Real Fantasy

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Note: All characters are over 18. Way over 18.

This story is based on real people, my wife “Lisa” and her best friend, but, sadly, these events have only happened in my mind. “Pam” and I flirt heavily, and when she spends the night with us, we all drink a lot, especially “Pam.” She and I hug a lot and have exchanged quick friend-kisses. Until the last time she was here. While my wife was outside by the fire pit with another guest, I sat by “Pam” on the couch as she told me about the married man at her condos that she wanted. We sat close to each other, I know I touched her a lot, embracing her a couple of times, and I think I kissed her quickly as if that would give her comfort, and she kissed me back and teasingly gave me a quick bit of her tongue. Then she looked at me and told me I didn’t know how much she wanted to shove her tongue down my throat. At that point, I reined in my flirting. That’s as much reality as this story has.

I wrote this story because of an experiment with the dictation tool on Word. Using it, I got a rough version of the first half. I started to make edits and corrections, and then got too excited to stop. The dictation tool wasn’t the best, but I’d been wanting to get the basics of some of my fantasies about “Pam” out of my head and into written form. It has no plot besides lots of sex. It has no character development. It’s not the most grammatically correct story, it’s sort of stream-of-consciousness, run-on sentence, first-person, present tense/past tense. But the point was and is to get me excited and, I hope, you too. It’s a sex story, meant to arouse, meant to enhance self-pleasure or couple pleasure or, perhaps one night, threesome pleasure

I have always wanted to fuck Pam, my wife’s best friend. I’ve wanted her since I met her at Lisa’s house at an office Christmas party, back before Lisa and I started fucking. Pam is exciting, sexy, sexual. She’s petite, slender, with small but perfect tits that I have long wanted to see and touch and kiss, and a lovely face.


When Lisa and I fuck, I use a fantasy of Pam to push me over the edge so I can cum in her cunt, or her hand, or her mouth. I need those erotic thoughts and images of Pam to get me cumming.

I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with Pam and my wife. In my fantasy, Pam is an overnight guest. That evening after we all go to bed, Lisa wants to fuck. And so, we do what we always do—touching and kissing, my hands on her tits, her hard nipples, her grasping my dick, stroking and then quickly inhaling it. She always wants to suck my cock. I put my hand between her legs and finger her wet pussy, slipping my finger over the lips, stroking her clit, inserting my finger into her hot cunt. She gets more excited and shows that excitement in more and more passionate sucking and jacking.

Finally, I pull my cock out of her mouth and go down between her legs. I lick all around her, long licks up and down over her pussy lips, sucking her pussy lips into my mouth, and then putting my tongue in between them, getting it as deep into her cunt as possible. I turn my attention to her clit finally, and soon she’s bucking and cumming and demanding I fuck her. I get between her legs and she grabs my dick and guides it into her hot, wet pussy. I slam all the way in and pound her. I put her feet on my chest and lean into to her as I fuck her. She cums quickly, as she always does. But instead of more pounding with me on top, she insists on riding me.

I lie on my back, and she gets on and slides down onto my dick. She begins riding my dick, fucking me the way she always does, a slow and methodical grinding that pleases her. She finds a perfect rhythm and gets my cockhead in the perfect spot. I know it’s perfect because it feels like a switch has been thrown. It’s the beginning of my orgasm, the sign that she’s going to make me cum. And as I begin spasming and cumming in her pussy and calling her name, I notice movement at the bedroom door and see that Pam is standing just inside, watching. I finish our fucking and cumming by thrusting up into Lisa as deeply as I can as she’s finishing her orgasm.

I tell her “Pam is here” and she says she knows, she invited Pam to join us. She tells me she wants us to share the bed with her. Pam comes to the bed and, while Lisa is still impaled on my spent cock, starts stroking and touching Lisa’s breasts and back and ass and my thighs and then my balls.  Lisa and I kiss, and then Pam and Lisa kiss, deeply. Lisa slips off my dick and lies on her back. Pam comes to me and we kiss, wildly. Her hand touches my dick, my hands caress her back. Pam says, “I’m going to eat Lisa’s pussy. Would you let me? Would you like that?” My dick twitches, excited. I quickly sit up, take Pam’s nightgown in my hands and pull it off to reveal her perfect small breasts and her exciting legs. She gets out of her thong, revealing a beautiful smooth pussy. And she leaves her high heels on. Pam quickly kisses Lisa’s mouth, then goes down between her legs and licks her pussy, eating all my cum.

