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I would like to say that I like coming to the site often and read other experiences and even used some ideas on myself.

When I was 18 years old, I was living with a friend of mine which we could talk about anything. One day, I broke up with my girlfriend because she said that she wanted to try other options. It kind of broke my heart and wrecked my sole. I went home and told my friend about what happened. I was off the next day from work but my friend had to go to work so he invited me along to hang the day with him and we were going to grab a quick dinner afterwards. I said sure not to sure where he works at… Never talked about work at home.

I got up at 7 AM to have breakfast and coffee before we headed out for the day. I went to take a shower and got dressed in loose cotton shorts with boxers and a t shirt… Normal Saturday attire which my friend stated would be ok since were doing a home delivery job. When we got to work, I noticed that he drills wells for sprinkler systems for homes and business. We got our assignment for the day which was a home under construction an hour from the office. We took the rig to the place where we are going to drill this well at and told me to just relax because this is going to take about 3 hours to complete. While my friend was getting the rig set up, extended the drilling hammer and hooked up the cables to the bit, the isveçbahis machine that was 40 ft long and 15 ft high turned into something that looks like a big L with a cable hanging down from the back.

I grabbed myself a cigarette and sat in the cab of the rig chilling and relaxing. All of sudden my friend started up the machine which was a little loud and started to hammer the pipe casing in the ground. All of sudden I felt the rig bounce a little bit which I thought was normal and then it stopped. Then the rig started to bounce again even harder up and down and started to sway side to side while bouncing. I felt my cock start to bounce around in my shorts. My body was also bouncing up and down and didn’t realize that my shorts creeped up and my cock was actually bouncing around out of my shorts and hitting my thigh. When I looked down, to see what was going on, I tried to hide it by covering it with my shirt which didn’t help since my cock kept on slipping out. I looked into the side mirror and noticed my friend at work attending to the drill. My cock bouncing around started to get too intense so since my friend was going to be working for 3 hours with the well, I decided to lay down the length of the cab and pulled my shorts down to my ankle as well as my boxer shorts until I was butt naked from the waist down. With the bouncing of the rig from side to side and up and down, isveçbahis giriş my cock was bouncing around so hard that I thought my cock was going to fly right off.

My cock was so hard and so thick with the motion of the rig that I shot out a load of cum which ended up everywhere since my cock was bouncing around while I released. After a half an hour of bouncing around, the rig door opened up on the side where my head was at and asked if I enjoyed myself. My friend was watching me all along after putting the rig on automatic. I felt really embarrassed before he stated to me that he does the same thing almost all the time since he gets bored out here every once in a while. He got inside while the rig which was still bouncing and sat down on the side of me. He put his hand around my cock and asked if he can take his shorts off. My mouth was so dry with anticipation and just nodded yes. He pulled his shorts down and noticed that he doesn’t have any underwear, he laughed and said, to much of a hassle. His cock was already bouncing before he could finish taking his shorts off. He asked me if I mind and I said no since my cock was still bouncing around and didn’t go down. After 3 hours later, the machine stopped and both of us had cum juices all over us and had the best time of our life. After that day, I asked my friend if I can work with him and I joined every job he went isveçbahis yeni giriş on for about a year.

After I moved out and he went off to college, I actually missed experience that I had with my friend so I designed a way to make my cock bounce and shake like it did in the rig. I actually took my bed that I slept in every night and gave some personality. I went to the junk yard and purchased 4 used car shocks which slipped over the four legs to my bed. I went to the local Wal-Mart and bought 3 cheap ceiling fans that attach directly to the ceiling without any bars hanging down. I used drywall screws and attached all 3 ceiling fans to the underside of the bed. I attached one blade attachment without the blade to each of the ceiling fans. I hooked up the wiring to each ceiling fan with ac plugs and plugged them into a surge protector.

I attached each ceiling fan attachment with a sock stuffed with different weights, like underwear and socks. I set the bed down far enough away from the wall for the movement of the bed and turned on all ceiling fans to low. The unbalance of the fans under the bed started to shake my bed and make it sway side to side. I sat down on the side butt naked and noticed that it started to shake me all over without stalling. I lay down in the middle and noticed that my cock was bouncing around even more then when I was in the truck. I enjoyed the feeling so much I did it every night before I went to bed alone and with my new girl friend which found making love with the bed bouncing around added an extra stimulation. I wish these types of beds were in hotel rooms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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