A Dutch Girl in Silicone Valley

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Chapter One

The front door clicked shut as I went into the dark. Mist clouded the end of the block, dreary and miserable.

Well, that more accurately described my mood. Wednesday night and Ann was not due back until Friday. Ann travels, often for several days at a time, because she has a growing career as an independent IT specialist. That’s how I came to be the lone dinner guest at Karla and Arno’s. My whole day at work was spent on an obtuse programming problem.

‘I better adjust my attitude.’, I thought. An evening sparring with Arno’s wise ass sense of humor should do it. Mmmm, and Karla, attractive, direct. Always stimulating.

Turning the corner a light in the distant mist, like a fuzzy ball, drew me on. I put up my collar and moved to follow the yellow stripe in the street. No sense stumbling on a curb.

=== === ===

Arno and I first met our homeowner’s association clubhouse at a monthly Wine Tasting thing. He made some crack about the decorations, I made an equally smart ass remark in return and our friendship began over free samples red wine.

Arno is a slim, medium height Argentinean. I kid him about his pencil thin moustache and slick schemes, he gives me a bad time about my “Ioway Corn Husker” mentality.

And Karla. Well, the first time I saw her remains a crystal clear memory. Ann and I had been lounging at the association pool most of Sunday morning. We were picking up to leave when Arno waved and sauntered up.

“Hey, you aren’t leaving me to all these babe’s are you?” Realizing Ann must be my wife he took her hand and kissing it said theatrically, “Pardon Madam. I would not make such a rude remark before a lady.”

Ann, ever quick replied, “My God! And you can only be the ‘Arno this’ and ‘Arno that’ Ken has been talking about.”


“Guilty!” I exclaimed, “You damned right guilty, he’s …”

“Oh and here comes my wife, Karla.” he interrupted, looking over my shoulder.

I turned. Walking toward us was a tall, lightly tanned, long legged specimen of womanhood. Her face was framed in a large mane of black hair, a serious expression on her face. She wore a modest two piece suit that could not downplay a great body. She spotted Arno and a few strides of those lovely legs brought her near. Karla’s smiling face cast a wonderful spell.

On the way home Ann snapped me on the butt with her towel saying, “You embarrassed me. The way you devoured that woman.” Dodging into a bush to avoid another hit I countered, “Arno got his share, looking you over from crotch to cleavage!”

Karla is Dutch with a good command of English, but an accent. Arno has a slight accent, which when they argue, makes for some interesting dialog. Karla has an unusually open and outspoken attitude toward life which is delightful to experience.

=== === ===

I shifted the wine to my other arm and reached for the doorbell. Before it quit ringing, Arno was there. A radiant smile, “Ah ha, he has arrived!” My bad mood evaporated.

In the kitchen, Karla worked on a salad. We exchanged pleasantries. Arno speared three steaks onto a platter, nodded his head toward the patio saying, “Our drinks await. Come on. I’ll show you the CORRECT way to do steaks while I tell you about my newest toy”.

“Now Arno! You don’t give Ken crazy ideas. I want for Ann and him to stay friends with us.”

Arno, the great organizer, had something in mind. I could see it in his eyes!

“I just bought this fantastic digital video camera. I’ll show it to you later, but you can’t believe how good it is in low light!”

“Low light? You planning on shooting in bedroom windows in the neighborhood?”

“Yaah, great idea. Too bad you guys sleep on the second floor. I know what, …you can leave a ladder by Ann’s bedroom window for me.”

After dinner we talked of things in general. Soon, as usual, Arno directed the conversation toward sex. I of course appreciated it as I didn’t have the nerve.

Karla’s observations were always so unselfconscious and frank sometimes we just had to laugh. Arno got on the subject of ‘ideal fantasy’ moments. I knew he was maneuvering with something specific in mind. Karla rarely caught on when Arno was leading her down a rosy path. The ‘conclusion’ appeared to be Arno wanted to watch Karla get it on with another man!

I almost choked on my drink. (‘Holy crap Arno, what are you doing?’ I thought. ‘Keep it up!!’)

Karla shot back that he, Arno would get upset and wind up creating a big scene if she did.

When Arno remarked, “A man can get it on just for pleasure. It didn’t mean anything more that having fun”, Karla acted pissed, Arno winked at me.

She retorted that women, particularly she Karla could have just as much ‘unattached’ fun as Arno!

Soon it was revealed that Arno had been ‘sampling’ some other ‘stuff’ recently.

Karla angrily told Arno, “If you want to watch me fuck somebody, he”, a curt nod toward me, “and I will give you something to watch and I don’t want to hear a WORD gaziantep escort from you!”

