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Party Guest Triptych – 3: From private to public, from romantic to raunchy, the same ingredients can create different recipes.

Ray held up another tie in front of his chest and looked in the mirror with disgust. “A cocktail party? Who the hell has cocktail parties anymore?”

The comment was theoretically aimed through the open door of their ensuite bath to his wife, Amber, who was drying her hair after a shower.

The noise of the blow-dryer was probably too loud for her to hear, but even if it hadn’t been, she still would have ignored him. He’d been griping for the past few days about having to put on a coat and tie for what was supposed to just be a neighborhood party, but she knew he wasn’t really serious, so she let him bitch.

Amber for one was eager for a chance to finally get out of the house after almost three hectic weeks of moving into their new place and getting processed into their new jobs. And for it to be a dress-up event with only adults was even better as far as she was concerned.

To be honest, though, she’d also been surprised by the idea of a “cocktail party” and like Ray, wondered what that meant in this century. She’d imagined scenes from “Mad Men”, with nattily-dressed people circulating through clouds of cigarette smoke and alcohol vapors.

But Carol, the woman who’d invited them and the wife of her new boss, Bob, had promised the parties were always fun. She’d said they usually had a few over the summer when things were slower at the university and since the fall term started next week, this would likely be the last one until the Thanksgiving break.

“And I just have a feeling you two are really going to fit right into our little crowd and have a really good time.” Carol was one of those vivacious beauties who seemed able to make things happen by sheer will of personality and Amber found herself being swept up with the woman’s enthusiasm.

When Amber had balked at first because they hadn’t found a babysitter yet, Carol had efficiently removed that hurdle. She said that they had a sleep-over party planned at another house for the kids of the party guests and there was certainly room for one more. She’d then set up for one of the two undergraduate students they’d hired to watch the kids to come to Amber’s house twice to meet Trina ahead of time to be sure that both mother and daughter were comfortable. The young woman planned on going into pediatric psychology and made a wonderful impression on both the 4-year-old and the 30-year-old. Trina had made only happy noises when they’d dropped her off at the kids’ party house an hour earlier.

After finishing her hair, Amber moved into the bedroom and sat at her vanity to do her makeup. She actually wore very little on a regular basis, but for a fancy night out, a little bit of color would be nice. Ray came up behind her and in the mirror she saw him holding up his final two choices for a tie. “The red,” she said.

As he knotted the tie, he asked again, “Two hours, right?”

“Probably three.” Then she patiently repeated the same response he’d heard three or four times already, but always seemed to hope would change. “This is our introduction to our new social life for the next several years at least and we want to make a good impression.” Then she added with a touch of exasperation, “Plus, I’m really looking forward to getting out and having some fun. Aren’t you? It seems like forever since we’ve had some fun time for us.”

It really had been a jam-packed few weeks. The movers had taken a day and a half to get everything delivered and the large furniture pieces assembled. Then of course, Ray and Amber had had to do all the unpacking of boxes and finding places to put it all. Woven into those periods of work, each had begun spending more time at their new jobs as the crush of the new term got under way. Then there was Trina, who was naturally confused by the move. It had taken a few days of one of them spending an hour or two at the new daycare with her until she’d gotten over the upset of not seeing her old friends and caregivers. This uncertainty had also translated to sleeping in a new room, even if it was her same old bed. She’d spent more nights in their bed than in hers since the move, especially in the first week.

Between all these stressors there really hadn’t been much time for just Amber and Ray and that didn’t suit either of their libidos.

“My point exactly,” her husband said as he laid his strong, supple fingers on her bare shoulders and kissed the top of her head. “It’s been far too long since we’ve had fun time for us. Maybe we should just stay here and have our own private party.” His hands began sliding down the tops of her breasts, but she slapped them before he got more than his fingertips under the edge of the large bath towel wrapped around her body.

“And no one will notice or care that we skipped the party, but still took advantage of the overnight babysitting?” She put her hands gently on top ankara dansöz escortlar of his where they’d retreated to the tops of her shoulders and smiled at him in the mirror.

