A Different Relationship Ch. 03

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The day went by rather uneventfully. Apart from five prevented erections at least. At five in the afternoon there was a text from Linda telling me to send her a photo containing the buttplug and chastity device. I kneeled in front of the mirror and took a photo where she could clearly see the plug as well as the chastity device hanging between my legs.

I didn’t hear anything more from her so I went to bed at about eleven pm. I woke up again when I heard voices from outside the front door. I could not understand what they were saying so I stood up and walked towards the door. I finally made out two distinct voices. One was Linda and the other one was a man’s voice I didn’t recognise.

“If you don’t want me to come in with you then why did you ask me to come with you?”

“Now don’t be a baby. We had fun tonight didn’t we?”

“Yes, but I really want to take you to bed. I couldn’t quite enjoy myself in the bathroom with all the people there.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I might be wrong but I think he just implied that they had sex in some bathroom. My face was getting red. Strangely, I was not angry but disappointed. And even more strangely while I was standing there red-faced, my dick started twitching again.

“Maybe I’ll let you in next time but not tonight. Now shut up I can’t stand you looking at me like this.”

After that I heard some scratching across the door followed by around three minutes of nothing. Suddenly there was some loud moaning coming from in front of the door followed by the key being put into the lock. I quickly hurried back to the bed. I don’t know what just had happened. Perhaps my – what I had thought was now my girlfriend again – had brought a guy into the flat.

But I could only hear her take off her jacket and then her shoes. I could hear her coming closer to the bedroom and as she entered she came up next to me and put her lips onto mine. She started sensually kissing me but I immediately tasted and felt so much more in my mouth. It suddenly dawned on me what must have happened in front of the door.

She must have given him a blowjob to shut him up or on purpose to do this now but I couldn’t believe that she was feeding me his cum while kissing me. Thankfully it wasn’t much and I swallowed it quickly. After the kiss was over she gave me another quick peck on my mouth.

“Don’t ask any questions or you’ll regret it. I’ll be right back.”

I heard her going to the bathroom and ten minutes later crawling into bed with me. I was not sure what to do or say so I just kept my mouth shut and let all the emotions sink into me. We both fell asleep and I awoke some time later when I felt something running down my legs.

Maybe she is just so horny and wet was my first thought but then it dawned on me and I knew what must have been running out of my girlfriend’s pussy and over my leg. I didn’t know what to think and it took me another, what felt like an eternity to get back to sleep.

Morning came and I awoke rather abruptly by a familiar pain radiating between my legs. I could feel that Linda was still sleeping next to me and tried to get up and go to the bathroom as silently as possible. Looking into the mirror I realised that in fact there was some dried cum on my leg. I quickly went to the sink to wash it away, disgusted and feeling violated.

Strangely enough I didn’t mind being fed another man’s cum as much as scrubbing it from my leg. ‘This is what it’s going to be like from now on’, bahis siteleri I thought to myself. Yet I couldn’t risk losing her again so I decided to keep my mouth shut. As long as she is happy and with me, I am happy.

I tried to crawl back into bed as quietly as possible but as soon as I did Linda reached for my head, and gently but in a commanding manner guided it between her legs under the sheets. I didn’t hesitate, this was becoming familiar.

I started licking her inner thighs and I immediately knew that it was cum that leaked out the night before. It tasted saltier than the fresh equivalent that I was fed yesterday. When I got to her pussy the smell was overwhelming. It smelled of her, her wetness and sex. I quickly moved my tongue from one side to the other making sure that I hit every spot just the way she liked it.

I probed into her as far as I could and either I imagined it or there was still a bit of cum inside of her. I eagerly licked it all up and suddenly she pushed my head into her as she began screaming while having her first orgasm of the new day.

“Ahh… I needed that, now make some coffee while I hit the shower.” I did as I was ordered, and after she was finished she told me to take a shower as well because we were going out to get a few things done today.

“Once we are finished with breakfast we are going out and I am going to fulfill one of your oldest desires. We are going to a tattoo and piercing parlour so can you guess what it is?” I was dumbfounded for a second but then it dawned on me.

“You’re getting a nipple piercing?” I asked and as I was speaking and thinking about it, I could feel my cock strain within its’s tiny cage.

“Yes I am and because I’m getting something done for you, I want you to get a piercing as well. I won’t tell you now where it’s going to be but I promise that it won’t hurt too much. Don’t worry, nobody at work is going to see it. I also want you to get something permanent if you’re still serious about never wanting to leave me again.”


“That’s good. I like having you as my little slave and you know that I mean that with the highest affection.”

Her slave. Was I her slave? I did her every bidding and just wanted her to be happy but I never considered myself as her slave. However, if it makes her happy to call me that I guess I can live with it.

After I put the dishes into the dishwasher we both dressed and took off. It wasn’t a long drive and after twenty minutes we were already in front of the shop that Linda had picked. There were many different photographs picturing a large variety of tattoos and piercings in the windows of the shop.

This got me excited and a little bit scared. I was curious where my new piercing was going to be but I was pretty sure that she wanted me to get my nipple pierced as well. I was nervous, however, about getting that permanent thing that she mentioned. She could only mean a tattoo and I think I was fine with that too.

We went inside and found we were the only customers. A guy that was heavily tattooed and pierced came out from the back of the shop.

“What can I do for you?”

“I called yesterday about an appointment.”

“Oh, two piercings and a small tattoo is that correct?”

“Yes that’s us.”

“Alright, do you want to start with the tattoo or the piercings?”

“I think we should do the piercings first. I would like to get my left nipple pierced.”

“Certainly. Come back here and sit down canlı bahis siteleri on the chair. Please expose your breast.”

