Nine Wonderful Women Ch. 05

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This is the fifth part of a series where each part can be read with or without having read the previous parts.

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At the age of 48, I split from my wife and had two fantastic years of dating and sex with a lot of different women. These are the true stories of the wonderful women of those two fantastic years. I love these memories and want to share them with you.



I had been thinking about my pubic hair situation. All my married life, my wife Monica had a big healthy dark bush, and I loved it. She used to comment that she thought she was too hairy down there, but she never did anything about it, from which I assumed that her complaints about her hairiness were not really an issue, but just something she complained about. And I was cool with her hairiness. In more recent times, I’d had sex with Dianne and Christine, who both had trimmed their pussies closely, and Jeanne, who was waxed clean. My recent experience, and my observations of men in porn, got me thinking that my own healthy, untidy bush may need a bit of trimming. It was one thing to be Mr. Natural, but I thought maybe it would be better to be Mr. Manicured. I had never done this before, but my life was now becoming a series of things I had not done before, so why not? I got a pair of nail scissors, because that’s what I had in my bathroom, plus they were small and unlikely to lead to an accident. Slowly, one small area at a time, I cut my pubic hairs back to about 1/4 inch long. This was easy enough on the area above the base of my cock, but it was a bit harder on the scrotum, and especially behind the sack. Anyway, after I finished, I was quite pleased with myself. It made my cock look neater and maybe bigger, and I felt it would give women the message that I was taking care of the things that mattered.

After a few months of working with the dating website, several things became clear. Firstly, women whose profile on the site appeared the most attractive never replied to me. I assumed they were quickly overwhelmed with enquiries from other guys. Second, just because a woman’s profile appeared a bit basic, that meant nothing about her, except maybe that she wasn’t so good at marketing herself. I met some very interesting women whose profile did not do them justice. Third, and this was a revelation to me, there were a LOT, and I mean a LOT, of unattached women in my age bracket, 45-50 years, who were looking for a partner. These women were often really keen to have sex quite soon after meeting. This was a surprise to me, because due to my upbringing and prior experience, I had assumed that women were generally hard to get into bed. Now I understood this was not the case; and why should it be? Women like to have sex, just as much as men do. And lastly, of all the messages I put out to various women, I only got a few responses, which is why I kept a “parking lot” of interesting profiles, and would work through those over time. The big lesson was that my best chance of getting a date was to respond promptly to women who messaged me.

One Tuesday night, I was scanning the website and sending out messages when I received a message from Tina. The fact that she had contacted me before I contacted her, was very promising, and I replied instantly. She was online right then, and after a few messages between us, I gave her my phone number and she called me. We chatted for a while and she eventually said, “You seem like a nice guy, would you like to come over?”

“Right now?” I replied.

“Sure, is that OK with you?”

I grabbed a few condoms and set out for her place, a 40 minute drive, arriving about 9:30 pm. She lived in a very quiet suburban neighborhood and there was absolutely not a sound in the neighborhood when I arrived.

They say that first impressions are the most lasting, and in her case, she was very impressive. She was Scandinavian in appearance: tall, almost 6 feet in shoes with a small heel. I noted that she was quite slim but with full, round breasts which were accentuated by her wearing a close-fitting top, and clearly, no bra, as her nipples poked at the fabric. Her form-fitting skirt showed off her relatively narrow hips, and finished about 4 inches above the knee. Her straight blonde hair came down to her shoulders, she had blue eyes, a tanned face and arms and long, slender legs. In summary, a very impressive woman in her mid 40s, instantly attractive.

We entered her house, a spacious home with quality furniture, set on a on a level lot with a well-tended back lawn. There seemed to be no-one else home, although I later learned that her 11 year old son was asleep in his bedroom.

She led me to the back patio and offered me a drink: “white wine, thanks.” The back patio was only lit by the light coming from the kitchen window. We sat in the cool half-dark and talked about artemisbet yeni giriş our work, marriages, dating and cooking. She was a nurse and had split from her husband 4 years ago. I imagine that in her nurse’s uniform, she would give the men a hard-on. She was looking for a life partner, same as I was, but not having much luck with the dating website. We continued to chat for a couple of hours, while having a couple more glasses of chardonnay.

