A Surprise at Work

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I work at a small networking and computer company in Texas. We all have to supply our own laptops to use while we work. We hook up to the Internet through whatever network we happen to be working on at the time. I keep a Yahoo account on my laptop to explore my wilder side. One evening I was at the office and my boss asked to borrow my laptop so that he could transfer some files to his laptop. Pretty standard stuff and I left my laptop with him. The next morning picked up my laptop and went out to my first job.

I logged into my Yahoo account and saw a new email there. I opened and read a note from a guy in my area who was a dom/top who was looking for a sub/bottom for his satisfaction. He left his Yahoo IM name. I clicked on my messenger and sure enough he was online. We talked online while I was downloading software. He sounded pretty perfect for me. I am a bi-WM and a bit of a sub. So we set a time to meet online again and discuss the possibility of something beyond IM.

I returned that afternoon to my office to fill out work forms and turn in an expense report. While I was filling out my forms my boss (Tom) asked if he could talk with me after I finished. I walked into his office it was about 5:00 and almost everyone else had already left for the day. He told me to close the door. Tom sat behind his desk watching me as I walked across his office. When I sat down Tom asked how the install and upgrade went that morning. I told him it went just fine. He asked me then if I preferred Yahoo Messenger to MS Messenger. I was getting a güvenilir bahis sinking feeling.

If he looked into my personal files on my laptop… Tom then asked me to come over and show him some stuff with his new Yahoo Messenger account. I walked around his desk and was looking towards his computer because I didn’t want him to see I was mortified at what he may have found. I heard his chair turning around and looked at him. I froze, his cock was hanging out of his pants. He was smiling at me, I looked then at his screen and saw he was the person I was chatting with that morning. I saw all of my messages on the screen. Tom told me to get down on my knees and kiss his cock. I did so because I did not know what else to do.

I began to kiss and then suck his cock. He wasn’t overly large, he had an average size cock with a nice curve in it. Tom was telling me how good that felt and how long he had been looking for someone that would be his bitch. He told me that I was going to get to suck that cock a lot in the coming days. He began to moan and I could feel the head of his cock starting to swell as he was about to cum. He shot his load in my mouth. He smiled as I swallowed his load. I pulled away and he let his cock hang for a minute and I saw a drop of cum oozing off the head. I moved up and licked it off the tip.

We both got up and he told me to meet him at an address he handed to me in one hour. I was to dressed in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals, no underwear. An hour later I pulled up to a house and walked to the door. My cock was güvenilir bahis siteleri stirring thinking of sucking Tom off again or maybe even more. I rang the bell and Tom answered the door he was wearing a robe. He smiled and invited me in. He took me into the den. Tom sat down on the couch and told me to sit beside him. He then began to explain how this relationship was going to work. I would service him and anyone that he thought I should service. I would also take pictures of his encounters with others. I would clean his cock after he was finished with those encounters. I would also from time to time have to do special favors for him. I was excited with anticipation. He also wanted me to cum but that I would have to jack myself off and shoot my cum where he pointed. He would have me clean that up as well. Tom then said that when we come to this room I would always be nude.

I stood up and took off my t-shirt, whiled kicking off my sandals and I dropped my shorts. There was some pre-cum on the end of my cock due to my excitement and anticipation about what lay ahead. Tom was watching me. He told me to go over to the bathroom located on the other side of the room and use the tools located there. I found an enema bag and a wet/dry razor. I filled the enema bag with warm water and gave myself an enema. After completing that chore I shave my pubic hair off and then showered myself. I came back out and Tom was sitting there watching some porn. I saw some KY laying on the table so I went over and got a generous portion on a finger and iddaa siteleri pushed it up my ass. I fingered myself as much as possible so the lube was all around my asshole. Tom smiled as I took care of this myself.

I looked at the screen and saw a naked guy kneeling before this dressed guy. The guy standing had his cock out of his pants and was peeing in the other guys mouth. I realized that this was probably one of those special favors I would be doing. Tom stood and told me to get on all fours. He pushed the head of his cock against my asshole. Pain blinded me for a moment as he plunged in me. He pulled all the way out and let my ass quit trembling and then he plunged his cock into me again. He fucked me with wild abandon. Soon he came in me. Afterwards he sat down on the couch and I turned around and began sucking and licking his cock. Tom was moaning with pleasure. I was so hard it almost hurt. Tom finally reached out his hand and started jerking me off. I felt like I was ready to explode. Tom told me to cum on his cock and balls. I started jerking myself off and shot my load on his cock and balls. I knelt down and started licking it off.

When I finished Tom said he was ready for his special favor. We walked into the bathroom and he had me get in the tub. He picked up his cock and began to pee on me first hitting my chest and then finally my mouth. It was hot and salty tasting. He finished and left. I cleaned up and took another shower. I walked out of the bathroom and Tom was sitting once again on the couch. He smiled as I walked over to him nude.

He told me that he would be at the office at 7:00 in the morning and that I needed to be in his office ready to service him. He also told me that if everything worked out I would be his personal assistant at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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