Be My Valentine Ch. 04

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Dawn and I had been seeing each other regularly for about a month. The sex was amazing and she was an eager and willing student, wanting to try every method, position and fetish possible, since she had never had sex with a man before. We shared plenty in common, besides our sexual libidos, which made spending time together a pleasant experience. We enjoyed going out and doing things that new couples do together, such as going to the movies, eating out and going to the dance clubs.

It was one particular Friday night that she wanted to go to a new dance club that she had heard about on the radio. “It’s supposed to be pretty good with some really good dance music. Do you mind if we go?” she asked. Of course I said I wouldn’t mind, so we went out for a quick bite to eat and headed our way to the club.

When we got there, it was apparent that we weren’t the only ones with the intention to go dancing. The line at the door was wrapped around the block and there were hundreds of people already inside getting their groove on. I parked the car in one of those pay parking lots and we headed towards the club. I told her that we may be standing in line for a while until we would finally be able to get in. She said, “Let’s walk around the building, see who’s in line and if it looks like we’ll get in with some good company, we’ll wait, ok?” Again, I agreed.

We started looking at the beginning of the line and weren’t even a quarter of the way through the line when I heard a familiar voice shout out, “Hey Rob! Rob, over here!” I glanced over and saw Erica and her husband Jim standing in the line. “Are you two planning on going in here tonight?”

I said, “Yeah, we were kind of hoping to get in, but this line’s a little long.”

Erica replied, “Not a problem, hop on in with us. People in front of us have been doing it since we got here.”

We jumped in with them, ignoring the glares of the folks behind us, and I introduced Dawn to Erica and Jim. “Dawn, this is my co-worker and friend, Erica and her husband Jim. Jim, Erica, this is my girlfriend Dawn.” They all shook hands and we chatted idly for about 15 minutes before we were finally herded into the club like cattle.

When we entered, the music hit with full force. The atmosphere smelled of a mixture of sweat and alcohol. Not a smell you would normally find pleasant, but it wasn’t unexpected and it was actually kind of a turn on. We found an empty booth in the back corner and settled in long enough for a waitress to come by and get out drink orders. When she returned with our drinks, Dawn excused herself to go use the ladies room.

After she left, Erica slid closer to me and asked, “So have you told her about our little tryst a few months ago?”

Jim said, “Why on earth would he? It’s not like we guys go telling our new girlfriends about every sexual adventure we’ve ever been on. At least, the normal ones don’t, and I assume Rob fits in that category.”

I chuckled and said, “No, I haven’t told her about it. But she’s a little sexual dynamo, and if the subject ever comes up, I may fill her in on the details.”

Erica smirked and said, “Sexual dynamo, huh?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “She’s never been with another man before. All her previous relationships were with women.”

Erica was slightly taken aback by this. I don’t know if she was uncomfortable about it or if it was simply something she hadn’t thought about before. I didn’t have the chance to ask before Dawn reappeared and asked me to go dance with her.

I got up and followed her to the dance floor.

At 6’4”, I’m not the most graceful dancer you’ve ever seen. I’m all legs and arms and it can prove quite disastrous if I’m not careful on the dance floor, as I’ve clocked a few people in my time. Quite by accident, I assure you.

What makes dancing with Dawn so humorous to some people is the height disparity. Since she’s only 5’0” tall, there’s almost a foot and a half difference between us which is really noticeable when we’re slow dancing or when we’re dancing really close, as we were doing now.

The music had a pulsating rhythm and the dance floor had a sexual tension hanging over it. Dawn was grinding her hips to mine and we were getting pretty involved on our little section of the floor. Suddenly, I felt another set of hands on me and a body grinding up to me from behind. I could instantly smell Erica’s perfume and simply kept up with the sound of the music.

Dawn also felt the presence of another body and turned around to face me. She saw Erica standing there and continued pressing her body into me. She basically straddled my thigh and began a rhythmic slide up and down in an obviously sexual manner. Her eyes closed and she began to escort ankara perspire as her red hair flung wildly from side to side.

