Sunny Loves it in Her Ass

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I always address my lady friends by their first names and refer to them the same way but there is one whose real name I don’t even know. When I was introduced to her shortly after her divorce, our mutual friend told me that everybody calls her Sunny and that is the only name I have ever heard or used.

I don’t know why she is called that; I suspect part of the reason is the short blonde hair that frames her pretty, smiling face. That smiling face is probably the main reason, though, because she makes everybody around her feel good. Every time I have seen her she has been smiling, even the first time. From what I later heard, her ex-husband, who seems to be a world class asshole, had put her through a real nightmare, even causing her to question her own womanhood, but she was still smiling when we met. The mutual friend discreetly left; a few hours later Sunny was smiling even more radiantly and she has never had any questions about her sexuality or desirability since then.

I certainly never have either. Our last session of making love together was a few days ago when she called me on the telephone. “Hi, George,” she started the conversation. “Can you come over this afternoon? I want to show you something.”

“Sure, Sunny. Always glad to see you anyhow.”

We chatted briefly after that and ended by agreeing on a time but the most important part of the conversation was her asking me to come over and my saying I would. I knew she wanted me to come over to make love and she knew I knew but Sunny is too shy, even toward me, to come out and say what she wants. Now that I know her reasonably well, it seems like an endearing and charming characteristic, but somebody who didn’t know her might think of it as irritating.

At the agreed time, I rang her doorbell. Knowing what Sunny likes, I had made sure to bring Aquaglide and condoms. She must have been waiting by the door because, almost immediately, she called out “Who is it?”

“Hi, Sunny. It’s George.” There was a rattling noise as Sunny unlocked the door. When I entered, she closed and double-locked it behind me.

“Hi, George. I’m glad you could come over.” We hugged, as friends do, and I kissed her on the cheek she turned to me.

“I saw this article in the newspaper and I thought you would be interested. It’s down the hall here.”

I took off my shoes and socks and followed Sunny, who was already barefoot, to her bedroom, where I noticed the bed was freshly made with clean sheets only, the way I do when I am expecting a visit from a lady friend. A section of that day’s newspaper, folded to display an article about possible markets for aspiring free-lance writers, was on the dresser. I had already seen it in my own copy of the paper and had dismissed it as of interest only to someone who was not yet established.

As I stood next to the bed, she handed me the newspaper and stood in front of me. “This is really interesting, Sunny, and I appreciate your showing it to me. Can I take it with me? It looks like there are a lot of good tips in here.”

“Sure.” Sunny had her usual big smile on her pretty face and she was holding her hands in front of herself, just under her lovely breasts. I knew that was my cue and I took it. After I put the newspaper back on the dresser, I reached my arms out to hug her; she moved closer and raised her face to me.

This time she didn’t turn her cheek when I kissed her and for the second kiss, both our mouths were open. With the third kiss, our tongues met and became re-acquainted. She reached out to hug me around the waist and, still in our double embrace, we lay down on the bed. With our mouths locked together our hands were busy, she unbuttoning my shirt and I doing the same for her blouse. I finished first and she slipped her arm out of one sleeve so I could brush the garment off her shoulder.

Even if I had any question about Sunny’s reason for asking me to come over, which I didn’t, it would have been answered by the fact that she was not wearing a bra under the blouse. I cupped my hand under her nearest large, shapely breast and bent down and kissed her delightful pink nipple. “Just a minute,” she said.

Sunny sat up and finished taking off her blouse and my shirt. She lay down on her back, her head resting on one of the many pillows on her bed, and I resumed kissing her face, moving from her open mouth to her eyes and ears and down her throat. She knew where my lips were heading, of course, and cupped her breasts in her hands to offer them to me.

It was an offer I had no wish to refuse. I licked one nipple a few strokes and then the other. When my mouth returned to the first one it was already erect and I delighted in the feel of the hard little ridges against my tongue. Back and forth between the succulent globes I moved, caressing their nipples with broad strokes of my tongue, hearing Sunny cooing her pleasure and feeling her squirm on the bed under me.