Watching this erotik film izle action gets me hard and excited again. I take my dick over to Lisa’s face, and she engulfs it quickly, her lips and tongue bringing me to a full erection, completing the response Pam’s presence and touches and body and her eating Lisa’s pussy began. I’m touching Pam, my hand in her hair as she eats Lisa and makes her cum. Lisa cums so hard that she loses all concentration on my dick and writhes in pleasure, saying over and over “Oh, Pam.”

Pam climbs over Lisa’s stomach, stopping to quickly lick her nipples before moving in for a long, deep kiss. I run my hands all over Pam, touching her back, moving down to her rounded lovely ass, down her legs, over her feet, and back up to her ass and inner thighs. She moans and moves off Lisa and rolls on her back beside her.

I move up to her face and put my dick on her lips. She greedily begins licking and then sucking me. She’s says, “I’ve been wanting this for so long” and goes back to her blow job. Lisa has moved so she can stroke and caress Pam’s body while she watches Pam suck my dick. Lisa plays with Pam’s tits, which makes Pam moan again, and then her hands go down to Pam’s thighs and seductively move across them to her shaved cunt.

My dick somehow gets even harder as I watch my wife rubbing her best friend’s clit. I say, “Eat her, baby, like she ate you” and her caresses on Pam’s pussy seem more purposeful and surer. Pam takes my dick out of her mouth to say, “Oh, please, baby girl, eat my pussy, please eat me, I’ve wanted that forever.”

Lisa moves between Pam’s legs. I watch her give Pam’s clit a few tentative licks, then passion takes over. Lisa’s face disappears between Pam’s thighs. Pam begins moaning, and I take my cock out of her mouth and begin kissing her deeply. She sucks my tongue in, then pushes me back long enough to say, “Do you know how much I want to shove my tongue down your throat?” She pulls me close again and gives me the Frenchest French kiss I’ve ever had, until she starts bucking and calling out Lisa’s name as she comes on Lisa’s mouth and tongue. Lisa moves up to Pam’s face to kiss her passionately and, it’s obvious to me, with deep love. They’ve been friends for so long, shared every thought, fear, and joy so intimately, that this step into physical intimacy was natural and overdue.

But I’m impatient, and I pull Pam up into a doggy position and get behind her. Before I can do anything, Lisa has moved down to suck my dick that I was aiming for Pam’s cunt. She says, “Let me taste you before and then after you fuck Pam. Let me get you wet so you slide into that sweet pussy.” Then she takes my cock in her hand and gently pulls me closer to Pam. She rubs my cock over Pam’s pussy lips and clit. Her pussy is wet from her desire and from Lisa’s tongue bath. I can’t wait and push forward, slamming my cock past her lips and deep into her cunt. I push all the way inside her, and I hear her gasp. I ask, “Are you ok, baby?” and she says, “Oh, yeah, I am now. Fuck me, Tom. Fuck me hard.” I begin pounding her, my balls slapping up against her pussy. She moans louder and then, quickly, tells us “I’m cumming. I’m cumming” and screams in pleasure. Lisa cups my balls as I stop, deep inside Pam.

Then Lisa says, “Make him cum, Pam. Ride him so he cums in that shaved pussy.”

I lay on my back, waiting for Pam to mount me. Bur first she and Lisa passionately make out, kissing and touching and saying how much they love and have wanted each other. Watching them, I stroked my still hard cock, wet with Pam’s pussy. Then Lisa takes Pam’s face between her hands, kisses her, and says, “Put my husband’s dick into your pussy and make him cum. I want him to cum in you.” Pam moaned passionately upon hearing that command, and more so from Lisa’s deep kiss and hands moving over her tits to between her legs.

Pam mounts me, and again Lisa guides my dick into Pam’s tight cunt. And then she fucks me, riding up and down on my dick, then settling down on me with my dick all the way inside her, and she begins riding me, squirming on my cock. Her pussy is so new and different, and the excitement of her first watching us and then joining us and then eating Lisa and getting eaten by Lisa and then taking my dick from behind, plus Lisa’s passion and lust and command to her to fuck me until I came in her pussy quickly drove me to the edge. I began cumming, hard, thrusting up into that new pussy and calling out both their names. “Fuck, I’m cumming, Pam, I’m cumming in your pussy, baby. Lisa, I’m cumming in her.” I cum hard. And then we all collapse together. Pam stays with us, I go to sleep in between them.

That’s my fantasy. I’ve always wanted to tell Pam in private that that’s what I think of when I’m fucking my wife. I wanted her to know that when my dick is fucking my wife’s pussy, and I want to come hard, I think about fucking her with Lisa there with me.


