Adam’s Addiction

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Adam was restless and horny. He was due to fly out to Kentucky for a holiday in four days. It was a foul evening outside with the rain lashing down. The bar where he usually went to meet women was on the other side of town and in any case he needed to save his cash. There was only one thing for it he would have to start searching the internet for suitable entertainment.

Adam began searching several adult websites that contained models with webcams. After an hour’s searching Adam had found a suitable website that wouldn’t put a dent in his pocket. Sure enough he found a model that sparked his curiosity.

Her speciality was to read from her favourite book during a private one to one session. She was keen on all things aquatic and her favourite novel was Moby Dick. Her name was Doctor Narrator.

The sexy doctor was dressed in a pristine white blouse that was slightly see through revealing C cup breasts housed in a seductive black bra. The length of the shirt made it difficult to tell if she had panties on. Her hair was blonde and was tied up in a ponytail showing off her slender long neck. When she smiled as she often did her crystal blue eyes would sparkle.

Doctor Narrator was quite taken with Adam and after having spent ten minutes engaging in general chit chat the conversation soon turned into quizzes about Sci Fi films. Time flew by and after an hour Adam was in the mood to be read to.

He asked the Doctor what was in store and she informed him that she would change into her uniform and read from any page he wished, for as long as he desired. This was all too tempting to resist for Adam and more than he could have hoped for.

He hit the button that enabled the private one to one session with the Doctor to begin. As soon as the screen cleared he was greeted with a seductive smile and from her glistening lips, the Doctor whispered ‘Ready?’

Adam nodded nervously forgetting he could not be seen but managed to say yes after a short delay. Sitting in his chair he watched as the Doctor unbuttoned her blouse slowly, as each button came undone the Doctor’s soft milky white skin was revealed, inviting fingertips to be run over it.

Soon the blouse was off and the Doctor announced, ‘Time for my uniform!’ Without delay the black bra fell away revealing the perkiest breasts Adam had ever seen. Adam pondered for a few moments as to which uniform would be worn for his pleasure. Suddenly he was interrupted by a question. ‘Which page shall we start at?’ Realising there was to be no uniform Adam requested page 32 and sat back in anticipation.

‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ enquired bahis siteleri the Doctor. Again Adam replied yes, nodding at the same time and proceedings began. As the words drifted over Adam’s head he was transfixed by the beauty before him.

Without hesitation he typed ‘Would you be offended if I unzipped and freed myself?’ At first his message was not seen as the Doctor was engrossed in her reading. After what seemed an eternity she paused looked up and digested the contents of the message before her.

The Doctor paused before replying. By now Adam was rock hard and the unzipping of his pants had become a necessity. Perhaps sensing this and having read to many perverts previously, she delayed her answer further. ‘Of course be my guest, but I would be offended if you just unzipped and didn’t free yourself completely!’

Adam viewed this as a command and freed himself. For good measure he removed his shirt leaving his abdomen unobstructed so his manhood could stretch up and almost touch his navel.

Instead of returning to reading the novel, the Doctor whispered ‘The thought of you with a throbbing erection has made my nipples come out to play.’ Indeed they were protruding in a manner that invited them to be nibbled.

Adam was now extremely turned on. Politely he enquired ‘Would it be considered rude if I took up a more comfortable sitting position and began masturbating?

The Doctor replied ‘Not at all. I’ll give you a few seconds to get comfortable and then we can both begin.’ The Doctor read for the next fifteen minutes emphasising selected words as Aaron gently stroked himself until he ejaculated over his abdomen.

With his first session under his belt and his sexual urges quenched, Adam thanked the Doctor for an enjoyable time and bade her farewell hoping he would meet her again.

Two days had passed and Adam found himself bored and horny once more. Should he go out? Then his mind sprung back to his encounter with Doctor Narrator. Would she be online now? If so would he be bolder and allow her to watch him masturbate this time?

Adam quickly set up his laptop and once online he searched in vain for Doctor Narrator but she was nowhere to be seen. Although disappointed Adam decided to search for something different.

At last, after an hour, he had found what he was looking for. It was time to see what delights Miss Valkyrie had to offer. Nervously he clicked on the button that would reveal her to him.

There she was sitting before him, a stunning redhead with pale blue eyes and a low cut blue gown with thin straps housing an eye pleasing cleavage. canlı bahis siteleri At first glance Adam reckoned her bra size was at least a D cup. Once Adam had taken this image in he became distracted. What was it she was doing?

