Last Evening at the Gym

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It was another Wednesday night at the gym. He was, as always, working out late, clawing his way back to fitness after years of questionable lifestyle choices and debauchery. The drinks, the feasts, the smoke, the late night and the passionate encounters had left him weak and exhausted, far from his prime physical shape, far from the man he once was, a tireless athlete in the gym room, on the dance floor and in bed.

The warning lights had been showing, slow and steady, for a few years now, and he had kept on ignoring them, until he realised he had just turned himself into an energyless, irritable, totally unattractive human being. Lonely, grumpy, heavy, hardly able to give satisfaction to the rare partners still willing to give him the time of their love.

He was working out late, as always, as he liked the quietness of a gym when mostly everyone had left, that 9:30 to 10:30 hour before the rooms closed and the world shut down for the night. She had watched his progress carefully. She was a personal trainer by trade, and although he had never requested or paid for her services, she had enjoyed watching him rebuild his body and confidence from zero to well, wherever he was now… Still far from his potential, she thought to herself, but he is starting to look the part.

Every week, she would drop him a world of advice, a new exercise to strengthen the glutes or a tip to avoid pulling his neck muscle doing a squat lift… Little free nuggets of information that cost her nothing but allowed her near him. A smile, a quick glance, occasionally a hand placed in an innocent and professional way to support her advice, and always a little tingle inside. To no avail, she had a relationship that sort of worked, and she would never consider flirting with a customer regardless. She was a pro

She had noticed his glances though, those brown big chestnut eyes wandering with envy, betraying a subtle hint of desire at the heart of an otherwise perfectly placid face. He was here to work out, and he welcomed her advice, but nothing could distract him from his reps. Lift, hold, drop, lift, hold, drop, lift, hold, drop, as she walked past him, tidying the weights rooms after a long day, he couldn’t help noticing, again and again, her wonderful figure, her muscular legs ending in a perfectly shaped round butt. Her flat tummy, primed by the shape of two beautifully shaped boobs and that sweet, beautiful face, always adorned with a gorgeous smile.

She wasn’t particularly thin or particularly big, she was beautifully normal with the 1xbet yeni giriş kind of eyes and delicious smile that make a woman so instantly loveable. He composed himself up as naughty thoughts, as it seemed to happen more and more often, were on the verge of taking over his brain in the last minute of his workout. She had finished her tidying job and headed for the exit, giving her a warm and polite “Good Bye”. He’d see her again on Friday, as always, and the secret dance would happen once again, like it did three times a week. It had been the same vibe for a good 6 months now, and he couldn’t truly say if what he felt was comfort, pleasure or true sexual tension. Well, he sort of had an idea about it all…

A quick shower, he would let his fantasies rip later, once in the comfort of his home, and he was out on his way. As always, she was waiting for her bus a couple of meters down the road, but this time she seems agitated. Above her, the electronic schedule board displayed a big resounding “Cancelled”, and a next bus at 11:49 pm, more than an hour away. She was pleading with someone on the phone to come and pick her up, afraid of the 45 minutes’ walk and the cost of a taxi fare… “Oh Fuck off!” she finally shouted angrily, hanging up on her interlocutor. Across the road, as he was about to step into his car, he stopped and decided to check on her. Was she ok?

– I’m fine, she replied softly. There is no bus for another hour and my boyfriend won’t pick me up, he said he had a few beers… I guess I’ll walk.

– Where are you heading? – he replied all naturally, without any thoughts in his head, other than driving her to a safe place

– Westfield, she replied, near the Park.

Westfield was only a short detour on his way home, so she promptly agreed to be driven home. She knew him well enough after all, even though they never had had a real conversation. He was a bit shy and a bit hot, he was a pleasant and polite person with all staff at the gym, and mostly he had rescued her from a 45 minute walk in the dark winter night… As they chatted on the way, mostly small talk about training, power lifting and the struggles of leg day, she surprised herself with her hand on his thigh once again… She shuddered, blushing slightly as she felt her body warming inside. She wanted to take her hand away, but she didn’t, she couldn’t… she started caressing his leg instead. He had stopped speaking now, keeping his eyes firmly on the road and gripping the steering wheel as if to pretend he didn’t pay attention. 1xbet giriş His tracksuit bottoms, however, did very little to hide the excitement growing in him. He could feel it raising, without a doubt, while trying to keep a steady face. She could see it too, and when she looked at him, removing her hand slowly with a final stroke, she realised that she wanted him now, but that she would have to be the one getting things moving.

