Me, Myself, and Goldie!

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Some years have passed since my last relationship. And as I take a good look at myself in the mirror I’m wondering how someone as fine as myself is still single and most importantly, DICKLESS. I mean my momma didn’t name me Queen just because that was the only name she could think of. She marked me for life and I have standards I must live up to and uphold.

Sometimes if you want something done you have to do it yourself. I go to my closet and pull out my box of toys. It’s been so long since I veered in the box that I almost forgot I had it. Clearly it’s been neglected because when I open it the first thing I notice is dust and rust. I have a pair of metal handcuffs that for sure won’t be going around my wrists looking like this. I have never used them so I don’t even know why they have rusted. Oh now I see, somehow a bottle of one of my sensual oils must have leaked on it. To the trash it goes. Just money down the drain and now I don’t even have any more oils just an empty bottle that also got on my silk blindfold. I pick up a purple rigid stick. isveçbahis It’s supposed to be a vibrator but the thing hasn’t vibrated once since I bought it. To the trash it goes too. Well after doing a little spring cleaning in my box of goodies I am only left with a cock ring, a whip, and an unopened gold jack rabbit.

Goldie!! How could I forget about you?! Most importantly why have I never used you. Well it looks like it’s just me, myself, and Goldie for the night!

Goldie is about to be my man of the hour. Lol! Just looking at him and imagining him twirling inside me is turning me on. I open up the package so I can get a good feel for what he is working with. His clear and gold accents twinkle in my eye. With beaded pearls on the inside and a rabbit’s ear to give me a double sensation I’m mad I waited so long to try him out. He looks like he can do things no man can do.

I make sure to fully prepare him by inserting his batteries, like an old man popping Viagra. As I position myself on the bed in a clear angle to see myself in my full length isveçbahis giriş mirror I mentally prepare to be stimulated in ways that are now but a fantasy to me. In my mind all I hear are the lyrics to Tweet’s song “oops there goes my skirt dropping to my feet, oh my!” I try to envision the intense emotions she felt when she wrote that song. I take a good stare at myself in the mirror and elongate my legs so I can see all my beautiful curves. I power Goldie on and watch the motions as it swirls and vibrates in mid-air. I know the atmosphere is getting a good fuck right now. It’s time for me to really put it to work.

I commence my self-pleasure session by first testing it out on my outer genitalia. Goldie is so talented I can use him in many different forms. I rub the tip of his North Pole all around my clitoris. Ooh Mr. Goldie I wasn’t expecting to feel this. Who needs a man when you have this? A man can’t vibrate his dick like this dildo can. In a matter of seconds Goldie had my clit pulsating and pussy lips glistening. Now I was really ready isveçbahis yeni giriş for what Goldie had to offer. I turned the speed all the way up and slowly inserted him into my little home. The more I inserted the more the wave of vibrations passed through my body.

Each inch deeper brought Goldie’s rabbit ears closer and closer to my pearl. Now with his dome swimming around at my base, shaft rotating pearls of joy against my walls, and ears hopping away at my clitoris I lost all control. It had only been a few minutes and I was already feeling like I had to pee. I held back from cumming because this was going to be my first time in years and I wanted to really make it worth it. I continued stroking Goldie in and around my treasure. The pressure built up and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I tilt my head back and let go of Goldie as I fully let myself go. The flow of my juices was so strong it pushed Goldie right out me and onto the floor. Whew! It felt like such a release. There was a trail of cum leading from my pussy lips to the bed and floor. What a mess I had to clean up but it felt so good I didn’t even care. I continued lying down and eventually dosed off.

I woke up an hour later thinking to myself “damn I didn’t even need a man I put my own ass to sleep!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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