Her comment hit me with a burn in my groin. Just being around Karla always thrilled me, but getting it ON with her! Overpowering.

“Exactly. Do it!” Arno gave Karla a hard black eyed stare.

“Come on!” she said looking at me and jerking her head toward their bedroom.

She seemed genuinely angry. What was up? I shrugged and Arno nodded toward the disappearing Karla, whispering, “GO, GO! It’ll be great, I’ll get the video!”

I peeked in the bedroom door. Soft, indirect light revealed Karla unfastening her bra. She shrugged it off tossing it on a chair already holding her blouse. I stood transfixed.

Karla straightened, hands on hips, laughed and said, “It’s a game we play. Arno and me. We’ve talked about him watching me and some other guy, but I’m not going to go out to find something strange like Arno. If he needs it once in a while, I don’t care. Men are like that. I think I’d like some strange too, so we decided on you. What do you say to that?”

“Really?.” I said, displaying my lack of quick wit.

Burned into my brain is that first view of her breasts. Most breasts I have seen are round, Karla’s are more pointed. Cone shaped. Flaring out and slightly down, featuring brown circles with large, erect nipples. Glorious!

Seemingly unconscious of her topless condition Karla instructed, “Put your stuff over there and we meet on the bed.”

Yup. Good old Karla, straight forward. Taking care of business. She hooked thumbs in her slacks and began to pull them down. “Here, I’ll give you a little show. Get your meat in the mood.”

Yaah, like I needed help. She turned around and slowly pulled everything down, stopping at her knees, wiggling her backside displaying large smooth orbs. When she picked up her things I got a great rear view of her wide crotch revealing fleshy lips peeking through a dark thatch.

“Quit looking and get your clothes off!” she teased.

I threw my T-shirt toward the chair and jammed my pants down. My dick snagged on the shorts, broke loose and slapped my belly. Swollen, hard and ready. I was dancing around getting out of my socks when I felt a hand cupping my ass.

“My, my. Such a nice one.” She said. “Arno is an ass man, always telling me who has nice butts. All the time, where ever we go. Women or men.”

I kicked my stuff aside and turned toward her, reaching for those wonderful breasts. She in turn grasped my cock and we both sucked in our breath. “I see I don’t scare you off. Bringing you into my bedroom like that. Your meat says O.K. Arno said you were hot for me, but I was not so sure. … That Arno!”

Karla placed my hands on her hips. “Hmmm, you are taller than Arno.” Then she pressed her nipples to my chest. A movement of her hips sent my cock between her legs, sliding my HARD cock along wet, fleshy folds.

“Arno is shorter, we can’t do this.” Karla slowly pumped her hips and I tried to angle it in but she moved back.

“Man, this new low light camera is just great!” Arno was at the door holding the video camera.

“Here look at this.” He came over showing me the viewfinder displaying a clear picture of Karla’s backside as she crawled onto the bed.

“Hmmm, well look at this.” Holding the camera one handed Arno pointed it at my cock and with the other hand he lifted my cock like he was weighing it. “This looks like it should do the job. Hey Karla, he’s lots thicker than mine. I bet it’s not longer though.” He closed his hand and pumped it slowly a few times.

“We’ll make good use of this.”, he said smiling at me. He moved to bend toward my cock, but I turned toward Karla. His hand pumping my dick felt nice, but…

“Move more slowly!” he barked as I raised a knee to the bed. “That’s it, let’s see your ass, ooh there’s his ass hole, and look down here.”

I crawled up beside Karla and said, “We don’t need any damned commentary from the camera man!”

Karla laughed, “Yah, get your skinny dickie out Arno so you can spank it while we put on a show for you. … But first go get the tripod.”

I fondled a breast and pressed a hard nipple between my lips. Karla again hefted my cock.

“Now we can have your ‘Exquisite Moment’ in privacy. Here, come on.” Turning on her back, she spread her legs and looked at me, holding out her arms.

(The Exquisite Moment was a reference to an earlier conversation about ‘best moments’. I thought one of the most exquisite sexual moments is when entering a woman for the very first time. Entering slowly and feeling her stretching open to receive me. It is always a memorable moment. Not like I am a great cocksman, but I have had a few experiences.)

I knelt between her legs, grasped my cock with one hand and braced myself over her with the other. As I drew my dick up her slit, it dug into the slippery wet crack. I felt the ‘Center’ and pushed, SLOWLY. The head of my cock nosed in. Karla let out a nice little hiss of breath, I think escort bayan I did too. Her cunt was snug, clasping my dick head. I wiggled my cock slightly and then pushed again. Karla angled her cunt to me. Two more pumps and I was in deep, her wet cunt lips pressed to my crotch. We were both breathing hard. Karla whispered, “I haven’t been with anybody but Arno for years. I forgot how nice a different man can be.”

