Rage Against the Latrine Ch. 19

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I apologise for the gap between Chapter 18 and 19. Last week, I was involved in an accident and have injuries which make it difficult to write and edit. Until they heal, my output will be slowed.

* * * * *

Our weekend sessions became a regular occurrence. Every Friday night, I would visit Monika’s flat in shorts, even as the weather turned cooler, and we had a meal followed by some debauched fun.

It was what I needed at the end of my working week: a reddened rump, a bout of sweet cunnilingus, a firm session of sordid sodomy, and then a nasty, febrile golden shower from the delectable beauty. Her cramped flat and tiny en-suite limited the variety of our piss play, but I still got a few mouthfuls of her nectar every visit. My lips hovered underneath her slit in her shower cubicle, as I received a torrent of warm, acrid pee that splashed against my face, scorched the back of my throat, and coated me in liquid degradation.

It was a far cry from the daily doses of Natasha’s waste, regular spankings and endless amounts of pegging I received when my beau was not on tour, but the teenage student and I had plenty of fun as she sated my perverted needs. I counted down the days to each Friday. I took Monika shopping to expand her toy and lingerie collection, and spent several hundred pounds on gifts for her. She looked deliciously sexy in her new underwear sets and the additional vibrators, dildos and harnesses brought pleasure to both of us.

On a few Saturdays, her “boi-friend” joined us for lunch at a local cafe, and we would return to Monika’s flat after our food. The boi was quiet and a little shy, but was smart and compassionate when coaxed from their shell. The ruby-haired student gave me incredible blowjobs, penetrated me multiple times, and I had fucked them twice. We both adored every submissive act Monika encouraged, guided and directed her two subs to do.

Jamie sodomising me felt different to their girlfriend buggering me with her fake cock, and with the frequent gay sex, my journey from Samantha’s conventional heterosexual monogamous boyfriend to Natasha’s kinky, piss-drinking, submissive, promiscuous, polyamorous, bisexual partner was complete.

My girlfriend adored my sexual experimentation and evolution, and we spoke almost every day. I missed her terribly, and my weekdays felt so lonely in my house. I realised I never wanted this relationship to end, and one evening, after a few too many whiskies, I messaged Faye to ask if Natasha had ever mentioned marriage. Her unexpected, and profanity-laden, response suggested that I pop the question to my lover, and my mind worked on overdrive at the prospect.

Faye asked me regularly over the coming week if I planned to propose, and I felt more emboldened by her encouragement. Part of me was uncertain if I could ever be enough for Natasha; my failures with Samantha dominated my fears, and I worried about rocking the amazing relationship I had with the flamboyant punk rocker, but Faye dismissed my insecurities with several messages.

On the penultimate Saturday in November, I booked tickets to see the band in concert. Bohdana took the Oxford-to-Cambridge bus that linked the two best Universities in the country. Monika brought her “boi” and the lovers travelled to my house on Friday evening. We drove down the M40 at dawn to a plush four-bedroom townhouse I had booked less than a mile from the venue.

The cold, dreary weather overshadowed the architecturally wonderful Oxfordshire city as we travelled through it to get to our rented abode. Natasha and Faye arrived in their minibus at the cul-de-sac from their previous stop, Portsmouth, with Nessie, shortly after we had unlocked the well-presented property. I warmly embraced my girlfriend, hugging her tightly. She cuddled and kissed Monika. “Thanks for keeping him in-line,” my partner said, as if the teenager had babysat me for seven weeks. “I’ve loved the videos. You’re fucking ace. I’m glad you got him to play with Jamie.”

“They love to mess around together,” the teenage dominatrix replied. I squeezed Natasha’s hand. I only had my lover for a couple of hours in the morning before the two musicians had to be at their gig venue for a matinee performance. My girlfriend realised, and she girlishly giggled as I gently tugged her into our double room.

“I will fuck you later,” she promised, dropping her suitcase onto the floor. Her eyes met mine; my stomach fluttered as her expression changed. Passion flashed through her gaze as my girlfriend removed her dirty black T-shirt while she stared directly at me.

I gulped as she stripped in our loft-space bedroom. The soft pastel shades of the neutral decor contrasted with the vibrancy of my beau. Her bright pink hair, colourful tattoos and effervescent personality sparkled against the bland furnishings. My hands touched her flanks as she fumbled with my belt and I kissed her as she pushed my trousers to my ankles.

