Officer Michelle Ch. 02

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Note: I had intended all along for this story to be multipart, but it was my first post and I didn’t divide the parts up very nicely. So here is the second part.

“I guess your mouth is bigger than you stomach,” Cordova chuckled, and she returned his smile shyly.

Michelle was embarrassed to look Cordova in the face. She feared that she looked like a woman who had just given a blow job, that some evidence might show on her face that she was unaware of, or that he would think less of her for having performed such an act on him. And yet she found the whole experience naughty, taboo, sexy. It made her feel oddly feminine to have performed the act for the man she loved. She hoped he had enjoyed it as much as she had.

Cordova lounged in his seat, his head thrown back, breathing heavily. His penis looked small, insignificant, barely poking out of his fly. Glossy droplets of his semen coated the surface of his pants around his shrunken cock.

“Clean me up, babe,” he murmured.

Michelle dutifully searched her purse for some tissue paper and dabbed at the stains on his pants. The semen was tenacious and refused to be removed, leaving shiny wet stains on the wool of his trousers. “Try licking it,” he suggested lazily.

She hesitated, then brought her tongue to the stains, adding her saliva to her cleaning efforts. She had to purse her lips and suck the material to remove the gooey fluid from the material.

As they returned to the urban area of the city Michelle offered to make breakfast for the sergeant after his shift ended. Cordova seemed reluctant, for some reason, but finally agree to meet Michelle at her apartment. She prepared him a heaping plate of chorizo and eggs, with hot buttered flour tortillas. The spent the remaining morning hours tossing in bed.

“What do you think of Sergeant Jesus Cordova, Jane?” Michelle asked a fellow dispatcher at work.

“Jesus? He’s quite the ladies’ man, from all accounts,” Jane Gooding yawned.

“What do you mean?” Michelle asked nervously, feeling a lump growing in her throat.

“Oh, just that he’s slept with a lot of the girls in the department, and who-knows how many on the outside.”

“That can’t be true,” Michelle sputtered.

Jane regarded her diminutive coworker for a moment. She was aware she was treading on dangerous ground, given the wide-eyed look on the young woman’s face.

“Oh, you know, rumors, gossip. That sort of thing.”

“What have you heard,” Michelle demanded in a soft voice.

“I’m sure it’s nothing. You know how this place is—once a story gets started it just grows and grows. Probably nothing to it, I am sure.”

“What are the rumors?”

Jane sighed in resignation. She felt protective of the naïve young dispatcher, who was just older than her own daughter.

“It has been said that he slept with Higgins, Vasquez, Wade, Riggins… let’s see… Clarkson, Ojeada, Ramirez…. Oh yes, and that new girl in the evidence room—what’s her name?—and Vaca and Bennent…” Jane recited the names of various female employees of the department, both sworn and unsworn.

Michelle’s jaw was hanging slack. The pain in her chest made it difficult for her to breathe.

“But you know how it goes… those are just rumors, y’know?”

Michelle’s face was purple with rage and embarrassment and she spun in her chair to face away from Jane. “I guess he’s a rouge, then,” she murmured, as much to herself as to Jane.

Jane had worked at the department long enough to know what had happened. Cordova had been with Michelle, and the woman’s inexperience and the brevity of her time on the job had left her unprepared for a prowling satyr the likes of Cordova. God knows what he had told Michelle, what stories or promises he had made to woo the winsome and unworldly girl. Jane forced a change in subject, “You’d better check on the status of unit four-oh-three, Michelle.”

Michelle keyed her microphone but nothing came forth from her trembling lips. Jane then broadcast for an update from the patrol unit.

Michelle sat alone in her darkened apartment trying to sort of what she had been told by Jane. So many rumors, so many women. Some of it just had to be true. Wasshejust a notch on his belt? Would her name now be included in the long and incomplete list of his sexual conquests? Were people even now smirking behind her back when she passed them in the department hallways? Was Cordova bragging to his buddies in the locker room about how she moved in bed, what her face looked like during sex, what things she said in the heat of passion? She shuddered with the thought. She was angry with Cordova, but wanting desperately for him to call her, to hear his voice. In her mind she played a scenario where the phone, sitting next to her on the couch, rang, and she let would let it ring five times before answering it cheerfully. But her phone was depressingly silent the whole night.