The conversation was pretty superficial and I was not at all clear where it might be going, but I was certainly enjoying looking at her, especially when she stood up and I could get a full view. She must have noticed that I was checking her out, and apparently she did have a better idea about where this was going. After a couple of hours of chat, out of the blue she said, “Can I come and sit on your lap?”

“Of course, please do.” I replied.

She came over and gently lowered herself into my lap and we both talked and acted nonchalant for a little while, until she leaned in towards me and we kissed.

“That was so nice”, I said, and we did it again, with a little tongue action. During the kissing, I had my two arms around her, and now she sat back, I could move my right hand up and down her left side, feeling the side of her full breast and gently cradling it in my hand through her close-fitting top. We stayed there for a little while, just kissing, touching and talking. I was pretty much blown away by the fact that I was in her house making out, yet only 6 hours ago I had not even known of her existence.

“Is your leg OK under there?” she said, “let’s go inside.”

Once we got inside, she stopped and stood in the middle of the kitchen and surprised me by saying “I’m not wearing any underwear.” She unzipped the side of her tight little skirt and dropped it to the floor, demonstrating that indeed she wasn’t. There she stood in her low heels and close-fitting top, under which I had already figured there was no bra, displaying a full bush of natural blonde pubic hair. I was stunned. It never occurred to me while she was sitting on my lap that she had no panties on, and I had never encountered a woman quite as forward as Tina. She reached out, undid my belt, dropped my jeans to the floor, and then pulled down my briefs, saying “there, that’s better”. Here was I, with my newly trimmed bush, and there she was with her magnificent untrimmed bush.

I kicked off my shoes, stepped out of my pants, stepped to her, embraced her with a huge kiss, and then, as we disengaged from that embrace, grabbed the hem of her top and lifted it over her head, releasing those stunning tits free into the night air. She then returned the favor with my shirt, and there we were, completely naked, standing in her kitchen with all the lights on and no blinds on the windows. I thought about the condoms, which were still in the car, and then thought that if she was willing to proceed, I was too.

She led me into the living room, which was also brightly lit, to her sofa, where she sat, possibly expecting me to sit beside her. But I had a better idea. I sat on the floor between her legs, and from this position I could get perfect access to eat her pussy. What a beautiful sight! I was excited by her full bush of natural blonde hair and could not wait to taste her. I started licking her inner thighs, then to her bushy pussy. I used my tongue to find her opening, which was leaking juice nicely, then used my tongue to follow her slit up to her clit, separating the bush as I went. Once I had parted the bush on both sides, I observed her soft inner lips and cute little button of a clit, to which I tended carefully.

I had already discovered from her wetness that she was very aroused, and after a little bit of my licking her cunt, she lifted herself up and lay out lengthwise on the sofa with her left knee up against the sofa back and her right foot on the floor, her legs spread. She raised her arms to indicate she wanted me to get on top. I maneuvered on top of her. It was a bit tight because the sofa was not very wide and it was too short for me to stretch my legs out, so I put my knees in the space between her legs and took my weight on my knees, with my feet up on the sofa arms. My cock was fully hard and very slippery, so I used it to rub her cunt lips and clit, which were very wet already. I found her opening and pressed lightly against her hole, to which she lifted her hips and my cock powered right up inside her. She started thrusting and moaning and my thrusts met hers with good force. Due to the force of the fucking, and the angle of her hips, I could feel that I was sometimes hitting her cervix and she gave a little yell each time that happened. The feelings of excitement coming from my cock were wonderful. We continued to fuck, rather noisily, for about 10 minutes until I felt the familiar rumblings of the oncoming orgasm. I proceeded to thrust my cock as deeply into her cunt as I artemisbet giriş could possibly reach, and unloaded a full delivery of semen, as far into her as I could push.

