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Mature, Consensual, Anal

It all started when, after a serious illness, my wife passed away. Six months after that I had a very bad fall which shattered a knee thus preventing me from any form of locomotion involving legs. A year after that I had become a dissatisfied, fifty-three-year-old, celibate.

I could not see why I had to be a monk just because my knee needed replacing, so I hatched a plan to see if I could alter that state. I couldn’t go out looking for someone to bed, so I had to get the ‘someone’ to come to me.

I had heard, on one of my Friday night trips to my favourite gossip parlour, the pub, courtesy of Brian, my farmer neighbour, that the chemist in the local chemist shop had retired. The new one was female and, it was rumoured, she was, perhaps, amenable to the occasional temptation of the flesh, but it was only hearsay, and no one knew anyone who had sampled her charms.

I rang the chemist shop and asked to speak to the chemist.

“Speaking, I am the chemist, and the sales counter attendant. In fact, I am the only person on the staff list.”

“Good morning. My name is Jim Baxter. I am a widower, living alone. I am unable to walk far and cannot drive. I wanted to know if you had a delivery service because I wish to purchase some items that I would not wish to order from a supermarket delivery service and which I know you will have in stock.”

“Where do you live Mr Baxter?”

“I live in the former lock keeper’s cottage on the outskirts of the village, which is why I need items to be delivered, it is about a mile from you.”

“Mr Baxter. Even if I was willing to deliver something to you, I do not have a car, nor do I have an assistant so I would have to cycle there. I am sorry for your situation, but I think that you will have to find another way to obtain your items. Goodbye.”

I put the phone down, disappointed but determined to keep trying,

The phone rang.


“Mr Baxter, we have just spoken, I am the chemist and thankfully my phone records caller numbers. I was concerned because I did not ask you what items you wished to obtain and felt unable to request elsewhere. Tell me, do you have any medicines prescribed by a doctor?”

“Yes, I do, but they are dealt with directly through an on-line pharmacy and delivered by post.”

“Ah! And the items you wish to obtain cannot be obtained through you doctor?”

“I have no idea, but I am not willing to ask,”

“I see. What are you wanting to purchase?”

“If you are unwilling to deliver anything, why do you ask?”

“I think I know what you wish to obtain, and I am not unfeeling. If my refusal prevents you from achieving your aim, but my agreeing to deliver it saves you any embarrassment, then I shall deliver it. This is a once only occasion, so what do you want me to deliver?”

More than you think my love, I thought.

I told her. She took my order, and my card details and then she promised to deliver the items that evening, without any inflexion in her tone. A true professional.

She knocked on my door at eight pm.

I opened the door to a woman who appeared to be in her late forties or maybe early fifties. Around five feet nine inches tall. Cycling helmet, cycling top showing that there was a wonderful amount of soft flesh tucked in there, and shorts over strong thighs and smooth shapely legs, cycling shoes, and a satchel. She was obviously a keen cyclist so the distance would not have been a strain for her,

“Good evening Mr Baxter; I have your order here,”

“Good evening, please come in, I really appreciate this, I had no idea how I could get what I wanted any other way.”

“May I offer you a drink, Tea, Coffee? I would offer something stronger, but I suppose that is not a good idea if you will be cycling.”

“Coffee would be most acceptable, thank you.

She extracted the small packages from her satchel and placed them on my coffee table and then the questioning I had expected, indeed hoped for, began.

“In the circumstances I think we can be less formal, my name is Iris, may I call you Jim?”

“Certainly you may.”

“Tell me, is your lady-friend aware that you are purchasing these items.”

“I do not have a lady-friend, nor do I have a boyfriend.

As you see, I live in an isolated place which gives me very little opportunity to meet anyone, but especially females. I have a mobility problem, but the rest of my body is in good working order which can be problematic as you must know.

A friend of mine lives in a farm about half a mile further up this lane His wife drives us to the village pub on a Friday evening, and collects us later, but it is not the type of place to attract unattached females looking for company.”

“Then why have you purchased these items?”

