Laying His Eggs Inside Her

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Fyr moaned as her cougar pushed inside her, Ropes’ tentacles stroking and cupping her face, though the roughness of his thrusts did not quite match up with the tender sincerity of how those tentacles held her. It was funny how he was like that, but the red-scaled dragoness had long ago learned not to worry about the little things like that, at least when it came to the cougar. That he loved her was more than enough, a tentacle caressing one of the frills that rose above the indents of her ears, the leathery, yellow skin that stretched between the spines of the frill aching with sensitivity. With her legs bent back, wrapped around his waist and hips the best she could, she was not able to do anything more than take every one of his overbearing thrusts.

The sound of them fucking filled the bedroom, her arm flung out over her head to hold onto the slat of the headboard, thankful for it. Once, they had gone for a metal bed frame, though that had been a nightmare to have sex on, always rattling, nothing ever quite fitting perfectly. The knock-knock-knock of wood was much more soothing and yet inherently sexual at the same time, reminding the dragon of their younger days together when they had fucked and knocked the headboard against the bed. Even with theirs, better quality as it was then, there was a squeak of the mattress and a creak of the wood, though not too much more than that. She preferred that.

“Mmm… Yes!”

Fyr clung to him as her parted lips were stuffed with a hot length of tentacle, something that the dragoness had long ago gotten used to. She moaned luxuriously around him as she climaxed on his cock, his hot, uncut length hitting all the right spots inside her, aching deep, though he had not yet orgasmed. She didn’t know quite when that was coming, though she was happy to be right where she was in the moment with a ray of sunlight cast over them from the crack in the curtains, the sheets rumpled under her. to not have them digging into the small of her back, for once, was a blessing indeed.

He let her suckle on his tentacle with a low, throaty purr as she came down from her high, slicker around his dick even then than she had been before, the cougar’s tail lashing.

“Ready for round two?”

Ah, it would just be like a demon of lust to show off his stamina, though Ropes proved that more when he climaxed again and again, hardly needing any time at all between sessions. To say the least, Fyr could not keep up with him.

“Ah… Hehe…” Fyr chuckled weakly, running her fingers down his back. “Hm… I didn’t think we were done with round one yet, honey.”

Of course not, not quite yet, but she still nuzzled into the softer fur of his neck, where the cream-white of his markings blended into the brown of his fur. The black points of his ears, where the edges were rounded with darker fur, twitched, and her eyes followed them in the hazy warmth of the afterglow.

He stayed there, moving softly, slowly, the two of them enjoying the moment while, as a demon, he drank down her lust. A demon like him could not enjoy her love, but it was palatable, in a way, when there was lust brimming over through it too, simmering, smouldering. All he had to do was to keep fucking her, to languish where he was with a lazy swish of his tail.

“Hey, that pic…” She moaned, rolling her hips up to him the best she could, thighs aching and trembling as they threatened to drop from his hips. “You…egg laying…”

Ropes chuckled.

“What are you trying to say, Fyr? Did I really fuck you that hard?”

But the pound of his cock would have been more than enough to drive sense from the mind of any that he paired with, Fyr chuckling, half-shrugging. It wasn’t embarrassing when she had been with him as long as she had.

“No…” She moaned, pushing into the thrust of his cock, moving again, taking her in long strokes that claimed her entire form. “When you were laying eggs, from your tentacles and cock and…mmm… There was a photo that I shared, you know, on the kink forums.”

Ropes privately thought that it was high time that forums went out of existence with more immediate forms of communication available, but he wasn’t about to say that. Not that he minded one of his photos being posted, just that it was a bit kinkier than he would have expected from Fyr, a bit of exhibitionism and voyeurism wrapped up into one delightful, shared package.

“Oh, yeah?” He purred, licking her neck, making his wife groan. “And what did they say? I didn’t think you’d think to share something like that…”

Fyr chuffed a laugh, strangled with the need for a deep breath, a lungful of air that did not come tainted in a moan.

“Yeah… Yeah, I know, not really like me, but I mentioned güvenilir bahis it to an online friend there and, well, they wanted to see. Everyone thought it was really…unff…hot.”

