Please Sir, More Anal

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My husband is pretty conventional when it comes to sex: Missionary, 20 mins tops, sleep afterwards. The thing is we both have very strong spiritual beliefs in fact he’s a church minister. Even though we both believe that sex is something to be enjoyed, somehow sex with each other has become really routine.

For a long time, I’ve fantasized about anal. I usually rub my pussy for a while until I’m dripping wet and have come once or twice then I coat my ass with my cream and then finger fuck my ass with a couple of fingers as I rub and slap my clit hard. I usually have the most intense orgasms this way.

One day my husband returned from work unexpectedly early and nabbed me in this position with my hand up my ass. He stripped and without permission shoved his cock down my throat as I continued to fuck my ass and slap my clit, moaning and choking around his cock. I became even more aroused because it was so out of character for the two of us. He slapped my ass really hard and I came squirting a large amount of cum out my pussy. Next he turned me over and fucked my pussy hard doggy style, his balls slapping my clit. He shot his load hot and hard into my pussy, in six or seven hot spurts, moaning the entire time as if it hurt.

I really wanted him to fuck my ass even though he said he was tired so as he lay on his side I slid down his body started to suck his softening cock very hard, focusing on the tip and pressing my tongue hard against his cock hole over and over again. As I sucked, I allowed my teeth to gently nip his cock around the head and I heard him suck in a breath, as he pushed against my teeth, wanting the pain of my little nips but fearing my teeth as well.

I rubbed my pussy lubricating my fingers with my cream and then I shoved two fingers up his ass. He protested but he was to weak and overcome by my sucking to do much but clench his butt to prevent my entry. I shoved my fingers into his ass through his resistance and then began to massage his ass from inside, strongly milking his prostate. He turned bright red and started to grind his ass against my hand. With my other hand i massaged his balls and pressed on the flesh behind his balls in front of his anus and i could feel my fingers massaging him on the inside.

Before I knew it he shoved me off him and turned me over and spanked my ass. He groaned to me: “Lube?” and I directed him to my drawer forgetting I had brought out my stash of huge dildos (a erotik film izle stash he knew nothing about previously) for use that evening. As I squirmed waiting for him to lube me up, I felt the large head of my cold hard glass monster dildo (12 inches long, 4 inches around, my largest one) press against my pussy… I blushed as he pushed it in. It slid in very easily because I was so wet, usually I had trouble (and pain) getting it in but I was so aroused I wanted it in me really quickly. “Pound me with it,” I begged him. I could only take 8 inches of the dildo so it was really easy for him to wrap his fist around the exposed end and hammer my pussy with it. I was screaming and I couldn’t stop cuming. It was beginning to hurt, the pounding and the cuming, but I wanted more.

My husband flipped my legs over my head so that my shoulders were pinned to the bed, my ass completely exposed tight to him. He pushed the dildo harder and surprisingly, in this new position, the remaining 4 inches disappeared into my grasping pussy. I could feel the tip of the dildo pressing against my cervix in a kind of pleasurable pain. “More,” I begged him, “please, please fuck my ass. I need you in my dirty ass hole, please sir!” I don’t know where the “sir” came from, it must be have been some suppressed fantasy.

He told me to hold my legs above my head in the position he’d given me and then began to alternately ream my pussy with the huge dildo and slap my ass. He then lubed his fingers up and shoved them up my dirty ass, moving his fingers around, first one wiggling about, and then a second one stroking the dildo through the wall of my anus and then a third, so that three fingers were fucking my tight little ass. I began to scream again.

As he began to shove his 8 inch super thick hard cock into my ass, I began to thrash around barely able to hold his prescribed position. The pain was intense but so was the pleasure. I was lubed up just enough to allow him to slide into me without hurting my delicate ass tissues, but I wasn’t lubed up enough that the ride was completely smooth and painless. It was the most delicious feeling in the world. The huge dildo cock in my pussy made my ass so tight that my guy could barely get his thick cock in. But he was determined and shoved is way in, cuming a little as he entered because of the tightness; his cum easing his way in a little.

