For Years to Come

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He lied alone, beside the pale light of his phone in an otherwise pitch-black room. It had been an exhausting, stimulating day. New Year’s Eve — he’d gone out to the club for a couple hours to drink and fraternize, and what a ball it was! All the dancing and grinding… Such cute people in the city, girls’ tits practically busting out of their tops, boys’ bulges rubbing up against every passer-by. It was really too much to bear, so he turned in before the apple fell.

Despite the fun, daring time he had as a bachelor, he couldn’t help but feel lonely now. He couldn’t help but think of all the gorgeous couples stumbling home to fuck the rest of the year away, groping each other and making passionate love. His cock pressed against his pants at the thought.

“Well,” he supposed to himself, “I might as well end the year off with a ‘bang’, too…” He unzipped his crotch and let his modest prick spring to life. It stood tall, waiting expectantly on him. He caressed it gently with two fingers, and reimagined some of the more provocative scenes from the club; chicks grinding against their boyfriends, strung-out couples making out on the ground along the walls, a girl on her knees in the restroom… it all made him so excited. He started rubbing more vigorously. He tried to put himself in their shoes; a lover’s ass bouncing up and down against his crotch, a secluded space away where they can pet each other more heavily, a sneaky blowjob in the bathroom…

He was getting close. His cock twitched once, then again, and he was ready to release. Release all his pent-up energy from the whole day. He put a vice grip on his cock, covering the head, and jerked himself harder, quiet moans escaping his lips. “Oh… oh…” … He closed his eyes tight, and just like that, he was dribbling cum all over himself.

He lied a moment longer, gathering his breath, before reaching for something to wipe off with, and then for a light to see. The nearest thing was, naturally, his smartphone, whose dim light was just enough to see himself in. As he reached for it, he noticed the time — 11:52 PM, almost the new year. As he dried himself off, he decided on his New Year’s Resolution: To be more desirable, so that he might get the girl of his dreams. He vowed that on the next New Year’s Eve, he wouldn’t be lonely. And with that, he set his alarm for the next day, set his phone on the bedside table, and pulled the bahis siteleri covers over him.

His tired body was already fast asleep when the clock struck midnight, when the apple in New York City fell. But at that moment, as he slept, something else awakened. His cock stirred, and it roused, and it started rising again, out from between his legs. It made a decent tent in the sheets, but… it kept going.

Meanwhile the cock’s owner was having the dream of a lifetime; busty women encircled him, giving him lots of attention — full-body massages, titjobs, blowjobs, sweet nothings whispered into his ear. But most incredibly, in his dream, his penis felt absolutely rock-hard, and he had more stamina than ever. Though he wouldn’t like to admit it, he easily would have blown a load already by now, but his member stood tall. Tall…er?

He was oblivious to the real world, but his dick continued to match his dream. It stood harder than it ever has in his whole life. If he were awake, he wouldn’t believe the 7-inch tent in his sheets even if he measured it. And hidden underneath the blankets were his balls, which were starting to swell up with batter. He’d never experienced blue balls before, and yet he was about to, a mere hour or two after he’d just come.

The girls in his dream hastened, though they didn’t dare actually have sex with him. Not out of disgust, but out of a desire to tease. Several pairs of hands were all over him now, some of them focused on his member, some focused on his sack, some focused on holding his head back. A pair of breasts were thrust into his face, such that he couldn’t breathe. Not realizing this was a dream, he thought of panicking, but arousal weighed out. His lungs empty and his balls full, he expelled the most thunderous blast of semen ever in his life. It coated the girl’s chest, who positioned herself across from it. Another blast followed, and this time a different girl wrapped her mouth around the spigot, ready for a drink. He was so overwhelmed by someone else craving his cum that badly, that he acquiesced and shot again and again, this time in the back of her throat.

In reality, his cock was spurting with the same vigor, growing a damp, then wet, spot against his bedsheets. He involuntarily grunted out loud with each shot, though he was still fast asleep.

