A Family Surprise Pt. 02

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Big Tits

This is the second part of the original story. You should read Part 1 to get a better picture of this story.

This story may contain: incest, Group, FF, watersports.

It is not, by my standards, a cuckold story but you may perceive it that way. If you do not like cuckold stories, then you might want to pass this story up.

To those readers who enjoyed Part 1, I hope you enjoy this one as well.

All characters are over 18 and clean.


…..The noises were clearly moans and got louder as I neared the bedroom.

I peeked in carefully so that nobody saw me…I was shocked at what I saw…

There was my wife on her back with my son’s cock in her mouth and my daughter rubbing my wife’s pussy as Sandy was squirting like a fountain. Then Gwen laid down besides her and her mother started rubbing Gwen’s pussy and now they were both squirting like hoses. Billy leaned over and filled his mouth with their juices and then kissed his mom and Gwen, sharing their juices with them.

I opened the door and screamed out, “What the hell is going on here? Is this what goes on when I’m not home? Billy, Gwen, get out now. I’ll deal with you two later.”

I continued ranting, “Sandy, what are you doing? I don’t believe what I’m seeing…how could you?”

Sandy covered herself and started crying…”Oh God Dan, I’m so sorry. I’m ashamed of myself. I don’t know what’s come over me and the kids.”

Even though I was furious with her, I held her and tried to console her. After a few minutes things quieted down enough for us to talk about what was going on.

“How come you didn’t tell me you were coming home early?”

“I have a confession…I thought something was going on here but I wasn’t sure and I wanted to see first hand.”

“How did you know?”

“I didn’t. I just had a feeling and I thought you were cheating. You and the kids were acting odd, but mostly you and I wanted to find out so I decided to come home early.

“I’m so ashamed. Me, having sex with the kids…incest…We couldn’t help it though. It was like something came over us and we couldn’t help ourselves.”

“It’s okay…we’ll figure this out. You rest while I go speak to the kids.”

As I left the bedroom, I wondered about what she said… ‘something came over us’… Anyway, I headed to Billy’s room.

“Billy, what in God’s name were you doing?”

“Honestly dad, for the last week or so, I couldn’t help myself or stop. It was like something came over me. I needed to fuck mom and she wanted me to fuck her. Even sis wanted me to fuck her. We couldn’t stop. I’m so sorry dad.”

“It’s okay Billy. I’ll figure it out. It just doesn’t make sense.”

After Billy & I had our talk, I went to see Gwen. I knocked on her bedroom door bahis şirketleri and she told me to go in.

“Gwen, what the hell do you think you were doing?”

“Dad, I’m so embarrassed. I don’t know what to say. It was like I was having an out of body experience. I was having sex with mom & Billy but I wasn’t there. Does that make sense?”

“It’s okay baby. All three of you have said the same thing. I’ll figure it out. You rest and we’ll all talk about it in the morning.

The next morning at breakfast I started asking questions…

“Ok, let’s discuss what you three have been up to, especially this past week….Sandy?”

“Like I said last night, it was like something took over my mind and body. I don’t even remember how or who started it. All I knew was that I craved sex and Billy & Gwen were here and it seemed they felt the same…they wanted sex.”

“Billy, what’s your story?”

“Dad, like mom said, I felt the same. I just needed sex and mom was all for it. I was there, doing it, but like I was on the outside looking in.”

“Gwen, let me hear your explanation again.”

“It’s like I said last night, I was doing it but like I was in an out of body experience. I couldn’t stop and I wanted mom & Billy.”

“When did this all start? Sandy, do you remember?”

“I am guessing a week before you went away. Right kids?”

Both Gwen & Billy said that was about right.

“At that time did anything change? You guys drink anything together? Try a drug? Smoked anything? Watched anything special? Or do anything different?”

They all said that they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. It was now a mystery to me but I was determined to get the answer.

Monday came and I went off to work. Since I didn’t tell them about the video equipment, I was able to watch what was going on. The kids were still home until Wednesday so I had an opportunity to check on on all three of them.

After one of my meetings, I had a break and opened up my phone to see what was going on, if anything.

Sure enough, the three of them were in bed again…Billy was on his back as Sandy was riding his cock. Her tits bouncing up and down. Gwen had her pussy straddling Billy’s face and I could see her peeing into her brother’s mouth. After awhile I could see Billy’s balls ready to fill his mother’s cunt with his cum…sure enough he came in her. As soon as she dismounted, his cum oozed out onto his cock & balls. Gwen bent over and lapped up his cum.

I could not believe they were doing this again…there had to be an explanation, but what? Were they lying to me? Was I set up or did they not really know?

That night I didn’t say anything.

The next day I went to work, as usual. I was determined to get an answer…no matter bahis firmaları what.

