Freshman Year Roommate Pt. 18

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Freshman Year Roommate, Part 18

Everyone is over 18 years of age

The months, semesters and then years were starting to fly by. Before I knew it, we were reaching the end of junior year. Having enough credits to graduate and finish wasn’t going to be an issue, nor was completing all of our core requirements. With our extra summer courses, we probably could have left early, but our plans worked with doing the normal four years. On top of that, I was doing internships that were going to help frame my law school career, and John was working on stuff that already had the Army drooling over him (no, not the way I did!).

If I went through, day by day, every sexual situation, we’d all be here for the rest of our lives. Suffice it to say, the heat between John and me never waned. For some reason, he thought I was hot, and I know very well what I saw in him. Actually, Joel, a graduate student a few doors down on our same floor, apparently saw it, too. Joel was a few years older than us. He was straight, and we saw him going out on dates. In fact, we occasionally saw a girl leaving his apartment very early in the morning, so he seemed to be doing okay on that front.

Well, okay, John saw the girls, since he was up early, and I’ve never been a morning person. But I got John to tell me. So it seemed that yes, Joel at least was playing with girls. But, and this is where it gets interesting, being the sociable types we are, we’d occasionally have Joel over for a drink or just to hang out and watch some TV. One day, a couple of beers in, Joel says, “Do you think it makes a guy gay if he just accepts a blowjob from another guy?”

Okay, where was this coming from? John was there, but Joel and I were talking at the time. I said, “I don’t think sexuality is so yes-or-no. I think things happen, and if a guy enjoys that blowjob but then wants to date and be with girls, then he’s probably still straight. Maybe just a little more open-minded than some?”

Joel nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s what I think, too.”

“Um, okay. So… another beer?”

He stayed a little while longer, and nothing happened. I know, you may have been expecting a 3-way. Even in loving couples, don’t all gays have 3-ways? Well, no. We actually had no issue with guys who did. Maybe we’d try that someday, but monogamy was working for us. We’ve known loving couples who are completely committed but have fun with a friend sometimes, but that wasn’t where we were when Joel got… interesting.

So why did I mention it? Because things took a turn with Joel after that, and it was kind of fun, even if we weren’t taking him to bed. It seemed that Joel thought that talking blowjobs with the gays was all it would take to get him sucked off by the guys down the hall. To support that interest–and it seemed that he was very interested in experiencing blowjobs from gay guys–Joel started doing things like inviting us in to hang out… when he was wearing nothing but tighty-whities. That became a frequent look for him when he saw us. Granted, he was a pretty hot guy, but he wasn’t exactly subtle. Poor boy didn’t get just how head-over-heels we were for each other, so he really was fighting a losing battle.

These were interesting times. But actually, there was something different that happened around the same time. John and I kept making love to each other. Outside of days when one of us didn’t feel great or was so buried in work that we really needed to focus only on that alone, which didn’t happen too often, we made love all the time. And if you want to know about creative positions, like the guys in porn sometimes do, well, we did try some, but honestly we found the conventional stuff was what we liked. Missionary, face-down, doggy style, and the bottom on his side with the top kneeling over his lower leg (whatever that position would be called–I just know we can get really deep!) made up about 95% of our lovemaking. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast and hard, often both in the same session, but always wonderful. I’ve heard people talk about bad sex, but, so help me, I’ve never experienced it.

Around April of junior year, we were lying in bed one night, just chatting about the day and cuddling, when John says, “Do you trust me?”

“After three years together, what kind of dumb question is that?” He laughed. “I mean, can I do something without asking you first?”

I looked at him for a second. “I trust you with my life, hon. You can do whatever you want.” I smiled. “Now, what are you up to?”

“Well, what would be the point of my question, if I wanted you to know in advance?”

Interesting. “Okay, hon. Do what you want. You’re not going to do a ritual sacrifice and throw me into a volcano, are you?”

He put on his best evil smile. “Probably not. We’ll see.”

I tickled him and kissed him. “I don’t know what you’re up to, but have at it.”

We weren’t even naked yet–we usually slept naked–just in our underwear, cuddled up close. After my last comment, John picked up some stuff from the nightstand and started reading. Not bahis siteleri that that was unusual. We couldn’t have sex every minute, and we did just spend time reading together some nights, but… “Well?” I asked.

“Well what?”

“Well, what was all that about? What are you planning to do. Go for it!”

