Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 02

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“You little shit!!”

My sister was not -really- mad at me, just still a little shocked that I would go in her room, and more so that Erica was right, and what was more had won the first round of the game because she had been right. It was probably getting to her that I had heard her say I would not be in her from, so she was more embarrassed then anything. But she was trying to hide it from the other girls by being a little more bitchy than usual. For instance, she was insisting that I take two shots owing to the fact that I was found so fast. I had been handed them by Erica, she was not sitting next to me, choosing to sit on the ground where she was before, but she kept glancing at me with the sexiest grin on her face. Her eyes saying quite clearly that she was not done with me.

Honestly speaking, I swear I could still feel those beautiful full lips on my shaft. Even thinking about it was breathing new life into me. I could not believe that the beautiful Italian goddess girl had sucked me off under my own sisters bed… and what’s more, she was keeping it a secret from her best friends sitting all around her. I was sitting back on the couch. The first round ended with Erica winning, Kelly coming in second, and my sister in third. Amy being not even in the room had come in dead last. Erica was sitting on the ground off to my left, those beautiful legs tucked under her as she sat crisscross. Kelly was sitting next to me, Amy was sitting on the lone chair of the room with her knees pulled up, she was trying to force herself to take her third shot at the moment. Being so small she was going to be quite tipsy after this. Lastly my sister was standing as per normal near the door. Eager to get the second round started.

I was getting quite Tipsy myself and I will not lie, I am finding it very hard not to look at any of the girl’s feet that I can see. Erica’s are hidden under her legs, but Amy’s are lying flat on the cushion of her seat as she plays with her shot. She is wiggling her purple painted toes slightly too in her discomfort of the alcohol in her stomach. Normally this would captivate me as Amy’s feet are the hardest to ever sneak a peek at, but right now I am very distracted by Kelly again. She has pulled her right leg up on the couch, and her foot is resting right next to me. Her sole is facing up and I am getting a great close up of her soles for the second time tonight. Slightly longer feet and toes they fit her body perfectly. Possibly from her being so active her legs and more importantly her feet are very fidgety. I am secretly hoping she will brush my arm with her toes as she flexes them over and over. She even flexes her foot back and forth more than once, as she was showing it off to me. I am trying not to be to open about it, and when my sister speaks no one seems to be looking too hard at me.

“Ok so we are going to do another right? yes?” she asks, and all the girls seem game so I agree as if it’s no big deal to me. Erica glances at me again… she very much wants to find me first again, and a lot of my body agrees. I still keep glancing down at Kelly’s dancing soles though.

“Ok, so same rules as before, but no pre game shots this time. Anyplace in the house, shots for the losers got it? And try and pick a better spot this time ok Bro?” She adds with a babying tone. I do not answer right away. Kelly has brought her hand down to her foot and has begun giving herself a little self-massage. When I bring my gaze up to give my sister a snotty retort, I notice that Kelly is looking right at me… She even has a curios little grin on her face… shit, how long had she seen me looking? Whatever, she probable thinks I’m a weirdo already anyways. I pointedly look at my sister.

“Yeah Yeah but why do I have to hide again? Shouldn’t it be someone else’s turn?” I say with a slight slur. The girls seem to notice because a giggle comes from Kelly and Erica. Not so much Amy though, I sort of feel bad because she seems to get hit even harder by the drink then me.

“Nope, You’re going to have to hide a little better than that Mac-ie, or you’re going to be hiding all night!” she says it like that is the worst thing anyone could ask for, but once glance at Erica helps me remember that it’s really not such a bad thing. Erica seems to agree as she bites her lip slightly and sending a shiver down my spine.

“Ok fine, I guess I will go and hide again then.” I go to stand up, and in an act of bravery I certainly would never have done sober, I reach out slightly and lean mostly on Kelly’s foot as I get up. Being quite a bit tipsier then I was the last time, it seems Kelly’s foot is much softer than before, but I -had- to touch them again after they had been mere inches from pressing on my face. I am prepared to say sorry for bumping her as I get up, but she does not say anything as I touch her. She does still have that smirk on her face though, and those green eyes are locked on mine…like… Determined or something. I drag my eyes away from hers, man these girls were so hard to read. As I think that I glance at Amy, she is looking at me too, and her blue eyes are showing the drink. Its making her look a little kaçak iddaa sad, but mostly just super cute. She looks up a bit more and brushes her hair from her eyes to over her ear, she even gives me a small smile. Man! What was up with these three tonight? I turn from her toward the door, and almost walk into my sister. I sway slightly so as not to bumble into her, but she misses the easy lightweight joke. Even she is looking at me weird, but it’s mostly as is she is mad at me about something… oh well, not much I can do about it right now anyways, best just get outa there before I get yelled at or… something.

