Beachside Temptation

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Big Dicks

Brad really needed this vacation. Well ok, it wasn’t so much a vacation as it was a quick overnight trip. But it was a break nonetheless, a break from work and a break from the kids. His wife Kate had been pushing for it too, they hadn’t gone away together in some time.

After they checked into their room at their coastal hotel, they decided to take a walk on the beach. They strolled hand in hand, admiring the views, not only of the scenery, but also some of the hard bodies on the beach.

They stopped to take a picture, trying to decide the best angle, when a male voice asked if they would like him to take the pic. They looked up to see a good looking, well built man a little younger than them rise up from his blanket.

His body glistened in the sun, and Brad felt his cock stir a little. Unbeknownst to his wife, he had been watching a lot of porn lately. And not just porn, but gay porn.

His sex life with his wife had diminished over the years, and his imagination had wandered to things he’s never tried. So he had found himself fascinated with men, with cocks, and the more he admired them, the more turned on he got. He’d lately started jerking off almost exclusively to thoughts of being with a man, or watching guys fuck in porn.

So seeing this hard body approach him, he was almost in a trance. Then something caught his eye and he looked back to the blanket, where he saw another man laying there looking at him, this one just as hot, in only a skimpy bathing suit. Brad stared just a second too long, and the guy winked at him.

Brad was flustered, and he focused back to his wife, who was chatting with the first man. They agreed on the best spot for the pic, and the man took one. He looked at it on the screen, and he suggested they take another as Brad’s eyes were looking to the side.

Brad blushed, realizing he bahis siteleri must have been stealing another glance at the hunk on the blanket. They smiled and took the photo. The man gave them back the camera, and Kate chatted him up for a moment. His name was Martin, and he introduced his boyfriend on the blanket as Chris.

Turned out they’re staying at the same hotel as them, and as they said they’re goodbyes, both sides said they’d hope to see them around later.

When they got back to the room, Brad found himself very horny, and tried to make the moves on Kate. But she was tired, and said maybe later. So they nook a quick nap, and when they awoke it was time for dinner.

After they both showered and changed, they headed down to the hotel restaurant. As they ate their dinner, they noticed Martin and Chris sitting at a table near by. They caught their eyes, and waved hello. Brad thought he noticed Chris staring at him, and he gave him a smile back.

A little later the waitress came over with a bottle of wine, which she said was compliments of the men. They waved their thanks, and Kate said it would be only nice to return the favor and buy them a drink after dinner.

Brad’s cock had been hard through dinner, and he kept stealing glances at Chris, who was doing the same. After dinner, they walked over to the guys and invited them to the bar. They quickly accepted.

At the bar they sat at a table with Kate close to Martin so they could chat, which left Chris with Brad. It was a loud crowded bar so they had to lean in to hear each other. Chris was very flirty and charming, and Brad found himself enjoying the conversation.

By this point they were all laughing and feeling good, the drinks loosening everyone up. The music was loud and Kate and Martin decided to head to the dance floor.

As they made their way, canlı bahis siteleri Chris placed a hand on Brad’s thigh and asked him if he was enjoying himself. Brad’s voice stuttered out a yes, as he stared at Chris. Chris’s hand began rubbing his leg, when he leaned in and asked him if he wanted to go somewhere more private to have a bit more fun.

Brad was stunned, and he asked him what Martin would think about that. Chris told him it was his idea actually, he knew he was attracted to Brad. In fact, he was going to keep Kate distracted for a while.

Brad swallowed, realizing an opportunity was right in front of him. He’d fantasized about being with a guy many times, but could he really go through with it?

Before he could even stammer out an answer, Chris took his hand and led him up away from the table. They quickly made their way through the crowd and headed to the elevators.

Brad realized he hadn’t agreed to anything yet and rationalized he could always back out of this. But deep down he was exhilarated, and he knew he wanted this.

They arrived at Chris’s room, and as the door closed Chris’s mouth was on Brad’s. Any doubt Brad had dissolved away as they kissed, their tongues deep in each other’s mouths.

They both knew they didn’t have much time, so Chris wasted no time in pushing Brad to his knees as he fished out his big cock. Brad was face to face with it, and it looked even more mouthwatering than in his fantasies.

Chris pulled Brad’s mouth to his hard dick, and Brad began sucking it in earnest. His mouth moved down to his balls and he sucked them gently.

Chris was worked up now and pulled Brad to his feet, undoing his pants and turning him around. No time to get fully undressed, and they both were so excited they didn’t mind. From his pocket Chris produced some lube, and he shoved two fingers canlı bahis deep into Brads ass.

Brad was taken aback, this was all happening so fast, yet his body responded by pushing back against his fingers, wanting them deep. His body was acting out of pure instinct.

Chris stretched him out briefly, then removed his fingers and placed his big hard cock at Brad’s hole. He pushed forward, and they both moaned as he slid balls deep into Brad’s ass.

He didn’t have time to be gentle, so he began sawing his big dick in and out of his ass. Brad was pushing back, matching him thrust for thrust, working through the initial pain.

They quickly settled into a groove, and Chris was pounding Brad’s ass pretty hard. Chris reached around and stroked Brad’s hard cock, and it wasn’t long before Brad was shooting his load all over the bed.

This spurred Chris on, and as he was close to cumming, he pulled out and told Brad to open his mouth. Brad quickly turned to Chris, just as Chris stroked his cock to orgasm, shooting his cum into Brad’s eager mouth. He shot over and over, filling his mouth, then Chris told him to swallow it.

Brad looked up at him as he swallowed, feeling sexier than ever at that moment. He stood up and they quickly got themselves presentable again, Chris giving him a quick kiss and thanking him, telling Brad he was amazing.

As they returned to the table, Kate and Martin were there waiting. Kate asked where they had been. Brad quickly lied and said they had walked down to the beach to check out the full moon.

Kate said she was tired from dancing, and they said their goodnights to the guys, Chris giving Brad a hug and quickly squeezing his ass.

Back in the room, Kate moved to Brad and kissed him deep. She apologized for not being in the mood earlier but that she would make it up to him now.

“That is, if you didn’t have too much fun with Chris earlier,” she said, smiling at him.

Brad’s eyes went wide, but she just pulled him to her and they fell to the bed, Brad’s cock quickly coming to life again.

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