A Mother’s Dilemma Pt. 01

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Vivian opened the door with three fingers that she extracted from a double armload of groceries. She managed to get a foot in the opening and swing it wide enough to enter the house.

“Little help here, please! William, are you home?”

She struggled to the kitchen and successfully planted the plastic shopping bags on the counter without breaking anything. The frown on her face exemplified her disgust at never getting any help, it seemed. Her 20-year-old stepson was probably planted in his bedroom and engaged with his computer, as usual.

“What is so important that you are on that thing all day long?” she had asked many times. The answers varied but were never satisfactory.

Vivian put away the perishables and yelled again for her son–to no avail.

“I can’t believe he’s actually getting some fresh air,” she said aloud. “That would actually be a welcome change.” She folded the empty bags and after stowing them in the pantry, walked down the hallway to the bedroom section of the house. Her high heels clicked on the tile floor as she marched by William’s room, across the hall from her master suite.

She wanted to get out of her clothes and shoes into something more comfortable–Vivian dressed for the grocery store like she was going to an important meeting: typically, a skirt or dress and heels. Blessed with a knockout body despite her mid 40’s age, her clothes gave her a look of class. T-shirts and shorts only elicited stares from both men and women alike and she felt like a bimbo on leave from a strip club if she dressed casually. And rightly so, since, in her early twenties she had worked in those types of establishments. But that was a lifetime ago.

William’s door was closed, the red “Keep Out” sign prominently displayed as a warning. Vivian put her ear to the door but all she could hear was some movement and unintelligible muttering. It almost sounded like a woman’s voice!

She knocked twice and called out, “William! Are you in there?”

“Just a sec,” came the response just as she turned the door handle and stuck her head in the cracked door without waiting for his permission to enter.

“What are…” she stopped mid question and stared at him hastily rearranging his shorts and zipping his fly.

“Do you mind?” he yelled. “Can’t I have a little privacy?”

“What are you doing, William? Are you just getting dressed?” But then it dawned on her that he had probably been looking at porn and beating off. That would explain the female voice she had heard. She opened the door and walked to the bed. “Are you looking at porn? Let me see what you’re doing there.” She leaned forward and looked at his laptop screen upside down as the image quickly switched from what appeared to be a large breasted woman giving a blowjob to a Facebook page.

“Geez, mom. I’m just looking at social media. Is that a federal offense or something?”

“Of course not, but I would like a little help around here occasionally. I came home with a ton of groceries and had to manage alone while you’re in here jacking off or whatever you were doing. You need to pull some more weight around here now that it is just the two of us.

“I wasn’t jacking off. Geez, that’s disgusting. I just had to zip up my pants and you came barging in.” William’s face had turned bright crimson at the accusation…which…both knew to be true.

Vivian sat on the edge of the bed.

“Honey, I’m sorry that I barged in, but you need to do things besides sit in your room and play games on your computer. I know your father’s death was a huge shock, but we need to move on. This isn’t healthy. You need to get out with your friends more. Get some exercise. You used to be so active. And I can’t run this house without a little help. You’re the man of the house now.”

Vivian reached over and kissed her son on the forehead and tousled his thick, curly locks playfully. She held his head in both hands and looked into his eyes for a pregnant moment, and then kissed him on the mouth–a motherly kiss–but it caught him off guard. He tasted her lip stick and caught a whiff of her expensive perfume and it dizzied him for an instant.

“Why don’t you get cleaned up and then come out and help me with dinner, hmm? I need the company of a man and I promised I won’t embarrass you. I’m going to take a shower, change clothes and relax a bit first, though. And honestly, I don’t care if you do look at some porn if it’s not weird stuff or illegal. Ok, Sweetie?”

Vivian pecked her stepson once more on the lips and stood up to leave. “Talk to you later.”

She turned and walked out the door and across the hall to her bedroom. William stared after her, the second kiss still on his mind. He could swear it was just a bit longer than the first, and it caused a stirring in his groin. His stepmom liked to kiss him, and when he was younger, he squirmed at the thought, but now he found it enjoyable and even a turn on.

“Jesus,” he thought. “I’m getting a hard-on from my mother’s kiss. I must be hornier than I thought.” But this wasn’t the first time he had reacted this way. kaçak iddaa In truth, he had fantasized about Vivian in his dreams on many occasions, imagining being in bed with her, sucking on those big tits and having his way with her.