I opened my mouth wide and drew one of her luscious globes into my mouth. My lips formed a seal and I sucked while my tongue continued erotik film izle to fondle her nipple and areola. Sunny’s movements on the bed became stronger, thrusting her breast up to my mouth, because I was doing something she really likes. When I transferred my attentions to the second of the succulent twins, she twisted her body again to give me complete access.

Besides the movements of her upper body, I could see her crotch squirming but I couldn’t smell any juices through the blue jeans she was wearing. While continuing to suck and lick her breasts, I reached down a hand to unfasten the waistband of her pants and unzip the fly. When they were open, I could smell the delightful fragrance of her pussy juices and I knew the time had arrived to kiss and lick my way down her body to pay homage to the source of the marvelous aroma.

Sunny has a delightfully womanly figure, with a soft, rounded belly, and smooth skin that felt exquisitely soft on my lips. When my mouth reached the waistband of her jeans, I stopped and hooked my thumbs into it. She raised her ass from the bed and I pushed the pants down around her thighs, being careful not to remove her panties, because we both prefer to have me strip them from her separately. I smiled when I saw the big wet spot in the crotch.

“Sunny, you are the greatest smelling woman in the world.” She smiled when she heard that because she was wearing no artificial scent at all. The only thing I could smell was her delectable natural perfume, which is far more pleasing to me, and to most men, than anything made by the finest perfumers in the world.

“Well, George, is that all you’re going to do, just smell me?” she asked.

Obviously, it wasn’t, and I answered by getting off the bed and pulling her jeans all the way off. She was wearing just her panties and the crotch was so wet that I could see her pussy lips through the fabric. I knelt between her legs, hooked my fingers in the waistband and waited for Sunny to lift her ass off the bed so I could remove her last garment. Once they were pulled down around her hips, she raised her legs high, holding them together, allowing me to pull the panties off and toss them on the floor. When she lowered her legs, she separated them and let me duck under so they ended up draped over my shoulders.

Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I leaned forward to gaze on her truly beautiful pussy. Her skin is the color of ivory and the blonde hair, that she trims so it just covers her outer lips, is feathery soft. Her inner pussy lips are usually a baby pink but just then, they were so swollen from her arousal that they were colored a dark rose and had pushed their way through her slit. Sunny’s clit, at the upper end of those inner lips, was equally swollen, and had almost crowded its way out from under its protective hood. Gently, I reached my fingers in and spread her labia until I saw her precious love hole, still another shade of pink, and shiny from the juices that were bubbling up from inside and trickling down her crotch.

Besides being beautiful, Sunny’s pussy had a truly delightful aroma. She had jokingly asked if all I was going to do was to smell her, and, of course, I wanted to do much more. If all I were allowed to do was smell her, however, I would consider it to be time well and pleasurably spent. Although the aroma was delectable, the taste of the fresh juices covering the pussy in front of me was even better, as I proved when I licked them off her thighs, crotch and wherever else they had collected. Sunny murmured with pleasure as she felt my tongue caressing her sensitive flesh, and the sound was a joy to my ears.

Eating the wonderful pussy that was in front of me was truly a treat for all my senses but the greatest pleasure of all was the way she felt to my mouth. Starting with the incredibly soft and smooth skin below her pink love hole and licking upward on her first pair of pussy lips felt as good as anything I have ever done. Slowly, to make the joy last for both of us, I caressed upward on her inner and outer labia until I reached the point where her inner lips merge to form her clit hood. I continued upward from there until I was at her mons, when I stopped and looked up at Sunny’s sweet face.

She was smiling, of course; her eyes were blissfully closed and her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow. I felt good in every way about how this sweet and lovely woman was getting so much enjoyment from what I was doing. As much pleasure as I derive from eating a marvelous pussy like Sunny’s, I get almost as much from knowing how great it feels to her.

After my tongue had sluiced her fresh juices into my mouth, I treated the other pair of labia the same way except that I stopped when I reached the junction of the inner lips. Her murmuring had turned to moaning from the intense pleasure and her pussy was fucking up into my face. Gently, my tongue stroked her clit hood and then, with the utmost delicacy, curled underneath to fondle the sweetest of sweet spots that was partially sheltering there.

“Yes! film izle Yes! Lick me there, George. You know what I want. Make me cum!” I knew what she wanted allright, and I wanted it too, but I wanted it to build up a little more first.

