Christmas Explosion

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Double Penetration

Two A.M. Christmas morning, Tim bolted out of bed. Just turning eighteen a week ago, it wasn’t excitement that woke him up. He had long ago been told the facts of life so anticipation wasn’t building up to see what was under the tree. This seemed to be more sinister. He heard a loud crash somewhere in the house followed by several coughs. Tim, who was on the high school varsity wrestling team, thought of himself in decent shape. Though he wished he was built like a football player, Tim wasn’t intimidated by anyone. If someone was breaking in, he had to make sure everyone was okay.

Leaving his bedroom which was on the top floor of the house, he made a left turn and walked down the hall. Tim crept very silently, trying not to give away his position. As he listened intently to the sounds in the darkness, he heard a slight wheezing followed by laughter.

Reaching his parents room he slowly pushed the door open, just cracking it enough to look through. Tim cleared the sleep out of his eyes revealing a hazel glare in the night. Looking in he was able to see his father snoring away. It was no surprise he didn’t hear anything. Lately he has been taking sleep aid due to trouble falling asleep. What he noticed however, is that his mom was not in bed. Oh no, he thought. What if someone broke in and hurt mom? Clearing his dirty blonde hair out of his eyes he turned around and faced the staircase.

Tim couldn’t recall the reasoning for not waking his father. Maybe this was his chance to show he was a man now and he could play the hero. Most likely however, he just had an overactive imagination and there wasn’t anything to be worried about. Still, curiosity got the best of him as he descended down the steps.

Halfway down the stairs Tim heard it again. Wheezing, followed by more laughter. A sinking feeling that something casino siteleri was going on played heavily in his mind. Was someone over? The bottom of the steps opened up to the dining room. Off to the right was the living room with the lit up Christmas tree. To the left was the kitchen, completely dark. Tim had to pick a direction. Closing his eyes and hearing some soft whispering, Tim chose right and headed to the living room.

Creeping alongside the wall he reached the archway leading into the living room. The whispers grew louder as he drew nearer to the source. Peering around the corner, Tim was immediately taken aback by what he had seen.

His mother, with long blonde hair was standing by the Christmas tree. At the age of forty-two, her skin was still smooth and wrinkle free. She was wearing a black dress with lace trimming. The dress was low cut, showing the cleavage to her 38 C breasts. The fact that she looked stunning at this time in the morning is not what shocked Tim the most. There was a man in a red suit and a huge bag of objects on the floor next to him. He wore a red hat, a beard, and glasses. No way, Tim thought. Is that Santa? That’s not possible. Tim listened to the conversation.

“Ah… Jen, now that I gave you the gifts for everyone, it’s time for yours.” The man said.

He pulled out a package and Jen opened it. Tim couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Inside the package contained a seven inch dildo. Upon further inspection, Tim began to recognize the old man. He was their next door neighbor, Josh.

Josh was a bit chubby but not overall fat. He was fifty-five, and most of his hair was grey. Little by little Tim started to piece together what was happening here. His mother was having an affair with Josh. He knew he should run upstairs at once and wake his father, güvenilir casino but something kept him silently in place. Tim didn’t want to be the one to ruin Christmas. There was something else nagging him as well. Only being with a couple of girls his age, he fantasied on how good older women fucked. Continuing to watch, he made no effort to foil his mother’s plans.

“Oh, I can enjoy this.” Jen said.

“I have one more surprise for you. It’s an extra gift for being so good this year.”

“And what is that Santa?”

“You get a free ride on my sleigh if you’d like?”

“Oh yes please!” Jen said with excitement.

With that, Josh pulled down his red pants exposing his eight inch cock. Jen dropped to her knees and practically swallowed it. Tim slowly grew excited as he watched his mother bob her head, sucking on Josh’s cock.

Josh rubbed his hand through Jen’s long hair as she deep throated him, sucking his dick very intently. Standing up, Jen pulled her tits out from the dress and by that time Tim had a full hard on. Josh took each full breast into his mouth one at a time, sucking on her nipples. Jen moaned slightly as she tried to be quite.

“Oh God Santa… reward this good girl.” Jen moaned.

Josh sat on the couch and Jen straddled him, sliding her pussy all the way down his dick. They kissed passionately as Jen bounced up and down, up and down over and over again. Sliding on his cock, her tits bounced with her. She moaned softly between kisses. Josh’s hands roamed all over her body, and caressed her breasts as they bounced.

Tim was completely ecstatic. He watched her pussy take all of Josh’s eight inches and it made him as hard as ever. He wanted to jerk off but was too afraid of being caught. Jen rode him faster and faster; getting brave and moaning loader. canlı casino

“Oh Santa… pound my pussy!”

Josh stood up, lifting Jen up with him, and placed her against the wall. Holding her legs up, Josh drove his dick deep into her pussy fucking her faster and harder.

“Oh God baby, keep fucking me good.” Jen said.

They kissed deeply as Josh pounded her pussy. His dick went in and out, In and out. Tim was able to see every thrust, and see his mother’s tits bounce while being fucked. It was almost unbearable to watch without joining. Their hot love making only intensified. Josh let Jen down from the wall and she bent over the arm of the couch.

“Fuck me some more Santa.”

Tim was able to see his mother’s perfect round ass as she lifted up her dress. Though it was big, her as was firm and not flabby. Josh slid all of his cock into Jen steaming pink pussy, slamming his balls into her. Jen’s ass jiggled slightly from the pounding. Within minutes, they had a strong rhythm going. Jen would start to moan, and then she took a couple of breaths. That was followed by some more moans. Tim felt pre-cum seep out of his dick. This is better than porn, he thought.

“Oh Santa, please cum in me.”

Jen’s breathing became erratic as she reached her orgasm. Josh started breathing heavy too, as he let out a full load of cum into Jen’s juicy, soft pussy.

“I can feel your hot cum in me baby.”

The two of them separated to clean up, so Tim stared moving backwards. At that moment, Jen squinted in his direction. They both stood still for a minute then Jen continued cleaning up. Tim slowly worked his way up stairs. Once he knew he was out of trouble, he jerked his cock letting out a huge load of cum thinking about what he had seen.

Now that was a cool Christmas gift, Tim thought. A couple minutes had passed and Tim started climbing into bed. Lying down with a small on his face, he just closed his eyes when the door swung open. Turning his head, Tim saw his mother standing in the doorway.

“It seems like we have a problem now, Timmy.” Jen said.

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