Louise and Paul and a Lot of Oral

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Louise lay back on the bed with her Ipad propped in front of her. She selected her usual section of her favourite porn website and scanned what was on offer. The third option caught her eye and she selected it.

The choice was good and she was soon engrossed in the clip. She watched for a few minutes, one hand holding the Ipad steady, the other behind her head. On the screen a woman, probably in her early 30s, was kneeling over the face of a guy, and she was moaning and writhing. He was clearly using his tongue to get her off, and the two fingers rapidly fucking her were adding to her pleasure. Louise made a mental note to tell Paul about this position, which turned

her on immensely. She felt the warmth in her lower tummy, then sensed the change in her breathing. As she often did she held off touching herself for as long as she could, she couldn’t explain why denying herself was so sexy to her, but she knew she’d gasp when she finally touched herself and felt just how wet she was. And she knew she’d be very wet this morning.

She looked at the timer on the clip and decided she wouldn’t touch herself until it reached 10 mins. She could draw out the anticipation for another 4 minutes or so. She didn’t even allow herself to squeeze her thighs together, instead opening her legs wide in readiness.

The woman on screen came loudly, and Louise revised her limit down to 9 minutes. She could feel the sensation of a tiny trickle of her excitement slipping from her pussy and down between the cheeks of her bottom.

Her phone rang.

She looked at the phone screen. Her boss? ‘What the fuck?’ she said aloud, pausing the ipad.

2 minutes later she got out of bed. ‘Swings and roundabouts’ she thought. She missed out on what she knew was going to be a bloody good orgasm because she had to start work early, but she’d also finish early and had saved the clip she had been watching.

Louise worked from home pretty much full time nowadays. She worked for an online travel agency, mainly taking calls from premium customers or their PAs. Most were OK, some were lovely, some were knobs. Today she had clearly been set up on some knobhead hotline because every call was a pain. In the gaps between calls she messaged Paul repeatedly, not really expecting replies as she knew he had a busy day at work. Despite the work calls she never lost the dull ache in her pussy and she hoped she’d get one of Paul’s surprise visits. She could do with his cock to play with.

By 3pm, with 2 hours to go on shift and the calls slowing down, Louise was giving serious consideration to having a cheeky one while working. She’d been having a very rude text chat with Paul for the last hour and her level of horniness was through the roof. It was a hot day and she was sitting at her home office desk in shorts and a flimsy vest, no bra, and had repeatedly been taking pics of her erect nipples and sending them to Paul. For his part he’d gone to the loo in work and taken a pic to show her that he too was horny.

Louise could only describe his cock as beautiful. Long, thick, veiny and with a huge end, she had gone from loving it from pics to loving it inside her. Their online relationship had progressed to face to face meetings which were pretty much just about sex. That was fine with her.

Her phone pinged again.

‘How long you got left on shift?’

‘1 hour 50mins and counting. Thinking I may play I’m that horny!’ she replied.

‘Lol’ he said. ‘I’m off to a meeting. Catch you later.’

She was a bit disappointed but then her phone rang with a customer call and she was distracted.

Twenty mins later the call was just finishing up when she heard her phone ping. A message from Paul: ‘Let me in’.

She gasped, and got a bit flustered escort izmir with her customer. Paul never showed up without at least some notice but it seemed he had now! She finished the call, had a 20 second tidy around and went down to let him in.

She had to get back online for calls so their conversation was brief but he was free for the afternoon and was, in his own words, going to ‘sort out her horniness’. They’d kissed only quickly.

She got another call and, surprising herself, was in work mode very quickly. Listening to the client’s situation she knew that this was at least 30 mins of work on the phone and scribbled a note to that effect to Paul.

She was deeply involved in trying to find a flight from Hong Kong to Perth that fitted in with Mrs Awkward’s travel plans when she became aware of Paul being close behind her. She started to offer some information when she felt his hands on her shoulders, and she shrugged them off. Or at least tried to. The next moment she felt his hot lips on her neck in a way that he full well knew would not allow her to function on the phone properly. He stopped just before she jerked away. She was conscious that his lips on her neck appeared to have formed an electric connection to her clitoris.

She turned around to scowl at him, still talking to the client, but there was no strength to the expression.