Peeling my lips back from my mouth, I probed into the edges of Sunny’s dripping pink hole, relishing the juices that squirted out. Starting at the bottom, I licked there, followed by one side and then the other. After I had explored all around, I pressed my mouth as tightly against the hole as I could, and thrust my tongue inside. Rapidly flicking it up and down, I tickled the upper edge, indirectly stimulating her clit.

“Oooo! Oooo! Yes! That feels so good. Don’t stop!” Sunny urged me.

I had to stop and draw back to breathe, but over and over I repeated my actions, until Sunny’s hips were swiveling under my face thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders. She was ready to cum, I knew, and I probed my tongue briefly into the small area between her love button and the adorable hole I had just been penetrating.

Her clit was so engorged that the protective hood had been almost completely pushed out of the way. I used my fingers to move away what little remained, and drew her precious clit into my mouth and sucked on it. My lips formed a seal at the base and, as I sucked, my tongue caressed the sides and top.

“Ah! Ah! Suck my clit!” Sunny encouraged me, as if I needed encouragement. “Yes!” she abruptly cried. I’m cumming!” Her legs squeezed my head. Over and over she jammed her pussy into my face as her body thrashed on the bed. My arms stayed tightly around her thighs; my mouth remained clamped on her clit and I continued the sucking and licking.

“Yes!” she blurted out as her back arched, ramming her pussy harder than ever against my mouth. Sunny had climaxed, I could tell, and all her muscles relaxed as she sagged back onto the bed. Her legs released my head but remained draped over my shoulders. Avidly, I licked all the delicious fresh juices from her pussy, before crawling out from under her.

Knowing what we both wanted to do, I took a condom out of my pants pocket and removed the plastic cover, setting the latex ring by the foot of the bed. Next, I set the Aquaglide on the dresser and went to the bathroom where a washcloth had been draped on the sink where I would see it. After soaking the cloth with warm water and wringing it out I wiped off my face and brought it back to the bedroom. Sunny was still lying contentedly on her back but, when she saw me returning, and what I was carrying, she grinned lewdly, and got to her hands and knees. Before doing anything else, I removed my pants and underwear so I was as naked as the sweet woman who was waiting for me.

When I got back onto the bed behind her, Sunny leaned forward, pressing her face against her pillow, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks, showing off her adorable pink rosebud. I knew she had cleaned herself carefully just before I arrived because that is her nature, but I still used the wet cloth to wipe off her ass cleft. We both get an enormous amount of pleasure from what we were about to do and neither of us wanted anything spoiling it for us.

Sunny kept her hands high on her ass and my tongue started caressing her there, actually licking her fingertips. Slowly, my tongue meandered its way down the inside of one of her soft, creamy cheeks, skirting the area where I felt the puckering begin. Her hands continued separating the tops of her cheeks but I pulled them apart at the bottoms. Knowing what was going to happen next, Sunny burrowed her face into her pillow and arched her back so I could most easily reach all the places she wanted me to lick.

All around her crotch, the small area between the two holes where Sunny derives so much pleasure, my tongue caressed her, even eliciting a trickle of fresh pussy juice. I devoured this delicious dividend and continued licking, while her ass was squirming in front of my face.

“That feels soooo good, George. Keep licking me.”

It felt good to me too, licking Sunny there in that sensitive place but we both knew even better things awaited us. After my tongue had made slow, sweet love to the whole area, I licked back up the other ass cheek, just as erotically soft and smooth as its neighbor, until I was once again even with her fingertips. Sunny and I both immensely enjoy it when I lick all over her ass the way I was doing. She knew where my tongue was going next, and she was cooing happily, her face still pressed into her pillow and her back still arched for me.

Applying more pressure on my tongue, I slowly licked downward until I felt the puckering begin again. Moving even more slowly with my hands still holding apart the lower parts of her cheeks, my tongue lovingly fondled Sunny until I had completed a circle around her tight pink rosebud that is the center of so much of her pleasure. She was moaning blissfully and eagerly pressed her ass back against my face to give me the best access possible to her favorite place to be licked, seks filmi izle which was where she knew I was going next. Using broad strokes, I did what she wanted, and what I wanted too. Up and down and back and forth across, over and over, my tongue happily caressed her adorable rosebud, spending as much time there as Sunny wanted, until she decided it was time for us to move on to the next phase of our love-making.

