Jeremy’s Journal – The Weekend Pt. 03

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I don’t know how long I was asleep for but I remember waking up and looking around the room completely lost as to where I was. It took me a while but I realized that I was still on the floor where Candy and Kristy had left me. I was still groggy but I managed to stand up and go looking for the pair because the house was too quiet. I eventually found them in the backyard. Candy had a little area which really didn’t offer too much privacy if the neighbours were in their bedrooms but there they were with a blanket spread in the grass laying naked out in the open. Candy was lying on her stomach and Kristy lay on her back. As I approached them I looked around to see if anyone was looking through their windows but I saw no one. I walked up and sat next to Candy.

Candy looked at me and smiled and got up enough to kiss me and then turned over. Kristy then came over to me, she stuck her tongue in my mouth forcefully and grabbed my cock, jerked it a few times and then went back to her original position but this time she laid on her stomach. I asked them, what they were doing. Candy told me that they were hungry and thought about getting some lunch but Kristy thought it would have been more exciting to probably order some food and have it delivered to us in the backyard. I knew that Kristy was very sexually expressive and being a promotional model, she had no shame in her body but Candy was a lot more conservative and shy so as she spoke I looked at her expressions to gauge how comfortable she was with all of this. I offered for us to go back inside but Kristy insisted that we stay out.

Not long after we heard a voice calling. It was the delivery guy. He looked like he was either in his late teens or early twenties. He called again and this time we saw his head over the fence. Kristy jumped up and grabbed Candy by the arm and pulled her as they both went to meet the delivery guy. I was a little upset and uncomfortable with this all. I didn’t mind Kristy doing whatever she wanted but now I felt like she was pulling Candy into her habits. I mean yes at first I wanted Candy to be a little more sexually expressive but I wasn’t comfortable with this but I would see where this was going. At the end of the day it would be beneficial for us both sexually.

As both Candy and Kristy walked towards the gate at the side of the house where the delivery guy was, the look on his face was enough to make me laugh. He looked as though he had died and gone to heaven. His face was a mixture of happy, shocked, disbelief and confusion all in one. erotik film izle I couldn’t blame him, if I had gone to deliver food to a house and saw two naked women with big boobs, tiny waists and all the curves in the right places walking towards me, I’d probably get an erection so hard that it would break down the fence I was standing behind. I could have sworn that the kid must have cum in his pants with the look on his face at the end.

Candy had some cash close by and paid the guy while Kristy took the parcel of food and as they walked away Kristy slapped Candy on the ass in a playful way and looked back at the delivery guy. He still stood there transfixed on these heavenly naked bodies carefree without any shame on their end before him talking and interacting with him as though there was nothing unusual about the situation. Kristy then decided to give him something to look at. She turned Candy around and they both faced him, she started kissing Candy’s lips. Softly and passionately, their lips and tongues slowly caressed each other. Kristy then slowly lowered her hand down Candy’s body sliding her hand over her breasts, down her stomach and finally between her legs where she used her fingers to rub Candy’s clit. Candy decided to play around as well as she reached over and stuck her finger inside Kristy’s pussy and fingered her slowly.

This was getting interesting, I walked up and took the delivery bag and put it aside and sat on a lawn chair and continued to observe the act playing out before my eyes. Kristy, continued kissing Candy’s lips but then kissed her chin, moved to her neck and finally got to her ample breasts. She held a breast in each hand and jiggled them and then sucked the nipples of each going back and forth between them. Candy closed her eyes as she sun peeked out behind the clouds and the rays of sunshine burst through the sky. Truly the delivery guy and I were seeing heaven on Earth. Kristy wiggled her ass to the guy and then got on her knees as she lifted one of Candy’s legs over her shoulder and then licked her pussy. I looked over to the delivery guy to see if he was still there and what he was doing (he was) but it seems a neighbour or two were also home and were looking on at what was happening in the backyard.