“Besides, only taking two or three hours to meet some new people and relax with a few cocktails still leaves us plenty of time for that private party. Didn’t I promise you a good time if you acted your most charming self and helped get us off to a good start in our new neighborhood?”

She’d gotten to her feet halfway through talking and turned to face him. The corner of his mouth went up in a naughty smile as she took his hands and guided him to sit on the bench she’d just vacated. “Don’t you believe me?” she pouted.

“Just how charming do you want me to be?” Ray said in his most roguish tone.

Amber left him sitting and walked over to her chest of drawers. Standing with her back to him she opened a drawer and fished around inside a moment. Then she undid the bath towel and let it drop to the floor, showing him her long, lean back and pert ass.

Reaching back into the drawer, the lingerie drawer it turned out, she pulled out some black lace stockings. She pulled them on slowly and sensuously, putting one, then the other foot up on the edge of the bed as she showcased her long, strong legs for his admiring view. When they were on she was facing him, but bent over deeply at the waist as she caressed the sheer material up over her skin. The stockings stopped at mid-thigh, but her hands continued upwards as she stood, one hand going outside and behind to stroke her ass, the other running across the petals of her flower. Then she pulled on a garter belt and connected it to the stockings. Next her hands went to her breasts, squeezing and kneading them and pulling on the nipples, which drew an even louder groan from him than it did from her. She finally put on a matching black bra that pushed the soft flesh together, making a wonderful cleavage. Then came a red cocktail dress that she slinked down over her head. She smoothed the material over her hips as she stepped back to him and turned around. He stood and as he slowly slid up the zipper, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, “No panties?”

“No panties,” she answered. “Think about that all night.”

“Oh, God. How long did you say we have to stay?” Amber laughed and took him by the hand out of the bedroom.

The party was just two and a half blocks away and Amber wore just two-inch heels so they could walk. The evening was mild and she wore a thigh-length black cardigan as a wrap. Ray chuckled as they turned the last corner and saw the party house halfway up the block. “Bob and Carol. You think Ted and Alice will be there?” She punched him on the shoulder.

When their hostess, Carol, opened the door, she was also wearing black knit, but this was no button down sweater. Her dress was short and tight and showed off her round tits and ass magnificently. Both Amber and Ray got caught starting to stare, but that just appeared to make Carol happy. When she took Amber’s sweater and saw the slinky red dress, she smiled even more broadly and complimented her.

They walked in and saw that the other people that had already arrived were indeed all dressed nicely as they’d been led to expect. All the women wore dresses and the only two guys who didn’t have ties were wearing a mock turtleneck and a v-neck sweater vest with no shirt underneath. It really was an old-fashioned cocktail party, each thought. Their old crowd had never gone for anything so dressy, but it was kind of nice to get polished up for something other than a formal event like a stuffy awards dinner or the like.

“How do I look?” Amber asked when Ray returned to her side with a glass of wine.

“Fantastic,” he said. “As classy as any of them and twice as sexy.”

“Well, I don’t know about being twice as sexy as Carol,” she remarked. “That’s quite a dress.”

Ray played it safe and answered with a non-committal, “Hmm.”

“Oh, you’re not fooling me,” she laughed at him. “She’s got a great body and that dress makes it clear.”

“Well, I bet her honeypot is nowhere near as sweet as the one sitting open under your dress. I wish I could drop to my knees right now and eat you.”

She clinked her glass against his and looked deep into his eyes. “Soon,” she whispered. “Soon.”

A few more people showed up, but it was not a big party. Maybe three other married couples and another five people on their own, four guys and one gal. Not surprisingly at a university party, there were four professors, ranging from assistant to endowed, four graduate or post-graduate students, three people including Amber from school admin, and Ray from the student health clinic. Only three people, female spouses, didn’t attend or work at the U.

Amber and Ray also noticed that besides having good taste in clothes, everyone at the party was fairly attractive and sexy. Some were athletically fit, while others were sensuously elvankent saatlik veren escortlar endowed. “No ugly people allowed,” Ray quipped.

“Well, it’s nice to be on the right side of that invitation list,” she smiled back.

