The Lost Notebook Pt. 02

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Julia here. I thought I’d pick up the next part of this story as I think it was me who set some of these events in motion, and Mike and I are now dealing with the consequences.

I was so nervous to tell Mike about the baby but his reaction was everything I could have hoped for. It seemed to have awakened something in him, and me, for that matter. Every curve I had was getting rounder, larger, and softer. I outgrew my already tight bras after about 3 months, and took to wearing nothing in private. I was at a 36E by September, and my already large nipples seemed to be growing along with them. They were sensitive and Mike took every opportunity he had to suck on them, but I couldn’t find a shirt or bra that didn’t put them on display in one way or another.

Mike was obsessed with my pregnant form, and there was no other way to say it. He was always finding ways to caress my belly, or run his hand down my breasts and along the side of my belly. He would unconsciously do this in class, or in public, and I was always worried about being seen. It was a turn on though, and I hoped that no one might notice wetness soaking through my panties while we were sitting in class or having lunch together outside.

We were able to move in together pretty quickly after the semester started back up. Mike begged his landlord to let him have the ground floor 2 bedroom, and I gave up my on campus housing to offset the cost. We now had our own kitchen, bathroom, and a room for the baby. It was around this time that I made the decision to change my major to fine art. It meant we might not see each other in class, but after 2 years I knew CompE was not for me and it was better to cut my losses. Besides, we’d see each other plenty at home. I decided to take a lighter class load and have time to prepare for the baby, while Mike kept up his intense course load.

Our home life revolved around studying and sex, and our lovemaking got more spontaneous and wild as my belly grew. One such time set in motion the next chapter in our relationship and one that I never saw coming, but think we will both be grateful for the experience.

I was only taking 3 classes per week after changing my major, to relieve stress and prep our home for the baby, and friends and family were planning to visit. One Wednesday afternoon toward the end of September, I was home in the baby’s room trying out paint colors on the wall and trim. I was braless, as usual, and wearing some boyshorts with not much else on.I had my CD player blasting One Republic and was up on a small ladder trying to decide between a couple of shades of cream on the window trim. I didn’t hear Mike come in.

All of a sudden I felt a hand caress my pregnant belly and breasts from behind and was startled. In what felt like slow motion, I threw the paintbrush up in the air before it landed on my head and fell to the floor, smearing paint on the hardwood floor and the top of my head.

“Mike!”, I yelled. “You can’t sneak up like that!”

“I’m so sorry. Your ass looked so fucking hot” he said, trying to contain a giggle. “You have white paint in your hair. You look like a skunk”, he said with a smirk and a laugh. What a smartass.

“Don’t be a jerk. Now I have to take a shower.” I replied sarcastically. “Clean this up.”

I think this was our first “fight” if you could really call it that. I walked off to the bathroom and turned on the tap and began undressing. Mike disappeared to the kitchen.

I stripped naked, admiring my nearly 5 month pregnant belly in the steaming mirror. My breasts looked fantastic now, resting on the top of my belly, my brown nipples poking out into the air. I felt like I’d be happy looking like this forever.

I jumped in the shower and immediately began scrubbing the paint out of my hair, watching the white tinted water swirling into the drain. Maybe I was too hard on Mike. I know he is into me and…well, I do look fucking fantastic. We haven’t actually known each other that long, all things considered, and here we are living together, a few months from a baby. My mind started wandering. I wanted to get to know him better…I’m not even sure I could describe his hobbies and I doubt he could mine.

I was finishing rinsing the conditioner out of my hair when I turned back to the door and saw Mike there, half undressed. “Can I make it up to you?”, he asked in an apologetic tone.

“Of course. I was wet long before I ever got into the shower” I said with a grin.

Mike finished undressing and stepped into the shower and gave me a sloppy kiss as he caressed my breasts. He ran his other hand down to the small of my back and held it there as we started kissing more intensely, his kisses moving down my neck to my shoulder and finally to my nipples. Mike could never resist himself and began sucking intently. When my milk comes in I’m going to have to ration it or our baby girl is going to go hungry every day.

Mike dropped to his knees and began kissing down my belly, finally to my swollen pussy lips where he began licking along them kaçak iddaa gently before turning his attention to my clit.