“Oh, I never said I’d do it right now. You’ll have to wait and see.”

I sighed. “You are a trial, mister man. Fine, whatever you want.”

He rolled up so he was above me and gave me an amazing, deep kiss. “I think you’ll like it, but it’s something new. And you’ll just have to wait for it.”

I smiled at him. “Okay. You have me intrigued, but I’ll wait, my love. Good thing you’re so cute, so you can get away with so much!”

He then gave me a sweet kiss and went back to lying next to me.

What was he up to? This was new. But okay, I guess I’d find out eventually.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. Later that evening, I scooted down the bed a bit, dragging my pillow with me. I said, “Hey, you big stud, can you guess what I’m thinking?”

He immediately sat on my belly, pulled his dick out of his underwear and started slapping it on my chest. “Hmm, might it involve my shoving this big dick in your mouth?”

“Ha! That’s my sweet, romantic man.”

“I don’t remember you complaining before.”

“Okay, I suppose you’re right. Give it to me, stud!”

He got a look of pure lust on his face and reached forward to bunch up the pillow behind my head, angling my head, so my mouth was in a better position for both of us to enjoy the pushups he was about to do over my face. If I’m making that sound routine, believe me, it never was. Every time was a fevered sex dream come to life! And while the pillow maneuver actually helped me be in a better position to enjoy this, I liked to imagine he was a domineering stud, making it easier for him to ravage my mouth and throat.

He hopped off in a flash–his athleticism was so sexy–and pulled his underwear all the way off. Then, just as fast, he was sitting on me again, his balls on my chest, and he was slapping the head of his dick on my chin. “Yeah, you want this dick?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Beg me for it!”

“Please, give me that dick!”

“It’s big. How do I know you can handle it?”

“Do you want to check my references?”

“You have dick-sucking references?”

“Well, very few, but very high quality. I can tell you this: the school made me room with a straight guy freshman year, and my blowjobs are so good, he’s gay now.”

John smiled the smile he used when he was tolerating his smartass boyfriend. “That sounds like something out of porn. Straight guys don’t suddenly go gay!”

“That’s how good I am!”

He pulled back and swooped down, his lips stopping maybe an inch from mine. “I think that guy probably was gay already, but it took the right guy for him to realize what he really wanted. And yeah, you are that good, but that’s not why.” He smiled again. “I love you, my stud!”

He moved back up to straddle me and present that beautiful dick to me. I licked the head, and he moved it forward, slowly sliding into my mouth as I started sucking him. One of the best views ever is looking up along John’s body at a time like this. Being between his big thighs, looking up at those abs to his pecs to that handsome face to see the pleasure he’s feeling as I do my best to make him feel it!

He groaned as he thrust forward, and I worked to overcome an urge to gag. I usually got there–love and lust can help a lot!–but it always took a little effort to get all of him in. I grabbed his ass, and I was even more turned on, feeling those magnificent glutes in my hands. So hot, round and muscular, just feeling them in my hands had my dick throbbing (not that the big dick in my mouth hurt!). I moaned around his dick, and he started stroking over my tongue, leaking so I could taste it each time he pulled back far enough for the head to run over my tongue.

We got into our rhythm, and now he really was getting every inch in without a problem. The confirmation, of course, being his full balls pressed to my chin with every stroke in. This was so hot, I can’t even explain, but he was getting nice, long strokes, so I could get him down my throat but also back enough to taste that sweet precum of his. And as I kept a hold on that magnificent ass, I felt one of my favorite things, his cheeks clenching each time he bottomed out, burying every inch in me! This man was sex incarnate, and I was here to receive his physical love. Oh, John, yes, give it to me!

He kept a nice, steady pace, the effort coloring his skin slightly, giving this sexy man an even sexier look, and he got into the mode where he was intermittently closing his eyes as the pleasure washed over him. Eventually, my jaw was getting a bit sore, but one great thing about a dick that big and thick was I didn’t really have to worry about a loss of pleasure for him if I wasn’t clamped as tightly on him as before. He still was thoroughly filling my mouth and my canlı bahis siteleri tongue, lips and cheeks were giving him plenty of stimulation!

I loved him so much, and being there to just let him pleasure himself in me was the greatest pleasure I could imagine. So we both were very happy! John kept a steady pace, and I kept thinking, “How is this not a dream?” Really, a few years in, we clearly were a committed couple, but there were times like this, with this stunning specimen of manhood having sex with me, that I still had trouble believing he was mine.

