Sodomy in Napa Valley Ch. 02

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“You don’t have anything opening up…?” I hear a woman ask hopelessly at Reception as I enter the main lodge for a quick breakfast. Our law firm has been hosting an all-company retreat at this luxury resort the past 3 days. The event culminated in dinner last night, and most people are leaving this morning. From the outset, I had planned to stay the weekend to enjoy the serene setting and am glad I did. I also don’t love running into colleagues at the airport. My personal time is a scarce commodity, and I guard it jealously.

As I pass Reception, reflexively I check out the person at the desk and see that it’s my co-worker Lizzie. Ah, the object of my current fixation. Our interactions at the office and on the retreat have been nothing but professional, yet somehow in the past few weeks she has wormed her way into my subconscious, and my very nasty fantasies, most of which end in me fucking her hard in her ass. Blame it on a hint of stocking top, a glimpse of a bra strap, a glint of body jewelry fleetingly espied after a meeting. Although she is much younger than me (maybe 32), Lizzie is pretty senior at the firm, so I doubt these moments of inattention and indiscretion were intentional. But the net effect is I find myself wondering if she might be as pervy as I am.

To boot, early yesterday morning I witnessed a woman getting herself off on her balcony with various sex toys. I could only see a part of her and had decided it wasn’t Lizzie. In a way, I don’t want it to be Lizzie because my head might explode. Then again, if it had been Lizzie… well, the possibilities are endless. Whoever it was, the woman brought herself off with the help of a large anal dildo… at 6:30 in the morning. Needless to say, I also got off spying on her.

At any rate, I do see that it’s Lizzie at Reception, and whether I want to or not, as a managing partner of the firm, if one of my staff is having an issue, I am duty-bound to try to help.

“Lizzie? Good morning. I thought you were catching an early flight back to Chicago.”

“Hi, Marc. Yes, I was. But right after I checked out, I get a text from the airline that my flight has been canceled! And Jonas here says there is no avail for tonight because there is a wedding party coming in today.”

“Wow, sorry to hear. Can I help?”

“Not unless you have a private jet!” she jokes. “But you know what, I will make it work. I still have my rental car so will drop it in San Fran, get a hotel there, make a day out of it. I love San Francisco.” She smiles ruefully. “The firm will reimburse for the extra night, right?”

I admire her pluck and reply, “Of course, we will. I am sorry for the inconvenience, though. That’s great you rigged a quick plan B, but no one likes last minute switch-ups.”

“No, it’s not ideal. But I’ll make the best of it!”

“Listen, I was just going to the main dining room for breakfast. Have you eaten? Even if you have, join me for coffee?”

“That sounds great! As long as you don’t mind that I’ll be researching hotels at the table.”

“Not at all. It’s totally understandable. And again, sorry you’re having to retool your weekend this way.” I stay with her as she deposits her bag with the concierge before we make our way to the dining room. As she’s giving her details to the concierge, I discreetly check her out.

As usual, Lizzie is very well put together, but her travel attire is definitely more relaxed than usual, even a bit bohemian. Usually her shoulder-length reddish brown hair is tied up or pinned up, but today she wears it loose. She has on a sleeveless wrap dress with a small print which helps camouflage how light the fabric is. My practiced eyes see she has a bra on, but the bra can’t be substantial because I can see her perky nipples peeking through. Over the dress, she has on a fitted denim jacket, and on her pretty feet, she is wearing open-toe sandals with a high cork heel. Casually classy, and understatedly sexy.

Lizzie has a rather boyish figure with smallish breasts, which are the perfect counterpoint to her excellent legs, slim ankles, and very sexy feet. I’ve noticed her feet long ago, when it was warm out and most women were wearing open-toed shoes to the office. At the time, I didn’t give it a second thought, but now I find myself stealing glances at them more often than I’d care to admit. Lizzie has impressively high arches and always impeccably pedicured toes with tantalizing toe cleavage. Today she sports a lighter color pedicure than her usually vampy red, and I am reminded that the woman I spied on the terrace yesterday also had a lighter shade nail varnish. It’s exciting to think it might have been Lizzie, after all…

How I would love to suck on her long toes, lick the arches and her ankles, then work up her svelte calves and thighs, all the way to her cunt and ass… The woman on the balcony yesterday had a smooth pussy, except a small triangle of hair high on the pussy mound. I wonder if Lizzie is sporting something similar. Is there anything better than running your tongue over a slick pussy and ass hole, with your lover’s erotik film izle pretty feet hooked behind your neck so you can fondle her toes as you’re eating her out? Or slow-fucking her ass in missionary with her toes in your mouth?