As the door closes I decide it may be in my best interest to try to hide for real this time, my sister might blow a fuse if I hide too close again, so I make my way downstairs. I start off in the kitchen, and after not finding a good spot there, I decide to head toward enclosed porch area. It’s about as far from the bedroom as I can get, and there is the big dinner table to hide under, it even has a long white table cloth that goes to the ground. I am defiantly out of the way and at least my sister can cool her jets about me not trying. Man if she knew what Erica did, oh boy. I start thinking of Erica finding me here, we would have a lot of room if she wanted to pull my pants down again! I start getting hard just thinking about it, man that felt great, and she even swallowed everything! I fantasize for a while about Erica going down on me again. I do wonder why Maddison had been so grumpy with me though, she could not have known that her friend had gone down on me could she? Maybe it was just she was mad about losing at her own made up game? Probably just that she wanted to be the one to win and find me first, well that would be boring, having to hide here under the table with my sister instead of any of the other girls. Unless..?

I suddenly get a new image in my head, soft lips wrapped around my cock, another beautiful girls head bobbing in my lap, but this girl had long red hair pulled into a ponytail… and the eyes looking up at me… are the same shade of brown as mine… oh man, can feel my pants tighten again, but this time I am totally fantasying about my sister with my cock in her mouth…

“Ha, Gotcha!” comes a soft voice from right behind me. I spin round, half startled, and half ashamed that I am hoping to see my sisters face. Kelly’s green eyes and wide smile shine at me in the slight moonlight coming in from the porch. My heart rate drops back down to normal after a moment, and I grin at her.

“Yup, I guess you’re going to win round two.” I say quietly, and she crawls under the table, sidling up next to me and makes a slightly drunken and giddy sort of squeal

“Yeah I bet it will take ages for two of them to find us though, Madz made sure we will all look alone this time so as not to have a double find like last time.” She says smiling, I did always like that smile, its catchy. When Kelly is in a good mood, people around her tend to cheer up, even if she can be a bit much sometimes. Although for the life of me I have no idea what to say next, So I sort of just look around at the sheets for a bit, wondering if anyone else is nearby. Next to me Kelly seems to relax, and she lays down next to me.

“well while we are here…” Kelly whispers off to my right, and then to my great surprise, she spins on her butt a bit, and starts unfolding her long legs right at me. She lets one of her feet come to a rest on my knee, I feel her scrunch her sole on my pants leg, she uses that as leverage to scoot her rear even closer to me. I am a bit lost, but even more so when her other foot comes up right toward my face! She lets her foot dangle right in front of me! She… she knows! She must know! She is offering me her foot! She knows that I have a foot fetish! Is she really going to let me kiss her feet? I pry my eyes from her foot to look down at her, she looks strangely sexy laying like that. Her long legs trailing all the way up to her her thighs, until they disappear into her very short sports shorts. ((say that 5 times fasts!)) Laying on her back, her shirt has come up a bit, showing just a small sliver of belly from my angle, and one hand draped almost dramatically over her forehead, her long dirty blondish hair laid out in a tussle behind her head. I have never really been attracted to Kelly very strongly. She is kind of a tom-boy, and always being around the bombshell Erica or my super cute crush Amy… I may have not noticed her as much. I was definitely noticing now however, she smiles up at me and wiggles her toes right in my face!

“Um… well if you want me to, but, I mean… are you sure?” I ask tentatively. She giggles a bit more.

“Well yeah, you promised me a foot massage right? So why not right now?” she whispers, and I immediately feel stupid yet again. That is twice now that I have thought Kelly was going to do something foot fetish related, I was really letting my imagination, and the alcohol, get to me. It must show in my face that I am confused or put out or something because Kelly then says. “Or…not?” she gives a half grin. “You sounded like it was ok earlier?” she says in kaçak bahis a matter of fact tone. Its good its dark because I blush at that statement. “but it’s cool, if you don’t want to…” she says in a mock sort of pout. I literally almost laugh out loud because I would pay cold hard cash to have this girl doing exactly what she is doing right now; almost whining at get me to touch her feet. I recover quickly.