After 15 minutes or so, he started to pick up his pace a little. It was enough that I knew he was getting closer. I slipped one hand down to my dick to start stroking myself as his balls were getting tighter. As he stroked even faster, I heard him groan out, “Fuck, Jess, I love you so much!” and he pushed as deep as he could. His dick swelled that little bit more and started pulsing. At first, he was shooting deep, so I just swallowed all I could. But then, he suddenly pulled out and held his dick, a firehose spurting rope after rope of hot semen all over my face. It was kinkier than we usually were, but I loved it. And I answered the drenching of cum he was giving me by going off myself. It didn’t take many strokes, and his back, legs and ass were getting spattered with my seed.

As our orgasms subsided, he quickly moved down and again was face-to-face with me. He tilted his head a little to one side and kissed me long and hard. Breaking it, he said, “I never knew I could love anyone this much!” I kissed him again, and he said, “You’re a mess!” and smiled. Then he started licking his cum off my face and kissing me with it on his tongue.

I said, “You’re a bit of a mess, too!” and ran a hand on the back of his thigh to pick up some of my own load, then stuck my fingers in his mouth. He sucked on my fingers, which brought an involuntary moan from me as I felt the strength of his mouth suctioning every drop from my fingers. Then our mouths were together again, as I tasted myself mixed with his flavor. I never was very into the taste of semen, but this being his and his sharing mine, it was very hot. We held each other and kept kissing. Then we just lay there, his weight on me as we reveled in the heat of each other.

Finally, we decided to go shower off. When we were clean, we toweled off and headed back to bed. Ignoring some of John’s load that overshot, landing on pillows, sheets and the wall, we just cuddled up and relaxed as we got ready to sleep.

As he kissed me gently, he said, “Thank you for yet another wonderful evening.”

“Thank you, my love.”

(Yes, we sounded like this. What can I say?)

“And thank you for trusting me. I’m sure you’ll like the surprise I have in mind.”

“Oh, right, the surprise. No hints?”

He shook his head. “Nope. Not going to ruin it.”

“Okay, hon. I love you. Let’s sleep!”

“I love you, too.”

And then it was time to rest. Curled up together, we fell asleep. I slept very well, only getting up after sunrise to hit the bathroom. Then, coming back to bed, I cuddled up with him, our naked bodies pressed together. I fell back asleep, in no rush to leave this warm bed and hot man.

I woke slowly a while later. Something seemed odd. I was comfortable. This was our comfy bed, but… no John, and… what the fuck? Why weren’t my arms working? Wait, no, they worked, but they were held in place. My legs, too. What was going on?

There were bindings holding my arms and legs to the headboard and footboard. I felt confusion, and then I looked over and saw John sitting in a chair next to the bed. “Welcome to your surprise.”

I did trust him, but I also wasn’t sure how to feel about this. Still, no need to panic just then. “Umm, am I your prisoner?”

“This is a voluntary imprisonment.”

“Hmm. Voluntary? I never would have asked for this, but I suppose I’m a little intrigued. Maybe a little startled, too.”

“Sorry for startling you, but that’s why I stayed right here, so there’d be no panic. As for intrigue… here’s how I see this working. If you agree, you stay tied up, and I get to use you however I want. You have no freedom, other than what you need to feel safe… and maybe beg for. If you beg really well, I might listen.”

This was sounding pretty hot. That was strange for me to begin with, because I never thought I’d be okay being under anyone else’s control. But with John, it sounded hot.

He continued, “But otherwise, you’re at my mercy.”

“Mmm, I think I might like this.”


“But what if I get uncomfortable. Is there a ‘safe word’?”

“Oh, you know about these things?”

“I hear things.”

He smiled a devilish smile. “I’ll bet you do!”

I wanted to give him a playful smack, but that was hard to do with my hands bound.

He said, “No safe word. If you just tell me you need me to stop, I will. You’re still my man. Besides, you’re only pretend-bound.”

“What does that mean? I feel pretty bound.”

“No. canlı bahis If you sorta spin your hand a few times clockw… no counter-… Okay, I’m not sure what to call it, but look…” and he took one of my hands and showed me how I actually could undo my binds at any time, the way he’d attached them. “So you can free yourself. I didn’t really like the idea of you not having your freedom if you felt the need. What if something went wrong? Maybe I passed out or something. No telling. But I couldn’t really take your freedom. We’re just playing!”