Erica slid from behind me to get behind Dawn. She supported her by closing her arms around Dawn from the back. Erica’s hands roamed from Dawn’s hips to her breasts, causing Dawn to moan loud enough for me to hear her over the music. Whether anyone else heard is beyond me. I didn’t notice and, quite frankly, I didn’t care if they had.

When the song ended, Dawn pulled off of me and Erica pulled off of Dawn. They both glanced around and noticed they were the centers of attention. Even in the artificial lights on the dance floor, it was clear that they were both blushing, so we slinked back to our booth and began drinking our drinks.

Jim looked at me and said, “Damn man, I’d have come out there to help you out, but it looked like you had things well in hand.”

I said, “I did nothing more than move my hips around and provide a thigh. I think your wife was helping out more than me.”

Erica blushed and said, “I’m sorry, Dawn. I don’t know what came over me.”

Dawn said, “That’s ok. I know what I came over though.”

I felt my pant leg and, sure enough, it was damp from the moisture which had obviously seeped through her panties and skirt onto my Dockers.

It was at this point that a large man approached our table. “Excuse me, folks. I’m the manager here and we’ve gotten some complaints from some other patrons that you were behaving in a manner that we don’t condone here at the club. I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you to leave.”

I looked at him incredulously and said, “What? ‘A manner that we don’t condone here?’ What kind of shit is that? Have you noticed everyone else on the dance floor bumping and grinding together?”

“Sir,” he replied. “If you don’t leave the premises peacefully, we’ll escort you out.” At this time, 3 more equally large behemoths appeared behind him, apparently in a show of force. I wasn’t certain how many of them it would take to whoop my ass, but I was pretty certain how many they were going to use, so I, along with the rest of the group, decided it was time to depart.

As we exited the club, Jim said, “If you want, we can go back to our place for some drinks. We live close by and we have an extra bedroom if you guys get too drunk to drive home.”

Erica chimed in, “Yeah, that sounds like fun. The night’s still too young and I’m not ready to pack it in yet.”

I looked at Dawn, who was nodding her head in affirmation, and said, “Ok, sounds good to us. We’ll follow you two home.”

When we got in the car, I asked Dawn, “So, what do you think of Erica and Jim?”

“Jim’s a cutie and Erica’s hot!” She must have realized what she said, because she said, “Oh, and they seem like really nice people, too.”

I chuckled and said, “That’s ok. I’ve got a bit of a history with the two of them.”

This brought a look of surprise from Dawn and I began to relate the story of Valentine’s Day to her. “You both fucked her at the same time?” she asked incredulously.

I said, “Yes, we did. It was a spur of the moment thing, but she seemed to really enjoy it.”

Dawn was silent the rest of the way to their house, and I wasn’t certain if she was upset or contemplating the situation.

When we got to Erica and Jim’s place, we followed them into the living room. Erica said, “Make yourselves comfortable. I’ll go and grab us some beers.” Jim took the time to turn on the stereo and Dawn and I glanced around at some of the pictures and artwork hanging on their walls. It was a cozy home they had made for each other and it struck me as odd that, with everything we had been through together, this was the first time I had seen it.

Erica appeared a moment later with four beers in her hand. She handed her husband one then gave me one and finally, she gave one to Dawn. “So, know any drinking games?” she asked.

Having been to many a party during my college days, I had a slew of them committed to memory. We started off playing “Asshole” for a little bit, until everyone had the opportunity to be “president.” Then Jim suggested we switch games and play some Strip Poker.

“Figures you’d say that, you perv,” Erica said, lightly slapping her husband on the arm. “But I don’t care, as long as no one else does, since I’d kick your butt anyways.”