“Marc? Ready?” I snap out of my daydream, and we make our way to the breakfast room, with me willing my cock to stay down.

+ + +

[Christ, he’s so fuckin’ hot. All the hotter because he is oh so Mr Managing Partner proper. It was a bummer seeing that text from the airline that my flight got canceled, but when I heard Marc call out to me at Reception, his voice gave me butterflies in my stomach. He looks so sexy today in jeans and a heathered T-shirt – never seen him in weekend clothes before. I’m standing here having a calm banter with him, but I can feel my pussy stir and my nipples perking up. Thank God I have on this denim jacket as a topper over my light dress.

I’ve been fantasizing about Marc during this whole retreat and have masturbated several times a day with all my toys, imagining how he might use my body for his pleasure. Last night’s company finale dinner was especially tantalizing. He was dressed down in an open-collar shirt and after several days of great weather in Napa, he had gotten a bit of color to his naturally olive skin. I’ve calculated from his bio that he’s about 49, very fit, and foxy as hell in that nerdy I-need-my-readers-to-see-the-menu kind of way. I have gotten myself off countless times with the girthiest toy I have, picturing him bending me over and fucking me slow and deep.

It was a leisurely multi-course dinner and, needless to say, every time I escaped to the ladies’ room, I wanked off with the help of my pocket rocket. All through dinner, I kept envisioning him giving me anal missionary so I can watch his face as he stretches my tightest orifice. My fantasy often ended with him unpacking his load in my ass and then enjoying the sight of his cum dribbling out of my ass in a pretty little cream pie as I reach down to spread his semen all over my tight love box. Mmmmmm…]

+ + +

One thing I’ve learned from our drive-by conversations when Lizzie’s been at the office – she is based in Chicago and I in New York – is that we always have the best talks. We both do charity work and travel to remote places, and she is genuinely an interesting and delightful person, not to mention a consummate professional. And of course, she’s extremely easy on the eyes, head to toes. The breakfast goes by quickly, almost too quickly, with her intermittently checking her phone in an effort to snag a reservation in the city.

I sign for the check and ask, “So, any luck?”

She sighs, “No. Plenty of avail tomorrow night, but nothing tonight. Not even AirBnB, unless I’m willing to stay by the airport in Burlingame. Not exactly my style, fancy girl that I am.” She grins impishly.

“Something will turn up. It’s early yet. You can also stay here and enjoy the facilities. For what we paid as a company to have the retreat here, they shouldn’t begrudge granting you day use of the place.” I pause then add, “Another option is to go visit a vineyard. A buddy of mine is a co-owner of one up here, and I was going to drop by later. You are very welcome to join me.”

“I may take you up on that. I need to stop searching for a place for a bit. It’s kind of stressing me out.”

“It’s settled then. I was going to leave in about an hour since my buddy wouldn’t be there yet. I need to catch up on emails in my suite. There’s plenty of workspace if you have work to do as well, or I can meet you down here later.” Hand to heart, I’m not putting the make on her. I would make the same offer to a male colleague waylaid by travel snafus. (Or would I?)

“If you’re sure you don’t mind, I’ll come up. I can get ahead of some emails as well, and I wouldn’t be able to focus down here with all the comings and goings.”

“No problem at all.” We leave the dining room together and head over to the complex where my suite is. As I walk up the walkway with Lizzie, I wonder if she is feeling at all tingly, as I am. I don’t have designs on her, but not 2 hours ago, I had no inkling that I would be strolling back to my suite with the current object of my lust.

+ + +

“Wow! And I thought my suite was nice. Is this the Presidential suite?!” She joked, upon entering my place.

“The benefits of being a senior partner, I guess.” I answer sheepishly. “The view from the terrace is pretty nice.”