There must be some explanation, she reasoned. If even half the stories were true then maybe it was not Cordova’s fault. She knew that some of the bahis şirketleri women in the department had a reputation for being ‘loose’ with their morals, and had slept with any number of the officers. Maybe Cordova was more victim than aggressor. Maybehewas the one who had been used, not the women. He obviously wanted to be in a long term relationship, wanted to settle down and get married and start a family. Perhaps those sluts had acted interested in the same things in order to seduce him. That must be the answer. Cordova was too sweet and caring, too gentle to be the womanizer he had been made out to be. Still, Michelle would confront him about the rumors the next opportunity. Now, if he would just call…

Michelle returned to work the next night in a deep funk. Her ever-present smile was missing, and she hung her head and avoided eye contact with her coworkers. Her cheeks and ears burned in embarrassment still. She sat silently in the dispatch room, answering calls mechanically in a flat tone.

“Heya, babe. How are you?”

She heard Cordova’s voice behind her and spun about in her chair in eager anticipation. “Hi, Jesus,” she beamed. One look at his face and she instinctively knew all the rumors were lies.

“When you get off at two, you want to ride with me awhile?”

Michelle’s eagerness caused her to blush. “Yes! That would be nice!”

Cordova attempted to engage Michelle in idle chit chat, but the young woman was strangely laconic. Half an hour into her ride-a-long she blurted, “Have you slept with a lot of woman, Jesus?”

Taken aback Cordova carefully considered the question and formulated his response. “I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘a lot’.”

“Did you sleep with Riggins? Or Ojeada? How about Clarkson?”

“That was all before I met you, Michelle. I guess I was just lonely, looking for some human warmth. I know I’ve made some mistakes in my life. I am not perfect. But I swear to you I haven’t seen anyone else since we started dating. I love you, Michelle.”

Tears welled in Michelle’s eyes. She roughly threw her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

“Whoa! Easy girl! I’m trying to drive here!”

“I knew it! When I heard those stories I knew that there was some reason, some explanation. I feel I know you well enough to know you’re not some womanizer!” she gushed.

“I love you so much, Jesus! I know you’re the man for me, and that I’m the woman for you. I can make you happy like no one else can.”

“If you want to prove that,” Cordova laughed, “let’s go to your apartment for my meal break and spend some quality time together.”

“I would love that!” Michelle giggled.

In the darkened bedroom of her apartment the two lovers were working up a sweat. Cordova lay between Michelle’s outstretched legs hammering at her cunt with long, determined strokes. Michelle was moaning and squeaking and sputtering involuntary obscenities.

“Shove your cock into my pussy! Do it harder!”

Cordova did his best to comply.

Cordova withdrew his cum-slickened cock and roughly turned Michelle around onto her belly. He pulled her rump up to his crotch level and quickly inserted his stiff cock into her yawning pussy from behind. The feeling, both physical and mental, was novel for Michelle, and she devoured the sensations.

“Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me from behind! Fuck me like a bitch dog!” she begged. She reveled in the wet slap of his thighs on her own, the heavy feeling of his loose balls hitting her mons with each jab into her body. Michelle stretcher her hands out and grabbed the brass rods of her headrest and began pushing back against this thrusts violently. Her hard nipples were raking her bed covers and added an additional pleasure for the thrashing young woman.

“Remember when I asked you if you wanted to prove your love for me in the car?” Cordova grunted.

“Yes! Yes! I want to prove my love to you, Jesus!” Michelle screamed.

Cordova spit into the palm of one hand, withdrew his throbbing cock from her hot pussy, and rubbed his saliva over the head. He then placed the flared head of his organ against the tight rosebud of her anus.

Michelle froze. Her body tightened and fear gripped her. She knew that some women had engaged in anal intercourse but I heard that they only did it to please their lover, that it was painful and degrading. She thought that there was no likelihood that Cordova’s huge penis would fit in her rectum, as tightly as it fitted in her inexperienced vagina. She began to mumble a weak protest when Cordero pushed his organ into her resisting butt hole.

Michelle gasped loudly. She could no longer protest. She could no longer speak. A sharp pain issued from her sphincter and spread throughout her body. Surely Cordova was damaging her body.

“Try to relax, babe. Take deep breaths through your mouth.”

