Her Children

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Big Tits

At the time I was 25 and without any obligations to anyone but myself. It was damn lonely.

To break up the cloud of loneliness I went to a bar to seek some comfort with a woman. That is when I saw her. She was seated with three other women sipping on wine.

“May I have this dance?”

She said, “Yes, I would like to dance.”

I helped her off her chair and onto the dance floor. They were playing a slow tune so I had the chance to get close to her. She had long and soft jet black hair and coal-black eyes. Her skin had an olive tone to which made her all the more beautiful and exotic.

Toward the end of the dance, I ask, “May I?’ I kissed her, she offered no resistance and, she let me have my hand on the small of her back, just above her buttocks but she slapped me away when I tried to go lower on our third dance.

We sat at my table making small talk looking into her eyes. I felt that there was a connection between us. We held hands then kissed. I was getting a very strong urge to take her to bed if she was willing. Her name was Jane.

She said, “Let’s dance again.”

It was dark so I was confident that no one saw my erection as I took her hand for the dance. Jane moved up very close to me. So near that her breast brushed against my chest.

“Do you like me, Allen?”

“Yes, I do. I am glad that we’ve met.”

“I like you too,” she said, “Will you take me to bed?”

I was stunned to hear her say that and somewhat alarmed. I’ve only known her an hour, and now she is asking me to fuck her. What kind of woman does that.

“Please do not get the wrong impression of me. I am divorced with four small children, so It’s hard for me to get out, and what men hear or see that many small children, they flee. So I’ve not felt a cock inside me since before my divorce of four years ago. I am desperate. I feel safe with you, so please take me to bed and fuck me. If it is only for one night, please give your cock and your seed.”

“After hearing that explanation, let’s go and have some fun.”

My apartment was not that far away, so the drive was a short one. yet during it, I got a 1xbet yeni giriş better glimpse of her and I saw she was a real beauty. She had a long classic nose supple breast, long legs, and a sweet smile. I felt a classic Greek statue had come to life.

“You are beautiful, Jane.”

“Thank you.”

Once inside the apartment, I take her coat. We move into the living room where she turns her back to me.

“Unzip me,” Jane asked.

She steps out of her royal blue dress, then she pulls her hand slip. She is now standing in front of me in only he black bra, black pantyhose.

“Do you like what you see so far?”

“Mmmm, I sure do. Sit here, I want to play with you.”

She begins to strip me once on the couch. My nipples come into her view after my shirt is open, that is when she starts sucking them. The instant her tongue went over the first nipple, it was as if a bolt of lightning had struck me the effect was so dramatic.

“Jane, Jane, Jane. Please don’t stop.”

“My real name is, Athena,” I was advised when she came up for air.

After she resumed sucking my nipples, her hand went down to open my fly and after fumbling around a bit, my stiffening cock is brought into the light. Athena’s soft hand is stroking me and her lips are still working on my, now stiff, nipples.

“I want to taste you,” Athena asked, May I?”

I nod yes then I feel her tongue licking the pre-cum off the tip of my dick.

“Mmmm, I like that,” she remarks, then her mouth is back on my cock. I feel Athena take the whole shaft into her mouth then she hums a tune as she pulls back driving me into the psychiatric ward.

“I want to fuck Athena,” I tell her panting.

Turning her back to me, I unclasp her bra then move my hand along her side remove it taking both of the tits into my hands as I do. They are so soft to the touch and her nipples are turgid when I reach them. Taking them between my fingers, I pull on them as I release her breasts from my hand.

Kneeling before her, I ease the pantyhose over her hips, I am reminded not to tear them, so I am careful though I want to rip them off 1xbet giriş her ass, I don’t, I patiently loser them and now I am past her pubic mound where the scent of her womanhood reaches my nose, that musk scent which excites me even more. Finally, they are at her ankles so she can step out of them.

I am tempted to eat her pussy, but the desire to be sheathed in is too great, so I rise to my feet and ask, “Are you ready to be claimed?”

“Yes, please.”

I kiss her pressing her body close to mine. I feel the heat of her arousal, on my thigh, I feel her soft breasts. My hands are on the cheeks of her firm ass, spreading them. After that, I lead her to the bedroom.

She is laying in the middle of the bed, her legs are wide open and her outer lips parted inviting me into her love channel. Kneeling I’m direct my cock toward her entrance, she takes my member guiding it the last bit. She pushed out and I push in, the vagina is opened I slide in and we are joined. I find her very snug which surprised me given the fact that she had been birthed four babies but sung she was, as I pushed into her. When my balls were against her ass and the head of my cock at her womb. She looked so beautiful and pleased with me inside her. I stayed still a minute or two savoring the ones and pleasure I felt being coupled with her.

“Thank you, Athena, this feels wonderful.”

“Feeling your member deep inside me feels great, my lover.”

After saying that, I begin to fuck her with long slow strokes. Athena was not a screamer, “Oh’s” and “Aha,s” were all that came out of her mouth, But the expressions on her face were priceless as I thrust in and out of her. There was such a look of enjoyment, I felt like I would like to have fucked her for a week. We didn’t go a week but we did make it an hour.

“Athena my balls are filling. Where do you want me to put my goo, in you or out?”

“In, fill my womb. But hold off until I cum, please.”

We did cum, her first then me right after.

She is laying beside me.

She asked, “How long can I stay?”

“As long as you want.”

“I can stay until Sunday afternoon. 1xbet güvenilirmi I’ll have to be home by 2:00 PM.”

“We can have a lot of sex in that time.”

We did. It was a very satisfied Athena who walked through her front door.

The following Saturday, I pull up to her house to see what she’s doing. When I ring the doorbell, it is opened by a very cute little lady in a blue dress sucking her thumb.

“Hello, mister.”

“Hello, young lady. Is your mother home.”

“Yes, I’ll get her.”

I hear Athena’s vice scolding the little girl,

“Sandra, how many times do I have to tell you not to open that door and let strangers in,”

Athena turns the corner then sees me.

“Hi, remember me?”

“Of course I remember you, come in.”

“Who is he, momma?” Said a little boy pointing his finger at me.

“Is he going to be our daddy?” said another child.

“He’s my new friend, children. You’ll be seeing him around more often.”

“Hi, Kids”

Some feeble, “Hi’s” were returned.

“Look, I know you are all nervous because I am nervous as well. It is kind of scary getting to know another person. But I am sure as you get to know me and I get to know you, we’ll come to like each other. Okay?”

I was getting to know the kids when her 3-year-old speakers up, “Mr. Allen? Can we go to the petting zoo?”

“If your mom says yes, then we’ll go.”

“Okay, let’s get ready.”

We pile into her SUV but I noticed that she was running on fumes so I pulled into a Marathon station to fill her up.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”


She had a flustered look on her face but waved me on.

We had a wonderful afternoon. A couple of people commented on what a nice family we had. Athena didn’t say anything.

That night after the kids were put away, she led me to her bedroom. We made love a couple of times during the night. But early in the morning, I am sent home because she didn’t want the kids to see me and her in bed together.

To make a long story short, after a few months her kids thought of me as their father. I loved them along with their mother. Nine months after we met, Athena and I were before a priest taking nuptial vows. Thirty years later we’ve got grandkids running all over. Sometimes I think how it all started asking an attractive woman for a dance.

The End

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