Masturbation Club Pt. 02

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“Mmmm, Mmmmm, oh YES!”

I was shaking and shivering with pleasure as my 8-inch vibrator took me, I vibrated those wonderful waves of pleasure to fill my vagina, and right next to me, Beth grunted, letting out a loud hiss of pleasure as she went over with me.

It was the day before our next Tuesday get-together, and we had just done our shaving, and our after shaving fun. We lay back, pleasantly exhausted, drifting on the sweet clouds of afterglow.

After a little while, Beth turned to me, cocked an eye, and said “Penny for your thoughts Susie.”

As my eyes met hers, she said, “Something’s on your mind, like to tell me what it is sweetie?”

I couldn’t hide it, and blushing, I told her about how I wanted to be butt plugged while playing with myself at the next meeting. How I had gone out and bought one of the stainless steel butt plugs with the little jewel-like setting at the end of the plug.

“You haven’t used it yet? “

“No, I was working up the courage to do so, I thought the setting of the club would help me work it up.”

“We have to take care of that, so you can see if you don’t like it, this way, you’ll know. Roll over, and up on your hands and knees, let’s test it out. Where’s the butt plug?”

I was a bit conflicted, masturbating with other ladies was one thing, but never having done anything more than kissing with my best friend in high school, this was closer to lesbianism than I’d been before. But, I did need to know if I could take it, and I trusted Beth to make sure that I was not in distress.

“My butt plug is in my undies drawer, it’s the top right-hand one.”

Beth hopped up and opened it up.

“Mmmm, sexy panties, really hot. Next time we get together to go out, just before we do, let’s swap panties, and get all worked up by feeling each other’s intimate panties against our hot spots.”

She came back to bed, and purred, “Now, grab your cheeks and pull them apart for me.”

Blushing furiously, I did so, the knowledge that Beth was looking right at my tight little starfish, wantonly displayed for her eyes, really drove up my lust.

“Sweet little pucker, so sexy, let me get you ready.”

I felt her mouth planting little kisses all over my ass, oh my god, more kisses between the cheeks, then MMMMM, OH GOD, right against the tight, quivering rim of my asshole. I let out a loud moan of pleasure, fuck it felt so good, then her tongue slid wetly up and down the tight clench.

“Fuck, bahis siteleri fuck, oh fuck!”

Having that sensitive little part of my body stimulated for the first time was mind-blowing. I could feel Beth’s tongue heaping lots of spit on my asshole, her tongue pressing against the clench. I relaxed as much as possible and felt the tip of her tongue ticking away inside, letting the saliva inside.

After a few more minutes of absolute licking pleasure, Beth purred, “Now, let me get your sexy plug all ready for you.”

I heard a soft moan, then a growl as Beth purred, “This should get it all nice and slick, I’m so wet!”

Beth had buried my butt plug into her wet center, to get it all lubed up. The idea that she was going to power that plug up my ass while it was coated with her juices made my pulse pound.

“Now, let’s get you plugged.”

I felt the press against my asshole, which became more insistent. I relaxed as much as possible, it was still going to be a slow, grunting reaming. I felt my tight little starfish getting stretched, further and further. The resistance ohhhh, the spreading, then the flare giving me the full stretch, then ahhhh, the acceptance as it slid in easily, my tight little asshole locking around the stem, Mmmmm, god that felt so good.

“Now, let’s try something else, I may not be a lesbian, but I’m Bi enough to want to do this, I can’t resist. Lower yourself down sweetie.”

I felt Beth’s hands grasp my hips as she straddled me, placing a knee on each side of my legs, as she lowered herself down until her hips were pressing down against me. I could distinctly feel the warmth of Beth’s sex against my ass. When Beth pressed down a bit more, I could clearly feel the outline of her pussy entrance against my ass cheeks.

Now, with both of us having the bald pussy look, Beth’s tight pink hole was pressing against my naked ass, I could feel the hot, wet excitement, my lust powering back up as I shivered with needy lust. I felt Beth stretch out over me, the bare breasts, the stiff nipples digging into my back, as Beth kept gripping my hips, molding her body tight against my back.

“Now, play with your sweet cunt Susie, make yourself cum while I rub my body all over your back!”

I could feel Beth start to move, rubbing her body all over my naked backside. Beth’s hot nude body pressed against me over and over, her soft, delicious cries of passion were like music to my ears. My hand was buried in my sex, fingers canlı bahis siteleri probing the wet heat, rubbing my juices all over my clit, trying my best to drag it out. I was imitating the undulations that Beth was been making as I pushed up against the thrust of Beth’s naked body to meet the thrusts with the arching of my back.