They were soon driving along the park, down Westfield Avenue, when she signalled him to park the car on the side of the road, a distance away from the closest streetlights. “This is my flat over there”, she said, pointing at a lit window a couple of hundred yards ahead of them. As he looked up, cursing himself for being unable to move on a woman while in a sober state anymore, she reached across his lap to turn off the key in the ignition, sliding over him on her way back, her breast touching his chest, her hand trailing behind and gauging the size of his erection as she returned to her seat.


A loud message notification erupted from her phone, putting an end to the moment, and he knew this was it for tonight. He was going to go drive home alone now, probably for the best, but the signal was there, the attraction mutual, and he would have to act on it rather than later. She smiled : “Going over to Jamie’s” the message said. She looked up at her flat, as the light went off, and she knew he would only return in the little hours of the morning, probably drunk and stoned, before waking around 11am, just in time for his first shift at the restaurant. “Fancy a glass of wine?” she whispered, watching her boyfriend walk the pavement across the road, totally oblivious to her presence in a stranger’s car only a few feet away from him.

Fifty metres to the right, under the window that had now gone dark, he could see that a pub was still open and he gladly accepted the invitation, the opportunity to chat and maybe lay the ground for that future encounter. To his surprise, however, she didn’t take a single glance at the pub and guided him towards a red wooden door. “Shhh”, she signalled with a finger on her mouth as she let him, in and he followed her towards a flight of stairs. Worried, excited, aroused, he walked in her trail in silence, and into her shabby little second floor apartment. Locking the door behind them, she stood in her living room and immediately started to fully undress:

“I need a shower, I have been up and working all day” she announced, casually, while revealing every 1xbet güvenilirmi inch of her skin. Two little feet tired by a day in trainers, her curvy muscular legs, her deliciously toned tummy and big-black sports underwear that failed to thwart the sexiness of the moment in his eyes. She removed the bra, letting out a magnificently firm pair of boobs with the tiniest areolas circling cute little red nipples. She then, swiftly, removed her knickers, revealing a nicely trimmed tuft of pubic hair, and turned around to make her way to the bathroom.

She made sure he noticed that the door wasn’t locked, and started running a shower, feeling the warm water drip over her body and wash away the worries of a full day at the office : the muscular bodies, the testosterone, the difficult customers, the newbies, the colleagues…and Him, she didn’t even know his name… She closed her eyes, enjoying the water dripping over her head, when she finally felt him, his hand was delicately gripping her hip as he made his way in the shower, naked.

“It took him some time”, she thought to herself, voicing her satisfaction with a delicate “hmmmm”. His hand climbed along his sides and under his arms, his fingers expertly caressing her shoulders, traveling up and down her arms and back up, her necks. He was standing behind her, she could now feel his erect penis shuffling against her back but it wasn’t time yet, his hands were holding her chin and caressing her neck, travelling down towards her breast and, as he started caressing her boobs, going round from top to bottom and circling around, massaging them gently and teasing her nipples, he turned her head and put his lips on her, kissing her gently at first and then with all his passion.

As his left arm supported her and his left hand continued to caress the side of her boob, he kept his mouth on hers, tongues meeting and mixing amid gasps of shortened breathing in between, his right hand had made its way down on her tummy, to the top of her right thigh, down, and sliding up the inside of her leg. His fingers were ready, and exploring his vulva from the back to the front, inserting his index fingers half an inch in, maybe more, before heading north to find her clitoris. He had the touch, and she could feel her body filling dangerously with pleasure. She had been building up for that moment since the minute she stepped in his car, she had been building up that moment for months in fact, refusing to admit it to herself… and when his magic fingers started their wizardry work, Sophie felt the orgasm quickly and swiftly take over her whole body.

It was to be the first of many tonight, she decided, smiling inside and out. She was going to make him work out hard in order to gain his reward, as a good Personal Trainer should do.

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