“No no I do want to, well I mean I will, not that I necessarily want to but, you know.” I am possibly the lamest person I have ever known, but I am understandably nervous as well as ruffled by this nights events. She gives smile with a slightly open mouth as if I have shocked her or something.

“oh my god stop making fun of me and rub my poor feet.” She says, and punctuates the statement by lightly slapping the side of my face with her dangling foot. Her foot is cold on my cheek and though it must have touched my face for like a second, I feel my pants practically jump. We both smile and I take her foot in my hands. Besides being cold, her feet are much smoother then I would have guessed. True she does a little rough spots, such as her heel and near her pinkie toe, but her whole foot is overall very smooth. It is also not quite as soft as I expect someone’s like… say Erica, who used lotion on a daily basis might be, but it is truly the right word, smooth. I run my palms without putting any pressure over every inch of her feet, exploring the feeling for the first time in my life, finding out quickly that doing it for real is much nicer than any of the times I fantasized about it. Kelly does not appear to be ticklish because I do not feel her jump away at all, even at my light touch. Thinking this makes me look over at her face, I blush a bit when I notice she is watching me closely. She is still smiling, and those dammed blessed eyes are boring right into my mind.

“um, well as nice a surprise it is that getting my feet caressed is a great feeling too, think you can maybe up the pressure your using a little?” she says quietly. My hands are sitting frozen, fingers wrapped around lightly. I am no doubt bright red, those eyes seem to have me locked in though, because I can’t seem to unfreeze my arms, let alone my hands. I watch as the smile slides slightly and slowly off her face, her eyes widen ever so slightly and…she is blushing!! As I notice it brings me back to earth, I drop my eyes back down to her foot in my hands. I start using my thumbs to press in firmly in the center of her sole and make circles like I am using an analog on my game controller. It seems to be a good start, I hear her sigh and her body relaxes, including her other foot which I have far from forgotten is resting on my knee. I continue my massage, getting little sighs here and there, my body is very active in every way, but I show any of the calm left inside. I start making things up as I go along. Running my fingers through her long and lovely toes, she does seem to like it, she gives a slight moan and flexes her toes clenching tight and holding my fingers in place.

I am thinking about starting on her other foot, and I decide it is best to rest the foot I am about to complete on the floor next to my leg. My erection is now at maximum, and it keeps twitching in my pants. I need to not ruin this with her finding out I am actually fantasizing about her body right now, more directly fantasizing about the very part of her body she is letting me touch. After a few more seconds of rubbing all around her heel, I lightly pat the top of her foot to single that I am done, and start to lower her leg next to me. Kelly however seems to take my pat as an indication for her to switch for me. I feel her pull her foot lightly from my hand and bend her knee, to give her leg a good stretch. In the few seconds I have in which she stretches, I quickly and casually pull on my pants a bit, letting my hardness get a bit more of the room it desperately needs. She then smoothly slides her other foot into my waiting hands. Once again I note that this foot is going to need just as much work to kneed out the stress. Just as I start to run my fingers across the bottom of this foot now, Kelly unfolds her other leg, and as she does so, she places her right foot gently, but directly on the stiffness in my pants.

The slight pressure on my fully erect cock sends a shivering shockwave from my member to every corner of my body. My hands briefly squeeze on Kelly’s left foot, intently causing her to both let out a small moan, and to scrunch the toes on her right foot. This increases the pressure as her long toes try to grip some of the jean material lying between her foot and my erection.

I was so busted! I mean her foot is resting right on my hard-on, I can even feel myself twitch a few times after her toes unclench. The sole of her foot is resting almost heel to toes on it, she could not have aimed more directly if she tried! She was so going to freak on me in a second! I clench my eyes shut, I can hear it now; Um…what the fuck? Um… are you hard? What is the matter with you? you freak! Um… what the heck? Oh my god I am SO telling your sister! I am so dead…

“Um… illegal bahis why did you stop?”