“Use your fingers” I moaned as Mike intently sucked my clit. I felt two fingers slide into my pussy. Mike relented on sucking my clit and went back to teasing my pussy lips for a moment before resuming sucking my clit more intently. I began to feel my orgasm building.

“I’m gonna cum baby…like that, like that” I said as my breathing picked up. Mike rolled his tongue along my clit and moved his fingers back into my pussy which sent me over the edge. My pussy clamped down on him as the waves of my orgasm hit.

“Oh…yes…I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Keep going!” I moaned. Mike sucked on my clit with vigor as my orgasm washed over me and finally passed. Mike took his face from my pussy and looked up, letting the shower wash my juices from his face.

“Can I have a go now?”, he asked.

“Mm…you bet. How do you want to do this?”, I asked. I’ve never had sex in a shower. Mike looked around the shower for a minute trying to make up his mind.

“Put your leg up on the edge and turn around”, he said. I turned to face the mirror and put my leg up on the ledge of the shower, giving him access to my pussy as I spread apart a bit. Mike stepped behind me and slid his cock into my waiting pussy.

“Ohhh my god. Pregnant pussy is the best” he said. “It feels softer”

I just nodded and smiled as he began sliding in and out of me as the warm water splashed along my belly and down my leg. It did feel softer and more sensitive, and my pussy lips were swollen all the time now.

Mike reached one hand around to caress my belly and rub my clit and the other hand he draped across my tits and played with my nipples. He nuzzled my neck and earlobe as he continued to slide in and out of my pussy with more intensity, slowing down occasionally to pull out and push back in and admire the sight of his cock head splitting my pussy lips.

I turned to look towards the mirror where I could see the two of us, me pushing back against his cock in unison with him, half visible in the steamy mirror.

“So good….Feels amazing”, he said. “I’m going to pop soon”. I felt him start to move with more force.

“Fill me up babe. Fill my pussy just like the time you knocked me up in the dorm” I said. Mike grunted. That was all it took. I felt his cock swell and pulse as jet after jet of cum filled me while I watched in the mirror.

“Wow” he said. “That was incredible. Is this what pregnant make up sex is like?”

“Don’t get any ideas”, I replied. I reached into my pussy and scooped out a glob of cum which I licked off my fingers as Mike stepped out of the shower and began toweling off.

I got out of the shower and started drying off when a thought popped into my head.

“Hey, would you be up for taking an art class with me? It would be fun to be in class together” I asked.

“I don’t know. I have a full class load” he replied

“There’s a sketching class. Fine Art 120. Mondays and Fridays. You can still add it tomorrow and just take it as a Pass/Fail class” I said.

“Ok. For you, anything” he replied.

And that was how the next phase in our relationship started.


Fine Art 120 was a core curriculum class that all Art majors were required to take, even the ones who, like me, were planning to do more web and graphic design. I had attended a couple of sessions now and thought it would be a low stress way to spend time with Mike that didn’t involve his fingers in my pussy or mouth on my nipple for an hour. Sketching was fun and I think it may be a nice change of pace from CompE.

The class was taught by Professor Mae Liu who was filling in during the fall semester for another professor who was on sabbatical. She normally taught at the community college nearby. I admired her style – she could have fit in as a student on some days, though a bit of age gave her away. Professor Liu was probably about 35, a few inches taller than me, and had nice perky breasts that I assumed were a C cup or thereabouts. She wore her hair in a bob style that reminded me of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. The tips were dyed green and she had a small diamond stud in her nose. She was cute, especially since she took to wearing plaid skirts that were a little on the shorter end, which showcased some thicker thighs under her nylons. I could see some of the guys in class watch her with extra attention as she bent over each class to set up her easel. Hard to blame them.

Mike and I arrived for our first class together the following Monday and took our seats near the back.

“No funny business. Just keep your hands to yourself today”, I pleaded with him jokingly.

“Stop teasing me then”, Mike replied. I just laughed as Professor Liu greeted the class and began her lesson for the day.

Mike was not much of an artist but seemed to be enjoying the novelty of the class. The polar opposite of Applied Algorithms. The professor being cute certainly helped his interest. kaçak bahis We learned to sketch eyes and facial features. As class wrapped up and Mike put his sketch pad in his backpack, Professor Liu walked up to us.

“Hi. You just added today, right?”, she asked.

“Yes, I’m Mike. I had to take the class” Mike replied jokingly as he poked me in the side.

