks!” The twenty-something years old jock was already walking away when David called out to him again.

“I have another 50 dollars.” He said. The delivery guy turned around, looking equally disgusted and interested.

“What do I have to do to make 50 bucks?”

David smiled. “Read his slutface.”

I felt a new wave of panic coming up. I still had no idea what was written on my face, but I already knew it would be degrading and humiliating.

The delivery guy came closer. While I’m sure he already knew what was written on my face, he seemed to check again. He stared at my forehead and then he looked at David.

“You faggots are sick!” He said.

For a moment I thought he would just leave, but then he started to unbuckle his belt. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so as soon as he unzipped his pants, his dick, which was nested in a thick bush, appeared.

While I knew better, I started pleading. “Please …” But before I was able to beg him to stop, I felt David’s hand grabbing my hair.

“Do I need to discipline you again?” He whispered.

I couldn’t bring myself to answer, so I just shook my head, as far as David’s grip allowed me.

The delivery guy had a big, sweaty cock. He pointed it to my face. I could smell a musky scent coming from the head of his cock. He just stood there, frozen. For a second, I thought he was waiting for his dick to grow hard. But then it hit me, literally …

His piss literally hit me in the face. I closed my eyes as soon as I felt his urine burn in my eyes. I hadn’t been prepared for this, so my mouth had not been completely closed. I coughed up some of his bitter piss and tried to spit it out.

“Open your mouth, slut!” David commanded.

As I obeyed, I felt the delivery guy’s piss flood my mouth. I opened my eyes again and made eye contact with him to beg him to end this humiliation, but I saw no compassion in his eyes. He looked at me as if I were the lowest slut he had ever seen. I saw it in his eyes. He thought I deserved this. He thought I was nothing more than a worthless little bitch.

By the time he was done pissing on my face and in my mouth, I was soaking wet. David paid the delivery guy. I heard him walk away, but I didn’t look. I felt so humiliated and miserable that I just stared at the ground.

David moved closer to me, so that his sneakers came into view.

“Look up!” He escort yalova said. I slowly tilted my head up. Then I noticed his phone.

“Look directly into the lens, slut.” I didn’t want to, but I felt too broken to protest. I just sat there, humiliated, with piss and tears streaming down my face, waiting until my dominant neighbor was done making pictures of me.

“Good slut! I want you to go to your bedroom and position yourself on all fours on your bed.”

Without a word I climbed the stairs. By the time David entered my bedroom, I was sitting in the exact position he instructed.

I looked down to the mattress. I felt too ashamed to make eye contact with the man who had humiliated me to the bone and continued to do so.

David entered without saying anything. I heard him unzip his pants but made sure to focus my eyes on the bed.

“Look at my cock!” David ordered.

I raised my head and saw his big cock hanging out of his pants. It looked threatening, though it wasn’t even completely hard yet.

He grabbed his dick firmly and pointed it at my face.

“I’m going to piss on your face, while you are sitting on your bed, and you are going to take it like the dirty little slut that you are. You will open your mouth and keep eye contact while I urinate all over your face. Do you understand, slut?”

I felt so exhausted and humiliated that I wanted to start crying, but I knew crying would be pointless. So I just looked him in the eye and nodded.

For a few seconds he just stood there motionless and then the piss started streaming from his piss slit. He aimed his dick at my forehead and made sure to cover every inch of my face. His piss burned in my eyes, so I closed them.

“Look me in the eye, slut!” David commanded.

I fought the burning pain and forced my eyes open. Then, I looked him in the eye, while his piss flooded my eyes, as well as the rest of my face. He filled my mouth with his bitter urine and made me swallow multiple times.

I had never felt more submissive than I had felt in that exact moment: while I was looking him the eye, getting soaked in his piss.

When he was finally done, I knew he would made me clean his dick, so I decided not to wait for the instruction and took his cockhead in my mouth. I used the tip of my tongue to enter his piss slit and clean all the urine. When I was done, I looked up.

“Good, slut! Now, I’m going to jerk off on your face and when I empty my balls all over your slutface, you’re going to let my cum dry on it. You will wear it as a badge of honor.”

I didn’t even need to agree, as he already started to jerk his cock. It only took about ten seconds to rise to a full erection. I looked up and couldn’t help but admire his body. His was masturbating so ferociously that his muscles looked like they were going to tear his tank top apart. Even though I was still covered in piss, I was still able to smell his sweat through the penetrating smell of his urine.

It took David ten minutes to reach his climax, which was exactly the same amount of time his piss had needed to dry on my face. He started stroking his cock harder and wilder.

“Look me in the eye and open your mouth, slut!”

I did as he asked and then the first spurt of cum landed on my forehead. The second one filled my mouth with a bitter taste. David moaned like a wild animal while he kept cumming all over my face. I felt his sticky juice drip from my mouth and chin.

When his body finally relaxed, my face was completely covered in cum.

David looked pleased when he looked at my cumface.

He made me look him in the eye again and stick out my tongue, which was still covered with his thick cum while he snapped some pictures of my humiliated slutface.

“Tonight, you’re going to sleep in your piss-soaked bed with my cum on your face, as a punishment for disobeying me earlier. I’ll come check on you in the morning. If you cleaned yourself, I will post every single picture of your slutface online and send it to every one you know.”

Since I knew from experience that David wasn’t bluffing, I lied down in my piss-soaked bed, my face still covered in cum. His piss felt cold on my body and whenever I breathed, I could smell a mixture of his cum and piss.

That night, I felt so humiliated, I didn’t sleep for a minute. I felt anxious thinking about the next morning. And at the same time, I was harder than ever…

To be continued…

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