“Because I wished to change my situation. I was hoping that my luck was about to change and if it does then I shall need them.”

“How could your luck change just because I brought these?”

“Because you güvenilir bahis brought them.”

“Are you telling me that you ordered this stuff in order to get me sufficiently intrigued and interested in your reason for doing so?”

“Yes, and it seems to have worked.”

“Why did you think that I would even consider that I might be interested?”

“Because I heard that you might be looking for a companion, but no-one really knew if that was the case.”

She smiled.

“Alright, I admit that I was intrigued and wanted to find out what you were going to do with the stuff. I think you are a very tricky man, and you deserve a prize for your inventiveness and guess what? You may be successful, but the jury is still out.

I am divorced, have no children and no home of my own. I am living in a tiny, one bedroomed flat in a small village and I have no friends, male or female. I have been living here for three months and have had four propositions, over the counter in my shop. Three of them were from married men and one from a married woman.

I almost went with the woman and if she had been single, I probably would have, but after talking to her I could see that may be leading to a threesome situation with people I knew nothing about, so that was out.

As you said, I know what it is like to have all your bodily functions working and not being able to enjoy that. I was beginning to think that I may have to use a web contact site.

I like you. I like your manner and your frankness. You are the only person to be honest enough to admit that you were hoping to get into my knickers and for those reasons alone I am seriously considering allowing you to do so. The facts that I am lonely and that you are single also work in your favour.

I am going to take a chance and at least find out if you will be any good for me. Do you have a shower? Good, get your kit off and get in there, I will join you once I get this lot off.”

I was correct about the amount of soft flesh inside her cycling top, she had wonderfully large breasts with very sensitive nipples which attracted a lot of my attention whilst she massaged my aching erection.

I had to point out that as neither of us had enjoyed close contact with someone else’s bare flesh in the recent past we should remedy that situation in the very near future because my cock was in desperate need of releasing some internal pressure.

Iris dragged me out of the shower, soaking wet, onto my bed and climbed onto me. She grasped my erection, directed it between her thighs and into her furnace then lowered herself down until she had all of me inside her. She lowered a breast to enable me to suck a nipple then she began to rotate her hips. Two rotations later we both orgasmed.

The fires of hell roared up my shaft and jetted into her which ignited her own fuse and she screamed as all her vaginal muscles clamped around my cock and began sucking me dry.

We lay quietly in a wet heap for some time but there was no way I could have a naked woman on top of me without groping anything. Soon she was on her back, legs up and wide apart with me sandwiched between her thighs and nine inches of remarkably stiff cock pumping in and out of her still tight vagina. We fucked in various positions until at last we slept in a tight hug.

We awoke to find that the chemist shop was due to open in a little less than an hours’ time, so Iris had to eat toast and gulp orange juice as she rapidly showered and dressed.

I was making lunch when I remembered that it was Friday. I phoned Brian, my farmer friend, his wife answered as he was out on the farm,

“Hello Janet, tell Brian that something has come up and so I will not be going to the pub tonight.”

“Certainly Jim. Er… how far up did it get?”


“Oh do come on Jim; you seem to have done ok love; she seems fit. I saw her on her bike when I was out walking the dog last night, and there she was again this morning just leaving your place. I never guessed that you were looking for someone, you should have told me and maybe. I could have helped. I hope you had fun.”

Iris returned after work, and we had a slow leisurely fuck. I had the pleasure of removing her skirt and knickers and then easing myself into her. She undid her blouse as I fucked her, and then she lifted her ‘bra up and off her magnificent breasts to enable her to pull and pinch her nipples into erect rods of orgiastic triggers.

She brought herself to the brink twice and then allowed her body to relax a little until I was ready to blow, then we both exploded into action and tried to fuck each other into finishing first. She won, I filled her tube with hot lava and then she blew.

Her hands wrapped around my neck and forced my face into her soft mounds. Her thighs clamped around my waist as her vaginal muscles contracted. She planted her feet flat on the bed and then lifted her backside off the bed to hoist me upwards, then she collapsed in a shuddering wreck.