As the party moved on they separated and came together as they met and talked with everyone over the next hour and a half. It was a diverse and interesting group. It turned out that they and Bob and Carol were the only all-white American couples.

Among the professors, there was Leonard who was black and married to a white woman. On the other side of that equation, the very white, very British Dexter, was married to a younger, voluptuous black woman named Chanel. Rasha was Middle Lebanese and married to a white man. And Makani Nomura was native Hawaiian and single.

All four students were also single. Two were from Europe. Erno was Finnish and very tall, while Joaquim was from Portugal and nearly a foot shorter than the Viking. The third man was Sandy, a handsome white surfer type from San Diego. The lone single female, Rona, was from Seattle. She was American, but her father was of Japanese heritage and the Asian blood showed clearly in her delicate features.

While most people had a drink, no one seemed to be getting drunk. But still Ray noticed something unusual in the air. Maybe he was imagining it, but all the women seemed to be flirting with him and as he watched Amber in another group, the men were being pretty friendly with her too. And while he felt sure that Carol wasn’t drunk, he felt just as strongly that she had been outright coming onto him.

He shook it off and headed into the kitchen to find a Coke. If things were getting weird he wanted to keep a clear head. He walked through the swinging door and saw the fridge on his left. He was halfway there before he realized that Carol was on the other side of the kitchen. She was leaning back against the counter. One shoulder strap of her dress had been peeled down and one of the single guys, the short Portuguese, was sucking greedily on her exposed breast.

Ray stopped dead in his tracks. Before he could think what to do, Carol pulled down the other strap, letting her second beautiful breast pop free. “There’s room for one more,” she said in a throaty voice.

“Th-thanks,” Ray stammered, “but I think I’d better just stick to Coke.”

“Suit yourself,” she answered, squeezing the naked tit in one hand and pulling the man’s curly head in tighter with the other. Ray didn’t run, but he grabbed the soda quick and beat feet out of there.

Back in the living room he popped the top and took a big chug of the cold drink to clear his head. He looked around for Bob and wondered if he was supposed to get involved if his host found his wife and started fighting with the other guy. Just then, he saw Amber walk into the living room from a doorway on the opposite side. He quickly walked over to let her know what was going on.

“That’s not all,” she said when he was done. “In the den they’re watching Behind the Green Door.”

Ray figured it was the other single guys acting up and asked, “I wonder if Bob knows?”

“Bob’s the one who put it on!” she declared. “A couple of students had never seen it and he said they were missing an important cultural touchstone and said it was important to their education to see such a classic.”

“Whoa. What next?” What next, was the two other couples in the living room starting to walk towards the den.

One of the women broke loose and swung by them. “Carol didn’t tell you, did she?” she asked. “I told her it wasn’t fair to surprise someone like that, but sometimes she can’t help herself — she’s a devil!” But she said it with a laugh that seemed to approve of Carol’s devil-like nature.

The woman, whose name was Kristi and was married to the black professor, Leonard, continued with, “But don’t worry, you don’t have to play, you can just watch if you want.” She nodded her head toward the couple leaving the room with her husband. “Chanel and Dexter only watched for a couple of times and they still only play with each other. You should come in, it’s a lot of fun.”

Just then the kitchen door swung open and Carol and Joaquim walked out with their arms around each other. Carol’s dress was peeled down to her waist, her magnificent hooters jutting out with swollen nipples leading the way.

“I hope you can forgive me for the surprise,” she smiled at them as she stopped. “You seemed like such a fun couple, that I thought you’d fit right in. But I also thought you’d probably be better off not thinking about it too much beforehand, if you know what I mean.”

Kristi moved to Carol’s free side and put her arm around their hostess’s waist. “Getting an early start are you?” To Amber and Ray she added, “I told she was a devil.”

“And here I was thinking I was an angel leading people to paradise,” Carol replied with a laugh. “I hope you’ll etimesgut azeri escortlar join us,” she said to Ray and Amber as the threesome started off towards the den. “If not tonight, then another time.”

Amber and Ray slowly turned towards each other after the others left the room. Both had looks of amazement on their faces.

“It looks like we’ve moved into one kinky neighborhood,” Ray said. “Should we get out of here?”