She hadn’t orgasmed, as far as I could tell, but she seemed happy and in any case, I had to get off her because my cock was going soft and the cramped space of the sofa had made my legs ache. I stood up, she swiveled around and we sat side by side on the sofa, cuddling and kissing. She told me that she had really enjoyed that, as she had not had a fuck for a couple of months, because, as we had discussed earlier, she wasn’t meeting the right sort of guys on the website. It was interesting that she decided to fuck me so soon after meeting.

At this point, I noticed that we were sitting facing a large picture window which had no curtains, drapes or blinds of any sort, and the sofa was positioned only about 10 feet from the window. Beyond the window was a paling fence and beyond that, her neighbor’s house. I thought that if the neighbors were awake, they could have easily heard the loud sounds of frantic mating coming from her house, and they could have easily peered over or through the fence to see some guy with his cock buried balls-deep inside their neighbor. Then it occurred to me that no-one would normally place a sofa looking through a window at a fence; you normally place a sofa to look at the TV or a view or something similar. And all the lights were on in the living room, even though we were both experienced enough to fuck in the dark. It was as if she had set the sofa up deliberately for a show. It was now about 1 pm, so maybe the neighbors weren’t awake, or maybe they had watched us fuck; in either case, I didn’t really care, but I thought it was interesting.

We sat and chatted for a bit and she asked if I’d like to come with her to an afternoon barbeque/party the following weekend, to which I readily agreed. We got dressed, and on my way out, she motioned towards an open door which was right off the living room, and told me her son was asleep in there. I tried not to display any shock, but I was surprised because his bedroom door was no more than 20 feet from the sofa, where we had been noisily fucking.

Driving home, I was thinking about this. She planned for us to fuck, because she dressed accordingly, so that was no accident, although if I had not been suitable, she presumably would not have initiated the sex by sitting on my lap. It seems she had probably set up the sofa to face the window, and left all the lights blazing, for reasons that I could only guess at. And she was completely not concerned if we woke her son (age 11) and he came into the living room to see what all the noise was about, and found some guy on top of his mother, apparently wrestling with her. All this was interesting.

On Saturday, I drove to her place and she drove us to the party. There were 3 other couples there, and they all knew each other. Luckily I am quite self-sufficient at parties, because, apart from introducing me, Tina was not really making the effort to look after me, considering I was the odd man out. Her behavior with me was more like an established couple who go to parties and do their own thing, so I guessed she was a bit further down that road than I was. It was a pleasant afternoon, although I had really no interests in common with her friends, so I was just having a few drinks and doing chit-chat.

We did not have to rush home because her son was with his dad for the weekend, and we got back to her place just before sunset. We sat on her back patio and watched some clouds gathering in the west: it looked like there was going to be a thunderstorm over there. We talked about the party and she wanted to know what I thought of her friends, so I was diplomatic. She related that they said I seemed really nice. Sitting on her outdoor furniture, close contact was difficult. She suggested we take a blanket and move out into the middle of the back lawn and watch the clouds and the rest of the sunset.

We lay on that blanket, looking at the sky, side by side, touching each other and occasionally kissing. She unbuttoned my shirt and traced her fingers across my chest and down to my jeans, unsnapped and unzipped them, and began feeling my cock through my briefs. I lay back and enjoyed this attention, and she then removed her top and bra, releasing again those wonderful tits with their erect nipples. She lowered her chest towards my chest, allowing her tits to rub across my chest, then moved up until her tits were in front of my face, so I could kiss, nibble and suck them while I lay back on the blanket. She fed me one tit after the other, and while sucking, I had hold of each tit with my two hands, like a baby holding its bottle, sucking on her hard nipples and twirling my tongue around them.