Michelle tried to comply, but her breath came in short, ragged sputtering’s through clenched teeth. Tears began to form at the corners of her eyes and she almost bent the brass rods of her headrest. bahis firmaları She lifted her knees off the best, supporting herself on her toes, trying to change the angle of his entry and ease her pain.

“You’re resisting it too much. Relax!” Cordova commanded in a growl.

Her sphincter’s tight grip on his cock made his thrusts into her rectum short and shallow, as if her body was trying to eject the invader. He leaned over her back and whispered into her ear, “I love you so much, Michelle.”

With these words her body relaxed slightly, and her anus loosened its grip on his cock. “That’s it, baby! That’s much better,” he said.

His thrusts were now longer, deeper. She could feel the searing heat of his cock deep within her rectum.

Strangely, the feeling became slowly more pleasant the more Michelle relaxed. It was a different feeling entirely from vaginal intercourse, more cerebral in many ways. The mere idea that Cordova was fucking her in the ass was sensational in itself. Michelle at once felt degraded, humiliated, and elated, ecstatic, and more filled that she had believed possible. Cordova was celebrating her body, and her pulsating ass.

She began to move her rump in an up-and-down and circular motion, the tight ring of her anus massaging Cordova’s cock, clenching and releasing in waves of passion, pain and pleasure.

“You’re fucking my ass!” she hissed, “You’ve got your hot cock in my ass! I love it! Fill me with your cum, Jesus. Cum in my tight ass!” she could hear herself moaning.

As if on cue Cordova gave one last mighty shove stuffing his cock deep into her spasming butt hole and shot a torrent of hot jizz into her bowels. She could feel the cum pulsations rippling along the underside of his rock-hard cock as he dumped his load into her.

“Aw fuck yeah! That’s it! Cum in my hot butt! Fill me up!”

Cordova fell damply on her back, his heavy breathing filling her ears. She was panting, trembling, immensely satisfied.

“I love you, Jesus. I love you I love you I love you…” she whispered.

“I love you too, Michelle,” he grunted, and slowly began to withdraw his softening member. Michelle clenched down on his cock fiercely, refusing to let it leave her ass.

“C’mon, doll. Let me go! I Gotta shower and get back to work!” he grinned.

Michelle lay flat on her belly listening to her lover in the shower. Her butt hole burned and felt swollen, distended, but very nice. A warmth spread throughout her gut and she imagined that his hot sperm was working its way through her body, reaching to her heart.

“You’d better get that pretty ass of yours in gear so we can hit the road again, babe,” Cordova said emerging from the shower with a towel draped over his shoulders. Michelle drank in the sight of his body, stocky, muscular, his penis show shriveled and smallish appearing.

“You’re going to have to go on without me, Jesus. I don’t think I will be sitting for a few hours,” she smiled contentedly. “I’ll catch a ride to the department to pick up my car in the morning.”

He gave her butt a friendly slap and dabbed at her sore anus with the towel. “Yeah, I sort of figured,” she laughed.

Michelle lay there alone for a long time, relishing the slow burn in her pussy and ass. Surely this meant love, she reasoned. She had given herself to him so completely it could mean little else. She smiled and wiggled her ass, reliving the session in her head. He had probably never done that with any woman, it was too special, too personal. It was something you only shared with the one you truly loved. She hummed a happy song and drifted off to a restful sleep.

Her ass was still sore hours later as she drove her car back home after catching a ride with a patrol unit to the station. But she could scarcely wait to do it again. She pictured him sleeping in his own bed in his apartment now, imagining how he looked, what he was dreaming. She wanted so badly to call him but he did need his sleep after working the dawn shift as he did. She parked outside his apartment building and just sat there, looking up at his door. It made her happy to be even this close to him.

On Sunday morning Michelle dutifully attended mass with her parents, as was her weekly practice. For the first time she dreaded going to church. Not for the mass, but for the weekly confession to Father Fletcher. The idea never occurred to her to lie or omit her sins of the previous week. God was always watching and knew everything she had done, so there was no use.

“Bless me father, for I have sinned. It has been one week since my last confession. I took the Lord’s name in vain several times this week.”

“That isn’t like you, my child.”

“I know, father. And there’s more. I was carnal with a man several times this week.”

“Is he Catholic, child?”

“I think so. He’s a Mexican-American, so I assume he is.”