“You’re not going to get your BDSM merit badge this way.”

He laughed. “I’m good.”

“Then I guess I’m your prisoner. Have your way with me!”

He smiled. I loved that lascivious smile. This was fun already… but what could he need to tie me up for? I’d never told him no to any sexual desire.

“Stay right there.”

“Very funny.”

“I’ll be right back!”

And he disappeared into the living room. Seconds later, he popped his head around the doorframe. “I found something!”

“What did you find, big guy? Am I going to… Oh, what the fuck?”

“Hey, you’re my prisoner. You can’t move.”

“Fuuuuck. I may regret this.”

He laughed and walked to the bed, holding what he’d “found.” It was a gigantic feather.

“Now, John, wait a second…”

“Silence, prisoner!”

“Is this how the Army does it? Feather tickles?”

“I haven’t even tickled you yet! And I should have known I couldn’t command you to be silent. You never stop talking!”

With that, he came over and kissed me. I lifted my head off the pillow a little as I kissed him back. He wasn’t exactly a brutal warden with his prisoner.

He broke our kiss. “That’s enough of that!”

And then he ran the feather up the side of my ribs. I laughed and strained at my bindings. “Mmm,” he said, “that’s a sexy armpit” and he ran the feather up there.

I laughed, “Since when are you into pits?”

“I just hadn’t noticed before!”

“Oh, jeez!”

“I need to see where else I can use this feather!” and he swooped in, gave me a quick but passionate kiss, and then he backed away, acting like he was examining my body for the first time.

He was standing next to the bed as he moved lower, and then the big feather was tickling my balls. He said, “It doesn’t look like you mind that too much,” as my dick started to stand up in response. “Hmm, if that keeps up, we may have to do something about it.”

Then he put the feather aside and pulled over a chair. “I think I need to see if I’ve given this body a thorough enough examination.”

“After all this time, I think…”

“Silence, prisoner!”

I stifled a giggle.

And from the look on his face… Then he said, “Please?”

With that, I burst out laughing. “You’re so brutal!”

Then he looked serious. “I should get the other things.”

“Like what?”

“I definitely need to get the ball gag, to start!”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

And he just nodded. Then he said, “And I bought this thing that goes on your dick and balls. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but they said it’s a pleasure-and-pain kind of thing. Supposedly, you’ll hurt but you’ll love it.”

He was looking right at me, all serious, and then… he burst out laughing. “Oh, the look on your face is priceless! There are no more toys. I only had the feather!”

“Oh, fuck, you had me going!”

“Have I ever hurt you? Could I? I’d kick the ass of anyone who tried!”

“Well, there is the other day when I walked into that drawer you left hanging open.”

He sighed. “You know, a ball gag might be an excellent idea!”

“Shut it, big guy. And come here.” He leaned in, so I could kiss him.

This whole thing was silly but fun. “So now what?” I started to undo a hand.

“No, no, no. You’re not free. We had a deal!”

“I don’t think we made a deal, really. You ambushed me!”

“You’re not free!”

“Okay, okay. So now what, my studly dominatrix?”

“Isn’t dominatrix female?”

“Yeah, but somehow it works. Mistress John!”

“Uh, no.”

“I wonder how your ROTC buddies would like that one!”

“Okay, that’s it. I may not have a ball gag, but…” and he went to a dresser drawer, came out with a tube sock, and tied it around my head, gagging me!

“Hey!” I got out as best I could through the gag.

He sighed. “Fine!” and took it off. “But you respect your master!”

“Not a chance! So what’s next, master?”

He sat down on the chair again and seemed to be studying me head to toe. “You know, I love these hairy calves,” and he licked my right calf while kneading the muscles. I groaned. “That actually feels really good.”

“And don’t get me started on these thighs!” as he licked higher.

“My thighs? They’re nothing compared to yours!”

“They’re fucking perfect!”

He kept heading up, and there was something about having no choice in what he did next. Even if I wasn’t really, truly restrained, I was going with it, and there was something sexy about it.

He kissed his way up my torso, mumbling, “so sexy” as he went. Then he stopped for several minutes, licking, sucking and biting my nipples, working on one and then the other, then back again. My dick was throbbing from the nipple work.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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