No one seemed to be calling the police or anything so I just continued looking at my girls enjoying each other. Candy looked over at me and finger waved me over to her, which I eventually did. She made me stand behind her and she put her arms over her head and clasped them film izle both behind my neck. I moved my hands to cup both her breasts and held them for her, gently squeezing them ever so often. My dick was now fully erect so I slid it between her legs as it also moved into Kristy’s mouth. This was an amazing experience, as my cock was pressed against Candy’s pussy I could feel how wet and hot it felt. Her mons were wonderfully swollen and puffy and I just couldn’t stop myself from sliding my cock back and forth between her legs. It was made even better as Candy and myself were able to feel Kristy’s tongue and lips on our genitals, there were times when the head of my cock was in line with Candy’s clit and Kristy was licking them both. If the delivery guy or the neighbours were watching at this time I didn’t know and I didn’t care either, this was just too good.

Kristy got up and went over to where the blanket was and picked it up and brought it to where Candy and I were standing. She spread it and lay on it with her head at our feet. He opened her legs and motioned for Candy to lick her pussy. Candy lowered her hips onto Kristy’s face and then lowered her own head between Kristy’s legs as they did the most beautiful 69. I looked over and the delivery guy was still there and maybe another neighbour was looking from their window. Kristy kept moving her hands across and over Candy’s ass grabbing and smacking it, moving her hands she spread her pussy and finger waved me over. I knelt right behind Candy and Kristy grabbed my shaft and swallowed my balls in her mouth and stroked me a few times. She then pushed my cock into Candy’s slit and even pushed and pulled me out to set a pace. As I got into the rhythm that Kristy set, she continued to suck on my balls and her fingers were pressed against my anus.

Candy was now moaning but tried her best to be silent but couldn’t. I think being outdoors and even having an audience was a turn on for her because she came really hard to the point that her legs were trembling. She fell forward and just laid there so Kristy got up. She grabbed my cock and led me to the gate where the delivery guy was still standing and she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock and looked at him. I was a little annoyed by this so I grabbed her head on both sides and rammed my cock down her throat. I don’t think she expected that but she completely got into it. She pulled away and stood up, her back was facing me and she lifted one leg and tilted her ass to me. I grabbed the lifted leg and rubbed the head of my dick seks filmi izle against her moist cunt and rammed my cock as hard as it could go inside her. She never said a word but her breathing told me everything I needed to know. The delivery guy was just looking on in shock as she was being fucked hard in front of him.

She eventually threw herself back and let out a scream and I covered her mouth when she did. She was panting heavily, she held my hand and walked me back to where Candy was. Candy was now pushing herself up and kneeling on the blanket. Kristy knelt in front of her and put me standing behind them. My dick was between their faces and they sandwiched my cock on both sides. Kristy once again returned to licking and sucking my balls while Candy sucked the tip of my dick. She dropped her head lower and lower on my shaft (I think she was trying to deep throat me.) Kristy slapped me on my butt really hard and it almost took me out of the moment. The delivery guy was still standing there with a look of pure envy and jealousy now and I think a few more neighbours were looking on now.

Kristy moved up from my balls to my shaft just as Candy made her way to my tip and she sucked the head of my dick while Candy moved down to my balls. Kristy did her patented deep throat while flicking her tongue when she went as deep as she could. My balls were now tightening up and the girls knew that I was close to cumming. They both put their tongues on the base of my shaft and slowly dragged their tongues to the tip and kissed each other with my dick in both their mouths. They did this a few more times and I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. I leaned back and pushed my cock forward as they both kept their mouths opened as hot semen shot out of my cock into the air and landed on their face, lips and mouth. Candy and Kristy continued with their licking motion and I felt like all my energy had come out with that orgasm. I dropped flat on my butt as Candy and Kristy swapped the cum in their mouths. Kristy grabbed Candy’s ass and Candy fondled Kristy’s nipples as they continued kissing each other. The place was silent.

“Get the fuck out of the backyard you perverts” someone shouted breaking the quietness. I looked up and saw the delivery guy like a bolt of lightning dashing away from the gate. The neighbours had disappeared from their windows and we all stood up. Kristy looked around and at the top of her voice, shouted back,

“Mind your own fucking business you prude.” She laughed and kissed us both, she grabbed me by my cock and pulled me inside the house while Candy walked behind me pressing her breasts into my back. We all laughed as we got back inside the house, it was time to have some lunch and continue with our sexual Saturday challenge.

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