Surreptitious Love Ch. 100

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Chapter 100 — Anna has the chance to explore another woman’s pussy

When I was at the old hotel with Anna the previous week, we had some fun in the maiden’s chamber under the roof, on the fifth floor. On the way back down, however, we passed a room where we could hear water running, even though the hotel was empty and had just been sold. The source of the water noise was Nguyet, my long-term affair, who had been doing inventory downstairs and, in general, ensuring that the transition to the new owners was smooth. Nguyet simply was taking a shower, after she been working downstairs in the dusty rooms for a few hours. Initially, Anna had hesitated to step closer but as soon as she had seen my real estate-broker friend naked, she instantly became intrigued by Nguyet’s formidable bush.

Nguyet had put on quite a show afterwards: She not only dried herself super slowly but then had put on her bra and her fresh T-shirt first, before she finally had deigned to lasciviously pull up her panties. Innocently, pretending that nothing had happened, we sat down with Nguyet across the hall in the old bar, where Anna had become overwhelmed by desire again and actually requested to see Nguyet’s large, pitch-black, dense pubic mound once more. After some mock-hesitation, Nguyet relented, pulled her skirt up slowly and tucked it into the waistband, before she pulled her panties down in the other direction. Finally, she even took Anna’s hand and put it between her legs.

The next day, out of sheer curiosity, I asked Nguyet if she had arranged that shower moment deliberately, but she only replied laconically:

“Do you seriously think that I was taking a shower for 45 minutes, just so you two could turn up and it would all look like a coincidence?! Anna and you just got done way too quickly…”

Well, ok, true, but Nguyet could have closed the door to the bathroom, I thought. On the other hand, she had a point: Anna had only quickly blown me upstairs in the maiden’s bower after her courage to fuck properly had left her. She had said that she had been feeling ‘too tense’ to welcome my rod in her tight young sheath. But I was still glad that everything turned out as it had, since watching Anna becoming mesmerized by my favorite bush and pussy had been quite an experience. Anna was probably still shocked, yet also fascinated.

Yes, that scene had truly been insane: Of course, I was always excited to see and smell Nguyet’s divine pussy, but to watch a young woman discover its glory and become mesmerized by it was another story. I had always been fascinated by Nguyet’s ability to represent both, the natural and the cultural sides of herself in their utmost form and, apparently, this extremely powerful combination was incredibly alluring to girls, like Anna, as well. Sure, some women were just hot but culturally dim–or vice versa–but Nguyet truly had it all: the education, the refinement, the cultivation–and also the bush. But, like I just said, being able to observe Anna discover that mesmerizing tension had been absolutely amazing.

Anna probably could not have articulated it that well, but that didn’t matter. And when you think about it: Anna had never seen another woman’s bush, let alone pussy proper–apart from her own twin-sister’s. And many girls didn’t even have a sister. Sure, like every woman, Anna could have looked at her own in the mirror, but that wasn’t the same. Any woman’s pubic area was probably a mystery by the sheer fact that no woman could actually see her pussy, unless she used a mirror or a camera. For the first time in Anna’s life, another woman had had the gumption to expose herself to her with absolute impunity. And Anna knew that Nguyet would open her legs fully the next time we saw each other.

What Anna perhaps didn’t know yet was that Nguyet would probably request the same from her. Anyway, as it had been Anna’s birthday on Tuesday, her gift would be to be able to explore Nguyet’s pussy, the week she turned 19. Anna had insisted that she wanted to continue where we had stopped the previous week, and that’s what we were going to do today. Anna had read quite a few Nguyet-stories here on Literotica, so she knew what was about to come; the only thing that concerned me was that she might expect too much: Like I said, the last time we had been at the hotel, she had failed to deliver and turned our energy into a simple face-fuck, which she perceived as failure and still was kinda embarrassed about.

And so we met, three days after her birthday, on a hot day around the end of July. Of course, Anna had celebrated her birthday properly with her family, but now it was time for some ribald rumpus. The two of us agreed to meet at a coffee shop first to warm up for the sensual hour that was about to unfold. Anna was wearing a cool, nonchalant beach outfit again, which consisted of a dark-blue miniskirt and a knitted whitish top that was short enough to expose her belly button. The top obviously didn’t allow a direct sight of her small breasts, but all around those two thickish circles ankara evi olan escortlar that covered her small bosom, it was lacy and semi-translucent. At least, Anna was also sporting her light yellowish cardigan, which she had worn at the beach four weeks prior; otherwise, I would have come in my pants right there at the café. I wondered what her family had thought when she had paraded through the house, spiffily but also scantily-clad like that.

