Better Than Disney Land Pt. 04

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From my memoirs The Summer of 1986

Part IV of IV as our adventure into partner swapping comes to an end. Fantasies are revealed and fulfilled.


That night we all stayed at Matt’s apartment, it was really large and in a nice part of San Diego. It only had one bedroom but it had a huge living room and Matt had a huge sectional sofa in it. Matt was gracious to offer me and Maggi his bedroom with his king sized bed, he even changed the sheets. Maggi and I showered and went to bed in our underwear. Maggi just wore panties, she had small tits, A cups and never slept with a bra, in fact the only reason she wore one all the time was to keep her nipples from poking out. Her nipples were awesome and she loved it when I sucked and nibbled on them, this always made her wet.

Maggi and I were in bed and Kat came in and kissed us both good night.

She French kissed me and rubbed her hand over my cock and said, “I just want to feel it when it’s soft,”

Maggi smiled at her and pulled the front of my shorts down.

The lights were on and Kat said, “There’s my big boy.”

Maggi sent Kat to be with her boyfriend on the sofa.

The next morning I was the first to wake; I put on my swim shorts, went into the pool, it was about five o’clock so I was very quiet being this was Sunday morning. After an hour I went back upstairs to Matt’s; Maggi was awake just laying on the bed stretching. Kat and Matt were still sleeping holding each other.

Matt and Kat made a nice couple, Matt was twenty-one, same as me and five feet six inches tall, Kat was eighteen years old and was five feet tall. They looked great together both super fit, blond haired, they were like Ken & Barbie.

I went back to bed with Maggi and as she was stretching she started rubbing her pussy. I took off my towel and slipped under the covers with her and started stroking my cock. Maggi and I would mutually masturbate from time to time if we just wanted to come fast, this was not one of those times.

Maggi whispered to me, Pete, feel my pussy, it’s soaking wet and I’m horny, I think I had a wet dream, can you believe that?”

“Maggi we’ve been on a sex high for three weeks, I can believe anything.”

I pulled down her panties, Maggi spread her legs wide and was rubbing her clit deeply, being very precise, she pulled her hand to her mouth licking her first two fingers. I was rock hard and about to make a move when Maggi pushed my head down to her pussy. She pulled her lips apart with her finger tips exposing her hard clit, it seemed to throb.

I was licking away but before she came she stopped me, pulled me up and whispered, “Make love to me.”

She guided my cock with her hand as she was kissing my mouth still wet with her juices. (Maggi admitted to me some time ago she loved the taste of her pussy.)

She started whispering, “I’m in love with you Peter,” she kept saying this in between “Softly, fuck me softly, go slow, don’t come until I tell you.”

Maggi still had one finger on her clit slowly circling. She would stop intermittently then with her thumb and index finger she would feel my cock sliding in and out of her wet vagina.

She kept asking, “Are you ready to cum, let me know?”

Still thrusting and following her instructions, she said with a sense of urgency, “Ok, ok, come, let it go.”

I slowly pushed my cock as I ejaculated in her pussy, I could feel the semen surrounding my cock as it filled her. Maggi then pulled me onto her as if to make us merge into one person.

She told me over and over “I love you, I was born to be with you, I can’t love anyone else Pete.”

Maggi began to cry as she nearly squeezed the breath out of me. She just kept kissing me and we fell back to sleep in each other’s embrace.

A couple of hours later the sun was up, Matt and Kat were stirring. One by one we all got up and ready for the day. Matt drove us all down to Tijuana, we walked around, ate and brought back a couple bottles of Spanish wine and a bottle of tequila. On the way back we stopped and got some food and sodas for Matt’s place.

