Kumar Apartments Ep. 09

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Narrated by Shobha

Hello everyone, it’s me Shobha, Akash’s sister-in-law, long waited for my story and here I am with it today. The last few episodes were narrated by Akash, but today I will be narrating it from my perspective. In the last episode of my house, you came to know how friendly I and Akash became and we planed to have a live sex show. The live show in which Akash would watch while his brother Rakesh fucks me. So let’s go for the ride of my story!


It was around 6:30 in the evening and Rakesh was about to return home from his work by 7 o’ clock. My brother-in-law, Akash was still asleep in his room. I knocked at his room door and said: Akash… hey Akash… it’s 6:30 already… are you still sleeping?

I heard some banging noise from inside as if Akash had just jumped off his bed. Maybe he realized the time and now he was in a hurry. I smiled at his excitement even though I couldn’t see that. Akash says from inside: Yeah… yeah… sorry… I am awake now!

He opens the door and sees me standing right in front. He says: Sorry Shobha, I didn’t realize the time.

I stood crossing my hands and said: Don’t worry, we have half an hour, Rakesh will be back by 7 or beyond, but not before that.

Akash wipes his sleepy face and says: Hmmm… so… what’s next?

I rolled my eyes and answered: Hmmm… now? Let me call Rakesh once. Let me see where he is right now.

I turned back and while walking back to the living room, I started dialing Rakesh’s number on my cell phone. Akash followed me and I was aware that he was still admiring my back in my sleeping gown, so I made an extra wiggle in my hips at every step to give him a better teasing view. As Rakesh’s phone rang, Akash from behind me says: Shobha… if we have time… can I take a quick shower?

Before I could answer Akash, Rakesh from the other end attends the call and says: Hello dear, wasp!

I turned to Akash and placed my palm on his mouth, making him shut. I then replied to Rakesh: hi Rakesh, when will you be back?

Rakes: why, what happened? Missing me already? Ha-ha-ha! Or is my brother bothering you a lot?

I winked at Akash and replied to Rakesh: naah… he isn’t here, he said he’s going to meet one of his friends.

Rakesh: oh… On the first day itself, he went to rome around with his friends.

Me: oh no no… aaa… actually he was saying he has an interview or something tomorrow near electronic city.

Akash looked surprisingly at me as he had no idea what I was saying to my husband. I smiled at him, took off my hand from his mouth and then continued speaking to Rakesh: and then he said he was going to meet one of his friends who lives there himself… So I suggested Akash to stay with his friend if possible for tonight, so that you know he wont have to travel so long tomorrow morning… right?

Akash’s jaws dropped listening to the chain of lies I was creating. I again smiled and winked at him as Rakesh replied: wow… that’s… actually good for him… and thanks for caring for my brother Shobha!

Me: so Rakesh…

Rakesh: yeah…

I looked at Akash, bit my lips and replied to Rakesh: so now… am all alone at home… and… I miss you dear… that’s why I asked… when will you return?

Mein: Par ab mein akeli hoon na aur wo achi baat nahi hai kyu ki tum office me ho and I miss you. Upar se tum kal ja rahe ho. Hmmmm….

I was able to find out Rakesh was now excited as well. He said: Oh dear, just give me half an hour.

Me: Ok honey… I will be waiting… bye… love you…

Rakesh: bye dear… and be ready… love you.

I laughed and replied: ha-ha-ha… am always ready for you baby… come fast now.

I cut the call and looked up at Akash. He whispered, asking if I had cut the call, to which I replied in a loud tone: Yesss!!! Ha-ha-ha!

Akash: wow… Shobha… wow! What a creative story! Wow… interview? My friend? Ha-ha-ha! God… you are so cunning!

I flicked my left hand finger and said: ha-ha-ha, not a big deal for me, Akash!

Akash: seriously, you are an amazing liar Shobha! Ha-ha-ha!

I laughed and then getting serious I said: OK… so Rakesh said he would be back in half an hour, so we have 40-45 minutes max, including that traffic at this time. If you want to have a shower, have it as fast as possible because once he arrives you won’t be even allowed to have a fart in your room. Got it?

Akash: ok Shobha… as you say… what ever you say!

I tapped his shoulder and then turned to walk towards my room while saying: OK then go do your work fast… I will have a shower too before he arrives or else he won’t allow me to do it later, ha-ha-ha!