She felt his left hand slipping inside her vest by her arm. He trailed his fingers gently on her side, drawing small circles with the pad of his finger then gently scratching with his nails. She pushed her arm against her side, trapping his arm, and felt his right hand snake into the other side of her vest and around to her breast, which he gently cupped, his fingers surrounding the erect nipple.

‘I’m just going to pop you on hold for moment, my system isn’t behaving itself and I just need to sort it, is that OK?’ Louise said. The customer consented.

She turned to Paul and kissed him deeply, then broke away. ‘Listen, this is nearly done, 5 minutes max then you’re 0going to throw me around that bed. In the meantime, stop being a bastard!’ She kissed him again and went back to the call.

She heard him go into the kitchen and return. She turned and saw he’d a glass of coke in his hand, ice cubes rattling. He sat down and she gave him a mock shocked look, as if not believing he hadn’t got her a drink. He smiled and brought the drink to her, she mouthed a thank you.

The call was coming to a close, and she turned to him, smiling. She completed some formalities with the customer and, aware of Paul approaching, she pulled her vest to one side to allow his hand back inside.

As she was about to say goodbye the caller suddenly remembered she needed to book car hire. Louise couldn’t quite believe it and had to stifle a sigh. She then felt Paul’s hand moving around to her breast, and was confused as to why his fingers felt cold and slightly wet. She couldn’t stifle the slight moan when the ice cube was applied to her nipple. She knew she should knock it away but it felt so fucking good.

She did her best to talk car hire to the customer but it may well have been gibberish because all she could think about was the way Paul moved the ice over her nipple. He pushed his other hand gently into the other side of her vest and she felt him pass the ice from one hand to the other before it was applied to her other aching nipple. He was now stood close behind her, nuzzling her neck again, one hand on her nipple, the other tracing down her tummy. She opened her legs, she couldn’t not, and lied to the customer about a system issue and ended the call. She threw off her headset and opened her legs wider, feeling his hand dip inside the waistband of her shorts.

‘I should be escort izmir fucking angry with you’ she said, enjoying the teasing as he slowly moved his hand down.

‘How can I make it up to you?’ he whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

‘You know’. she said. ‘But I want to hear you say it.’ His hand was now stroking her inner thighs and she felt an electric tingle from his touch.

‘I’m going to lick you, tongue fuck you and kiss your clit. I’m going to have you coming on my mouth, then I’m going to carry on until you fucking come again.’

‘Fuck’ was all she could say.

‘I’ve not finished telling you yet’ he continued. ‘That porn you told me about. The one you watched this morning, the woman sitting on the guys face while he fingers her. We’re going to do that.’

‘But first stand up’ he said.

She did as he said and he lifted her vest over her head, then took her shorts and knickers down her legs and off. He knelt before her, and started to kiss her nipples and belly, then he moved his mouth down and lowered his position until he could reach his mouth to her pussy, which he very gently stroked with his tongue.

Louise felt his tongue touch her and couldn’t help but moan out loud. He was so fucking GOOD with his tongue, and he never stopped surprising her. His face looked up from between her thighs and she crouched slightly onto his tongue, wanting it pushed inside her, which Paul did. He then moved his tongue around inside her and she thought she’d explode, but he seemed to sense her losing control and moved his tongue out, sliding it slowly over her pussy before reaching her clit, which he didn’t touch but she felt his breath on it and a louder moan escaped her. He started to kiss her clit then sucked on it, gently at first but then building up the intensity as he felt the quivering in her thighs. He grabbed her arse cheeks to pull her onto his mouth, and could feel her clit pressed on his tongue.

Louise didn’t know how she was still able to stand and Paul’s mouth brought her nearer to orgasm. She could feel his hands on her arse helping her to push herself on to him and she grabbed the back of his head, giving him the final pull in to her which she knew would take her over the edge. Uncontrollable spasms radiated out from her pussy as she came and her moans were loud and long.

Paul stood and Louise walked on shaky legs to the bed, where she lay with her knees up and apart.

‘Give me a minute then give me another cum please’ she said, as Paul stripped. She eyed his cock, almost fully erect, and reached for it.

‘Let me suck that a minute’.