William’s dad and Vivian had been married for 10 years before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died within months of the diagnosis. His mother had suffered a similar fate when he was only 7, and Vivian became his mother when he was 11. Their relationship developed slowly. She was careful to let him get used to his new mother without being overbearing. At the same time, she let him know she would always be there for him and understood if it took some time for him to get used to his new mom.

As kids do, William adapted to the situation quickly, but could never bring himself to call her “mom.” Instead, he called her Vivian to her face even though he referred to her as his mom with his friends. And his friends all fell in love with her. She was beautiful, with thick, red hair, blue eyes, large breasts, and a trim waist. William never really bonded with her as a son, but instead harbored secret sexual fantasies about her as a MILF, a term he was very familiar with.

Vivian had secrets of her own, as we all do. She had worked for several years in a strip club after turning 21–first as a waitress and later as a dancer under the stage name Busty Betty. She was a natural with her large breasts and apple ass, and the clientele loved her, so the tips flowed freely. But she soon learned that despite the potential for big money, the drawbacks were many. The business had its sleazy side, but she avoided those elements as much as possible, rarely doing lap dances and focusing on the creativity of stage dancing based on years of modern dance lessons during her teenage years. Her dancing was sensual and exotic but rooted in artistry. The downside, she eventually learned, was that the managers were controlling and cheated the dancers at every opportunity. Many of the girls supplemented their wages with prostitution, but Vivian did not travel that path.

However, during that time she did a few soft-core photo shoots for extra cash. Her knockout figure attracted the attention of professionals and amateur photographers alike, and she consented to a session with one of the more convincing pros. That had resulted in one particularly hot session and a brief affair. But Vivian was concerned that the pictures might become too public and even used as blackmail, so she ended that practice and returned to only dancing until that, too, grew tiresome.

Watching her friends and co-workers go down the one-way street of drugs finally convinced her to get out of the business, and she enrolled in a community college and quickly earned an associate degree in business.

She moved to a different state where no one would know her, and with her savings from stripping, started a boutique specializing in lingerie and ladies’ wear. Timing is everything, and the business did well. She soon joined the Chamber of Commerce, and it was there that she met Dave, William’s father and her eventual husband. Dave knew nothing of her life as a stripper.

After several unsuccessful attempts to have children together, they both agreed that the three of them was enough of a family. Vivian sold her business once their marriage seemed on solid ground, and life seemed to be perfect…until Dave revealed his grim diagnosis. So now, it was just Vivian and William. Money was not a concern: in the end the insurance settlement had been large. But William had not taken his father’s death well. It had now been six months and Vivian realized she had to get him out of his funk. William had never been blatantly disrespectful, but he had never been warm around her either. Vivian hoped she could change that.

She stepped into her bedroom and thought she had closed the door securely before undressing and entering the walk-in shower. An open window and a gust of wind, however, caused the unlatched door to come ajar just as William was stepping into the hallway. Noticing the cracked door, he crossed the hall and peeked in. Vivian was just getting out of the shower, and after drying off, she wrapped a towel around her wet hair as she placed a foot on a make-up chair in front of her mirror and applied lotion liberally to her nude body. William had imagined his mother naked in his dreams many times, but now her nude form was in full view in the mirror. Her large breasts capped by prominent nipples and large pink areola jiggled enticingly as she rubbed the lotion into her skin. The mirror also revealed a trimmed, V-shaped, red bush, lending credence to the true color of her hair.

He involuntarily reached down and rubbed his crotch, his penis now rigid and growing, but then Vivian began to turn his way, and he quickly ducked down the hallway out of sight. She noticed the door partially open, and wrapping her body in a silky robe, walked to the doorway to close it. But first she peeked out to see if anyone was there and heard William rattling around in the kitchen.

“Hmmm…wonder kaçak bahis if he got a peep show,” she thought. “Might do him some good to see the real thing instead of fake boobs on a 12-inch screen.”

Her son was handsome in a geeky sort of way. He was starting to flesh out despite getting little exercise of late, and the chubbiness of his adolescence had given way to a slender, if not exactly muscular, physique. He had shot up to just over 6 feet and he now towered over his mother, who at 5’4″ tried to add to her height with heels whenever possible. Even in flats, Vivian’s Barbi-doll figure never failed to attract leering stares from men and women alike.