Akash laughs and rushed to his room, as he was enthusiastic as a small kid being excited about going for a fare. Well, I guess it was going to be an erotic fare for him to watch his sister-in-law getting fucked. I went into my room and pulled out my clothes, went into the washroom for a shower. While having the shower, I was getting excited thinking asyabahis yeni giriş of the evening. I was excited enough to finger myself imagining how hot it would be to get fucked while Akash will be watching us. But then I suppressed my urge and made my will not to pleasure myself. I convinced myself to wait and later get my brains fucked out.

In some 20 minutes, I got out, unwrapped my towel and threw it off being completely naked in front of my mirror. I looked at myself and thought how shamelessly I was standing naked. Moreover… tonight every eye in the house was going to watch me naked… completely naked and getting fucked too. That feeling of shamelessness made me even more aroused. I was smiling to myself in the mirror thinking how hot it would be tonight when one brother will fuck me and the other would be watching and ofcorse, I knew something about my husband which was going to make the night even more amazing.

I opened my wardrobe and took out a black babydoll nighty, but then I thought for a few seconds and kept it back. I then took a long black satin night gown and put it on. I knew the evening was going to be long and very erotic, so I had my own plans regarding what I chose to wear. I did my hair and then went out to the living room. As I expected, Akash was sitting in the living room after his shower. He looked at me and seeing me in my satin black gown, he gazed at me from top to bottom and then said: wow!

I smiled at his wow and then asked: why are you here? Rakesh might be home at any time.

Akash: just thought about seeing my sister-in-law once before the game starts.

I looked at the clock and then said: OK now… seen me right… now its time for you to hide, ha-ha-ha! And also we should not talk either now, because what if Rakesh arrives and he hears us talking?

Akash: ha-ha-ha! See who is scared of Rakesh now!

I crossed my arms and said: hello… I am not scared and i don’t have to be, and if he comes to know you are here, it won’t be my loss… keep that in mind boy!I

Suddenly, both our ears stood stiff, we both heard footsteps advancing towards our house door. I looked at Akash and then whispered: Idiot… see… it’s him I guess… go… get in your room… go now!

Akash didn’t wait to make any more jokes nor any whispers, he just rushed to his room. As he got in, I went to his door and said: don’t lock your door or else when later you open it, it might alert him, just keep it shut… switch off the lights as well and if possible, stay under your bed. Now get in bye…

I winked one last time while saying: bye!

The door bell rang up and Akash with a wicked grin, said: OK Shobha… see you in your live show!

I smiled and pushed him in to close his room door. I then went to the main door and waited for a second ring. At the second ring, I opened the door and it was Rakesh with a red rose bouquet, a bottle of champagne in his right hand and his laptop bag in the other. I smiled seeing his preparation for the night on which he said: hello beautiful lady… Are you alone?

He was being dramatic, so I thought about playing along. I said: yeah… I am alone… all alone… why? Why do you wanna know? And…

I winked and continued: and who are you Mr? Ha-ha-ha!

We both love to be playful often while we are in a romantic mood. And he knew I was playing his game too, so he continued it and said: I see… so isn’t your husband at home?

I bit my lower lips and said: noo… he is always busy with his work… and more moreover, he is going out of the town tomorrow… leaving me completely alone here.

Rakesh: aww… so sad… don’t worry madam… I am here…

He winks and continues: at your service… whenever you need!

We both broke into a laugh and then he gets in getting closer to me. He gives me the laptop bag and I grab it off. As his hand gets free, he wraps it around my waist and pulls me closer and places a small kiss on my lips and says: so… your husband really doesn’t give you time?

He was still in the play, so I replied: yeah… see, how long is he making me wait.

He didn’t wait to answer, instead locked his lips to mine and kissed me while the main door remained open. I got excited realizing anyone could catch us kissing. Holding that little excitement, I kissed him back and we started kissing passionately. To be honest, my husband is a good kisser as well. His lips wrapped mine, curled and flipped my lips pulling my tongue into his mouth. His hand which was wrapped on my back, went down to grab my ass over the silky fabric of my gown. He stroked his hand on the smooth texture of cloth covering my ass globe and then he broke the kiss, he looked in my eyes and said: your husband is so bad… He doesn’t even buy you a panty?

He definitely came to know I wasn’t wearing any panties. I answered: yeah… not just panties… he didn’t even buy me a bra either.

As I said that, I pointed my eyes towards the hem of my deep cut neck of the gown. He looked down and saw my boobs pressed on his chest and popping out, showing a tight slit of my cleavage. asyabahis giriş He grinned and then said: we are so mad dear… seriously!