Beth cooed, “Mmmmm, I can feel your sweet ass against me, oh yeah, feels so good to hump you, sweetie.”

I could feel the juices of Beth’s pussy dripping onto my ass, starting to flow like a river downwards. My breathing got choppy, I could hear Beth’s ah-ah-ah-ah sounds as her orgasm closed in. The rubbing of her naked flesh against me, the dripping of her juices, they started to run down around my butt plug, my pussy lips, I was balanced on the edge, and when Beth’s juices flowed over my throbbing clit, that took me.

I raised my head and let out a loud howl of orgasm as my body started to shake wildly, I could feel my asshole pulsing around the jewel butt plug, Beth was writhing against me, pressing down hard, and she was just moments behind me, Beth let out a long, loud moan, squeezing the entire length of her back against me she exploded, a fresh gush of her juices poured out over my ass, running down the channel to flood all over my clit, making me cum again, fuck that felt so amazing.

When we dropped down, gathering our breath, I felt kind of unsure. Having done no more than some high school kissing and feeling up with another girl, this had been a big leap forward. Beth turned my face to hers and planted her lips against mine. I felt her lips working to part mine, her tongue stroked at my lips, and that was all I needed, I opened my lips to her, and our tongues came together in a tongue-twirling tangle.

When we broke the kiss, I could feel my lust powered back up, and Beth cooed, “Let’s pleasure each other, would you like a 69 sweetie? Or would you prefer to eat each other one at a time, so we can both concentrate on the sensations, without trying to concentrate on the sweet pussy of each other, trying to please it at the same time?”

I was really hot, and I said, “Let’s do that one at a time, and I want to do you first!”

I was in a haze of lust, having my lesbian virginity disappear was like a whole new phase had opened up for me, a phase I was eager to explore, and revel in.

I kissed my way down Beth’s body, feeling the surge of lust, enjoying her purrs and coos of pleasure. When she parted canlı bahis her thighs to welcome me, I slid between her legs and gazed at the sweet juicy pussy laid out before me. Reaching out, I gently spread Beth’s cuntlips apart with my fingers. All open and exposed, no hair to hide the sweet offering. Her pussy lips were slightly parted, and I saw the pinkly shimmering view, just inside. Beth moaned softly and her loins lifted slightly, eager for my face.

My mouth began to water, the scent of her lust hit me, and my pussy juiced up in response. My tongue came out and covered the short distance, and Beth purred, “Ooooh yes, lick me, sweetie!”

My eyes looked up, and I saw Beth looking down at me, her face alive with sexual heat. Knowing that she was watching me lose my cunt licking virginity gave me a heady rush. My tongue slid back and forth gently, getting ready to take the plunge. My first full-on taste was tentative, taking in the flavor, it took only a few seconds before my tastebuds lit up, I let out a growl of pleasure, and I dove in, burying my face between Beth’s sexy thighs.

My tongue and lips kissed, licked, and swirled through the feminine heat, and I was eating out my first cunt with great joy. Beth was heaving and thrashing, pushing her hips up to maximize the contact, and both of us seemed to be loving being the giver and the receiver of tongue fucking.

Although I had never done it before and had no practice or experience, I thought about where I liked to touch my cunt when playing with myself, and transferred that via my tongue, to Beth’s cunt. I was loving the taste and feel as I wallowed in that creamy pussy, and what I lacked by having no previous training I felt I more than made up by my enthusiasm and attention to detail.

I cupped Beth’s firm ass in my hands and worked my whole face around her bald pubic region, purring with pleasure and panting with passion. My tongue was wedged up inside her, I pulled it back, using my fingers to gently pull her lips apart. I hungered for it, and my mouth fitted to Beth’s cunt slot and began a steady sucking, and I powered my tongue in and out. Her sweet pussy juice poured over my fucking tongue and was being pulled into my mouth. I drank deeply of the copious flow, my body sizzling with the heat of what I was doing to Beth.

Beth raised her head and grunted, “Gonna cum, gonna cum so fucking hard, nnngghh, fuck, fuck MEEEEE!”

I felt the wild flutterings around my mouth, Beth’s loud shriek of orgasm, and a thick rush of her juices poured out, my mouth busily sucking it all up, and swallowing every drop. I stayed with her until the last flutterings of orgasmic pleasure tremored through her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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