Ropes smirked, pressing on in, bending her legs back towards her shoulders, even though Fyr muttered some kind of protest that she wasn’t as young as she used to be, that she wasn’t flexible like that anymore. The dragoness was not as old as she felt and thought she was a lot of the time, but that was only because she worked so hard. His cock drove a little deeper, up to her innermost barrier, the fur of his crotch tickling her folds with every thrust, even as he nuzzled at her neck, encouraging her to keep talking. Pinned as she was, there was little else for the dragoness to do.

“Yeah… Mmm… Oh, fuck,” she grunted, clinging to his shoulders, a paw of hers wrapping around a tentacle for some sense of stability that would not be all that easy to glean. “That feels good…”

“Tell me more about the comments, Fyr.”

She moaned. He wouldn’t keep fucking her as she liked if she didn’t tell him, though it was kind of exciting too to talk about it. They didn’t always talk during sex, but it so often added an extra edge, whether it was playing into the normality of their daily lives or bringing in something new, like posting pictures online and getting hot feedback on them.

“Yeah… Okay, they… Mmmph, they said it was hot to see them coming from your tentacles, some were freaked out by you laying eggs from your dick, but, y’know, demon and all that.” She would have waved a paw dismissively if she’d been in a less restrained position, yet her legs bent back so far, stretching her legs and especially her hamstrings more nicely than she could have expected. “They really liked how damn many of them there were… Oh, that was such a mess to clean up.”

“You thought it was hot too though,” Ropes teased, bopping her nose with a tentacle. “You wouldn’t have stayed if you didn’t like it all, at least a bit. I know you, Fyr, so don’t act like I don’t.”

It was not a warning, but it had the desired effect of seeing her flush heavily, tail twitching, grunting softly.

“Yeah, I know… Guess it made so sense after others said how turned on it made them too, all those tentacles, all those eggs. Would have been hot if you’d fucked me with a tentacle while it was happening, you know, when you were egg-laying. But no eggs coming out of it, yeah…”

Fyr shivered, the softness of the bed threatening to drag her under, the weight of the cougar on top of her overpowering in the best of ways. She wanted more of him, all of him, all in the best of ways, the ways that made her feel as ifs he was no longer present and locked into her own reality, as if she could drift away at a moment’s notice. He did something to her that no one else, before she’d even gotten together with the cougar, ever could, her tail winding absently around his ankle as if to hold him close. Of course, the cat wasn’t going anywhere, not as his pale eyes, devoid of pupils that she could see, glowed with open lust and passion for her.

Her mind cast around for something more she could tell him, her legs bobbing slightly with the weight of him, pushing through thrust after thrust. The bed barely moved under him with the slow push of his long, driving thrusts, perfectly controlled, stretching her out. Her pussy clung to him every time he drew back as if her body loathed releasing him, even though he never pulled out so far that his cock slipped free of her cunny.

“One even said that you should lay eggs in someone,” she added with a chuckle that devolved into a whimper. “Mmm… What, like me?”

Ropes eyes glinted, though what Fyr had not been canny enough to catch note of was the frantic lashing of his tail. It was not something that the demon had to explain, not when it turned him on so much, the glow of his white eyes intensifying as he locked onto Fyr with a throaty growl. He hammered into her harder and faster, stealing breath from her lungs in a moan that rolled through the dragoness, thrumming up from her deepest of beings.

“Ohhhh, yes… Oh… Fuck… Ropes… Ohhhh!”

Fyr could not hold herself back, clinging to him, and he huffed hotly, panting heavily, losing sense of himself, demonic influence pressing him on. There was no sense in hiding it or even holding back from it, not when it made him want to fuck her even more, the thought of so many others, that he didn’t know of, looking at his picture, lusting for him, wanting his cock… And what of his egg-laying? It was something that he had never pressed into all that much and the myriad of sensations that had flooded him during the last session, all with Fyr watching, had set him aching for more.

He purred, licking his lips with a rasp of pink tongue. Ropes had never practised the long-lost art of denying himself what he wanted, not even as he slowed, stilling, his wife whining and clinging to him. Where she wanted more, she would get more.

Fyr groaned, pushing at him, trying to get him to keep bucking her, even though she could only use her arms to pull at him, güvenilir bahis siteleri considering how far back her legs were bent.