“Oh, may I take a peek?” We walk out together. “You know, this was my view, too. This venue truly is beautiful.” She closes her eyes and leans her head back a little bit. Gazing at her, I imagine her to have exactly this posture and expression if she were having her nipples licked, or her pussy. With the gentle breeze, the front of her dress is snug against her perky tits and her pelvis, faintly outlining the Y where her legs and her pussy meet. My cock perks up, and I am thankful to be wearing well-fitting briefs today. Mmmmmm, I would love to kneel down, lift the hem of her film izle skirt to nuzzle her pussy, run my hands up the backs of her legs and squeeze her ass. I would want her to keep her strappy heels on as I sample her this way…

“Huh, that looks like the terrace of my old room down there.” I snap out of my reverie and look in the direction she’s pointing. With a jolt, I realize she’s indicating the unit where I witnessed the woman having the wank session with her vibrator and sizable anal dildo just the morning before. I could only see the woman’s lower body, legs, and feet; her upper body and face had been obscured by the overhang. Watching her, I had also enjoyed a massive orgasm, splashing my semen all over the tiled flooring, right where Lizzie is standing, with her pretty feet and legs in her sexy hippie sandals.

As I’m quickly replaying some of the visuals in my mind, I see that Lizzie is still looking in that direction and has cocked her head a bit to one side. No doubt, she is wondering if I had seen her.

She turns to me with a quizzical expression. I was going to deflect and say I hadn’t had the chance to enjoy the terrace much, but I see immediately in her eyes that the jig is up. Lizzie is a very astute person. She also knows I’m an early riser since we had talked about exercising in the early morning, swimming for me, running for her.

A small smile plays on her lips as she slides her eyes down to my jeans and can see the now obvious bulge in my crotch, and I see likewise that her nipples are even perkier now.

“You saw me?”

“Yes, I must confess I did. I didn’t know it was you then. I didn’t have an inkling until this morning when I saw your pedicure was of the same color as that woman’s. Usually, your toenails are red.”

“You notice my pedicure shade,” she queried teasingly.

“Oh, yes. I notice a lot of things. Especially about you.”

“Like what else…?” She arches one eyebrow and half turns to face me.

“Like, that you favor expensive lingerie and wear open-top stockings. That you wear body jewelry.”

“Wow, you surprise me. You’re always so buttoned up. I thought you were all business.”

“I am all business when it’s required. And I am all pleasure when it’s time.” My voice has gotten a little croaky from desire, and my balls are starting to feel tight. She looks so good standing there, her weight favored on one high-heeled foot, one hip set a little forward, an elbow resting on the railing. I’m a hard-nosed attorney, but right now, I feel like an awkward college kid being teased by the prettiest girl on campus. I am dying to kiss her.

I throw caution to the wind and reach out and playfully hook one finger in the tie belt of her wrap dress. I expect no reaction in particular, but Lizzie reaches down, grabs my wrist and draws me toward her. With her other hand, she hooks a finger in my front belt loop and draws me right up to her and says with a low voice, her lips right up to mine, “You’ve seen what I like, then.” She flicks her tongue across my lips which sends a shock to my lower belly and my cock.

“Yes… I have a pretty good idea.” I lightly grasp her loose hair with my other hand and give her a long, deep, wet kiss. She is already pressing her pelvis firmly into mine. The good thing about our revelation is there is little room for pretense. I feel nearly light-headed with desire and anticipation, knowing that Lizzie will enjoy everything I would want to do with her, and to her.

“We’re not going to make it to that vineyard, are we?” She whispers as I kiss her jaw, neck, throat.

“One day. Not likely today,” I mutter as I stroke a breast with one hand and brace her low back with the other. She gives a small moan of assent. I shrug off her denim jacket and let it fall on the nearby chair. Almost in a trance, I untie the sash of her dress and let it open so I can appreciate her lithe body, adorned with a thin gold belly chain just below her slim waist. Her nipples are completely erect from lust and the slight chill in the air, even though it promises to be a warm day.

I unclasp her front-closing lacy bra and bend down to run my tongue on first one lovely nipple, then its mate. I go back and forth between the two, licking, sucking, and lightly biting. She has her eyes closed with her head thrown back, as she did not 10 minutes ago while appreciating the view and sunshine. How far we have come, and it’s delicious to consider how far we will soon go.

I love on her tits and nipples for a couple of minutes as I stroke her gams and run my hands up her inner thighs. I draw back upright to taste her mouth again as I lightly caress her mound over her expensive knickers, right along her clit and where her pussy must already be creaming. She is cooing her pleasure and also reaches down to take measure of my cock. She grunts deep in the back of her throat when she detects the girth of my package.

“Oh God, I want to taste your cock. I’ve been fantasizing about you for so long.”

