One Last Stolen Moment…

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**All participants in this story are over 18.


It was almost the end of their time together. She knew it and tried telling him but he was always focused on just enjoying the moment. And then he came to the basement with her to see where some of their colleagues would be working over the next several months of their ongoing mutual project.

She walked around in her little pencil skirt and high heels, showing him the various offices. She pointed out one tucked away office with a big old wooden desk and no view out the teeny window up by the ceiling. It was close to the loud basement boiler room and seemed to be the most remote office in the building. It had been assigned to a ultra prim and proper woman they didn’t like at all and they laughed about how she’d be spending all her time at that desk, probably miserable at being so detached from the excitement of the main floors above. It was cold and very clinical feeling with a few random leftover mismatched pieces of furniture crammed wherever it landed during the shuffle of offices.

Being with her made him happy… and hard. So fucking hard. Whenever she was close and he could smell her, he was hard as a rock. Right now was no exception. It was cold down there but he could almost feel the heat of her from across the small room. She was faced away from him, looking at the woman’s soon to be desk and he just had güvenilir bahis to put his hands on her. He stepped behind her and quickly placed his hands on either side of her hips and pulled her against his body while he rubbed his hard cock against her ass, bunching her skirt up.

She gasped with feigned shock. She was actually surprised he made a move and put his hands on her but she also knew he wanted her all the time. It was obvious from the way he looked at her. It was always just a matter of being in public. Well, they definitely weren’t in public now and he was taking his chance.

He pushed her down over the desk with one hand and put his hand right up her skirt, between her legs, on her thong-covered pussy. She was soaked right through the cloth and her breath caught with his hand on her. He pushed aside her wet panties and slid his finger into her wet hole, plunging back and forth, deep into her. He knew she’d be wet, she’s always wet, but he was gasping himself as he felt how tight she was. He loved seeing her bent over the desk in front of him and had decided to take the chance that no one would come down here. He needed to finally fuck her and it was a chance he was willing to take.

Two fingers inside now and pulling her skirt up over her ass. She’s pushing back against his hand, trying not to moan too loudly, and he unbuttons his slacks and frees his hard dick, güvenilir bahis siteleri rubbing his shaft against her ass. He slides his tip along her wet pussy, up and down her clit, while his fingers continue to thrust and rub and slide inside her. She starts to stand back up and he pushes her down and plunges his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Deep. And then just slides back out and deep again. His hands are on her hips, pulling her back as he thrusts deep again. She’s gripping the desk and moaning louder than is safe. Someone could hear… He doesn’t care. He has been dreaming about fucking her for so long. He can’t believe that it’s happening just this easily. He is holding her against him as he pushes slowly back into her again. She’s practically squirming on his cock but he just pushes deeper and pauses with his whole shaft buried in her wet pulsing pussy. He pulls out just a tiny bit and then plunges back in again. She feels so fucking good and this view is definitely going to come up again in his dreams. And hers.

She’s pushing back against his thrusts and he’s already getting close to cuming hard in her. He reaches around her and pulls her shirt open and puts his hands on her full breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples, as he begins to pound his throbbing cock in and out, slapping into her soaking, tight pussy. Oh, yes, this was what he wanted. This right iddaa siteleri here… deep and hard and bent over a desk. Fucking her with such force the desk has moved over and the few sheets of copy paper that were in a stack have flown all over the floor. Her shoe is off and she keeps saying, “oh, fuck,” and “yes, yes…”, pushing back against his dick filling her up with each thrust. She’s tight on his big cock but she’s also dripping wet so he slides into her tight fold with ease. Fuck, she’s wet. He can hear it.

And yes. That was it. Fucking her hard and deep, with his hands all over her body, one squeezing her breast and nipple, the other moving from pushing her down more, pulling her against him when she bounced away, and grabbing holds of her bouncing ass, she started to cum, calling out to him to fuck her. Her clamping down on his cock was all he needed to explode inside her. He kept pumping in and out as he pumped his cum into her and she kept cumming on his cock. Fuck, each thrust was still so good. Fuck, that was hot.

He pulled out of her pussy and cum spilled out onto the desk. She sat up on the desk, making even more of a mess and then hopped off and put her skirt back in place. She handed him her panties as they heard steps and talking in the stairwell down the hall. He buttoned up his pants and they stepped out, shutting the door before they were seen in that office.

Then their time was over and he didn’t see her every day anymore. They talked every once in a while but they were working and busy, and nothing ever happened again.

Well, I mean, not until they ran into each at that conference…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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