After a swim we took a nap and then headed into the shower. His shower was just large enough for all of us, there was a lot of body rubbing and I think our cocks rubbed against each other at least once but we pretended it didn’t happen. I was covered with soap suds when Maggie went behind me and Kat was in bahis siteleri front of me, I loved Kat’s tits, they were a C cup and perfect. I played with her tits as Maggi washed my back and I was hard yet again. I rinsed off then it was Matt’s turn, Matt was sandwiched between Maggi and Kat. Maggi reached around and soaped up Matt’s cock. Maggi loved his cock, it wasn’t the biggest but she liked his mushroom head. They played together for several minutes then we all came out to dry off. Maggi sat down and spread her legs and asked Matt to dry her. Maggi’s full bush was still soaking wet, Matt trimmed her the other day but it was still full, soft and jet black. Kat’s pussy was essentially bald with just a wisp of strawberry blond hair on her mound.

Matt sat very close to Maggi’s pussy and touched her inner lips, Maggi had such pretty pussy lips, like a butterfly, Kat’s were the same but with no fur. Matt patted her pussy dry as his cock started to get hard. Maggi parted her lips and spread her pussy for him, he loved looking at it. He stuck 2 fingers in and commented on wet and warm she was. He pulled out and then slowly stroked his hard cock and few times for Maggi to see.

We were all sitting naked when Kat said “Let’s play a game, Truth or Dare.”

Maggi said enthusiastically, “Oh yes, good idea Kat.”

Kat and Maggi brought some clean towels for us to sit on.

Kat went to the kitchen then came hopping back with a twelve inch ruler saying, “First we’re going to measure dicks.”

Matt wasn’t to thrilled and said, “It’s petty clear, Pete’s dick is thicker and longer than mine.

Kat said, “You know you measure yours all the time, I want to see Pete’s.”

Matt stood up, rolled his eyes then Maggi kneeled in front of Matt and said, “I think your cock is perfect.”

Matt felt much more at ease after that. She grasped the shaft with two fingers and slowly engulfed the mushroom head with her mouth. She stoked and bobbed up and down making him hard as steel. Maggi put her hand out for the ruler and measured the top.

Matt said, “See it’s five inches long, I could have told you that.”

Maggi reassured Matt his cock more than did the job for her. Then Maggi kneeled in front of me and grabbed my cock with her whole hand and stroked it, Kat came over and guided her mouth on the head making me rock hard.

Maggi put the ruler along the top and Kat said, “Seven and one quarter inches, I just wanted to know for certain, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had inside of me,” she exclaimed.

I asked, “Kat, wait a second you’re only eighteen and you just graduated high school, how many cocks have you had inside of you?”

Kat replied, “Ok, let’s play truth or dare.”

We all smiled and Kat answered, “Three, Matt’s, your’s Pete, my first boyfriend Jimmy’s.”

I nodded and said, “That’s a reasonable amount.”

Maggi stood up and front of me and said, “Now you Pete.”

“Truth,” I answered.

What’s a sexual fantasy you have not fulfilled?”

“That’s easy, I want to have two or more pussies in front of me, side by side, so I can alternate between thrusts.”

Maggi said, “You never told me that, that’s easy, right Kat?”

Maggi and Kat got on the sofa both doggy style side by side pressed against each other. Matt wanted in on this too. Matt suggested the girls should try and guess who’s who without looking. Before we started, Maggi licked the head of Matt’s dick making it soaking wet, I knelt down and licked Kat’s pussy and gestured for Matt to lick Maggi, he loved her pussy, he told me several times.

We were both licking and getting the girls excited, we both stood and I said, “Close your eyes ladies, no cheating.”

Matt thrust into Maggi a couple of times and then Kat going back and forth for several minutes. Then he let me have my turn, I thrusted three times in each pussy before switching, stopping before I came.

The girls turned around asking us, “Well?”

I said, “Both of you are incredible.”

Matt said, “Kat’s yours was a little tighter and Maggi’s was smoother feeling.”

I said, “Now the girls turn, who was first and who was second?”

Maggi said, “Matt first and Pete second.”

Kat said. “Yes, I say the same.”

They both said it wouldn’t matter they would cum with either cock.

Maggi and Kat both turned and sat back on the floor facing each other with their legs canlı bahis siteleri spread wide, pussies facing each other about six inches apart.

I asked, “Is this a pussy face off?”