Sheer electricity shot through me as our lips caressed escort izmir and she gripped the hem of my Bitches Against T-shirt. She groaned as my fingers pressed against her shaved slit, writhing as I slowly massaged the slippery nub. “I’ve fucking missed that,” she whispered.

I pushed her backwards, and she squealed as the backs of her knees touched the mattress and she landed on the double bed. I pressed my face against her wet snatch, inhaling her intensely musky scent as my lips stroked and stimulated her button.

She groaned as my finger pressed against her opening. My lover grabbed hold of my hair as I massaged her nub and ground her sweaty cunt into my face. I had missed this; I ate Monika out every week, but my lover was more demanding when I provided cunnilingus. She wanted more, and her piquant aroma was deeper and stronger than the teenage student.

“I’ve not had a shower today,” Natasha boasted, as I luxuriated in the smell and taste of her zesty femininity. I always adored consuming her delicious arousal, and the strong aromatic perfume made me hornier. My fingers slid into her and pressed against her G-Spot, rubbing her hyper-sensitive wall as my lips licked and sucked her clit.

My girlfriend groaned; her fiery eyes met mine as she pulled my head further into her snatch. Her pussy walls quivered as her legs pulsed and her breasts heaved. Natasha’s body shook as the punk rocker cried and yelled through orgasmic lust and ecstasy.

I ate her again and again until she could take no more. I would have spent all day massaging the sweet-scented cunt, but after her final bone-shaking climax, that left the flushed woman grinning and exhausted, she stopped me and beckoned me to kiss her. Sliding up the bed, my erect cock poked her sopping pussy.

“Put a condom on,” she whispered and giggled at my expression. “You forgot to bring any, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I muttered. “Sorry. I… I’m useless.” I gulped. “Surely you have some?”

“I used my last three yesterday fucking the support act. I need to pick up some more jonnies from the Band’s stock.” She giggled and pecked me on the lips. “Down tiger.”

“I’ll be careful,” I promised and edged my prick into her hole. She groaned and bit her lip as my bare cock slid into her.

“No. You can fucking wrap that thing up! Later,” she demanded, and pushed herself further up the bed so my dick slipped out from her enchanting pussy. I watched her rise from the duvet and tower over me.

“How did you use three condoms in one night?” I asked, causing her to smile, and her fingers danced over my erect prick.

“The support act was a local group of ex-marines. I said if any of them could down a pint quicker than me, I’d fuck ’em. Chopper just opened his throat so after the show, Nessie and me went to their hotel. Billy’s cock was incredible. Good enough to die for, and he pounded me like a pneumatic drill. Then Blaine screwed me while Nessie deep-throated Mason.” She giggled at my wide eyes. “You’ve not been a fucking saint, have you? It was my first spit roast since Ipswich.”

Her hand stroked my cock, sliding over the shaft as she recounted her sordid tales. The group sex in Portsmouth, Suffolk and Bristol. The bisexual tryst in Stroud and the lesbian orgies in Brighton, Liverpool and Newcastle. Every filthy act, described, tumbled from her lips into my brain as she rubbed and fondled my glans.

“And then there is that Holly in Stockport. She is a fucking awesome lay. I could spend all week with her. If I didn’t love you, I’d move in with that slut. Imagine getting screwed like that every single day. My pussy tingles at the thought of kissing her lips, her tits and her cunt.” I squirmed, and she stared directly into my eyes as her hand left my dick. “Maybe later,” she teased, knowing how close I was to a climax.


“And no wanking,” she demanded. “And do me a favour and put some washing on,” Natasha asked. “We’ve been in hotels and motels for two weeks and I need some clean keks.” Her smile radiated as she wandered naked out of my room towards the shower, leaving me in a puddle of unspent horniness.

I took her case and emptied a third of her dirty clothes into the washing machine; I noticed splashes of spilt semen on several items of her clothing and a few empty condom wrappers in the pockets. A year ago, if I had discovered that in Samantha’s luggage, the sight would have enraged and upset me. With Natasha, I didn’t care. She boasted about how much she played about, and it didn’t bother me. I was too entranced with the anarchic singer to worry about monogamy. Faye approached me in the kitchen and whispered. “Are you going to… y’know?”


“Propose, dumbass!”

“Yeah, later maybe. Why?”

“Have you got a ring?”

“No. I’m looking this afternoon.”

Faye sighed, and she pointed at Bohdana and Monika sat at the breakfast bar. “You two. You need to help this useless idiot find an engagement ring.” My teenage domme squealed escort izmir in excitement.