“Call me Mae. And I’m sure you’ll have fun.”, she said to Mike. Mae turned to me. “When are you due?”, she asked.

“End of February” I replied.

“You look cute….pregnancy suits you well. I miss being pregnant.” she said with a smile as she walked back to the front of the class.

Mike looked at me with a curious smirk as we both headed out of class.


We didn’t talk much about Mae’s comments and our Friday class went by without anything remarkable happening. It was a busy week as Mike had a group project and spent most of the afternoons and weekends in the library with his classmates.

The following Monday sketching class started with an exercise. We were told as a class to spend 10 minutes sketching something “new and beautiful” that we saw over the past week. The entire class sat silently, save for the sound of pencil on paper, Mae included, and sketched. Mike did his best attempt to draw an exotic car he saw, while I drew a sketch of the crib we had bought, complete with some stuffed animals. I thought it wasn’t bad at all and rolled it up neatly and put it in my bag.

As class was ending and everyone was packing up, Mae approached us again, with a rolled up piece of paper in her hand.

“Hi you two. I thought you might want my drawing.” She said as she handed me the paper.

I unrolled it and held it for Mike to see. It was a sketch of me and Mike in class. I was standing with my bag over my shoulder and hand on my pregnant belly as Mike looked up at me smiling from behind his desk. It was cute.

“Thank you. This is so sweet, and you are very talented” I replied. Mike nodded and smiled.

“You’re welcome. By the way, how are you guys getting along buying things for the baby?” Mae asked.

“We have gotten some stuff but the list keeps getting longer and more expensive” Mike replied.

“Well, I have a 5 year old son and still have a lot of baby things. He’ll be staying with my ex this weekend, if you guys want to drop by my house you can pick through it all” she said.

“That would be awesome. Saturday?” I asked. Mae nodded.

“4 pm” Mae said as she wrote her address on a torn piece of sketch paper and handed it to me.

“See you then” Mike replied.


On Saturday, we drove the 15 minutes from our apartment to Mae’s house. It was a cute bungalow. Walking distance to the Gaslamp district. It must have cost a fortune.

Mae greeted us at the door wearing jeans and a button down grey top. Her complexion was on the lighter side as compared to many Asian women I have met.

“Let me open the garage door, most of the stuff is out there”, she said and closed the door. About 30 seconds later the garage door went up as we walked down the path towards it.

Mae pointed to a few boxes and garbage bags. “Here” she said. “Some of it is boy’s stuff but you might be able to find a few things”.

Mike and I spent the next few minutes picking through the bags, finding a few things here and there, as Mae gave us the backstory on her ex and kid. She was 36, and had shared custody. Every other weekend. She’s been single since they split up and was hoping to become a full time professor at UCSD. Her ex bought her the house and she just pays the utilities.

“Do you guys want to come in? I was going to order some Thai”, she asked. Mike and I both nodded enthusiastically. We sat at her small kitchen table while she called in the delivery order and continued to chat about college and kids. Her house was nicely decorated, a beach theme of sorts, and her walls were covered with artwork, most of which was her own. Oils on canvas, sketches, and even a few small sculptures here and there. She was quite talented. Her attention though, much as it did in class, continued to wander to me and my pregnant form.

“Was this an accident?” Mae asked as she pointed to my belly. I nodded.

“Mike couldn’t and still can’t keep his hands off me” I said. Mike laughed.

“Look at her. She’s voluptuous and incredible” Mike said. Mae nodded as the doorbell rang with our dinner.

I ate my pad Thai and drank a Pellegrino while Mae and Mike shared a bottle of Riesling, and continued our small talk for another half hour. As we got up from the table and began clearing it, Mae walked over to a shelf of DVDs. She looked a bit tipsy.

“Have you guys seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High?” Mae asked. Mike and I looked at each other. I shook my head. “No”, Mike said.

“If you guys want to stay, I was planning on watching it tonight. Classic 80s teen movie” she said. Mike and I looked at each other once again. I shrugged.

“Sure, why not?” Mike illegal bahis said. Mae beckoned us over to her couch. We sat next to each other at one end as Mae put in the DVD and sat in the middle of the couch, on my other side.