One Friday, while Lisa was at work, I went to Pam’s to pick up something for my wife. I’m retired, Pam is film izle off every Friday. She lives by herself, an hour’s drive from us. When I arrived, she was alone. As usual, we hugged tightly when I got there. As usual for her on Friday, she was drinking champagne. I took one glass because I had to drive back. We were talking, and flirting heavily and suggestively, as we always do, and she had two more glasses, and I thought, “To hell with it, I won’t leave right away.”

We stood in her kitchen, talking, drinking. I went over to her and gave her another hug and told her I was glad to see her. And suddenly I was telling her that I fantasized about her. She said, “Of course you do. I fantasize about you. We’ve been teasing and flirting for years.” But I was too excited to stop myself and said, “No, my fantasies about you are very specific. I use them to help cum when I’m fucking Lisa.”

Pam’s lovely face lit up. She was excited. “Really, you’re fantasizing about me while you’re with Lisa?” I told her I was. She said, “I want to hear those fantasies. I want to know exactly what you’re thinking when you’re fucking Lisa.” Hearing her say “fucking Lisa” had my dick at full attention.

But before I could say anything, she said, “Come with me” and began walking up the stairs to her condo’s second floor, where her bedroom was. I followed, watching her ass move in her jeans, move a lot, because she was giving me a little show.

In her bedroom, she sat in a chair by her bed and said, “Tom, please tell me every detail. Every detail. Every way I’m your fantasy.” I said, “Do you think we should continue this conversation?” But I knew I wanted to tell her, probably more than she wanted to hear it.

She said, “Definitely I want to continue. Are you kidding? This is as excited as I’ve been in a long time. But….” “But what,” I said. “But I want you to tell me while you jack off.” I looked at her beautiful face. “Seriously? Do you think…? She interrupted me and said, “Don’t thing. Just take off everything and show me how excited I get you. I want to watch you strip. Then lie down and jack off slowly while you tell me. I want to see your cock. I want to see it hard. I want to see you cumming because you’re fantasizing about me and I’m watching.”

I was going to argue, but I really didn’t want to. So I took off all my clothes and made myself comfortable on the bed. My curved dick was thick and hard. Pam said, “Oh, my, Lisa wasn’t exaggerating about your cock. It’s beautiful.” I thanked her but pointed out that we had crossed almost every line. To avoid going across every line, I proposed a rule. At no point would we touch. No touching, only looking. And talking.

She agreed, and we promised there would be no touching. Just watching and talking. I lay on my back. She moved her chair closer to the bed and said, “Tell me how you use me to cum when you’re fucking Lisa. That’s so hot. She’s so hot. You’re so exciting. Tell me. Cum for me.”

I don’t know when my dick had ever been as hard as it was there in her bed, with me totally naked, and with her looking at me. Pam watched as I started stroking my dick, telling her about wanting to fuck her. She watched as I stroked slowly and told her how I wanted her to come into the bedroom and eat Lisa’s pussy and taste my cum in Lisa’s pussy. I told Pam how I imagined her wearing just a negligee, a thong, and strappy high heels. I told her how hot and sexy and exciting it would be to see her dressed like that, to see her body through the sheer material, to see her slender, lovely legs accented by the high heels, to see her nipples hard under the negligee, to see her lovely, beautiful face full of lust for me and for Lisa after watching us fuck and seeing Lisa grind on me till I came in her. I said I wanted to see it as full of lust as it was as she watched me.

I told her how exciting it would be for her to slip onto the bed and begin touching and caressing Lisa’s back and Lisa’s breasts and Lisa’s hips and Lisa’s face, and then begin kissing Lisa deeply, giving her a lot of tongue, getting a lot of tongue. And then Lisa would roll off me and Pam would caress my legs and reach up and caress my balls and my dick and then bend over and kiss it and lick off Lisa’s pussy juices and my cum while Lisa began caressing Pam all over.

I told her how she would quickly get down between Lisa’s legs to finish licking Lisa’s pussy and tasting all my cum. I told her how watching her eating Lisa and making Lisa cum while she licked up all my cum and licked up all Lisa’s pussy juices would get me hard again. I told her how I would come behind her and position her ass up in the air while she was eating Lisa so I could stroke her deeply with my cock. I told her how I imagined her excited by my fucking her. I told her how we would roll over and join each other with me on top fucking her really hard until she came. I told her all my fantasy of her joining us for a threesome. I told her how much I wanted to see her and Lisa make love, express their sexual love for each other. I told her how seks filmi izle much I wanted to fuck her and cum inside her. I came close to cumming several times but stopped jacking long enough to maintain control. I wanted this orgasm to be big, as I thought it might be the only intimate time Pam and I would have.