“Do you really think she’ll say ‘yes’?” I asked Faye, doubting myself again.

“If she doesn’t, then Nats will never, ever get married.” She looked at the door as the hum from the shower stopped. “She’s never been like this with anyone and she loves you to bits. Yes, John. I am sure she will!” She hummed. “With Gary, if she spoke to him or mentioned his name once a week while on tour, it was a lot. She never cares about her boyfriends when she is not with them. Every day, multiple times, she speaks about you. That girl is infatuated. She’s worse than a teenager with her first love.”

“Really?” I muttered and Faye nodded.

“Hey, just think. If Natasha hadn’t had pissed on you in Bristol last year, none of this would have happened,” Bohdana added.

I sighed; the thought had crossed my mind too. My lover dressed, and I drove the two rockers and Nessie to their venue where the rest of their entourage had begun preparations for the show. I then took Bohdana and Monika into Oxford to look at the boutique jewellers I had found during a cursory search of Google Maps.

The two girls swiftly discounted all three of the rings that I liked. One was garish, another was too plain, and the third lacked pizzazz; these objections were subjective. I had set a budget of around £7,000, as although I could afford more, I didn’t want to have something so embarrassingly extravagant.

In the last shop, I found the perfect piece; pink sapphires set in white gold on either side of a big, 1.5 carat near-flawless diamond. It sparkled under the bright lights of the jeweller as I looked at my two shopping companions for approval. “It’s nice. A little understated,” Monika reasoned. “But pretty.”

“Natasha’ll love it. The pink gems are just… her.” Bohdana nodded, and I glanced at the price tag. “This is six-six. You three can spend the remaining four hundred on those necklaces you were cooing over. But no more.”

Bohdana shrieked, and her excitement overrode any objection or unease that Monika felt at my generosity. She had no need to worry, but I knew that she didn’t want to take advantage of me. I believed I got much more from our friendship and arrangement than she did.

I bought the four of us a late lunch and purchased a pack of ten condoms with some lube from a pharmacy as we walked to the theatre hosting the band. The grandiose Edwardian architecture had an imposing aura that radiated tradition and order, and the sight of the black Bitches Against banner hoisted over the regal structure looked out of place.

Fox let us in to the building, and we entered the main theatre. Three levels of semi-circular boxes surrounded the large hall and, as I took in the splendid venue, I could imagine what four thousand raucous fans would do as their idols played on stage.

“Oi,” Faye called, and the red-haired rocker came from a side door. She ran over to us. “Nats is talking to Laurie. You got it?” I passed Natasha’s best friend the ring box, and she gasped as she opened the lid. “Yeah, that’s nice. She’ll like that.”

“I hope so.”

I had only just put the package in my trouser pocket when my girlfriend joined Faye. “What are you fuckers doing here?” She demanded. “We’ve got a fucking matinee concert to do in two hours.” She crossed her arms. “Piss off to the house and come back at seven!” Her eyes twinkled. “I’m sure you can find something to fucking do.”

The three teenagers brimmed with excitement as we returned to the accommodation. Both Monika and Bohdana were certain that Natasha would say “yes” to the question and spent the journey to the rented abode speculating on what sort of wedding my partner would demand.

The three necklaces that the girls and Jamie had bought were their initials in a cursive font on a silver chain. Embossed in each pendant were several tiny diamonds, so the jewellery sparkled in the bright lights of the lounge.

Monika with her “M” design, Bohdana with her “B” necklace, and Jamie with their “J” pendant beamed as they put the chains around their neck. I had to help the girls, with their long hair, fasten the clasp and the teenage dominatrix smirked as she looked at the jewelled character hanging over her dark T-shirt.

Monika grabbed her best friend’s hand. “One mo,” she cried as she pulled Bohdana out of the lounge. A few minutes later, they re-entered, naked.

Natasha’s cousin, with her soft golden mane, lithe body and beautifully shaved mons, beamed with confidence as she swept her hair back. Nestled between her breasts was the glimmering twinkle of the “B” pendant. Monika looked even more delicious with her twinkling belly button and shimmering scarlet nails.

She carried two strap-on harnesses and dildos and nodded towards her boi, who hurriedly discarded their clothes into a small pile beside the television. We saw what was coming, with the inflamed look of horniness in the expressions of the naked teenagers. “You got the condoms and lube for this, right?” Monika asked and held out her hand to take the sexual paraphernalia from me. “You knew we’d brought the toys!”