Me: oh yeah… I am mad for you and your…

I paused and faked a naughty shy about which he asked: and… and my?

Me: and… and…

I winked, bit my lips and pushed him off, making him apart, i turned towards the living room and started walking with slow steps. He kicked the door close and then followed me. As we reached the living room, he placed all the stuff in his hand on one of the sofa and grabbed me from behind, pulling me back into his arms, he hugged me by wrapping his hands locked on my belly. He kissed my ears and said: and… say it dear… and what?

I knew Akash couldn’t see, but definitely he was hearing us and so to make our voice more clear for him, I once again unwrapped Rakesl’s hand and walked towards our room door which was next to Akash’s room door. Rakesh followed me. I stopped at the door, because I wanted Rakesh to grab me again. He did exactly the same. Rakesh once again pulled me into his hug and asked: say it Shobha.. and what?

I made my voice clear enough to make it more audible to Akash inside his room and said: and… I am mad for you cock Rakesh! I am really mad to get fucked by you!

Rakesh pushes me to the thin wall between the two room doors. Making my face stick to the wall, he grabs my hands and pulls them back, holding my wrists together, he then says: you are such a bad girl… my naughty bad wife… you are so mad to get fucked… say it again.

As he finished his line, his other hand spanked my ass over the thin fabric of my gown. The spank was hard enough for Akash to hear it. I was gradually climbing the stairs of exciment, seeing what Rakesh was doing, knowing what we were saying and realising how Akash was listening to everything we were saying and doing.

Out of the sting of the spank and the will to give Akash more to hear, I said in a high tone: aahhh…. no… I am a good wife… a pure loyal wife… don’t punish me Rakesh, ha-ha-ha!

Rakesh: but tonight I am gonna fuck this loyal wife…

He pauses to spank me once again, harder and louder than the previous one and says the rest: like a street slutt… baby… I am gonna fuck you like a whore and not my wife.

Rakesh and I both knew we loved dirty talk during our wild makeout. I joined in his dirty talk and replied: ahhh… mmmm… I too don’t wanna get fucked by you like my husband… Rather I want you to fuck me like a spoiled bitch… like a real paid slut!

Rakesh bit his lips as he was excited too by my words. He spanks once again with his passionate aggression and then pushes me away saying: I am sparing you for 5 minutes, live your life in peace by then.

As he moved back, I wondered how come he left me craving. He smiles at my disappointment and starts walking towards our bedroom while saying: let me rip off my clothes and get fresh… just 5 minutes… ok… and then we will continue this game…

as he was about to get in the room, he winked and said: The game of my slut wife.

As Rakesh got inside the room, I immediately turned to the other door, Akash’s room door, which wasn’t locked. I slowly opened it and looked in. The lights were off and so the room was dark. Then, suddenly with the help of the light from the living area to his room, I noticed a hand waving from under the bed. I smiled and winked at it, hoping he could see me. I showed him a thumbs up and he did the same. I shut his door but this time kept a little open and went back to the kitchen with my cell phone.

While waiting for Rakesh, I dialled up a nearby restaurant and ordered 3 parcels of hydrabadi biriyani. I knew Rakesh wouldn’t let me cook anything peacefully, so it was better to order the food. As I cut the call after placing the order, I heard my bedroom door getting open. I looked back, it was Rakesh with a fresh-washed face and a bit wet hair, but that wasn’t all… now he was walking with not a single cloth on him, he was shamelessly walking nude, passing from our living towards me with his hard erect cock on display to every eyes. He comes to me and grabs my waist. Pulling me into his arms, he strokes my hair away to clear the way for his lips to invade my weakest point, my neck. He kissed me there and says: so… what’s special are you cooking for me tonight?

As he pulled me on his chest, his hard cock poked my ass crack over my cloth, I left a gasp on its feel and answered him: I am not cooking anything special, but we are gonna have something special tonight.

Rakesh arcs his hip forward making his cock dig my cloth fabric into the slit between my ass cheeks, he asked: what’s that… say!

I turned my head to get a glimp at Akash’s room door and then looked at Rakesh and whispered: shhh… keep your voice low.

He didn’t get me and said in his normal voice: what… Why?

I raised my head and placed a small kiss on his lips and then kissed his cheek, going near to his ear and whispered: we aren’t alone.

He pulled his head back, looked in my eye and then asyabahis güvenilirmi tried to turn his head to see to the dining room, but I immediately caught his chin and forced his face to turn back to face me. I then said: I said… we aren’t alone… speak low.