Maggi grabbed the ruler and spread Kat’s butterfly pussy lips and measured the total distance of the wing span.

“Almost four inches total,” Maggi said.

Kat leaned forward a little to try and look, Matt jumped up and came back with a hand mirror and gave it to Kat.

Kat inspected her pussy, “She’s pretty.”

She’s beautiful,” Maggi exclaimed.

Kat put the mirror down and grabbed her lips pulling them apart, “Measure again, Maggi.”

“Four and one half inches,” Maggi said.

Kat said, “I knew they were Bigger, I love my butterfly,” Kat declared as she started rubbing her clit.

Kat then took the ruler and Maggi grabbed her lips with her finger tips and spread them as far as she could, a drop of cum leaked out of her pussy onto the towel she was sitting on. Matt noticed, slid over and with three fingers scooped up Maggi’s pussy from her Taint to her clit, he put his fingers in his mouth and looked like he just just took a bite of the finest prime rib in the world. Kat went on to measure Maggi’s lips.

“Four inches exactly,” Kat said.

She leaned forward and kissed Maggi, they both leaned in and French kissed each other for a minute. Both of their pussies were soaked.

Matt asked Maggi, “What’s your fantasy?”

“We did it yesterday together, I wanted to fuck two or more hot guys and have them fill me with cum and then get eaten out.”

Maggi looked at all three of us and said, “You guys fulfilled my hottest fantasy.”

Kat leaned back and started rubbing her clit very fast and gasped, “I never imagined doing the things we all did together, so I’d have to say my fantasy is the four of us together.”

Matt said, “My fantasy is to have two girls on top of me, one on my cock the other on my mouth.”

Maggi and Kat sprang into action. Maggi guided Matt to lay flat on his back and put a pillow under his ass and his head, she French kissed him while reaching down for his cock, she slid down with her tongue right to his cock which was pointing strait at his chin. He was so hard Maggi had to ease it back so it would point straight up, Kat was on her knees straddling him and eased down as Maggi guided his cock into her eager pussy. Maggi facing the same direction as Kat, slid her wet pussy up Matt’s rock hard abs and chest leaving wetness on him. She put her clit right into position over his mouth and lowered herself.

Matt put out his tongue and went right into Maggi’s hole, she moaned and said, “Oh wow, don’t stop.”

Kat was sliding up and down on his cock, saying, “I want your cock, I want your cum baby.”

Matt grabbed Maggi’s thighs and moved her pussy forward and backwards, lifting her up and down. Kat started riding up and down faster as each minute passed.

Maggi through her head back, “I’m COMING!”

Maggi’s cum covered Matt’s face and was running down his chin and the side of his mouth.

Maggi lifted her clit out of reach, she was shuttering, “Oh My GOD, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh My GOD!” Maggi screamed.

She was have a multiple orgasm!

Maggi and I fucked a lot and were always experimenting but Maggi only had a multiple orgasm a few times. She would always tell me and describe the sensation in detail, I was jealous and expressed my desire to have one. She would often talk about them days after having one and I know she told her friends about them.

Once her friend Stephanie saw me, patted my shoulder and said, “Good going stud,” I looked puzzled, “Maggi told me about the multiple.”

Maggi turned 180 degrees, leaned forward and kissed Kat, her puckered ass hole faced Matt and he started to lick her taint and rim, this really turned her and him on.

Kat flinched and her muscles locked, “I’m COMING!”

Matt began trusting up and down as hard as he could, Maggi moved off his face and went behind Kat licking the crack of Kat’s ass. Kat leaned forward and Maggi started licking Matts balls as his cum started pumping; it ran down his shaft onto Maggi’s tongue as she licked the rim of Kat’s pussy and Matt’s shaft, getting the cum with her tongue.

Matt was rock hard from flexing every muscle in his body pushing all his cum up into Kat’s pussy. Kat had amazing muscle control in her pussy canlı bahis and could milk a cock with her pussy alone, it was amazing. She pushed down to burry Matt’s cock as deep as it would go and you could see the concentration on her face as she did her magic. Maggi moved back and watched while wiping the cum off her face and chin.