“No!” I muttered. I hadn’t expected either of the two students to dominate us in the townhouse. “Natasha and me needed condoms,” I replied, passing her the bag from the pharmacy.

“Get naked,” she ordered as she stared at me. Watching the two students don the harnesses and dildos was an erotic sight. Monika cocked her head coyly as she looked at the unclothed subs on the lounge carpet. “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…” she teased and glanced at her best friend. “Why don’t you choose, Boh? I fuck both of these sluts every week.”

Bohdana sniggered, pulling the harness holding a large eight-inch dildo tight around her waist. “I’ve not done this before,” she admitted. “But I’ve thought about it.” Her eyes fell upon Monika’s femboy partner, and she gulped.

Monika passed me a condom, and the lubricant to her androgynous lover. We knew, and we understood. I opened the latex prophylactic and slid it down Bohdana’s black rubber prick as Jamie smothered their hole in the clear, slippery goo.

Monika’s hand appeared at the back of my head, and she impaled my mouth on the first few inches of the covered dildo. “Wetting the cock” was her new humiliation that she often forced Jamie and me to do before sodomising us.

The “femboi” assumed the position, resting their forehead on the carpet with their arse in the air, ready for Bohdana’s prick. Monika guided her friend; slowly she positioned the dildo, so it stretched her partner’s rosebud and whispered instruction and encouragement.

I watched as Jamie panted; we were both experienced in receiving anal and the thick prick strained their ring. The student groaned and screwed their face as they accommodated Bohdana’s incursion into their sanctuary.

I did as I often did. I sat in front of them and stroked their hair, running my hands over Jamie’s back and through their thick red locks. A reassuring gesture as Bohdana sodomised them. It felt natural. We shared a bond, and as the fake prick filled them, the wanton slut glanced up at me with rampant lust filling their eyes.

I knew how wonderful and electric the penetration was. I understood the intense arousal pumping through their body as Bohdana pressed the strap-on into Jamie’s rectum. The exquisite humiliation, the overwhelming hug of submission and the heavenly, incredible feeling of a stuffed arse.

Their mouth opened, and his lips closed over my glans, sucking gently on my erect prick. Glorious arousal swept through me as the boi ran their tongue over my cock. Every time they fellated me, it felt marvellous. Their technique was incredible, with powerful suction and soft warm movements over the tip and frenulum. My groin sizzled with sexual energy as the student skilfully blew me.

It didn’t last. As Bohdana established a rhythm, Monika turned her attention to me. She pushed me onto my back, ordered me to hold the backs of my thighs and generously squirted lubricant into my hole and onto her dildo. Her gaze and her expression screamed wanton dominance as she pressed her six-inch dong against my expectant ring.

I sighed. I always mewed as she stretched my rosebud, inching her black rubber toy into me. My cock wept, my body sizzled. She slowly ground her rod into me, sliding her dick against my prostate.

Sexual exertion and excitement echoed through the room. Jamie’s gasping pants, Bohdana’s heavy breaths, Monika’s guttural sighs and my squealing moans layered on top of the scents of our arousal. The chemical rubber dildos, the familiar smells of latex condoms, earthy leather harnesses, and bitter lubricant circulated. Every sense was overwhelmed with arousing stimuli.

Monika adopted a slow, patient rhythm. She could tell I wanted her to pound me and ram that prick deep into my sanctuary. My body writhed and my cock leaked as she steadily buggered me.

I closed my eyes, savouring the submission and stimulation, when her hand wrapped over my shaft. She played with my erect prick and withdrew from my butt. I watched as she unfastened her strap-on and knelt over my chest, playing with my stiff cock. Bohdana’s bare cleft stood over me, and then Jamie’s soft hands touched the back of my knees.

I groaned as the femboy filled my gaping, sopping hole. I delighted as my lips closed over Bohdana’s slit, perched inches from my face. Arousal coursed through me as Jamie slammed their thick, meaty dick into me and I licked and massaged the bare cunt.

Monika’s finger traced my prick. A delightful torture, keeping me in a highly aroused state as their partner rammed their stout cock into my sanctuary and stretched my hole.

The soft firmness, warmth and stronger thrusts from Jamie contrasted with the rubber dong which Monika had used, but they both felt incredible. The androgynous student held my ankles firmer, gripping them as they powered their dick into me. The student groaned and, with their meaty cock buried inside of me, it twitched and filled the condom with their hot seed.

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