“What are you — agh! Ropes!”

He didn’t tell her what he was doing, what was happening, not as he yanked his cock out in a slurp of their combined sexual fluids, dripping with cream, flipping her onto her stomach. Fyr tried to get her legs under her, to at least get up onto all fours and round on her husband, to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing, fucking her like that, though he didn’t let her get up. Oh no, her husband had no intention at all of letting her get the upper hand in that case, pinning her down with his tentacles, using them to bind her wings, though it was clumsy, doing the job as far as he was concerned.

“Ropes! Ropes — let me go!”

But the cougar had no intention of doing that at all as he pushed back into his wife with a throaty purr, tail swishing back and forth, a deeper glow still in his eyes. His lips pulled into a wicked grin, a demon at play, tentacles holding her wrists behind her back, though he did not wrench her quite at such an angle that her shoulder blades would hurt. He wasn’t that kind of cougar, not in the slightest, not as her moan reached him, cock right back where it belonged.

“You’re the one who’s been getting all the fun from that picture,” he breathed, hissing out a rasping, longing breath. “Don’t you remember what happens when you push a demon to the edge?”

Fyr shook her head, flushed in the face and flustered, trying to get out from under him with her tail. The thing was, it was harder than ever to do that when her body ached for him, burning up from the inside out, scales prickling with barely restrained tension. Fuck, she loved when he got dominant with her, treating her like a plaything.

Ropes didn’t say a damn word as he ground his cock up inside her, prodding and pushing at her innermost barrier. For a moment, the dragoness thought that he was merely going to pull back for another thrust, though it was right there that he stayed, hissing through his teeth, his hips giving little judders and pushes as if he was trying to work something from his body. Yet the dragoness would not expect it to be the very object that she had watched him expel from his tentacles and his cock not that many weeks ago, bearing up against her.

She squirmed, but she did not fight, wide-eyed and panting, the cougar holding her down, claws pricking into her scales, as good protection as they were for her body. Fyr gasped and moaned, twisting under him, though she could hardly wrench herself about at all, helpless before the lust of him. A tentacle snaked dominatingly around her neck, squeezing faintly, letting her know where her position was between them, the dragoness heaving and panting, dragging every scrap of air into her lungs that she possibly could.

The head of his cock ground and ground up against her cervix, the tip forcing her apart, even though that was not something that Fyr would have thought possible. And yet, with Ropes, more than she could ever have imagined was possible, the cougar snarling possessively as his eyes blazed and something thick and larger at one end than the other worked its way down his cock.

“Unff… Yes…”

The cougar chuffed out his lust as he pushed an egg right down the length of his cock, using how his dick was wedged into her cervix, prying her open with demonic magic, if one wanted to call it that, to lay it right inside her. One after the other, for it would not just be one, Fyr crying out under him, though he did not stop. If she really wanted him to stop, she knew how to make him. Until then, the dragoness who was his wife and her body were both fair game to him.

Fyr heaved for breath, wings fluttering, though the tentacle pinned them too tightly down against her back to have any hope of freedom at all. Her heart pounded, a drumming beat against her eardrums that sang into a singular sound, her body strained, stretched, wider than it ever had been before. She didn’t know what was happening, not as her pussy was forced so wide, his dick still inside her. Was it growing? Could it do that?

But no… It was something far worse, far more tantalising, showing Fyr in stark, unerring detail just how those eggs had felt pushing from his cock before as he laid them directly inside her. where her cervix should have provided a barrier was no trouble at all to the demon cougar, snarling over her, tentacles tightening around her wrists as she tried to struggle, slack-jawed and hardly believing what he was doing to her.

Fyr let out a long, low groan as the first egg pushed into her womb, dropping heavily, head spinning, hardly able to think straight as her tongue hung over her jaws. Eggs… But why? How? She didn’t want to know and yet a part of her too had to ask, her husband holding her down so dominantly, so powerfully, that there was a part of her that never again wanted to get up, just to lay there and take it. There was no pain, only a delectable strain that, still, somehow managed to make her feel as if she was being split open, a part of her that iddaa siteleri was never meant to open without extreme need, such as giving birth, willingly accepting the eggs he had to give.