Dawn laughed and said, “Yeah, I don’t mind either. We can even gang up on the guys and have them doing strip teases for us while we sit back and watch.” Erica seemed to get a big kick out of this idea and I agreed to be the dealer.

My four years in college were, by and large, an enormous waste of time and money. There was very little ankara escortlar I learned that was of any practical use while I was there. But the one thing I did learn to do very well was play cards. And, as a result, I was able to fix a deck of cards in plain view without anyone noticing. It appeared that the 4 years my folks paid for schooling were finally going to pay off tonight.

The first few hands, I intentionally threw so that Jim and I wouldn’t appear to be cheating. In fact, he had no idea that I was rigging the game from the outset. We were both shirtless and shoeless before I started really getting the game shifting momentum into our favor. Before long, both girls were wearing nothing more than their bras and panties and Jim and I still had everything on but our shirts and shoes.

Jim made an offer to refresh our drinks. I took a moment to glance at the two near-naked beauties before me. “Stop staring, you horny bastard!” Erica yelled at me, trying to look mean, but failing miserably because of her silly grin.

“Hey, don’t get angry at me. You’re the one that suggested playing this game. And you got cocky before the first hand was even dealt. You brought this on yourself,” I said in my most condescending tone. She stuck her tongue out at me, so I said, “Promises, promises.”

Jim walked in with our drinks and passed them out. Before he gave the long-neck bottles to the ladies, he made sure to press them against their exposed flesh. Sophomoric and immature, sure, but no man can resist the temptation.

After the next hand was finished, Dawn came up with the low hand and was forced to remove her bra. There was no hesitation and she quickly unsnapped the back and flung it into the pile of clothes that had built between her and Erica. Jim gazed at her breasts and so did Erica. “You’ve got a great set of tits, Dawn,” Erica said.

“Thanks, but from what I can see, you have nothing to be ashamed of yourself,” Dawn replied. Erica blushed and we began our next hand.

I had rigged the deck so that Erica would have nothing more than aces high, so she ended up losing to a pair of deuces that were held by her husband. Off came her bra as well and Dawn said, “See, I told you. You’ve got a beautiful set on yourself.”

After two more hands, both girls were completely naked. I said, “What was that talk earlier about the two of you kicking our butts? Uh, we haven’t lost a hand since the first four or five hands were dealt at the beginning of the game. Therefore, I do believe you’ve lost.”

Dawn said, “No we haven’t. We still have certain items to gamble with.”

“What?” I asked. “You’re utterly naked. What are you going to gamble with?”

“Just deal the hand. If Erica or I lose, the winner gets to pick something we have to do. And you two have to play along with whatever it is, ok?” Dawn said.

Jim and I looked at each other and, in unison, said, “Ok.”

I dealt the next hand and purposely gave Jim the winning hand. Dawn had the losing hand. “Ok, let’s get a lap dance, provided that’s ok with you and your boyfriend.”

The both looked at me and I said, “That’s fine by me as long as Dawn’s comfortable with it.”

She said, “I’m the one that suggested these rules, what do you think?”

I laughed and she began to grind against Jim, rubbing her breasts and her ass against him. It was obvious he was enjoying it. I had seen that glazed look that was in his eyes on many a strip-club patron before. After a minute, Dawn returned to her seat and Erica asked, “Are you ready to continue or do you need a minute to go take care of something?”

Jim cleared his throat and said, “I think I’m ok. Let’s go.”

I dealt the next hand and rigged it so that Dawn won the hand and Erica lost. Dawn said, “Take of Rob’s pants.”

I looked at her and said, “Now that’s not fair, is it? I didn’t lose the hand.”

Dawn said, “Sure it’s fair. I told you that you have to play along with whatever goes on here. Besides, I know you’re going commando, so it’ll even up the playing field a little more.”

Erica got up and began to unbuckle my pants. As she unzipped my fly, she fondled my dick for a minute before finally pulling my trousers off my legs. When she sat back down, she had a wicked grin on her face and I had a wicked hard-on in my lap.