Even before the drinks arrived, she cut right to the chase:

“Ben, I’ve imagined Nguyet’s large dark triangle several times a day since we saw each other the last time…”

“Welcome to the club!” I laughed and lit a cigarette.

“In your stories, her bush plays a fairly large role,” Anna laughed back and tried to show us with her fingers how large it was.

“Sure, it’s awesome!” I concurred. “So, you’ve read some more in the meantime, huh?” I asked rhetorically.

She nodded: “I can’t think of anything but sex right now…”

“Well, I think you can be helped today,” I assured her, and she laughed again.

When the coffee arrived, she stretched lasciviously in her large wicker chair and presented me her long, slim thighs. Good salacious Lord, how I loved the blueish blood vessels under her light skin! I asked myself if she was wearing panties under her skirt, but didn’t want to kick in the door and ask directly. She would have lifted her skirt, without a doubt. But then there was no turning back once we had crossed a certain threshold. But did I want to come right here at the café?!

“Which stories do you actually like best?” I asked to distracted us, yet also stay with the topic.

“I don’t even know if it’s particular stories so much but characters…” Anna surmised. “How Tina pees all the time… that’s kinda hot. And cute. And I love how Nguyet’s ballsiness actually develops over time…” she added.

“Well, Tina doesn’t piss ALL the time… but, yes she’s quirky and hot… have you read the one where she plays the Japanese sex doll!?”

“No, I haven’t gotten that far, but I love those student-teacher-stories with her… Ben, we gotta do that as well…”

“Sure thing. You’re so slim, and you still look pretty young… I simply couldn’t do them with Nguyet…”

Nguyet was 34 and more of a petite MILF-type.

“But do you know what: I don’t get much mileage out of Thanh…” Anna admitted. “She’s so… mature… she seems so serious…”

“Yeah, that’s true. That’s what she comes across… but, for me, that’s a big part of her allure… and I never knew that there was this carnal, raw lust under her façade. When Thanh pulls her panties down, though, as a man, you know you’ve won… Have you read the stories with Hanh, the young, blind masseuse?” I inquired.

“No, not yet. I wanna save some for later this summer. With this whole Covid-lockdown I might get bored, otherwise. And also, right now, I’m more keen on experiencing things myself…”

Ok, that made sense. At points, Anna almost seemed to be lashing herself towards sexual fulfilment and gratification. And yet, she also understands that, sometimes, one needed to wait and resist. I decided not to mention the stories further, as we would almost certainly fall into the ‘oh, let’s try that, let’s do this’ trap. But then Anna had a genuine, real question anyway:

“So, Nguyet didn’t really seem to mind showing me her pussy, huh?”

“Oh, no, she’s a bona fide exhibitionist. She knows that I love her snatch, and she’s had a few affairs with young women. She likes playing with her allure and then the power that she gains over others as a result…”

“I never thought about it that way…” Anna admitted after a few seconds of thought.

“Oh, you must remember how, last week, when you didn’t have any time at all left, you still wanted to stay and see her bush once more… and even though you had to overcome your resistance and the awkwardness: you still asked her to lift up her skirt and pull her panties down again…” I reminded her.

“Yeah, but do you know what: I was sooo embarrassed later… to even ask something like that… oh, well,” Anna was shaking her beautiful head.

“Oh, no, nonsense… we’re among ourselves. Don’t sweat it, please!” I urged her. “Nguyet loves that shit, believe me,” I laughed, lit another ciggie, and took another sip of my coffee.

Anna nodded: “Well, if you say so… I almost told my sister in the evening, by the way… I was sooo excited,” she laughed. “But then I knew I couldn’t talk about it, really, not even with my girlfriends in Saigon… gosh, I just saw a grown woman naked… and then she took my hand and placed it between her legs… I still can’t believe it,” she laughed.

As beautiful and moving as it was to listen to Anna’s firsts, I didn’t want to beat that glorious moment to death and asked her something else:

“Now, as beautiful as everything was last week: does your sister know where you are right now?”

I assumed that their mother didn’t, but her twin-sister?! They must have been elvankent olgun escortlar really tight…

“No, to be honest, she’s a snitch. She’d tell our mother…” Anna admitted.