“Go on.”

“We are going to get married, so I think that might make a difference to the Lord, father.”

“Sex outside the holy sacrament of marriage is frowned upon, kaçak bahis siteleri but not the sin it once was. Fifteen Hail Marys and ten Our Fathers. Are you ready for your Act of Conrition?”

“O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins, because of thy just punishments, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art all-good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. Amen.”

“Now, go and sin no more.”

Michelle was relieved that it had gone as well as it had. But he felt that she had lied anyway. She did not “detest” all her sins. She glorified in them. She doubted even that fucking Cordova was a sin. How could something so strong, so pure in its energy, be a sin anyway? Had not God given her and Cordova the means to enjoy each other so fully? It must be part of God’s plan, she reasoned.

It continued most working nights when both Michelle and Cordova were on duty. Things would slow down on the streets around 3 AM; Michelle would get off duty and go riding with Cordova, they would stop by her apartment and screw. Or, if it was a little too active on the streets they both settled for a quick blow job in the police cruiser. Michelle was fairly content with this arrangement, but wished they could spend more time together. Their days off seldom coincided, so she never got to spend a full, uninterrupted day alone with Cordova. She so wanted to pack a picnic lunch and spend a day with him at a park, or go hiking a wilderness track, or even just go to a movie with him. Shift work was playing havoc with her love life.

Around one PM one morning police dispatch received a silent robbery alarm from one of the many liquor stores in town. Michelle made the broadcast to all units in the field, and Cordova answered that he was very near the location of the liquor store. Michelle almost blurted for him to remain active and not respond to the call, something not within the purview of a dispatcher. Cordova radioed in that he was now at the location and investigating the scene. A second and third unit, more distant, were also responding to the call.

The radio was deathly silent. Michelle could no longer just sit and stare at the microphone. She stood up and paced the dispatch center, wringing her hands helplessly, wondering what was happening. Had Cordova encountered the robber? Was he even then involved in a life-or-death shoot out with the robber.

After an eternity the radio crackled to life. Cordova reported that it was merely a false alarm—the store clerk had accidentally leaned against the panic button. The feeling or relief left Michelle physically drained, and she slumped back into her chair. A fellow dispatcher who had observed the whole scene, Mary Tite, observed dryly, “You got it bad, don’t you Michelle?”

“I guess I might be a little too high strung for this job,” Michelle offered.

“No. This thing you got for Sergeant Cordova. It must be serious.”

Michelle came to life, her eyes flashing. “Oh yes! We love each other so. We’re going to get married!”

“He…he has asked you that?”

“Well, not in so many words. But sometimes actions speak louder than words. I can read his heart.”

Mary snorted. She was older than Michelle by a decade, all of it spent as a police dispatcher. “Let me tell you about these cops, honey. They think women are only good for two things—three, if they take it up the butt.”

Michelle flushed. She was good for three things, apparently. She did not appreciate the base fashion in which Mary spoke to her.

“How do you know that?” Michelle demanded.

“Oh, I was once young, like you, and new to the job. I had my share of office romanced here, and they always ended the same—by being dumped by some cop with a hard dick and a wandering eye.”

“They aren’t all like that!”

“No, not all of them. A few a pretty decent guys, but the majority are exactly like that. And this guy—Cordova—is just like the majority.”

“How do you know?”

“’cause he and I had a thing together about eight years ago.”

Michelle’s jaw dropped. “Wha…what do you mean, Mary?”

“He came onto me big time back then. Made me feel wonderful about myself. And the sex was good too. But about six months into the relationship I found that he was screwing two other girls at the same time as me. I was devastated. Of course I broke up with him immediately. I wasn’t going to play second fiddle to some trollop, or set or trollops, for any man.”

“You lie!” Michelle spat.

“Honey, I wish I was lying. I think the whole thing took me a year to get over. I never fully trusted another man after that. Oh, sure, I’m married now with two little kiddies, but I am sure the whole experience has left me jaded and a somewhat colder person than I was before.”

Michelle resolved to be more careful with Cordova. She knew that he would never find a woman so sexually receptive to him as she. Just because some slut like Mary had failed to win his heart did not mean that she would likewise fail. But the thought that he might, eventually, two-time her physically sickened her. She would keep tabs on Cordova, on his free time, his days off, even his working hours.

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