Some time later güvenilir bahis siteleri we had a shower, then dinner and watched the television cuddling each other, although she was loth to let go of my cock.

The tele was no distraction from our lust fuelled thoughts and so back to bed we went. This time I had my way and she had to suffer having my head between her thighs and her head between mine,

She tasted of honey, violets and musk and it was what I needed. I ate her sex and nibbled her clit and brought her to an orgasm as she swallowed my cock, but I stayed right where I was and did it again. This time, as her second orgasm struck, she swallowed my cum.

Iris begged me to allow her to be above me and I could not see any disadvantage, so we changed places. That was her undoing because I was now able to wreak havoc on her body with all three sensitive points within easy reach and no mattress to contend with.

I think it was beginning to dawn on her that she may have started something that she couldn’t control after her third orgasm, with my swollen cock still filling her mouth and my legs making sure that it stayed in there.

I transferred my tongue to her anus and gently lapped at her sphincter, causing her body to stiffen, but her sphincter to relax. which allowed me to insert a finger past it and her inner sphincter and YES; I was into her rectum and able to remove any doubts she may have had about anal sex. I brought her to another shuddering climax, and she slumped down onto me, thoroughly drained and spent,

I lifted her off me, and before she had time to move, I had spread her legs wide apart, lowered myself over her and then filled her dripping sex tube with her recently released mouth organ, and began to seriously interfere with her plump breasts. When I took a nipple between my teeth she shrieked, her vagina tried to flatten my cock and she collapsed, again.

After our nerves were calmed, we had a shower and Iris said that she ought to go back to her place and get some proper sleep which made sense, but I could see that she wanted me to talk her out of it. I said that she was right and as tomorrow was Saturday and the shop was closed on Sunday and Monday, she would need to be prepared for what lay ahead.

“I do believe that we are in for the long haul, lover, so the initial fuck fest period will slow down somewhat and be a little less frantic and urgent. That means we should make certain that we remain fit enough to make the most of it so go, and hurry back tomorrow.

You should be aware that I will spend the rest of Saturday fucking you and that includes that fantastic arse.

Iris left and a short while later there was a knock on the door, I opened it to a flustered and obviously nervous Janet. She entered in a rush and grabbed my hand.

“Jim, I know this is wrong for so many reasons, but I must do this now or be miserable for ever. I have a confession to make.

Brian has prostate trouble and can’t manage sex to fuck me. He is not keen on just oral. I want to be fucked and the only person I ever wanted to do to me what Brian can’t, is you.

Seeing you with your friend made me realize what a fool I have been, so many wasted opportunities for both of us, Please Jim, while Brian is at the pub, fuck me, please.”

Talk about two busses at once. This was a person I have known for years and never knew about her problem or that she fancied me. She is a friend, Brian is a friend, I know that they love each other. But sex, or the lack of it, for those in need is a driving force. This could save their old age togetherness so yes; I will do as she asks.

I took her hand and dragged her into my bedroom and began stripping her, she stood rigidly for a moment and then helped me get my kit off. I put her on her back, on the edge of the bed, parted her legs, and for the next 30 minutes I smelled, tasted, and chewed her warm sex and then teased her vagina by very slowly putting what she wanted right where she wanted it and easing myself forward until I had half the length of my cock lodged firmly inside her.

Now the real pleasure began. I pumped in and out, getting deeper inside her with every thrust, the feeling of sliding into, a hot, wet, and eager vagina was wonderful.

She began to gasp and sob until she got used to my cock forcing her vagina apart, after which she joined in eagerly.

It was when I nibbled a nipple that she gasped and then tensed before bucking and screaming through an enormous orgasm and collapsing, sobbing, beneath me.

We had a short rest, although she did keep hold of my cock until it responded to her stroking. Once I could no longer restrain my lust, I rolled back onto her and inserted what she wanted into what I wanted. then we made frantic attempts to cause each other to climax.

Eventually I pumped my semen into her hot, tunnel as she shrieked and shuddered through another orgasm.

We showered, I made tea and toast and we sat and talked over the situation.