Things started to fade away soon after, the harem already a distant memory canlı bahis siteleri and the new year old news. But in his lonely, phone-lit bedroom, things were only starting to unfurl. Despite everything, his penis hadn’t let up at all. In fact, it was only getting longer and harder — and thicker, too. After all that imaginary action, it wouldn’t stop throbbing. Not even as an hour passed, then two. His body was working overtime to divert more blood and mass to his prick, which greedily accepted. After a certain point, it could hold up its own weight no longer and flopped forward on the bed, held up only by his now-baseball-sized balls, acting as a fulcrum. Their “host body” tried to roll over in his sleep once or twice, but soundly gave up.

First day to the new year, and he woke up feeling dizzy, if not strangely pleasant. He lied back in bed a moment, staring at the ceiling, trying to think back on the previous night: He went clubbing, and had some honestly freaky memories, but surely that was all a dream, right? But yes, maybe that was it.

As he sat up, ready to embrace the day, he felt a damp sensation throughout the covers. “Oh shit,” he thought — “wet dream.” He cursed the unwelcome mess and tried to hop out of bed to get the laundry going. Keyword “tried”. Instead he felt some inexplicable weight holding him down. Hesitantly, he lifted the blanket and looked between his legs.

There rested a great slab of meat, a foot-and-a-half long, almost half a foot *wide*, reined by two hard softball-sized balls pushing his thighs apart. He couldn’t believe it… this was his penis, and if he felt it right, still gently emitting precum out the end.

He wanted to scream, but the sight took his breath away. To merely get out of bed, he would need to heft this monster around with both hands, which he attempted to do right away. It could be done, but it was *heavy*. Heavy and warm and leaking everywhere. And his balls were hard at work, continuously churning cum.

His next inclination was to reach for his phone, and the moment he saw the date this amounted only to foreplay.

He got more and more excited, wondering how to tame this beast. In his senseless lust, he started mindlessly humping back and forth, before realizing how good that alone felt. Yes! He’ll use everything on his bed to his advantage — nay, the bed itself. He pushed down on the base of his cock, canlı bahis stabilizing himself over it, as he thrusted forward, then backward, then forward again, feeling his many scattered nerves along his penis as they grazed the bedspread below them, each one activating a pleasure response in his brain. A primal response in his brain. He sped up, shoving himself forward against the bed repeatedly, waves of precum sloshing out of the tip. When he wasn’t positioned just right, he crushed his balls with his knees, stirring up more fluid and driving him that much wilder. But soon enough it was too much, and he urgently looked for something else to jerk off with. Really there was just the pillow behind him. He grabbed it without hesitation and held it across his rod, making something of a pillow pussy. His cock grew still.

Yes. Yes! Yes!! … New Year’s fireworks went off in his head. The cock was preparing to shoot another load. It tingled and teased the boy throughout every inch of his body. His instinct told him that this was it, the big moment. But at the last second, he tried one last technique, on a whim. It was big enough now. He cast the pillow aside and embraced his cock in his arms, hugging it, pressing his flushed cheek against the fiery surface. Then he kept thrusting, clamping tightly on his dick.

He could feel it coming.

He could feel the cum. “Please, give me more semen,” he begged, exasperated. “You made so much, give it to me…”

Butterflies went off in his testicles. A force was charging deep inside him. Then, a rush of fluid, up from the base. He could feel it snake through his pipe at record speed. And then, all of a sudden — everything tensed up.

“HaaaaaaAAAAAAGH!!” Cum shot out of him like a cannon, making a hard impact against the wall. His cock pulsed like an energy beam. And suddenly came another, longer load — cum was spilling out of him like a dam had burst, forceful jets going wayward while more poured out below. Instinctively he started humping some more, giving his cock any extra stimulation to work with. Another blast fell out of his tip. His penis was throbbing vigorously, painfully. His balls were tensing repeatedly, shoving every last drop out. It eventually settled to a steady stream, which seemed destined never to die down, even several minutes later.

The force had utterly knocked him back to sleep, where more exciting cum dreams patiently awaited him. He could have sworn, right before he passed out, that he felt his cock growing, yet again. At this rate, his work would never be over; he would cum forever for all he cared.

For years to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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