This is the first I hear of her own yearnings. “You will, soon. I want seks filmi izle to taste you between your legs first. I’ve been thinking about that a lot…”

She’s wearing the perfect fuck-me dress. It hangs open to give me full access. I crouch down to kneel on the tiles and press my face right in her crotch. She smells amazing. Shower-fresh tinged with eau de pussy. Fuucccckk. I slowly pull her lace knickers down to mid-thigh and pause to gaze at her pussy, from the pretty hooded clit down to her inner lips just visible below her outer labia, already shiny with her girl juice. As I had seen the other morning, her pussy is waxed smooth except for a coquettish martini-glass shaped triangle high on her mound. My tongue snakes out and gives her inner lips a light lick, tasting her natural lubrication, eliciting a gasp from Lizzie. Fuck me, she tastes good.

I bury my face in her crotch and begin eating her out. In the late morning light, I can enjoy looking at her pretty pussy as I lick and toy with her clit and lightly suck on her soft lips. My cock feels strangled in my jeans so I reach down with one hand to unbutton the fly, draw my cock upright, and lazily pull on it. With my other hand, I caress the soft, wet mouth of Lizzie’s sweet cunt and insert the tips of two fingers into her velvety wetness and softly tease-fuck her with just two knuckles. She feels, smells, and tastes like absolute heaven.

After a few minutes of me feasting on her pussy, she lifts one leg to drape it over my shoulder. Both her arms are now draped across the railing, and she is fully leaning back on it for support. Luckily, I’m in the penthouse so we have privacy. With her leg draped over my shoulder this way, I have more access to her perineum and back side. I expand the reach of my tongue to explore this tasty new territory, sweeping my tongue from clit to perineum, and eventually from clit to her pucker.

She is breathing hard and whimpering little cries of pleasure. My cock is steadily pearling up precum as I languidly pull on it. I love the anticipation of the buildup, but at the same time, I cannot wait until that moment when I can finally sink my cock inside Lizzie – first her sweet pussy, then yes, absolutely, deep into her rectum.

“Mmmmm, Marc, that’s so good. Your tongue, oh my God.” She takes one arm off the railing and, raking her fingers through my hair, holds me in place to lick and suck her box. Her asshole is tight, pink, mesmerizing. I will enjoy opening up that taut aperture and fucking it later.

“Lizzie, baby, turn around. Open your ass to me.” She shrugs off her dress and lets it fall to the flooring, unhooks her thigh off my shoulder, and slowly does an about-face. Her panties are still around her mid-thigh so I draw them down all the way, and she carefully steps out of them. She shrugs off her unhooked bra as well, so that now she is standing bare-ass naked in platform heels, her perky tits pressed against the terrace railing and her pert bottom wantonly tipped open to my gaze. I take a moment to admire the sight of her puffy pussy lips viewed from behind – one of my favorite POVs.

She reaches back with both hands and lewdly spreads her ass cheeks apart so I can take in her crinkled wink. I give her one big lick, from pussy to upper crack, and she buckles slightly forward and sucks in her breath sharply through her teeth. I set to rimming her out slowly and thoroughly, alternately running my tongue up and down her entire valley, or swirling small firm circles in the delicious textured indent of her anus, sometimes giving it a wet suck. She smells and tastes amazing. The musk of her ass is a total turn-on, and I continue to pull on my pud, as my other hand trails up between her parted legs to toy with her clit.

We continue this way for several minutes, and her fingers have started working her clit as well, freeing my hand to gently finger-fuck her pussy. I can eat out Lizzie’s ass this way for a very long time, but I do want to savor her tight body in the big bed. I plan to taste all her bits from every angle possible.

I reluctantly pull my mouth off her tasty ass and slowly stand up. Cupping one hand over hers on her mound and rubbing a nipple with the other, I mutter in her neck, “Let’s go inside. Time for you to sit on my face.” She moans and turns her head to share a deep kiss, imprinting her ass hard into my crotch. My cock nestles in her crack, and I slide my engorged tool up and down her saliva-covered crevice. It takes all my will not to fuck her right then and there. But I want to wait, and I also want her to be begging for my cock.

I turn her around, lift her up to straddle my waist, and slowly walk inside. She reflexively wraps her slim legs around me, sinks her fingers in my fair, and stuffs her tongue in my mouth. We kiss deeply as I make my way into the bedroom of the suite. I gently pose her on the freshly turned bed and devour her with my eyes as I remove my clothes. She has slipped off her heels and is reclining back on her forearms with her legs demurely crossed in front of her pussy, showing off her pretty feet to me. I peel off my shirt then my jeans and briefs in one movement and gaze at sexy Lizzie openly staring at my cock. I’ve been told by past lovers that I have a nice package. It’s certainly served me well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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