“Janet, iddaa siteleri the woman is called Iris. I do not know how this situation will play but understand this. I believe that I love her, and I think she loves me; it is early days, but I do believe it is for good. That said, I am a friend and I help my friends if they need it. I believe you both do need it, even if Brian is not aware of it,

Any time you need release I will fuck you because you need it, and I shall enjoy doing it because I liked it. Now go home and do not have misgivings because you have a right to happiness, and I know you love Brian.

I do not feel as though I am cheating on Iris or on your husband and neither should you. Be advised that I will tell Iris. She deserves to be aware of anything I do that could affect her. It would be good if you can manage to tell Brian, but think very carefully about how, where, and when, to tell him.”

When Iris arrived, I took her in my arms and told her that I loved her and wanted to be with her, but that last night I had done something which could ruin our relationship. It was something that needed to be done and even as I did it, I was thinking of her.

Naturally Iris looked puzzled and worried, and I then told her of the previous evening’s activity and the reason for it.

After I finished speaking, Iris took my face between her hands and kissed me.

“Thank you for being honest and proving to me that I was right to trust you. We are not married and until now we were merely two adults having wonderful sex as a means of relieving our tedious and lonely lives.

Now I know that you love me and want to be with me. Then you should know that I love you and am going to be bloody difficult to be parted from your side.

On my way here I was wondering how to ask you if you had any objections to my moving in with you and leaving that awful flat. I rather think that the only question now is, when?

I believe you meant what you said about helping friends and I approve. I want to meet your friends, especially Janet for obvious reasons, but I would like to assure her that, in the circumstances, I have no objection to her having sex with you, especially as it was the same problem that brought us together.”

“The following morning was a nightmare. The bed, which admittedly was ancient, was a pile of junk because it collapsed during a very energetic bout of sexual activity followed by the victor getting his prize which was his first time in penetrating a virgin rectum.

I took my time in putting what she wanted into the place where I wanted to put it. She struggled but I could tell it was only a half-hearted struggle, because of the treatment her sphincter had received prior to the wrestling match.

She was curious about her rection to her anal doorway becoming so amenable to the stroking and licking it had just experienced but was not so sure about what she felt when my erection began its maiden journey into her bottom.

I used a well lubricated condom and took care not to rush things which paid dividends when her body took over from her brain and began to respond to the stimulus that the nerve endings in her rectum were receiving.

“Go a little faster, not so hard. Go a bit deeper. Faster, Oh fuck, Ohh ggn.”

Then she yelled and collapsed in a shaking sweaty heap, which made extracting myself from her rear a little tricky.

She fell asleep almost immediately and so I made a space amid the wreckage, grabbed the duvet, covered us up and followed suit,

During a late breakfast I broached the problem of obtaining a replacement bed, because the one we had scrambled out of a short while ago really was broken. We needed to get to our nearest large town to do any real shopping. Transport was a problem, then I had an idea.

“Have you any objection to meeting Janet, and Brian of course, right now. They have a selection of vehicles which I know they would provide. Can you drive? Oh well, we shall have to either Brian or Janet to do the honours. Oh dear. I am sorry love, but this is going to be interesting.”

I phoned Brian and got Janet.

“Janet love, are you ok? Oh, that is good to hear, is Brian there? Farmers union meeting! Who is minding the cattle? Great, that is good of him. I have a delicate situation in my lap, and I want you to do me as big a favour this morning as the one I did for you on Friday.

Even though I know how nervous you must be I want you to meet Iris. She knows about Friday evening and says that I did the right thing. Please come and meet her and I will tell the real reason for my call.”

Janet did not try to avoid coming, she knew she would have to meet Iris sometime so right at the start would make life less nerve-wracking, Iris stood when Janet entered moved to her and took her hands,

“Jim told me about your meeting as soon as I arrived on Saturday evening, I had already told him that he was the most honest man I have ever known and that is one of the many reasons that I love him. I think that you did the right thing in having the courage to come and tell him what was on your mind. It was on my mind when he did what he did to get me to meet him.

I approve and please ask him when you feel the need, I do.”

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