Rakesh at first thought I was kidding. Maybe he thought I was making a plot for some roleplay, but then when he saw the seriousness in my eyes he was confused as well as haunted by the fact that we may not be alone at home, he asked in a low voice: what are… you saying? I didn’t get you dear.

I whispered back: you like it, don’t you?

Rakesh: like what?

Me: being watched… while you fuck me.

Rakesh: Yes… ohh… got it… Shalini is here?

Me: nope! Not her.

Rakesh had a smile when he asked if it was Shalini who was somewhere in the house, but when I said a no, he was once again confused. He asked: the… then… then who?

Mein: this time… it’s… your brother, Akash!!!

Rakesh’s eyes went wide, a sudden wave of fearful disgust blew over his face and he said out in his normal voice: what!!?

Me: shhh… now don’t act so worried… he is in his room.

Rakesh again tried to say something but I placed a kiss on his lips to make him silent and then said: don’t worry… it’s ok Rakesh… Let’s have fun tonight… I know you love it and me too… so let’s…

Rakesh didn’t let me finish and whispered cutting my lines: but… he is my brother… and I don’t know about how he is with such things… what if he says it out…

Me: don’t worry about that…

I winked and continued: I have trained him well by now… one day was enough for that as it was easy with your pervert brother. And don’t feel it awkward Rakesh…, After all, we…

I placed my lips to his lips and stroked my tongue tip on his bottom lips and said: after all… we have done it infront of my sister, so… now it’s your pay back… we both like to be watched while you fuck me… so… let’s give a steaming hot show to Akash… what do you say?

Rakesh didn’t answer with any words, a wicked smile appeared on his face and then he pulled me tight, pressing me to his chest and started kissing me. It was a strong kiss and a strong “yes” from him for my game. My shameless game where the elder brother was going to fuck me while he knew his younger brother would be watching and on the other side, the younger brother would be watching me getting fucked while he thinks Rakesh doesn’t know about it. It was far a lot better and hotter for both of us than just having casual sex in bed… in private. As Rakesh kissed and I thought about my dirty game, a tide of excitement flooded through my body, moving down and ending at my core. I felt a liquid heat between my thighs, my pussy was getting wet thinking of my wicked dirtiness.

After a passionate kiss, Rakesh whispers: so what about cooking?

Me: don’t worry… I have ordered it already.

Rakesh: and… what about him?

Me: just do whatever I say… and everything will be taken care of.

While I said this, I thought to myself about what an amazing game player I am. Both the brothers, in the end were thinking they were the main players of the game but actually it was all me who was playing my two puppets.

Rakesh: so… if you have taken care of everything… then what next?

I bit my lips and said: definitely he is watching us now from his slightly open door… so… why don’t we give him a teaser till the food arrives?

Rakesh didn’t take a second further, he grabbed my waist over my clothes and lifted me up enough for my ass to raise above the kitchen counter height, he then made me sit on the counter and started kissing me again, this time with more passion and with more lust in it. Definitely he was thrilled by the fact his brother was watching us. While Rakesh was busy kissing me, I peeked back into Akash’s room, not that clear, but I saw a black figure at his half open door. I knew Akash was watching, hoping he would see me, I winked once and then went back to get busy in kissing Rakesh. Rakesh hands were now on my thighs, stroking them over my cloth, he pushed himself between my thighs making me spread, but it was difficult for him as the circling cloth made my thighs not to spread wider. While we kissed, he grabbed my cloth at its ankle part with both his hands and soon I felt cold air hitting my bare legs. He pulled it up, making my legs and thighs exposed to his far-hidden brother.

He brakes the kiss once again and asks: tell me… what you want now, sweatheart?

I bit his bottom lip dramatically acting like a hungry cat and said: shut up… don’t keep asking me every time… for now… go down and eat my dripping pussy… and yeah… eat it good!!

Rakesh grins and pushes my knees apart, making me spread them open as he goes down, I grab the hem of my gown and pulled it further up and looked at Akash’s room door, I couldn’t see but definitely knew Akash was now seeing his sister-in-law spread open with her wet pussy ready to be eaten by his brother. I blew out a breath as the excitement was exceedingly out of control for me thinking about it. I looked down between my open thighs, Rakesh was now sitting down with his face just a few inches away from my pussy. He looked up to give me a greedy grin and then dug his face in between colliding his lips with my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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