“I really love that. I love what you do with your tongue, but more than anything, I like your cock in my ass.”

I smiled because I feel the same way. I got off the bed to go to the dresser and, when I returned, I inserted the neck of the tube of Aquaglide into her ass and squeezed in a good dollop. Sunny murmured happily when she felt the lubricant oozing inside her. Her murmuring was louder and even happier when she felt my finger go deep inside her, fucking in and out and rotating until the Aquaglide was coated evenly where it would be needed. I even made sure to spread enough all around the area where I had just been licking.

With Sunny’s ass ready, I prepared myself next, rolling the condom onto my cock and covering it with the lubricant, especially the tip that would be wedged into her. “Okay, Sunny. All set,” I told her.

She arched her back and her hands returned to her cheeks to spread them, presenting her ass to me again. I inserted the tips of my index fingers into her precious rosebud and pried it open. Holding the small opening with the fingers of one hand, I guided my cock with the other until the tip was pressed against the tight hole. With one firm thrust, I slid the head of my cock into Sunny’s ass, eliciting a moan from the pleasure she was already feeling. I moved my fingers all around my cock head to be sure there was no loose skin or anything else that would interfere with the ecstasy we would soon be giving each other. There were no problems so I gave another push and almost an inch of my hard shaft was buried inside Sunny where we both wanted it.

“Oooo, George, that feels so good. You know how much I love it.” I did know and, if I didn’t, I could have told from the way her ass was squirming in front of me, as if begging for much more.

“Not any more than I do,” I responded. Before putting in more of my cock, I wiped the Aquaglide from my fingers and put my hands on Sunny’s hips for leverage. Gently, I eased another inch into her ass. Her increased movements and louder moans encouraged me to continue.

I could tell that the Aquaglide had almost entirely liquefied so I slowly drew back until just the head of my cock remained inside, paused for a second and plunged it back into Sunny’s ass, deeper than it had been.

“Ahhhh, yes! Give it to me!”

I gave it to her, just the way I knew she wanted it, slowly backing out of her, then driving back in, deeper with every thrust. Every time Sunny felt my cock surging into her ass, she moaned from the intense joy it gave her, as it spread her tight opening and stretched the walls of her rectum. The pleasure she was getting was so great, she started rocking back to meet me. My hands on her hips guided her, but otherwise I let Sunny move as she wanted. My thrusts into her and her pushes back to me continued until we could both feel my thighs pressed against her cheeks and the fingers that were still holding them open.

With my cock as far in her as it could get, Sunny let go of her ass and rested her face on her forearms. “Just stay there and let me fuck myself on your cock.” That is her favorite way to fuck with her ass so I happily agreed, leaving my hands on her hips to steady her if she needed it.

Slowly pushing back from her hands and forearms, Sunny started to envelop my cock with her ass. Just as she was almost fully impaled, I thrust forward imbedding myself to the maximum, both of us hearing and feeling my thighs splatting against her soft ass cheeks. The extreme pleasure elicited whimpers of joy from Sunny and we repeated the combined stroke over and over.

Every time my cock plunged into her ass, I felt her cheeks against my legs and I felt my balls brush against her dripping pussy. She was so wet the juices were running down her legs and after a few more long, deep strokes, I could feel them dripping off me and running down my legs too. Sunny has described how her level of pleasure builds up when we make love as we were then. She compares it to a mountain that starts to rise on a plain, and the longer I eat her pussy or we fuck, the higher the mountain grows. When it reaches a certain height, an avalanche of ecstasy ensues and she cums. She had enjoyed one avalanche that day already, from me eating her pussy, and I knew she was getting close to another one.

I was approaching a state of ecstasy myself and my moans were expressing just how incredible it was. Besides the great beauty of Sunny’s ass, it is one of the best places my cock has ever been. The passageway was slick enough for the entire shaft to glide in easily but tight enough for its entire length to be squeezed perfectly. Pure bliss rocketed through my body every time my cock was engulfed by her incredible tunnel of pleasure. I knew I was getting close to my climax but I wanted to hold back as long as I could because I knew Sunny was almost ready to cum.

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