She knew what they were, even though her mind grappled with the word, feeling the narrower, rounded end and the wider end, thankfully in the dim recesses of her mind that they were, at least, smooth-shelled. They were soft enough to give a little while they dropped into her womb, the first swiftly followed by a second, straining her barrier and then plopping in with a steady weight to them. Fyr grunted and moaned, the base of her tail shifting back and forth, though she didn’t know what she was trying to do, whether she was trying to get free or to simply bear through the strain of everything.

Ropes laughed softly, pressing his head down close to her ear, so much so that his breath tickled her frill. If she’d been in a better state of mind and not struggling to take his lust, she would have shot him a withering glare. But that was more than a little difficult to do when even she did not know quite how close to orgasm she was even then.

“You should have known better than to tease a cougar who can lay eggs like this…” He purred, swinging his tail back and forth, leaning down over her to use the weight of his body against her. “Putting pictures up without telling me…”

He growled, both knowing that it was a soft attempt at a “punishment” for her, though Fyr grunted and shuddered, the feel of another egg pushing into her womb bearing through her. Fuck, they were big! She’d not thought of that, how they must have felt, to him, pushing their way out of his tentacles and down the long, flowing lengths of them, yet she most certainly felt every inch of them as they ground in past her cervix.

The weight of them in her womb was the most poignant, reminding her of pregnancy, though it was different to be “laid into” in that way. The dragoness huffed and hung her jaws open as much as she could while pinned to the bed, her belly pressing down into the bedsheets, now twisted and rumpled against the round of her rising stomach. No more was it smooth as the weight of the eggs pushed eagerly up against one another, all as if they were as keen as Ropes to be inside her.

Fyr whimpered, the pressure building and building, weakly trying to hold out, though it was coming either way. Annoyance twisted through her, as much as it was overruled by lust, the pressure swelling, building, so full, so heavy. She panted and whimpered, but nothing Fyr did could stave off orgasm, not as she cried out hoarsely, breathlessly, tail pushing back against the demon cougar until he caught it with a tentacle and yanked it to the side.

Yet even through orgasm, blissful waves of pleasure sweeping her body, she could not forget the pressure of the eggs as they moved up the length of his cock. Somehow, it felt much longer than it was when other objects were moving up inside it, a phenomenon that even Fyr took note of during her passion, panting, whimpering, seeing stars. It was not a smooth slide either, but a stuttering one that came with a big push when the egg was just about ready to come out the tip, though it took even more than that to grind it past her cervix.

“Oh… Ohhhh…”

Ropes purred, nuzzling the back of her head, though did not let her up, drawing back a little so that she rested on her chest and her knees only. It could have given her more range of motion, but the only thing he was thinking of was seeing the swell of her stomach as if she was pregnant already, though Fyr had not yet given birth to any offspring of his. He growled, wanting to see that, cupping and stroking her stomach tenderly with two tentacles, though there was nothing tender about how urgently his eggs pushed into her.

They were not viable and she would have to lay them herself when her body was no longer able to contain them, though it was still something of putting his mark on her, showing the world that Fyr was well and truly claimed as his. He growled as he rocked and rolled his hips against her, grinding in as deep as he could, the head of his cock neatly fitting into the hole that her cervix had made for him. Really, it would not have been possible without his demonic influence, but that was not something that Ropes was really all that concerned about. He only lusted for the moment, the passion of it, growling as he pressed in harder, eggs swelling down the length of his shaft, practically forcing her pussy to strain another inch or perhaps more in diameter.

The dragoness cried out again, though she wanted to be pissed off with him, to tell him off, to snarl and give her husband every bit as good as he was giving. There was no “punishment” to be had for something that was already fine and agreed between them, though perhaps she should have been a little more aware of how she was riling him up, they had been together for ages, after all. Yet the bulge of the eggs stretching her passage out more and more had her head spinning, losing track of where one orgasm ended and the next began, awash in a sea of overstimulation. Her pussy slickened more and more around his cock, though the dragoness could not be sure whether that was her body trying to make the whole process even easier, turned on and prickling with heat, or if he was leaking pre-cum while he delivered them into her.

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