Linda didn’t think twice about it and removed her shirt and sat down topless on the chair. The man didn’t seem to be impressed and just continued getting his things ready.

“Do you want it horizontal or vertical?”

“Horizontal please.”

“Alright. I’ll be putting in a stud and you should keep that in for the first month at least until it is completely healed. I will give you an ointment and you should use it every day in the mornings and before going to bed. If there is any swelling or redness after three days please check with a doctor. Same goes for the other piercing that we are going to do later.”


He picked up a small clamp in one hand and started to rub Linda’s nipple with his thumb and index finger of his other hand. She moaned a little when he touched her. Just barely but loud enough for him and me to hear it. My face got a little red but he just smiled and set the clamp on her nipple.

With his free hand he took the needle and thirty seconds later everything was done and a silver stud now portruded from her left nipple. Damn, if I wasn’t restrained my dick would be rock hard right now. However, it just twitched trying to without any luck.

“Alright. Looks good, shall we continue? What or who’s next?”

Now it was my turn I thought.

“He is next. I want you to give him a frenulum piercing.”

A frenu-what? I must have looked really dumbfounded looking at her.

“It’s on the underside of the penis. A piercing going through the small piece of skin that connects the penis head with the rest of the skin.”

Now I was nervous. And afraid. I was looking at her with angst written all over my face.

“What are you waiting for? Are you going to drop your pants or are we going home to rethink things?”

God I hated her right now. Or at least despised her. She knew that I would do anything that she wanted and she took advantage of it whenever she needed to get her way. I gave up and started unfastening the belt. I was ashamed and defeated. She won and that was it. All I could do was to comply with her wishes or risk losing her forever.

I dropped my jeans and boxers all in one motion.

“Oh we’re going to need this. I almost forgot.”

She had the key in hand and moved towards me to unlock my chastity device. I was past being ashamed and just stared to the ground. The piercer didn’t say anything and just waited.

“Any special wishes?”

“I was thinking… Can you take a larger gauge and is it possible to get a very small lock instead of a piercing? Do you have something like that or can I get something like that somewhere?”

“Oh I see what you want to do. Yes I can do that. We have small locks that are usually used as earrings with larger gauges. Well I need to make a larger hole but it’s no problem and it shouldn’t hurt more than a regular one.”

Despite being free of the restricting chastity device I wasn’t getting excited. Fear is a great motivator and I had other things in mind than an erection. The piercer looked for a larger needle and I sat down on the chair. He put the clamp onto my frenulum and before I could think or say anything the pain was there.

As quick as it came however it was gone again.

“I am going leave this small stud in now. Do you think you can put that cage on him without touching it too much?”

“I’ll canlı bahis try.” With a little effort Linda was able to lock me back up in chastity and not push the stud out of my new piercing hole at the same time.

“Well, now we put in the lock and voila. Here are the keys. You should treat it the same as your nipple piercing and it should be fine. Just put the tincture on it and move it around so it gets everywhere in the wound and doesn’t get infected. You should be fine.”

I looked at it in the mirror. The lock-piercing was put behind one of the iron bars of the chastity device, going through my piercing and out behind a second bar of the cage. I could never get my penis out of it now without the key or a pair of bolt cutters and I knew I would never use bolt cutters because that would be the end of our relationship.

“Who is getting the tattoo?”

“Stay seated honey that’s you again. I want you to put this above his penis in the same size and font as it is on this paper.” Linda said as she handed him a piece of paper from her pocket. He just smiled and nodded.

“Alright. Sir please sit back and close your eyes. I think this is meant to be a surprise for you.”

I was defeated long before this and didn’t care anymore. I just closed my eyes and let him work. It didn’t take too long and after twenty minutes and some uncomfortable pain it was over. I looked in the mirror but could only see a bandage where my new tattoo was. Damn I was curious. It was just above my penis but ended underneath my boxer lining so nobody would ever see it unless I was naked.

“Thanks for that honey. Now I know you will never leave me again. Because you took it like a man and did not flinch too much I decided to give you another reward. The piercings and tattoo got me a little excited and if you want I’ll let you pick out a spot for a second piercing.’

She smiled at me and I was relieved. Another piercing. Hmm… I always liked the idea of her having a nipple piercing but now that it was done. I don’t know. I thought about a second nipple piercing but then decided to choose a navel piercing. Linda told me once that she wanted to get one when she was sixteen but she never did so I thought she would like it.

“Okay, a navel piercing.”

She smiled. Did she know I was gonna say that?

“Are you sure?”


I saw how happy she was all of a sudden and realised again why I loved her.

“Alright I guess we are getting a navel piercing. Honey please lift your shirt so this nice man can put it in.”


In me? Was she serious? I thought I was picking one out for her, not for me. I don’t want a navel piercing. I’ve never even seen a guy with a navel piercing before. I wanted to protest but suddenly her smile was gone and she gave me a stern look. All my confusion was washed away and replaced by contempt and devotion. She had me.

I lifted my shirt and one minute later I had a silver stud with a purple stone on the bottom that Linda picked out smiling. I was humiliated beyond comprehension but didn’t say a thing.

“Do you want a picture for your wall?”

“If you don’t mind.”

He grabbed a camera and snapped a picture of me from the chest down to the knees. You could clearly see the navel piercing as well as the frenulum with the lock in it. Then he snapped another close up of the frenulum and was done.

“Thank you.”

I paid and turned around to leave.

“If you have any questions or wishes don’t hesitate to call.”

That was all he said while he wrote his private number on one of his businesscards and handed it to Linda. She smiled and put it in her purse. I took her hand and together we left and headed for home.

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