She dressed in sweats and sandals and headed for the kitchen.

“What sounds good for dinner, Honey? I bought a couple of steaks. How does that sound?” Vivian opened a bottle of red wine as she was chatting and poured herself a glass. “Want to try a taste of wine? You’re old enough as far as I’m concerned. Here–take a sip.” She unconsciously hoped a little alcohol might loosen him up so they could be more comfortable around one another. She decided she would do whatever it took to know him better.

Vivian offered her glass to William who uncharacteristically hammed it up by adopting an effete wine taster pose and swirled the liquid before sticking his nose almost in the glass.

“Fruity, yet with just a slight nuttiness on the nose.” He sipped it and swallowed slowly, letting the wine slide down his throat. “And a hint of tobacco in the aftertaste,” he added with a dramatic flair.

“You goofball! You are almost convincing.” Vivian grabbed the glass from him and gave him a peck on the cheek. “So, want to try a glass? This is good stuff, but it is an acquired taste. Anyway, a glass of wine makes life divine.”

“Sure, I’ll try a glass if you are offering. It honestly didn’t taste too bad. Better than the rot gut Gallo my friends made me try years ago. Took me a while to get over the taste of that, but then the whole point was to just get high.”

“I remember…you were sick as a dog and tried to blame it on bad pizza or something. But your dad and I suspected you had been drinking and let you wallow in it. Anyway, just sip this slowly and enjoy the taste. I’ll get dinner going. This wine will be good with the steaks as well.”

William sat and watched as Vivian prepped their dinner, chatting with her and trying to forget the earlier scene when she caught him with his dick in hand beating off to internet porn. As he watched her, he pictured those big breasts of hers that had been reflected in the bedroom mirror after her shower. Jesus, she had some huge, nipples…big and perfectly pink. Even better than any he had seen on the porn sites. Wonder what it would be like to suck on those babies, he thought. He was grateful to be sitting on the opposite side of the counter where his erection could blossom secretly. He reached down and adjusted his crotch.

Vivian stepped outside and removed the grill cover. She asked William if he wanted to fulfill his manly duty. His initial thought was “Of course I’d like to fuck you,” but unfortunately that wasn’t what she had in mind.

“You do realize it’s a man’s job to do the grilling. Women aren’t allowed near any outdoor cooking. At least that’s the misogynistic view. But I can handle it if you don’t want to do it.”

“Madame, I’d be happy to take charge of the grill, but you might have to help. I’m a novice.”

William fired up the Weber on the patio and grabbed the steaks from the kitchen that Vivian had pre-seasoned. After he had placed them on the grill, she came out to check on him. She stood next to him and put her arm around his waist and hugged him as he turned the meat to check for grill marks. So far, the evening was going great.

“Maybe she should offer him wine more often,” she thought.

“I think you’ve got this, Sweetie. You’re a natural. I’m so glad you’re helping me out. I know it’s been hard without your dad here, but we can do this.” She squeezed him and looked into his eyes. “Let me give you a kiss. You are making me so happy tonight.”

William leaned down to Vivian’s smiling face, but instead of kissing him on the cheek, she gave him a kiss on the lips, lingering for just a second. William felt her breasts pushing into him and a growth protruding in his cotton shorts.

“Oops, my bad! I got lipstick on your mouth.” Vivian reached up with her hand and wiped his lips with a forefinger. “Don’t want people to wonder, do we? There–all gone.” Vivian knew the effect her breasts had on men, and she never lost an opportunity to use them to her advantage. She assumed he loved her boobs pressing into him. Any man would.

William kissed her finger. “Don’t worry about the lipstick. You taste good. My friends would only be jealous. They think you’re hot.” And so do I, he thought to himself. The image of her naked body from moments before again flashed in his brain.

“Well, I’m flattered anyone would think an old lady like me is hot, but I do know about horny teenagers. I was once one illegal bahis myself. Anyway, thanks for that. It’s always nice to hear a compliment. I’m going back inside and make sure everything is ready. Want another glass of wine with your steak?”

“Sure. Let’s celebrate. TGIF. I’ll be in as soon as these are done…a few minutes.”