Matt’s cock finally went limp, Kat held it in her pussy as long as she could, she rolled off Matt as he sat up using the sofa as a back rest. Kat lay back relaxed and had her legs spread with knees up and the pillow under her ass, as she reached for a towel, Maggi tapped my hand and moved her face into Kat’s pussy, she pushed her legs back gently and started licking the cum off of Kat, she licked and sucked until Kat was cleaned off, looking over to me while she came up for air. She was looking right at my cock, she wanted to know I was turned on, my cock was so hard I could have hung a wet beach towel on it and it wouldn’t have moved.

Kat started to buck and grabbed Maggi’s head, she pulled forward like she was doing a sit-up and made a hard grunting sound like you do when you’re straining to lift weights. Maggi was locked onto her clit and rode it out until Kat fell back, Maggi knew just when to stop as not to over stimulate her. Maggi wiped all the cum off of her face and moved in front of me doggy style, she pushed three fingers in and out her pussy as I moved my cock head toward her hole.

Kat and Matt both moved up to the sofa behind us to get a good view, Kat was touching my back and said, “Give her your big cock Pete, fuck her pussy Pete!”

Matt and Kat alternated encouragements, “Oh Yea, go balls deep Pete, faster, spread her pussy with that big cock.”

Maggi started in, “Fuck My Pussy!”

I was never so turned on. Kat kept sliding her hands down my back and grabbed my ass pushing me in with each thrust. Maggi raised up and rubbed her clit coming right after she touched it.

She screamed pretty loud, Kat let out a yelp, “OH YES!”

I said “I’M…” as I was about to come into Maggi’s pussy.

Maggi fell flat on her stomach and my cock was sticking straight out and up in the air. I grabbed my cock and pointed it over Maggi’s back and started coming. Squirting thick streams of cum on Maggi’s back and ass. Kat came around and took what little cum I had left by milking my cock into her mouth. I rolled over and Matt brought a warm wash cloth for Maggi’s back, he wiped up the cum carefully and ran his fingers over Maggi’s asshole and pussy, she spread for him, as he put two fingers in her pussy and pulled them out to taste her juices. Matt finished getting all the cum off Maggi and she rolled over and Kissed him long and passionately. Kat came over to me and started kissing me.

Maggi and I both needed water. We got up and went into the kitchen and drank two or three glasses of water each.

Maggi put her arms around me and said, “I’m in love with you.”

We kissed, “I’m in love with you Maggi.”

We went into the shower and started to wash; a couple of minuets later Matt and Kat came in. Matt hugged Maggi from behind kissing her back and pinching her nipples, he moved his hand down and gently shampooed her pussy. Kat started washing my dick and ass crack, then she moved to Matt’s, then she washed Maggi’s ass too. Maggi washed Kat missing no crevices.

We all rinsed and started to dry off one by one, we moved into the sofa room as Maggi and Kat sat down spreading their legs waiting for their pussies to be patted dry, “Gently,” they both proclaimed.

Matt taking care of Maggi, giving her little kisses on her swollen pussy lips and I with Kat.

Kat looked at Maggi and asked, “Is your pussy sore?”

“Oh God Yes” said Maggi.

I said, “My dick is sore, look at it.”

It was hanging almost full length my head swollen and red.

Matt said, “My dick is sore but I think it looks bigger.”

We all laughed pretty hard at that.

After we ate and talked we all said goodbye, I drove Maggi home and headed back to base. Maggi’s flight back to Florida was the next evening, a red eye. I couldn’t take her, I had duty as my unit was prepping for deployment.

Matt and Kat drove her to the airport.

The day after Maggi got back to Florida, I was able to talk to her, she was sad that our Summer had ended.

Maggi left me with one word of advise, “Don’t break Kat’s heart, I can tell she’s falling in love with you.”

I was able to get together with Matt and Kat for couple of great threesomes and I still met Matt to go surfing when I could.

The summer was definitely over.

End Part IV

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