An Unexpected Outcome to a Night

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I had gone out with a friend to a bar to grab some drinks. It started off as a normal night out and as we sat at the bar, he told me a friend of ours was having a party. Having been living with my girlfriend, who doesn’t drink, it had been while since I’ve been to a party so I thought it would be fun to go.

It was a normal party- a bunch of people in there mid 20s drinking the night away and I must say I was having fun. Things changed though when someone busted out a bag of coke.

After a few lines, my mind was racing. Now, I consider myself to be straight, but I’ve experimented in the past with a guy and out of nowhere he sends me a text.

“Hey man- it’s been while, would love to catch up!”

“Hey- you’re right, it has been. I’m actually out right now, maybe we can meet up tonight”

“Sure- text me your address and I’ll pick you up”

Now, I hesitated at first but eventually gave in. We had met up when I was younger – I was 18 and he was 23 – and he was the only guy that I had been with. Part of me wondering (and probably hoped) whether it would lead to something else, but I told myself that I’d just hang and catch up.

The next hour ultrabet yeni giriş passed and then I got the message that he was here. I said goodbye to my friends and headed out the door. We drove in his car and arrived at his home.

As we entered, I could hear another voice from the house. “That’s just my boyfriend, he’s nice and you two will get along”

Had I been sober, I would have gotten an Uber home. However, in my state of mind, I figured I’d roll with it and see what happens.

We then sat on the couch, his boyfriend on one end, me in the middle, and him on the other.

As we caught up over a few beers, my friends hand became ever more aggressive. Starting by placing his hand on my knee, he eventually started rubbing my thigh all the way up to my groin.

As this happened, I excused myself to use their bathroom. Once I got in, I thought that I should probably leave, but the combination of the alcohol and cocaine led me to see what happens, knowing I could stop it at any time.

I ended up back downstairs and sat on the couch. Once I did, I looked over to see my friend had his pants down with his cock out. Something about seeing ultrabet giriş his penis got to me, and the next thing I know my hand is on his shaft, stroking it as it grew harder in my hands. He suggested that we might be more comfortable in the bedroom, and I agreed.

We then entered their bedroom and we both proceeded to strip away our clothes. He then laid down and asked me to join, guiding my head to his shaft.

I took him in my mouth and started sucking. To be honest, it felt great to have him in my mouth and I completely forgot that his boyfriend was in the other room (but not for long).

As my head was bobbing up and down, I suddenly felt another person to my side and it was then that I realized what was going to happen. I wouldn’t just be playing with my old friend, but also his boyfriend too.

His boyfriend then proceeded to lay down on the bed and remove his pants. I looked up from what I was doing and saw his erect penis, staring me in the face as I lowered my mouth over it.

I must say, I felt so turned on at this moment, having another cock served to me. As this was going on, I could hear a drawer open and something was ultrabet güvenilirmi handed to my friend, but with my head busy doing other things, I wasn’t sure what it was.

The next thing I know, I feel a cool sensation being spread onto my asshole. As I was sucking his boyfriends dick, I knew that in only a moment, I would be filled at both ends.

As I continued to suck his cock, I could feel my friend begin to push his condom covered cock into my tight asshole. Keep in mind that it had been 10 years since anything that been up there, so I was tight to say the least.

Perhaps it was the combination of substances, after about 30 seconds of pain, my asshole began to ease on his cock and I found myself in the middle of my friend and his boyfriend.

I could hear my friend panting from behind as he was pumping into my ass, and my ever increasing moans were being silenced by the cock in my mouth.

This scene continued for the next 5 or so minutes until my friend suggested we switch positions. He lied down on the bed as I straddled his penis, while his boyfriend again inserted his cock into my mouth.

Next thing I knew, I could hear him grunt as he released his load into the condom. His boyfriend soon followed, releasing into my mouth.

My friend ended up getting hard again and we had sex once again as his boyfriend watched. Since then I haven’t seen them, but I have a feeling this might happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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