That day I told my manager that I had to take care of a personal matter and had to leave early. I left work and headed to the park not too far from my house so I could watch what was going on.

Sure enough, there they were, the three of them, all naked and playing with each other.

Sandy and Gwen were on their backs, legs spread…Billy kneeling behind them. With his big cock in his hand, he eased it into his mother’s mouth…then pulled it out and as Sandy had her mouth open wide, he streamed his pee into her mouth…then he stopped and found his sister’s mouth and finished his pee in her mouth…then the two women kissed…

As they kissed, Billy’s cock got nice and hard and erect. Gwen started sucking it and Sandy started sucking his balls. Billy was playing with each of their tits as well.

I heard him say, “I’m going to cum. Where do you ladies want it?”

They both said, “On my tits.”

Then Billy gave his cock a few jerks and sprayed their tits with his cum.

Just then by cell phone battery died. I waited awhile then went home when I figured it was safe.

When I got home, I showered and went outside to the patio. The family was already there relaxing. As we relaxed, the flowers gave off their beautiful fragrances which was very soothing as their aroma filled the patio.

After some time we all went inside. Then, I kind of felt strange like I was here but not here. I went upstairs and Sandy followed.

I heard her say, “You ok babe?”

“I think I took too much sun.”

I got undressed and before I knew it, Sandy and I were fucking. Then I heard Sandy yell out, “Kids, come in here. Your father is here too.”

The next thing I remember as I was fucking my wife, Gwen & Billy came in, both naked.

Gwen came over and replaced her mother. I was now making out with my daughter, kissing her and feeling her up. Before I knew it, my cock was in her cunt and I was fucking her. In minutes I yelled out that I was cumming and filled her cunt with my cum.

As I rested, I watched as Billy filled his mother’s cunt with his cock and shot his cum into her cunt.

By now, my cock was hard again and I moved my mouth to Sandy’s cunt and started eating my wife’s pussy, tasting my son’s cum from her cunt.

Eventually we all fell asleep in a naked pile. In the middle of the night the kids went to their bedroom and Sandy and I slept naked, hugging.

The next morning I didn’t remember much and knew something was amiss.

It was now Tuesday and the last day the kids would be here so I was pressed to come up with an answer for everyone’s behavior.

Right after lunch I went outside to the patio. Then for some kaçak bahis siteleri reason I looked at a corner of the patio and saw a new flowering plant.

“Sandy, can you come out her hon?”

“What is it Dan?”

“Where did that plant come from?”

“Mr. & Mrs. Jones gave it to me. They insisted I take it as a gift.”

“When did they give it to you?”

“About two weeks ago. Why?”

“Do you know it’s name or where it comes from”

“Not really. They only said that’s an exotic flowering plant and that we would love it’s fragrance.”

Then Sandy went inside…

I started putting things together…

Then I knew I had the answer…

I called everyone outside and asked each one to smell the new flower, which they did. I even took a deep whiff of the flower.

Then we went inside. Again, I went upstairs and everyone followed. Before we knew it, the four of us were on the bed naked and playing with each other.

I had the women get on all fours and Billy and I lined up behind them. I fucked Sandy from behind and Billy fucked Gwen from behind. After a few minutes we switched.

Then, with our cocks lubed with their juices, we slipped our cocks in their asses and fucked them. I was the first to say I was cumming and shot my cum into my daughter’s ass and Billy filled his mother’s ass with his cum.

That entire night we all fucked each other and all of us fell asleep in our bed.

In the morning, I woke up first…

One by one the others woke up. We showered and got dressed and went down for breakfast. As we were eating, I said, “Well, I figured out why you guys did what you did and why I joined you as well.

They all listened intently…

“It isn’t your fault…you know that exotic plant? Well that’s the answer.

You see, the flower must give off a fragrance that somehow triggers your sex drive.”

They looked at me like I was crazy…

I continued, “Your sex drive went crazy when you got the plant. The fragrance affected your olfactory nerves which triggered your sexual drive. When I smelled the flower, it happened to me as well.”

I went on, “The question now is what do we do? All those in favor of getting rid of the plant, raise your hand.” Nobody raised their hands. Then I said, “All those who want to keep the plant, raise your hands.”

All hands went up, including mine.

We all laughed, got up and went outside to smell the flower….


Almost nine months to the day, Sandy had a baby girl and Gwen had a baby boy.

The exotic flowering plant produced an abundance of seeds which we have generously given to our friends and neighbors.

As far as our family goes, every day each one of us makes sure we inhale the wonderful fragrance of the flower….

We could only imagine if our friends and neighbors are enjoying the plant as well..


If you liked the story, please let me know. There could be a Part 3

Thank you for reading my story.

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