Amber had a little bit of white wine left in her glass and she tossed it back. “I’d like to take a peek,” she almost whispered. “Do you want to take a peek?” she asked nervously.

He took her empty glass to the side board and refilled it from a bottle in an ice bucket. He traded his Coke can for a clean wine glass that he also filled. Walking back over, he put hers back in her hand. “Let’s take a peek,” he said, raising his glass in a toast. The glass clinked, they sipped, and then headed towards the den.

The lights were low as they stopped and stood with their backs to the wall just inside the doorway. They noticed they were standing among a collection of shoes and realized everyone else was in bare or stocking feet. They followed suit, peeling off their footware and then looking around some more.

A large-screen TV hung on the opposite wall and showed Marilyn Chambers being prepared by her female attendants. Carol stood in front of the screen with the guy from the kitchen reattached to her nipple. She’d also found another man to take her empty breast, it looked like the white American grad student, Sandy. She cradled their heads, while her own was tossed back, with eyes closed. The sound from the movie was turned down and Ray and Amber could hear Carol’s moans.

Kneeling in front of her was her husband Bob. He peeled her dress the rest of the way off, showering kisses on each section of skin as he bared it, finishing up with her feet as she stepped out of the dress. Bob kissed his way back up to her thong-covered crotch, where he quickly skinned the black satin down to the floor. Carol spread her legs apart so he could more easily get to the fruit inside her bush. Amber noticed they were all standing on blue mats, like gymnastics mats, that had been laid down between the TV and a collection of sofas and love seats that formed a semicircle in front of the screen.

Two more men stood up and joined the scene. They both moved behind Carol. Makani, the Hawaiian assistant professor kneeled down and started massaging and kissing her ass. The Finn, Erno, kissed her shoulder and neck until she turned her head. He was so tall he could lean well over Carol’s shoulder and they began sharing deep kisses, their tongues wrestling. The man kneeling behind her pushed her legs wider apart and his head stopped moving from cheek to cheek and settled down in the middle.

Without even thinking about it, Amber started moving to the side so she could see the action better, pulling Ray after her. As they got closer, the view got even better. The surfer dude, Sandy, had been working on Carol’s tit on their side, blocking some of the action. But now he stepped away and started taking off his clothes. Ray and Amber could now see that Butt Man had a tight, squeezing grip on each of Carol’s full ass cheeks and was pulling them apart. His face was shoved tight up against her and it was obvious he was licking her asshole while her husband sucked away at her pussy from the front. Amber let out a soft groan and Ray moved behind her. He reached around and put one hand on a breast and the other on her belly. Amber moaned again.

Ray leaned in and whispered close to her hear, “He’s tongue-fucking her asshole, baby. Shoving it in her tight hole just the way you like it.” He gave her tit a squeeze and moved his other hand down to her crotch. “You love it, don’t you? Love seeing it just like you love feeling it.”

“Yes,” she sighed. “Yes.”

They watched as the Portuguese released her other tit and the Finn broke off their make-out session and both guys stepped away and started taking off their clothes.

Bob and the ass licker then guided Carol down onto her back on the mat. Sandy had finished stripping and rejoined the group, kneeling beside her head and offering Carol his cock, which she happily swallowed.

Suddenly someone moved from a sofa and crawled in between their hostess’s legs. Amber saw that it was Kristi, who was wearing only her bra and panties. She lay on her belly and took over from Bob in sucking his wife’s pussy.

Meanwhile, Bob and Makani stood to shed their clothes. The tall Viking who’d been making out with Carol was already naked and he kneeled on the opposite side of Carol’s head and offered her a second dick to suck. Joaquim, the very first guy Ray had seen with Carol in the kitchen, was obviously addicted to her tits, because he now moved in to straddle her healthy chest.

Amber’s head started bobbing side to side. The three men had Carol’s head surrounded and Amber found herself almost desperate to see their hostess’s face as she faced the onslaught of cock.

“There’s an empty love seat over there,” her astounded husband said into his mesmerized wife’s ear.

She came out of her dreamlike state just enough to say uncertainly, “Oh, God, should we? Or should we slip out?”

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