After a while, she stood up and took off her shoes and her jeans, so she was wearing only her panties. She walked around to my feet, took off my shoes artemisbet güvenilirmi and pulled off my jeans by the legs, leaving me in my briefs and an open shirt. Then she lay down beside me, we each rolled on to our side, facing each other, and we started making out with intent. Unlike the first time we fucked, this time we had plenty of room, the whole area of this large blanket, so we moved around as we explored each other’s bodies. I got back into sucking her nipples, which was most enjoyable, and at various times, had my hands inside her panties touching her pussy, until she removed the panties and I could just reach out and touch her there. She was massaging my balls and cock, which was rock hard.

It was a cool summer night and the thunderstorms continued further inland. We could see the occasional flash of lightning and hear the low rumble of thunder. The last rays of twilight were fading, so we only had the dim light from the surrounding houses. I was acutely aware that we were fully naked, engaged in hot sex, in the middle of a suburban back yard, where any of the neighbors could have looked over the top of the fence, which was only about 6 feet high. Thinking about that was somewhat exciting, and I did not care if someone was watching us.

Tina positioned herself above my hips as I lay on my back, then dropped with one knee either side of me, reached down, grabbed my hard, wet cock, and started rubbing me up and down her slit, before finding her hole and feeding my cock inside. Having been out in the cool night air, my cock was cool and the inside of her cunt was amazingly hot, wet and tight around my cock. She rested down on top of me and we moved in a nice slow rhythm, in and out, in and out, getting hotter and hotter. Her tits were pressed against my chest, and because she was tall, our bodies were completely lined up and we could kiss easily as we fucked.

I could feel the pressure building up in me, so I said “let’s slow down for a while”, she dismounted and we lay side by side again and watched the lightning in the distance. I moved my hand to her pussy and started making little movements with my fingers. Her lips, her bush and her whole pussy were completely wet with juice. I had my two fingers either side of her clit, making small movements up and down her slit, between her lips, smearing her love juice all around her cunt. Gradually, I brought my middle finger to her opening, and slowly inserted it, applying a little pressure to the area just inside. I then inserted a second finger, using both to stimulate the inside of her cunt. She started to make moaning sounds, and brought her own hand to her clit, which she then teased in the ways that felt good to her. She started building up to her climax. She said “I want you back inside me when I come,” stood up and positioned herself above my groin. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock as she remained upright, and sat on me, with my hardness buried all the way inside her. She squirmed around a bit, and I could feel her insides, and she turned slightly, lifted my right leg so the knee was up in the air, then she leaned on that knee as she pushed herself up and down on my cock.

Of all the positions in which I’d had sex in my life, I had never experienced this one, and it was just awesome. I was on my back, left leg flat on the ground and right foot on the ground with my knee up. She had her right foot by my left hip and her left foot between my legs, and she had her left hand on my right knee, using that to support her weight as she lifted her body up and down on my cock, while her right hand was massaging her clit. The view from my position was incredible, and if any of the neighbors were watching, I hope they had binoculars, for a good close-up view.

I watched her powering her lithe body up and down in a series of squats by her strong legs, as my cock disappeared into her hairy blonde cunt and then reappeared as she lifted up. Her wondrous tits were swinging in the cool night air and her blonde hair was across her face as she moaned and stroked her clit. Then she started to come, the strong contractions making her move jerkily and squeezing my cock as my orgasm hit me, and with a muffled yell I once again delivered my full load to the depths of her beautiful pussy. As her contractions subsided, she sat down on my cock, supporting herself with my right knee, as she recovered her breath, then, tilting forward, kicked her feet out behind her and fell on to my chest. I held her tightly for some time.

We lay on the blanket, side by side, watching the lightning and counting the seconds to the thunder. The thunder was about 20 seconds behind the lightning, but getting closer. It was time to pick up our things and go inside for a cup of coffee.

I could hardly believe what had just happened to me. A ton of space and time on a blanket in the middle of a suburban back yard during an electrical storm; okay, the storm was in the distance, but it was so dramatic. A position that was so natural and practical, providing a shattering climax for both of us and the most incredible view for me as she showed her strength and sexual appetite to match her amazing body. And the distinct possibility that there were spectators among the neighbors.

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