When he was fully seated in me, I felt like I could feel him film izle really deep inside me, up to my back, my belly button. I shifted my grip on my legs from behind my knees to my ass, separating my ass cheeks even as I kept my feet over my head, a feat made easier by the fact I am a pilates instructor. I used my middle finger to touch my perineum and found that between his thick cock and my large 12×4 inch dildo, it was pretty non existent. His dick was rubbing against the clear glass of my dildo.

He withdrew a halfway from my ass, pushing all 12 inches of dildo up my weeping pussy. Then he pulled 6 inches of dildo out and slammed back into me. It hurt sooo good. I felt so dirty and yet so good. I started to beg him again. “Please harder, use me like a whore, use me, use me!” It’s like something in him snapped and he picked up a punishing rhythm into my ass. He was muttering unintelligibly as repeatedly he slammed into my ass. It wasn’t enough. “Harder! Harder!!!” I screamed even as I thought he couldn’t possibly fuck my ass any harder. But he did, pounding me, like I had never thought possible. It hurt but at the same time it was the best pleasure I’d ever known.

I had come so many times that I was now passive, helpless as my pussy contracted over and over again. I could tell right before he was about to cum as his thrusts became more and more violent and punishing and his pounding with the dildo more brutal. “You want to be used?” he asked me. “Yes sir,” I replied (again with the sir). I was trembling. He shoved the dildo so hard into my pussy, I could feel it go up my cervix a little. I moaned in pleasure/pain, my body knowing it would never be the same again, not after knowing such pleasure could be mixed with such pain. It was the best feeling.

He shoved his cock up my ass one more time, hitting the ass side of my g-spot so that I began convulsing with orgasm and squirted so hard and for so long that I thought I was peeing myself until I smelled the familiar scent of my essence. Simultaneously he started to jerk uncontrollably. My ass was so on fire that his cum seemed like a soothing balm up my ass. He fell on me, his weight pinning me down as my legs fell to the bed, my knees cradling his his hips. He slipped out of me, and rolled of me lying on his back. I saw his now softening cock, covered in cum, and only a little speck of shit which was surprising since I hadn’t had an enema. He wasn’t saying anything so I got seks filmi izle up to get a wet cloth to wipe him off.

As I stood, I noticed two things, one his cum was running out of my gaping asshole, which startlingly hadn’t returned to its original rosette. I fingered my asshole hole now gaping unfamiliarly and winced a little but couldn’t help moaning as my ass already craved attention deep within again in spite of the burning. My husband turned over on his stomach and as I saw his round, tight ass, my pussy clenched and I noticed a 2nd thing, the glass dildo was still wedged in my still dripping cunt.

Quietly i pulled the dildo out, it was well lubricated by a mixture of my cream, my cum, and his cum from earlier. I touched his ass, and gave both cheeks a quick squeeze and he mumbled something that sounded like “No more.” I stuck the dildo back into my pussy and began to massage his back for a minute or two before I got to my goal of his butt. He was squirming even as he moaned “No, no more,” but he did nothing to stop me. Once again, I removed the dildo from my wet pussy, and pressed the tip up his ass. Immediately, he began to tense up and try to buck me off, but I’m pretty sturdy about a size 14, and I kept my balance, if anything his bucking helped me push the dildo further into his ass.

I knew I had hit his prostate, when he froze and then jerked into the bed. I began to pound his virgin ass with the dildo, angling to ensure maximum contact with his prostate. His moans turned into sobs as he began to buck harder into the bed, taking more and more with each pounding stroke, 4 inches, then 6 inches, then 8, until all that was left outside when I pushed into him, was the two inches I was gripping so that I could pound him properly. He began to press upwards against my dildo, his greedy ass wanting even those final 2 inches. He came with a long shout and for such a long time that I was jealous of the sheets as they became soaked with his cum. I wish he could have come inside me.

We never spoke of that event, but nowadays, anal is a big part of our sex life. Sometimes he lets me pound his ass too although I know he’s a little uncomfortable that he enjoys it so much. I bought him a bigger dildo (14inch silicone novelty dildo that has a handle attached which is perfect for pounding asses that want to take all 14 inches) because his ass is so greedy. He doesn’t realize that I got it especially for him though and thinks it’s for us both (as if!). These days though, I make sure he’s inside me before I ream his ass, he comes for soooo long that I’m full to overflowing and his cum drips into my ass lubing it up for my own dildo/fingers afterwards…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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