“There’s a blanket over there if you are cold” as Mae pointed to the armrest. Mike put the blanket over both of us as the intro started rolling and The Go-Gos started playing. Mae watched intently while Mike and I cuddled under the blanket.

Mike was caressing my belly under the blanket when I felt his hand slide under my panties and into my jeans. He began running his fingers in circles over my clit. I mouthed the words “Stop” to him but he continued fingering my clit while our Professor sat 3 feet away. I was trying to remain focused on the movie while this went on, but it’s an impossible task. I felt his finger slide into my pussy and let out an audible gasp and quickly turned my head away. I could see Mae look over from the corner of my eye, while Mike stayed focused on the movie and my clit with barely an expression.

I felt my orgasm building and tried to control my breathing and squirming. I turned away from Mae and buried my face in Mike’s shoulder as my orgasm hit me. I don’t see how Mae didn’t know what was going on, but save for a couple of glances she didn’t say anything. Mike slipped his hand back out of my pants, resting it again on my stomach and finally tried to pay attention to the movie. I could feel him rub his wet fingers into my pregnant belly as we watched.

After about 20 minutes I felt Mike’s hand slide off my belly and looked over to find him asleep. Half a bottle of Riesling and he is out like a light. Mae noticed as well.

“What a lightweight”, she whispered as she slid a bit closer to me. I put the blanket entirely over Mike and immediately noticed that my jeans were unbuttoned from Mike’s “work” earlier. I quickly tried to button them back up.

“Don’t worry about it. I kind of thought something might be going on there” Mae whispered as she smirked at me.

“I told you he can’t help himself” I replied sheepishly. “Sorry”.

“Don’t be. You look irresistible”, Mae said as she reached over to touch my belly. “Is this ok?” She asked. I nodded.

Mae was now sitting as close to me as Mike was as she rubbed her hand along my swollen belly. I have never been with a woman let alone have one touch me like this. Clearly she was into me. I had never given this scenario much thought, but it was making me a bit wet.

I turned to look at her as Mae leaned in and gave me a light kiss on the lips. “We can stop any time”, she said. I looked back to Mike, still asleep in the corner of the couch, and turned back to Mae, returning the kiss, as she moved her hand up my belly to my bra. We continued to kiss eagerly as she caressed my full pregnant tits. Mae paused and looked at Mike as the credits started to roll.

“We might be more comfortable in my bedroom”, she whispered. I just nodded. Mae stood up and took my hand as she led me down the hall to her bedroom, and closed the door so it was just ajar. Her bedroom was sparsely decorated, unlike the rest of her house.

We faced each other as she took off her own shirt and I did the same. I slid my pants down as she unclasped her bra, exposing her breasts. They had a bit of a sag in them from age and a kid, but were still nice none the less, with small pink nipples. She reached over to unclasp my bra as my swollen tits popped free and rested on my belly. She stroked them for a moment.

“Wow”, she said. “These are incredible”. I sat on the bed and Mae sat next to me as we exchanged kisses again. She began kissing down, slowly, until she reached my nipples as she swirled her tongue along one before taking it into her mouth and sucking gently for a moment before moving to my other nipple.

“Have you ever had your pussy eaten by a woman?”, Mae asked. I shook my head. “Let me”, she said as she helped me slide my panties down and past my ankles before she tossed them on the floor.

I laid back, facing the headboard, as Mae crawled between my legs on all fours and began licking my pussy. I looked up at the ceiling as Mae expertly sucked my clit for a moment before she paused and reached into a drawer in her nightstand. She fumbled around before pulling out a small pink vibrator. She flipped a switch and it came to life with a “bzzzz” noise. She slipped it inside my pussy and resumed her sucking of my clit. It felt incredible and much like an hour ago I felt my orgasm building again.

“Ohhh…fuck….this is incredible”, I said gasping. Mae looked up from my pussy, lips covered in my juices, and smiled before taking my clit back into her mouth.

My orgasm hit me as Mae expertly slid the vibrator in and out of my pussy. I grabbed her hair with one hand and began massaging my breast with the other as it washed over me, moaning and panting as quietly as I could. As my orgasm subsided, Mae removed the vibrator from my pussy and looked towards the door and paused.

I turned my head to the side and saw Mike standing there, his pants unbuttoned and his semi erect cock in his hand, watching. Mae looked at me and back at him. I have no idea how long he was there but clearly long enough.

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