I gave my cock several muscle jumps. She Ohhh’d again and then gave me several cunt clasps in return! I almost dumped my cookies on the spot.

“Careful! Careful!” I said, pulling back and slipping out.

“Be sure and don’t cum too soon.” Karla’s accent was thick and throaty. “Here! I watch you.” she said and stuffed both pillows behind her head. “You O.K.? Ready again? I hold your meat … I mean cock. It’s thick. More than Arno.”

She lifted my ‘meat’, like Arno had, seeming to weigh it and then measured my cock by sliding her fingers from throbbing head to root at my groin. “Men’s things, I have not seen many, but you are not like most. It is with a wide helmet, just here.”, she giggled.

She pulled flesh up over the head and full back studying it. I shivered with pleasure, then moved off the bed and stood on the floor. Patting the edge of the bed I asked her to slide over.

“Fold your legs up.” I suggested.

Karla grabbed the pillows and stuffed them behind her again.

“Perfect! Now we can both see.”

Karla was displayed fully open, directly in front of my rigid cock.

I lightly prodded her cunt lips with my undirected cock. It centered on the damp flesh which protruded like pouting lips. Grasping it I swirled the head around, up and down while we watch. ‘Oh god’ it felt good.

“Push it in.” she ordered. So I did and again I could feel her cunt opening to me as I ‘shouldered’ in.

“Yaaah, thick. Nice, nice. You like my box?” I didn’t answer, just kept pumping slowly. I pulled it out and way back so we could see it was out. Then forward where it found it’s mark, making a small sound as it nosed back in. I pushed until we were mashed together. We repeated this several times.

Both our eyes were glued on the action.

“Nice. Nice to watch our fucking huh?” Karla whispered.

Something hot and hard poked me in the butt. Arno naked, hard on in hand said, “You bet. Grande! Nice! You kids having fun yet?” He tried to slide his cock up the crack of my ass, but I turned toward him, my cock splotching out of Karla, waving back and forth.

“Let’s measure.” Arno said, grabbing me and laying his cock over mine. He was long and thin. Longer than me. Arno’s cock head was brown, pointed and no larger than the shaft. My cock held under his, was wider with a pronounced purple head. He took both hands and lightly squeezed them together, pumping his cock slightly.

“Hmmm, I wonder, what CAN we do? …Here Karla move back and lay on the bed.” he ordered, “Now put one of those pillows under your ass.”

The Director was taking charge again.

Slowly fingering his cock he nodded toward Karla and said, “Get on her missionary style.” Her pelvis was raised on a pillow, so I followed orders and got back between her lovely long legs, holding myself up, hands at her shoulders and let my cock find its own way in. Karla encircled me in her arms as I smoothly slid in and our wet crotches met.

Arno said, “Here take some of this.” extending a small jar toward Karla while rubbing thick jell on his dick. She extended a couple fingers and swooped up a large glob.

“Not that stuff.” Karla ordered, “Get my body cream. It’s in the medicine cabinet.”

When he left she whispered, “It’s his compulsion to try this. It is all he talks about when we make love. He cums fast. This is not hard to do, he does me all the time.” She pressed the blob to my ass, perfectly hitting my ass hole. I stiffened as she stuck a finger in.

“Ohhh, you should feel how your meat jerks when I do that.” It WAS different. Exciting.

“His meat jerks?”, Arno was back, ” You like that huh?”

Karla put a hand on each side of my face, giving me a meaningful look, and kissed me tenderly. Arno kneeling behind me bumped my butt with his cock. Karla, angled up because of the pillow, folded her legs, heels to my buttocks pressing hard holding me at maximum penetration.

Whispering quietly she said, “Let him do his thing. I promise he will go off quick, then all he wants is to go have a cigarette. We can do everything we want after.”

I felt his lubricated cock sliding up my crack. It stopped at my ass hole and paused.

“Then I get to run my cock up YOUR ASS!” I whispered angrily. feeling exploited.

“Fine. Fine. He does me all the time. You might like it, … I do.” She pulled me to her lips again.

Her ‘Fine. Fine’ excited me. I hadn’t meant what I said. BUT … Whoa, he’s grinding his dick head up, down and around on my ass hole. Pushing. Agghhh. It went in. He stopped. Not the pain I expected. A new, exciting sensation flooded me.

Karla whispered, “What’s he doing. I can feel it through your meat.” She grabbed and spread my ass cheeks and held me tightly to her.