William came in minutes later with two rib-eyes cooked to perfection, at least according to his mother. The table was set with the rest of the meal and two large glasses of Cabernet. They both sat and Vivian raised her glass.

“A toast…to the future…and to us.”

“To us,” William repeated.

By the time dinner was finished, so was the wine. Neither William nor his mother felt any pain by then. William was a novice drinker and despite his large size, the wine had loosened him into a giggling mood. Vivian was an experienced drinker, but her petite size coupled with several glasses of the Cab had likewise put her into good spirits. They did a quick clean-up and decided to settle in the den to see what was on the boob tube.

“I shouldn’t, but I’m going to open another bottle of wine. It tasted so good. Would you like one more glass with me?”

“Sure, why not. It’ll help us sleep.” William smiled and sat on the couch. He was feeling no pain and was seeing his mother in a new light, both literally and figuratively.

Vivian returned after about 5 minutes wearing a pair of nylon shorts and a tank top and carrying two glasses of wine. She studied her son for a moment as if trying to decide something.

William had turned on the television and was searching with the remote. He noticed his mother looking at the couch and her usual spot in the recliner. She set the glasses in front of him on the coffee table and plopped down next to him.

“Mind if I cuddle up next to you. I haven’t had a man to nuzzle for a long time, and I’m feeling a little nostalgic. You remind me of your dad more and more these days. You are getting to be quite a man.” She wrapped her arm through his and held his hand.

“You changed! That is…I mean…your clothes.”

“Oh…yeah. I was getting too hot in those sweats. This is comfier.” She held his hand with both of hers between her bare thighs. The contrast between her arms and her thighs was stark. “I need to work on my tan. Look how pale my legs are.”

“Your legs are just fine. If anyone needs to work on a tan, it’s me. I look like a ghost compared to you.”

“We’ll work on it together. We need to get the pool cleaned anyway. It’s about time we started enjoying life again, don’t you think?” Vivian released William’s hand and grabbed her wine. “Another toast…here’s to a great rest of the summer.”

William fetched his glass and they clinked. “To summer.” And Vivian kissed him again. This time with fresh lipstick.

‘What is going on,’ William thought. ‘This is like a dream come true.’ His sexy mother was acting more affectionate than ever, and he couldn’t help but stare at the cleavage displayed in her loose tank top and low-cut bra. He wanted to stick his face in her chest and motorboat those big tits, but that was not going to happen, he knew. Unfortunately, his cock had a mind of its own and he did his best to control it without blatantly covering himself with a pillow. Remote in hand, he placed his forearms over his crotch and looked for something to watch.

“Let’s see what’s on HBO. I’m sort of in the mood for a movie,” Vivian suggested.

William flashed through the choices and clicked on MILFs vs. Zombies. “This ought to be good!” he joked.

“Seriously?” Vivian asked. “Oh, what the hell. Let’s check it out. It should be good for a laugh.

The movie was ridiculous, naturally, but in their giggling mood, it was also entertaining. Within minutes the MILFs were ripping their clothes off and baring their oversized breasts, obviously a key plot element.

“That should stop those zombies, Vivian commented. Nothing like a big pair of tits to get a man’s attention, living or dead.”

William snickered at the comment, and then, emboldened by the wine and his mother’s use of the word “tits,” he added, “And you should know!”

“Are you talking about these?” Vivian thrust her chest forward and hefted each boob in a small hand. “Yeah, I’ve turned a few heads in my day. I get it…men like big boobs, but really, they are just tits. What’s the big deal? And when women with tits like mine get old, they tie a belt around them to hold them in place. I’m not quite there yet, but I suppose if I live long enough, I’ll get there. Anyway, they are often more trouble than they are worth. My bras cost a fortune–they have to be specially made for tiny women with breasts as big as mine.”

Like most red-blooded males, the discussion of large breasts with his stacked mother nested with him on the couch resulted in a visible reaction from William. His penis swelled and hardened, producing a tubular shape down his thigh. Vivian was looking straight ahead at the tv where bare breasted MILFs were hugging one another in fear during a zombie attack. Vivian sipped her wine and placed her free hand on William’s thigh before realizing she had put it directly on his engorged cock. As soon as she realized what she had done, she quickly removed it.

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