Becoming Jessie’s Bitch

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Big Tits

I awoke slowly as bright light streamed through the open window beside the bed. My wife was away on business for the week but I was not alone. My cock was hard and ready despite the vigorous activity from the night before. I turned onto my back and it jutted skyward tenting the covers as I reached beside me and touched my companion’s warm flesh.

My right hand slid up the smooth muscular thigh beside me until it reached his hard throbbing cock. I stifled a low moan and wrapped my fingers around the shaft as my left hand squeezed my own turgid dick. I had never awakened with a man by my side but the fact that he was as ready as I was after a few hours of deep sleep and recovery was very welcome. I slowly turned around and lay beside him with my cock inches from his face as I brought my lips the his thick meaty rod. I opened wide, took the fat bulbous head into my mouth and sucked hard bringing him out of his slumber.

He moaned softly and my head moved gently over his long hard cock taking him deeper with each stroke. His hands caressed my head, coaxing me to take him all the way down my throat. I knew from the night before that he liked it when I deep throated him and I opened my throat and buried his entire shaft inside me.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I fought my gage reflex. He was the first and only man I had given head but it was not our first time together. It was however our first time alone. The two previous times I had sucked his delicious cock my wife had been present and his dick was coated in her succulent juices. It had been my wife’s gentle persuasion which had opened my eyes to my bisexuality. She had discovered her own bisexuality at a young age and we had played with other women through out our relationship but the idea of man on man sex had always seemed gross to me.

He took my dick into his mouth and then rolled on top of me as we continued to 69. During the three weekend trysts we’d had Jess was always bahis siteleri on top. He was a take charge person despite being a dozen years younger than both me and my wife Tina. His hips thrust gently pushing his cock down my throat and his balls rhythmically slapped my chin as he fucked my mouth. I loved it. I had always had a submissive side and he knew what buttons to press to really get me going.

Jess was an incredible cock sucker and I knew I would come quickly as he sucked and stroked my hard dick. I felt myself approaching the point of no return and he did too. He slowed his movements on my dick and held me on the edge as he fucked my mouth harder and faster working himself into a lather.

I could taste his precum and it made me want more. I knew he couldn’t keep his rapid pace up without cumming and I was disappointed when he pulled his delicious cock from my hungry mouth and rolled off me.

My disappointment didn’t last long. Jess reached onto the night stand beside the bed and tore open a condom. He quickly rolled it onto his dick and then poured lube onto it.

“Do you want it,” he said smiling brightly. He had never fucked my ass before but I was no stranger to anal penetration. My wife Tina had been fucking my ass for nearly a year. In fact it was her insistence that she fuck me with a strap on that first ignited the flames of my bisexuality. She had first bought the big black latex cock and leather harness to use on her on again off again relationship with her one time college roommate but one night while drunk she strapped it on and made me suck it. We often role played and dabbled with BDSM and she enjoyed making me her bitch. She chided me and humiliated me the entire time and I loved it.

“Yes,” I moaned softly. I had been hoping he would fuck me each time we had been together but he was more interested in fucking Tina and then finishing in my mouth. I loved the taste and feel of his cock swelling as he canlı bahis siteleri finished in my mouth so I had been reticent to complain but with Tina away I was all too happy to let him fuck me.

“You’re such a little slut,” he grinned as he grabbed my legs and hoisted them high and wide exposing my tight puckered asshole. He poured lube down my ass crack and pushed two fingers inside me. My oft fucked sphincter offered little resistance to his probing digits and I moaned wantonly as he pumped them into my ass hard and fast.

“Yes Sir, I am,” I groaned loudly. His thick fingers felt amazing but I wanted more. I wanted his big delicious cock inside me. I looked at his dick and then up at his handsome chiseled face with soft pleading eyes. He smiled broadly.

Jess pulled his fingers from my ass and rubbed his slick wet dick across my gaping hole. It felt incredible and wicked making me moan loudly hedonistic desire. I wanted him inside me but he was content to tease me first.

“Are you ready slut,” he teased as he continued to glide the slippery head of his big dick across my exposed asshole, over my taint and against my smooth shaved balls.

“Oh god yes,” I hissed loudly. I was quickly losing control and I needed relief.

“Beg for it bitch,” he said sternly. His voice was loud and commanding but the smile on his face let me know that he was enjoying topping me as much as I was enjoying being his bottom.

“Please fuck me,” I panted. “I need to feel your big hard cock inside me. Please I will do anything you want. Please, please fuck me hard.”

“Anything huh?”

“Yes, anything,” I replied quickly without considering what he might want me to do.

“Okay slut, but you may regret that,” he said playfully as he thrust his cock balls deep in my waiting ass. He grabbed my hips and thrust hard and fast into me.

I moaned and groaned loudly as Jess fucked me. He thrust his cock with strong powerful canlı bahis strokes working me into a frenzy. The room filled with raw animalistic noises as I grunted and groaned with each thrust of his delicious dick.

“Oh god,” groaned as his cock stroked my prostate with each hard thrust. I could feel my climax start to build despite the fact that I hadn’t touched my achingly hard dick at all while he fucked me. “Right there, just like that, please don’t stop.”

He continued to fuck me hard as sweat covered his athletic, muscular body. It dripped from his brow onto my chest. I was close and I needed to cum but he slowed as I approached the point of no return and again held me on the edge without letting me finish. He grabbed my legs and put my ankles over his shoulders as I looked up at him with desperate eyes. He leaned forward until he forced my legs back toward my head and started thrusting hard and fast into my gaping ass.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I cried out as he touched me in ways I’d never dreamed of. I was close and he was going to fuck me over the edge. I felt my cock start to spit and I cried out loudly with the most powerful climax of my life. My seed pumped from my cock and painted his stomach and mine with thick white cream.

Jess continued to fuck my ass hard as I rode the waves of my orgasm and I grunted like an animal with each hard thrust into me. He pulled his cock from my ass and tore the condom off of it, disposing it on my floor as he straddled my chest. He stroked his big dick until he unleashed a torrent of hot thick cum onto my face.

I opened my mouth and caught as much of his delicious cream inside it as I could. I swallowed his cum and he collapse on the bed beside me. His muscular chest heaved as he caught his breath and I licked my lips savoring the flavor of his seed.

“You should get cleaned up,” he grinned, “we’ve got a busy day ahead of us and later, wear something nice. I want to show you off.”

I looked at him inquisitively until I recalled my promise to do anything he wanted.

He nodded and smiled. I knew I was in for an eye opening treat but I had no idea how eye opening it would wind up being.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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