She moaned a little when she felt the sheer weight of his cock, and opened her mouth to take in the purple end of it. Now it was Paul’s turn to moan, and he moved her hair to the side so he could see her mouth on his dick. She started to lick up and down its length, cupping his balls as she did. He was fully hard now and she flicked her tongue over the opening at the tip, tasting him.

‘Lie down’ she said and took him back into her mouth as he did. He was lay on the bed now, but not fully, his feet still on the floor and she was between his open legs. She held him firmly at the base of his shaft, pulling down slightly and forcing his cock end to expand. She swallowed the end of his dick.

‘Oh fuck’ he said ‘fucking hell that’s so fucking good.’

She tickled the sensitive underside of his cock with her tongue then stopped, stood, and crawled on top of him, moving upwards, her wet pussy lips kissing his shaft as she moved up further, his hands pulling her up, both wanting the same thing.

Her pussy reached his mouth and he delicately planted kisses and small licks on her most sensitive area, she leant forward, her face now on the pillow above his head as he used his mouth again to bring her to the most exquisite heights of pleasure. As his tongue circled her swollen clit she felt his fingers pushing between her lips and he started to slowly finger fuck her, timing the movements of his fingers to those of his tongue. He flicked his tongue on her clit in rapid movements, his 2 fingers gently but quickly sliding in and out of her, then as pressed his tongue firmly against her clit he pushed both fingers deep inside and kept them there, feeling and hearing and tasting her pleasure.

He felt her orgasm start on his fingers, then her clit and pussy seemed to flex against his mouth and she came hard and long on him, whispering intensely ‘I’m fucking coming’ as he tasted her wetness, moaning with his own pleasure, as she moaned and gasped and repeated her words of ecstacy.

Before he could pause she sat up and rested her hand on his forehead. ‘Stay still’ she said, quietly, ‘push your tongue out’.

He did as she’d asked and she started to move her hips back and forward on his mouth, using him for her pleasure. She was able to use her hips to guide his tongue onto her clit then inside herself and then back to her clit. She slowed down her movements but the pleasure didn’t reduce and she couldn’t hold back.

‘Oh God oh FUCK!’ she cried out.

She didn’t know if it was one incredibly long orgasm or a series but she didn’t care as the pulsing in her pussy continued, each movement of her pussy over his tongue causing a wave of beautifully intense contractions in her clit and lips. She was soon riding his mouth hard and fast and allowing the waves to flow out of and over her.

She eventually slowed her pace, breathing heavily, and moved off him. She turned around, staring at his stiff cock, and knew her desire was still burning for him.

‘I’m yours’, she said, ‘how do you want me?’

Paul sat up, ‘From behind’ he said, holding his dick out to show her how hard he was. ‘I need this inside you’.

‘Don’t fuck about then’ she said, now on all fours with her arse raised in the air and wiggling, ‘You going to give me a good seeing to or what?’ She was looking over her shoulder at him, an expression of pure lust on her face.

‘You’ve not had enough? You’re fucking insatiable. Do you have any idea how many times you’ve just come on my tongue?’

‘Not a clue, but I want at least one more with that dick deep inside me.. look how ready I am’.

With this she reached her hand back between her legs and legs and opened herself up for him, her fingers parting the red lips which were shining with her wetness.

He wasted no time, positioning his throbbing cock end by her lips, and sliding his length fully in. He held her by the hips and fucked her with long, smooth thrusts, feeling her push back onto him. They groaned in their pleasure, fucking wantonly.

As his length slid in and out of her Louise bucked her hips back onto him, loving the sensation as his cock nudged the very deepest parts of her pussy, she moved her hand up between her legs and started to stroke herself.

‘Are you going to cum for me?’ she moaned, her fingers teasing her tender but still excited clit.

‘Where do you want it?’ he gasped, and he felt the sensations inside him reaching their peak.

‘I want it in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum. Give it to me.’ She moved forwards and he pulled out and moved around to her face, wanking his cock, and she took over and started rubbing her hand up and down his cock as her mouth closed on the end.

‘I’m gonna cum now’ Paul said.

Spurt after spurt of thick cum fired into Louise’s mouth, which stayed closed over his purple end. She swallowed every drop, licking her lips and keeping eye contact with him as she savoured the flavour of him.

Finally spent, they sprawled on the bed together, entwined and started to kiss gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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