Arno pushed, jacked back and pushed again sinking deeper each time. It was a great sensation. His belly pressed my butt, all of his cock was in me! There was a feeling of what. Power? Accomplishment? Exciting in any event, because I took all the cock he had to give me.

“Ohhh god. Ohhh god.” Arno hissed and pumped in deep short thrusts.

Karla rocked her cunt. I was trapped between a thrusting cock and an undulating cunt. A few more big thrusts from Arno; Karla stiffened, her face straining as she held her breath.

“THAT’S IT. I’M CUMMING! Oh god, THERE, THERE.”, from Arno. Karla pulled harder on my ass holding me to her. Arno gave a hard shove and it sunk deeper. He pressed in, tight and stopped. I could feel his cock pulsing and spitting. Now I too went off like a banshee. Whoa! My cock just kept pumping and pumping. Karla, still holding her breath gasped, “Meee Tooo!” A huge intake of air and a shudder from her as I finished cumming.

“Wow! Wow! You should feel your ass clench when you went off Sandwich Man!”, Arno was ecstatic. “Good buddy, you make great meat in my fuck sandwich.”

Arno lay heavily on us a moment, then rolled off, his cock slipping out of my ass with a ‘plop’. Karla still held me pressed tightly to her cunt. She rippled her cunt muscles and I jacked in short movements. The resulting sensation kept my cock thick. Arno got up, slapped me on the butt and said, “Well you kids have fun. I’m going outside for a cigarette.”

I said sarcastically, “What? No ‘Thanks that was nice’. ‘Hope it was good for you too’?”

Arno laughed and left.

Karla whispered “Did you feel what happened with your meat?”

Meat, I guess she liked that word better than cock.

“It felt like you had a fist up me.” She slid a hand down and fingered my ass hole again. “Oooo. You are leaking. He really dumped you a load.” I could feel it oozing out and I think it ran down onto Karla’s spread ass.

“How was it. Are you O.K?” she asked.

“I’m good.” I answered, thinking ‘As long as I can use your pussy, he can have all that he wants.” (Actually I DID get off on it. Not something for ‘every day’, but really exciting.)

She said, “Here, let’s turn over. I’m going to ‘do’ you for a while.” I complied, my flagging but swollen cock raised because of the pillow she shoved under me. Karla straddled and held my ‘meat’ to her crotch, and effortlessly sucked it into her pussy. She dragged her breasts across my face and pumped with vigor. When I was stiff again she slipped me out and moved my cock back to her sphincter.

“No, that’s not way.” Trying to sound forceful I said, “I want to watch it go in!”

Karla explained, “I just wanted to see if it will go in. It’s pretty thick you know.”

I gave a shove, my cock slid up her hand and the head ‘popped’ in. I stopped. She grunted and move her hand to push down on me, I shifted and pulled out.

In a thick accent she said, “Yah, You want to be a little mean to me I think.” When she was excited her accent thickened. “You do it now? You will do it too hard?”

“Kneel on the edge of the bed. If it’s too much you can holler.” This ‘tough guy’ was a new roll for me. Karla seemed to like it.

She bent on knees before me, head down on the bed and hands around to hold her ass cheeks open. I hadn’t expected that, but that must be how Arno had her do it.

Karla’s long legs made her too high for a straight shot. I pushed her knees apart to lower her tantalizing sphincter where I wanted it. Karla was quiet. Waiting. I nuzzled her entrance with the head of my cock, spreading the juice. Holding the head of my cock against her tight opening I moved my hands up to her hips, grabbed firmly and pressed hard. My cock bent and then the purple head shot in. She groaned quietly. I paused to enjoy the sensation of my cock head grasped by the strong sphincter muscles. A moment later I pressed my swollen cock deeper, then back, then deeper several times until seated, full in.

“Ack. My god, you bust me wide open.” I delivered several short, deep, lurching pumps. Wow. Wonderful! I was ready to fire, I could feel the spasms, but it didn’t go off. I must be dry after all I dumped in her earlier. Karla reached back and grabbed my thighs, holding me in her ass. I kept bucking and pumping. I was hitting end or something, I could feel it. Every time I did she grunted. Karla groaned some Dutch words and pushed back up towards me. My cock began to spasm violently and then I discharged and discharged and discharged.

I was weak, out of breath and DONE IN. Karla lay forward on the bed and I followed to lay on her back, my cock still in, thick but softening.

=== Chapter Two ===

This time my wife Ann was home, so she was with me. Ann and I met Karla and Arno at the monthly Clubhouse wine tasting party. I felt an intense jolt of desire when I saw Karla walking toward us, Arno in tow. None of the three of us made any special references or comments about the ‘Event’ as Arno now called it, so I began to relax.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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