Early on she put her hand in her jeans and started rubbing her pussy as she watched me pump my dick slowly and listened to my explicit desires for her. I said, “Wouldn’t it be easier if you took off your jeans?” She stood up and took them off and then sat down again and spread her legs for me. Her pussy was shaved and wet. I told her, “Get your vibrator. I want to watch you fuck yourself while I cum.” She got the vibrator out of the nightstand drawer, and she was close enough that I could have easily touched her legs. She still had on her blouse, but her ass and pussy were bare, beautiful to see. She also got out some lube. I asked for some, and she gave me the bottle. I lubed up my dick, still talking to her, telling her how hot she looked, how exciting it was to see her pussy wet because she was with me and excited by me. As I slathered her lube over my dick and balls, I told her how much I wanted her from behind and wanted her to ride me and wanted to cum in her mouth and on her tits and all over her. I think I heard her moan. She took off her blouse and stood naked before me. Finally, I was seeing the woman I’d wanted for so long.

Then she came close and took the lube from me, her fingers just brushing my hand as she took the bottle, violating our rule of no touching. She lubed her pussy and clit, and then she sat down, spread her legs again, and put her vibrator in and fucked her pussy slowly. She said, “I want to see you cum.”

We were past going slowly and delaying for our orgasms. She pumped her cunt faster and faster, and I jacked my dick fast, and we started cumming about the same time, and she was saying, “Oh, Tom. Oh, I’m cumming.” And I was calling out her name, saying, “Pam, I cumming, I want my cum in you. I want my cum in your pussy.”

For a minute we were quiet, just looking into each other’s eyes as our orgasms subsided. Then Pam said, “You want your cum inside me?” She came over to the bed, bent over and, using her middle finger, took some of the cum that was on my stomach onto her finger. She put her left leg up on the bed and slipped her cum-loaded finger over her clit and into her pussy. She moaned and said, “Now your cum is inside me. Do you like that?”

That action, her nearness, seeing her naked, her touching my stomach to put my cum on her finger and then put it into her cunt, and her words, all excited me so much that I didn’t care about our no touching rule. Anyway, she had already touched me twice. I grabbed her and pulled her to me. I began kissing her, and she put her arms around me, kissing me hungrily, shoving her tongue down my throat. My dick began to get hard again. I held her ass, squeezing it as we kissed. Her hand wrapped around my dick, and her touch finished getting me hard.

Then I broke our embrace and pushed her onto her back. I quickly got between her legs, moving fast so she couldn’t stop me, wouldn’t have time to object, and put my dick on her pussy lips. I paused long enough to enjoy the sight of me using my dick head to part her beautiful pussy lips and to note that she was perfectly shaved. Then I pushed past those perfect lips all the way into her cunt. She screamed, but it was obviously a cry of pleasure. She pulled me down to me, wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me wildly. Then she said, “Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you fuck Lisa.” I positioned myself to pound her a hard as I could. Her pussy was tight, tighter than Lisa’s because Pam had never had children. I took her legs and put her feet on my chest and began fucking her. She loved it and soon was cumming on my dick.

After she had a couple of orgasms with me on top, I pulled out of her. She demanded I put my cock in her mouth. While I kneeled in front of her, she gave me a great blowjob as I stroked and touched and caressed her the way I always imagined, the way I’d always wanted. Her tits, not large, were nearly perfect. I stroked her inner thighs. I fingered her pussy, wet with our fucking and the lube she’d used with the vibrator. I bent down and put my head between her thighs. I smelled her hot cunt. I began eating her while she continued sucking my cock. But she lost concentration on my oral pleasure as my tongue enjoyed her clit more and more. She began moaning and calling my name. Suddenly her hands grasped my hair, and her hips began bucking and she said, “Oh, Tom. Oh, shit. Fuck. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

I moved from her cunt to her beautiful face and kissed her, then I rolled her over, pulled her up on her hands and knees, and quickly moved behind her. She reached between her legs as she felt my dick at her pussy and guided me into her. I fucked her. I slammed my dick into her. I squeezed her ass and reached under to spread her pussy. I fucked her hard. She gasped and I fucked her over and over and over, and she came multiple times. I pulled out of her and she collapsed. I stroked her back, kissed her shoulders. I rolled her onto her back and kissed her. She said, “What a fuck.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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