Miss Valkyrie was happily polishing away. Adam had not interrupted her in the middle of housework but had distracted her from her sword buffing. Fascinated by this Adam wanted to know more about the sword.

Miss Valkyrie informed him in great detail that she enjoyed taking part in Viking battle re-enactments and that her role was as a Warrior Princess wielding her sword. ‘I call him Vengeance,’ she announced.

Success, this was completely different to what Adam had experienced with Doctor Narrator and he soon found himself aroused by this Princess and her mighty blade. With his curiosity and manhood suitably stimulated he asked ‘What happens now?’

Miss Valkyrie replied ‘I was only trying on my gown for size and Vengeance needed a good rubbing so this is as far as I have got. Have you got any suggestions Adam? I can tell you have something in mind!’

Adam explained his liking for being read to as he masturbated and that her polishing of Vengeance would be a great substitute for Moby Dick. This seemed to meet the approval of Miss Valkyrie as her nipples began to protrude through her braless blue gown.

Encouraged by this Adam suggested that he turned his webcam on when he entered their private session so that she could see him. ‘I have an idea,’ breathed Miss Valkyrie seductively. ‘After turning on your camera, surrender yourself to me!’

As soon as the private session began Adam turned on his webcam and awaited further instructions. ‘Welcome to my room, however your appearance will not do! Remove your trousers and pants immediately I wish to see more.’ Adam whipped the bottom half of his clothing off and stood before the Nordic beauty in anticipation.

‘In fact remove everything I want you completely naked so you are defenceless and at my mercy.’ Without uttering another word Miss Valkyrie resumed her polishing of Vengeance without glancing up at Adam.

Miss Valkyrie continued her polishing for ten minutes before she stopped and placed the glistening blade on the floor. ‘Adam sit down and take your manhood in your right hand and concentrate on my cleavage.’ Slowly tantalising him, Miss Valkyrie slipped each strap of the gown down until her double D breasts were exposed before him. Indeed both nipples were as hard as Adam was.

Miss Valkyrie picked up her shining blade and rested it across her knees. Pleased by the lustre she had canlı bahis achieved she began stroking the handle before running her fingers down the cold steely shaft. ‘Start masturbating Adam and make sure you keep to the rhythm of my strokes or ten lashes will await you!’

So began five minutes of masturbation by Adam hoping to please his Valkyrie Princess by keeping in time.

‘Stop!’ exclaimed Miss Valkyrie. She grasped Vengeance by the handle and placed his tip against her sensitive right nipple. She explained the touch of cold steel was more exquisite than any human finger or the coldest ice cube.

Excited by what he was watching Adam resumed his masturbating without permission. Miss Valkyrie was so turned on by her nipple being stimulated by the cold steel she failed to notice.

Adam, now standing, made sure he stroked himself at a slower pace as he did not wish to ejaculate just yet as he was confident Miss Valkyrie had more to offer. His thoughts proved correct. After her left nipple had received suitable stimulation, Vengeance was placed on the floor once more.

Around her waist was a thin belt with a sheath that housed a dagger no more than eight inches in length, clad in a protective plastic cover. Miss Valkyrie removed the belt and sheath and withdrew the dagger. Adam fascinated by what he was watching ceased his stroking. The blue gown was now on the floor and Miss Valkyrie was completely naked. ‘Pretend this dagger is your erect manhood!’

With that Miss Valkyrie opened her legs wide enough so that Adam could see her shaven quim. It was truly a magnificent sight. Gently the dagger, still housed in the plastic cover, was slid up inside her. As each inch of the blade disappeared from view Miss Valkyrie bit her top lip.

‘Please resume wanking Adam, I want us both to come together.’ The blade of the dagger was the perfect length to tease her clitoris fully. Indeed her juices started to flow down the plastic cover and drip onto the gown that lay at her feet.

Without warning a torrent of fluid now poured down the dagger. This took Adam by surprise and he found himself close to ejaculating. Miss Valkyrie had climaxed and having realised Adam had not withdrew the dagger from her pussy.

In a flash she removed the cover and drizzled what was left of her juice over the dagger as if icing a cake. ‘Adam carry on masturbating while I polish the dagger. Imagine the dagger is your cock.’ Adam did as he was told and within minutes had ejaculated over his laptop screen much to the delight of Miss Valkyrie.

Miss Valkyrie wiped her fingers on her breasts as she watched Adam clean his laptop screen. Having agreed this had been time well spent, Adam said he would visit her again when he came back off holiday.

Alas, as with Doctor Narrator Adam was never to session with Miss Valkyrie again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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