As much as I didn’t like snitching, but I still had to laugh for a moment: “Now, I don’t really know your sister, but I’m imagining the moment she’s doing it: ‘Mom, Lam’s going to fuck again…'”

Anna’s real name was Lam. I cracked up some more, as this whole scene would have been completely absurd. Eventually, I even choked on my cigarette and had a fit of coughing. Anna seemed to like that imagined moment, too, as she let out some cackling laughter as well, even though she probably had to come up with another alibi as soon as she reentered her parents’ house again in two hours–which might not be easy, the way she was dressed.

“Well, my sister also fucks regularly,” Anna told me. “In Saigon, at least… I don’t know about here,” she added after a few more seconds of thought. “Perhaps she has someone at her guitar lessons… where she is right now, by the way…”

“Oh, Vu, Nguyet’s young lover, also plays guitar… in a band, actually,” I told her semi-excitedly, but the information fell completely flat.

I could have added that he also liked to fuck, but Anna seemed preoccupied with Vu’s lover’s–my real estate broker friend’s–beaver, and Anna would probably meet Vu soon, as Nguyet and I were planning an orgy at that old hotel where Nguyet was working. Said rumpus would involve Nguyet, of course, but then also Vu, perhaps Anna, Thanh, Thuy, and maybe even Hanh, my young, blind masseuse, even though she and Nguyet didn’t seem to like each other much.

Anna’s twin-sister, though, wasn’t even remotely as beautiful as she was. I had met her once, and we were ‘friends’ on Facebook, but that was about it. She was chubby and had a round face, with even rounder eyes, so that I didn’t care much whether she fucked or not, although I had never done twin-sisters. But they were only fraternal, anyway. So, I tried to steer the conversation back to what happened the previous week:

“Hey, Anna, one thing that is super important: don’t ever think that you need to ‘perform’… that’s not the point during sex… you also need to say when it hurts…”

I had put on the air quotes, and Anna nodded, relieved. But then she surprisingly asked if a dose of pain wasn’t an inherent part of sex.

“Well, technically, no, I’d say. I’m aware that a few people relish pain, but normally everything’s smooth and creamy… I guess I just don’t want you to think that you have to suffer through it… just say something… it’s supposed to feel great…”

“Well,” she replied, “our first time at the hotel, it hurt a bit, but I liked it… it was just great. Anyway, I feel much more relaxed today anyway. I think last week I was just too nervous…” she admitted. “And I’ve met Nguyet already…”

“And seen her bush.” I laughed.

“And touched her pussy briefly…”

“I really loved that moment…” I told her.

“Ha!” she exclaimed. “Later that evening, when I accidentally touched my nose, I could still smell it,” Anna laughed.

“Really?! Well, that’s happened to me before. Once, on the flight back from Thailand, and then once more on a Monday morning in Micronesia… you know, that small island I used to live on. When I was sitting at my desk at my office, thinking that it smelled like pussy, all of a sudden. But then I realized that I had my finger close to my nose. Apparently, I just hadn’t washed my hands properly… oh, Lily…” I exclaimed, relishing my memories of her.

Anna looked at me like she wasn’t sure she believed me. Well, perhaps Lily and I had just fucked for a bit that Monday morning before I had dropped her off on my way to work? And Bangkok had always been a riot, anyway…

“Do you sometimes watch porn on the internet?” I asked Anna, to stay with and yet change the topic.

She blushed but then admitted that she had looked at some pussies over the last few days to prepare herself for this pivotal afternoon, so that she wouldn’t be too surprised by Nguyet impressive, intense, powerful snatch. Anna admitted that most of the stuff she had watched had been pretty poor, though: the plot lines were outright ludicrous, and no woman was sporting a dense, perfect bush as Nguyet was. I surmised that that beloved density was probably just too much for the producers, as viewers couldn’t see what they craved.

“Hey, show me your panties if you’re feeling so adventurous!” I heard myself propose all of a sudden.

I didn’t know what had gotten into me. Had that been too much to ask?! Oh, no. Anna just turned to see if there was anyone nearby and then gingerly pulled up her fluffy little skirt with her fingertips right up to her tiny belly. Her black, lacy panties looked new were but extremely snazzy. They were about an inch long on the sides and went all the way up above her hipbones.

“Wow… just wow,” was all I could say.

Anna cocked her head and smiled at me, taking etimesgut sarışın escortlar my speechlessness as a compliment.

“I just bought them,” she smiled.

“Beautiful… Nguyet will like them, too,” I laughed.