I open my eyes again. I can still feel her right foot resting on my cock, and her left foot in my hard, she had not pulled away. I look over at her, she has cocked her head to the side and has a cute sort of confusion on her face. I just stair for a few more seconds and she blinks at me.

“Common Mac… You still have to do my other one.” She says, and she wiggles the toes of her left foot at me for good measure. I’m not sure what to say, I mean, she must feel me through my jeans, there is no way that she does not feel the pulsing beast that is my cock right now… yet there she is, pouting at me to keep rubbing her feet for her. Ok, well here goes nothing.

I press in with my thumbs into her foot and start my circles again. She relaxes back down right away, as if nothing is different. Maybe she doesn’t notice after all? Maybe she would be just as still as when I was rubbing her other foot?

Man was I wrong a lot tonight. As my thumbs trace her sole, she is slightly more vocal then before. A little sigh here, a little moan there. That alone would be enough to drive me crazy, but it was only one of the few things she was doing that had me guessing she knew very well what she was doing. She was squirming her left foot in my hand a bit more, as if it is sore, or maybe that I am tickling her. I’m not really a tickle fetish guy so that would not be too distracting, but as she squirms she is pressing her foot into my hands, her strong legs pushing her foot inches closer to my face. I am having a hard time holding her foot steady as well, owing to the fact that her left foot is not the only one moving from time to time. It seems like every time she sighs, I feel her right foot slide a little left or right, brushing lightly on the budging shaft in my pants. What’s more, with every little moan, I feel her toes scrunch and relax, pulling in the tight material protecting my hardness from the smooth skin of her right foot.

It’s strange that even know, a part of my brain is trying to rationalize what is happening right now. Denial doing all it can to make me think that all her movement and noises are all innocent. Kelly does not seem to be able to keep me guessing anymore though, either that or she is tired of games, She stops both of her feet moving, I stop my massage as well, I did not even notice until now that we are both breathing kind of loud for people supposed to be hiding, I look over at her face again. I see that her chest is rising and falling much faster than before, and it’s hard to tell in the light, but Kelly seems to be blushing a little too. She seems to be thinking hard, making up her mind, she bites her lip for a few seconds, as if working up the nerve. Its unlike her to be shy about anything, but the overall look suits her just fine.

“Ok…Mac, this might sound totally crazy if I’m wrong but… I don’t think I am.” She is still looking as if she has doubts, but her voice is her usual confident tone, even if it’s a whisper. Her eyes lock on mine, and my heart beats away, waiting for her to speak again. “Will you… I mean, ha, do you want to lick my feet?” she asks casually. My steadily beating heart skips at least twice. If it had not been completely quiet when she asked, and had I not been listing very intently, I might have thought I misheard her. I am 100% sure that she did if fact just ask me if I wanted to lick her feet. Even though the obvious answer is YES, the way she asked it makes me pause. She is still looking embarrassed for asking, and the longer I wait, she seems to become less sure of my answer. But something about the way she asked it has me wondering a few things too.

“I… wait, how did you know, well, that I want to lick them…and yes, I would love to lick your feet actually.” I add with what is no doubt a bright red face. Kelly gets her normal confident relaxed demeanor back right away. She grins wide at me, and even runs her tongue over her teeth as she presses a little harder with her foot on my crotch. My cock is begging for the attention at this point.

“I knew it!” she whispers with revelry. “I started to wonder when I saw you looking at Amy’s feet after the first game. Then when I was thinking about it you reached down and touched my foot again as you got up. I started thinking about the few times I thought I caught you ogling my or Erica’s feet when we came over before.” She seems almost giddy at finding me out, I am having a hard time thinking she is going to turn me in with each press on my erection with her foot. A tiny bubble of hope and craving starts to emerge in my chest, but also nerves. The incident with Erica had only involved some foot fun thanks to my sister’s shoes under her bed and a well-placed tickle fight between my sister and the vixen I am currently hiding under a table with. I was not sure what was going to happen here. “I was almost positive you had a foot fetish when I watched your dick spring up the moment you had my feet in your hands!” she bites her lip again. “But I was still not 100% sure it was cuz of my feet, I mean, it could have been my legs or something.” She laughs quietly “That would have been an awkward question if I was wrong.” She smiles wide anyways, pride of being right just flowing from her. But it still left me with a question.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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