Private Party

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“Hi James,” you say cheerily when you find me sitting alone on the middle landing of the stairs.

“Hi Megan,” I answer from where I sit leaning against the wall. “Get too noisy for you in there as well?”

“Yeah,” you reply, glancing back downstairs to where the noise of the party echoes from. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.”

I start to move aside, to make room for you to sit beside me, but you say “It’s okay, I’ll just sit in here,” and lower yourself to sit between my legs with your back leaning against my chest.

I put my arms around your shoulders and pull you into a close embrace. Immediately I worry that I have pushed the bounds of acceptable behaviour, but you seem to snuggle in closer, so I hold onto you as I breathe in the fragrance of your subtle perfume.

We sit there for many long moments, none of us saying a word, both of us comfortably enjoying the peace and mutual trust of the moment.

You close your eyes and allow your full weight to relax back against me, your head resting on my shoulder, you face slightly turned in towards mine. Your hands reach up and find mine, our fingers interlock, and you guide one of my hands away from your shoulder, wrapping my arm around your waist. This allows me to hold you even tighter and closer, and also makes me more conscious of the soft swell of your breasts, the gentle shape of your abdomen and the inviting curve of your hips. For some reason, this heightened physical awareness also enhances your fragrance, and the desire I have been feeling for you grows stronger and more urgent.

I sit there holding you, with my pulse quickening and my breath becoming short and rapid. The noise of the party downstairs fades away into the background as all of my senses become keyed on you, and you alone.

As I feel desire overwhelm me, I hope that you are feeling the same.

And you are.

You lie there between my legs, feeling comfortable and safe in my arms, the soft heat of desire building in your core and rising slowly to the surface to warm your body in its glow.

You can feel my breath on your cheek, our faces are so close, and your own breathing is now matching mine in its raggedness and urgency.

Without any of us seeming to move, without anyone seeming to be the güvenilir bahis instigator, our lips touch. My head is leaning forward and yours backward, and our mouths are opening to meet each other, tongues stretching out to intertwine, breath and wetness to mix as one, and lips to bond like perfect partners. Long, hard and passionate we kiss, each lost in the pleasure of acceptance and opening by the other.

Our hands start to drift, to run over each other; me massaging your soft flesh, cupping the bulge of your breasts and tweaking the increasing hardness of you nipples, feeling the length of you legs and tickling the inside of your thighs, working up the courage to touch the very centre of your warmth and desire; you rubbing the strength of my legs, feeling the security of my solid body, tracing your fingertips round the slight roughness of my stubbled cheeks and shaved head. You become aware of the growing hardness beneath you, pressing into your back, as the arousal of your closeness pushes blood into my cock.

We kiss and touch, share the trust and willingness we have for each other for as long as we can both bare it, then we brake apart. Our faces come away from each other, but our limbs stay interlocked. We stop because we both know that we want to go so much farther than we can sitting here.

But my willpower fails, and I can resist no longer.

My hand traces its way up the inside of your thigh, runs right onto the bulge of your pussy. My fingertips grip the zipper of your trousers and pull it down slowly. My other arm wraps around you to hold you close. My finger slides inside your open zipper, runs down the length of your pussy, tracing the shape of your lips under your panties, then slowly back up again to that tender stop at the top, where my fingertip presses harder. I skillfully open the button above your open zipper, and push my hand under the elastic of your panties. My middle finger slides between your lips as your juices lubricate the way, and I slowly stroke you down and up, pushing further into the depth of your softness every time my hand descends, and pressing harder against your clit every time my hand rises. I add a circular motion to the down-and-up action, sending the pleasure wider into you, drawing out more wetness and warmth.

My güvenilir bahis siteleri dick is aching in my pants, swollen to its full size but pressed flat under your weight. Just the motion of your body as you writhe under the pleasure of my finger is going to make me cum soon. So I stop.

“Ohhhh….don’t stop!” you whisper urgently, “I’m so close!”

“Let’s go somewhere more private,” I suggest as I pull my hand out of your panties

“Okay,” you agree, pushing yourself up to your feet, pulling me up behind you.

We walk quickly up the stairs, holding hands, dragging each other in our haste to continue, to reach the end of what we have started.

We open three doors before we find a bedroom, enter and close the door. In the gloom of the room, illuminated only by the soft moonlight through the window, you look even more beautiful than ever. I reach out for you as you stretch your arms up round my neck, and we pull together in another passionate kiss. Before long though, we brake apart again, and move towards the bed, knowing that we don’t have much time, that we must hurry, get rid of the burning passion and leave the future to take care of the more tender moments.

We pull at each others’ clothing, and before we reach the bed we are both topless. The back of your knees hit the edge of the bed and you fall into a sitting position. You open your legs to allow me some room to come closer.

Reaching up, you unzip my manhood, and allow my full length to spring out, pointing straight at your face. Without any hesitation you wrap your hand around my shaft and take my head in your mouth. You quickly work me up to full hardness, then release me to lie back flat on the bed.

I grab your ankles to raise your legs, then pull your trousers off, just sliding them right over the top of your shoes. I then lean forward and remove your moist panties. I drop to my knees, put your legs over my shoulders and lower my tongue to your pussy. I drive my mouth in as hard and far as it will go, pushing the tip of my tongue deep into your wetness, licking at your softness and slurping up your juices as they flow out. Once I am sure you are as soft and wet as I am hard and erect, I rise. You keep your legs raised, knees bent and spread wide in invitation.

I iddaa siteleri stay on my knees, edge forward, pull you down the bed until your dripping pussy hangs over the edge. Without wasting any more time, I plunge into where we both need to go to get rid of the desire that is consuming us.

With a single thrust I push my entire length into your waiting hole, driving my shaft the full length of its pleasure, giving both of us the initial rush that we so badly need. You gasp once, and I moan softly. Then we both remember we are in a non-private place, in someone elses house, hidden in a bedroom upstairs from a party full of people.

Slowly I pull out, almost all of the way, then thrust strongly back in again. A few times I repeat the motion, slowly out, almost all of the way, them a powerful thrust back in. We both fight to control our moans and gasps, the need for silence adding to the excitement and urgency. Gradually I increase my pace as you start to lift and swing your hips in time with me. I put my arms under your legs to help support their weight, and we sway together in perfect harmony, lost in the pleasure of each other, enjoying at last what we have both wanted for so long. As I feel my climax approaching I see your body tense as yours does as well. Sweat shines in the moonlight on both of our bodies, every muscle in both of our bodies is tense and shaking, from the core to the surface of both of our bodies a shudder of ultimate pleasure shakes us as one, and my cum flows forth to mix with the juices of your own ecstasy. Our fluids flow together to mix as a single entity, just as our lives have now flooded together in a shared moment of decisive satisfaction.

As the strength fades from my body I fall forward, to lie with your limbs wrapped around me. We kiss and stroke each other as our sweat runs onto the bed below our bodies. Eventually the chill of the night starts to penetrate the glow of our passion, and we have to move.

I draw my now receding cock from you, and we rise to our feet. We help each other dress, pausing frequently to touch, stroke, kiss, hold or simply to look at each other.

Once we are dressed, we sneak from the room, and return to the party downstairs.

We both know where we will be going that night once the party ends. Now that the barrier has been breached, and the initial burning desire has had the chance to burn out, we can enjoy each other more fully, slowly, lovingly and tenderly. We both know that neither of us will get much sleep this night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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