“Well, Ben, speaking of: how are we going to do it at the hotel? I’m about five days before my next period… I read about the fertility cycle on the internet, and so I waited another three days…”

She was really clever; I liked that. Young and inexperienced as she was (and looked like), she was completely determined and resolute.

“Sure, that’s great, actually. And you’ve told me already that you wanted to party hard today…”

She didn’t say anything, and I wasn’t sure what exactly she’d been asking. Anyway, she smoothed down her beautiful skirt over her even more beautiful thighs, like she wanted to buy some time. Sure, I found it way more erotic if things developed slowly and smoothly without being talked about, but that didn’t seem an option that day. Anna had seen Nguyet’s bush last week, and there was simply no way to not dive into that most rousing and enticing piece of flesh on earth in 30 minutes. The dynamics of life had caught up on us–or had it just been Nguyet, taking a shower with the bathroom door unlocked, prolonging the shower in the hope that we would stumble across her?! Anyway, Anna had licked the proverbial blood, and not even those ten proverbial wild horses would be able to pry her away from the project of licking her first pussy today–and then fuck profusely. A healthy dose of pain included.

“Ben, I’ve never had sex with two people, though. How’re we going to do that?! Will you bang Nguyet first and then me?” she wanted to know.

“Anna, I don’t know. There are no rules for that kind of thing… it’ll all kinda develop,” I told her. “And Nguyet’s taking the pill, just in case you don’t want to…”

“No, no, it’s not about that… we’ll do it properly today,” she assured me. “I also want it…” she added quietly.

All of a sudden, she seemed thoughtful again, if not outright pensive. After she had swallowed with her mouth closed, she asked:

“Well, Ben, I know this must sound like another excuse, but could I watch Nguyet and you have sex?”

‘Jesus!’ I thought to myself.

“Well, that’s about to happen anyway, I’d say. But how do you imagine that?! Do you wanna just pull up a chair and look at us on the bed, like you’re watching TV?”

“Ha! No, nonsense. I wanna be part of it, of course, but I have imagined the whole week to watch… your penis, slowly disappearing in her impressive pussy… I sometimes think it’s just a little too large for me, but Nguyet is older and more experienced… I have this vision of her snatch opening up more and more and then you push it in, once it’s wide open…”

She stopped, but I knew what she meant. She didn’t have to explain it further. Yet I didn’t know what to reply. But then she continued:

“Anyway, I’d love it if I could see that once…”

“There’s probably nothing that you won’t be able to see, to be frank…” was all I could respond.

I wondered if I should tell her that Nguyet would want to examine Anna’s fine young snatch as well, but when I soaked in the view of her: how she was lolling here in her hot beach outfit in the middle of town, Anna seemed to expect that already. She positively radiated that she wanted to open a new chapter in her sexual-experiences diary. Certainly, queasy she was, but she didn’t look like she was going for compromises or any half-baked action.

“Hey, let’s take off, before we talk everything to death… Nguyet bought some lunch, she told me.”

Anna nodded, rummaged through her brown leather purse for some money and then insisted to pay the check. We went along the small path to the parking lot, where our motorcycles were. Anna didn’t remember how to get to the hotel and thus wanted to follow me. I regretted that I wouldn’t be able to ogle her on the way but then, I could see, touch, and smell her for an hour or two in just a little while.

When we arrived at the old hotel, Nguyet was standing outside with two construction workers, negotiating something. Yeah, she had told me that they would be there in the morning and, possibly, the afternoon. The two of them were maybe 23 and gawked at Anna, but then Nguyet was able to detach herself, before the two helmed guys took off, perhaps to eat lunch somewhere. Anna and I pushed our Hondas inside, and Nguyet locked the door behind us.

“Gosh, they didn’t want to leave…” she remarked.

“Probably because of you or Anna,” I laughed. “Anyway, what time are they coming back?” I asked.

“They’re not supposed to come back at all, but you never know…” replied Nguyet, and we went upstairs.

Nguyet wanted to take a shower, as she had been doing inventory downstairs in the slightly dirty and dusty rooms.

“But the food’s here already…” she added excitedly.

Anna and I were holding hands on the way up, but the purely sexual tension was gone for now, which that was okay. Nonetheless, I conceived the idea to undress right down there at the entrance and then running around naked through the huge old, classy building, just to see what would happen. Would we fuck on the stairs or in the halls? When I shared my plan with the two ladies, they weren’t sure what to make of it.

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