As the next hand ended, I won the hand and Dawn lost. I told Dawn, “Why don’t you pucker up and give Erica a kiss?”

Dawn got up and straddled Erica’s lap. She placed her hands on the side of Erica’s face and said, “Do you mind?”

Erica shook her head no.

Dawn leaned in to kiss Erica on the lips, tongues swirling. Their hands started roaming and grasping at each other. Jim groaned, ankara kaliteli escortlar “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

The girls started laughing and broke their kiss off. Erica said, “Why don’t we move this to the bedroom where there’s more room to get intimate?”

We all followed her into the bedroom and Jim realized he should probably take his pants off as well if he was going to partake in the festivities.

Erica lay down on the bed and Dawn got between her legs, hoisting Erica’s legs over her shoulders. She dove in and started licking and kissing Erica’s labia. Erica immediately started moaning and motioned for Jim to come around to her side. She grabbed his cock and started sucking him into the back of her throat while Dawn continued to eat her out. I got in behind Dawn and place my cock at the entrance to her pussy. As I pressed in, she made a throaty, guttural sound into Erica’s pussy. I slowly picked up the pace and was soon pounding in and out of Dawn’s pussy. This was apparently having a pleasant effect on Erica as well. The added pressure from the pounding was causing Dawn to give more attention to Erica’s clit, which, after a few minutes, caused Erica to scream in orgasm.

She rose from the bed which caused me to slip out of Dawn. Erica grabbed Dawn by the shoulders and got down between her legs. She looked up at Dawn and said, “I’ve never done this, so tell me if I’m doing it wrong.” She then commenced licking Dawn’s pussy in the same manner that Dawn had just done to her. Dawn started moaning and said, “Oh, baby, you’re doing just fine.”

Dawn then grabbed Jim’s dick and started giving him the oral attention that Erica had been doing. I shrugged and said, “Ok, if you two are just going to switch positions….” I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Erica’s pussy and slammed it in. She moaned loudly into Dawn’s pussy and continued licking up and down.

I fucked Erica’s pussy at a steady pace, keeping a rhythm and allowing my hands to roam over her curvaceous body. I placed my thumb at the entrance to her ass and began rubbing the little rosebud. This apparently set her off again as she began to buck and writhe against me.

Dawn began to scream in orgasmic bliss shortly after and pulled herself away from Erica. She got on her hands and knees and grabbed Jim’s cock. She placed it at her pussy and pushed back onto it. Watching her getting fucked was an incredible turn on that nearly sent me over the edge. Not wanting to cum too quickly, I pulled out of Erica’s pussy. Erica took the opportunity to slide underneath Dawn and get into a 69 position while Jim continued to fuck Dawn.

I took in the sight as this ménage a trois enjoyed each others sexual delights. Having gotten control back, I lay on my side and entered Erica’s pussy again while now being able to view what was going on at the other end. Erica was moving between licking Dawn’s clit and licking Jim’s balls as they slapped back and forth. It was an amazing sight and I felt like a voyeur watching it, even though I was fully engaged in fucking Erica.

Jim looked down at me and said, “Wanna switch?”

I said, “Yeah, sure.”

As I pulled out of Erica, Dawn said, “Wait, before you start, I wanna try it in the ass.”

Knowing this was new ground for her, I asked, “Are you sure?”

She said, “Yes, as along as there’s some lube around.”

I looked at Jim and he handed me some from the bedside drawer. I got a big handful and spread it around my cock and around Dawn’s asshole. I handed the lube back to Jim who decided he was going to take Erica anally as well.

When I figured my cock and Dawn’s ass were well lubed, I placed my cock at her entrance. The initial resistance is always an enormous turn-on for me, and when I felt the head pop in, I knew to take it very slow.

Erica, on the other hand, was apparently quite used to taking Jim up the ass as he was already in her all the way to the hilt. She was situated, once again, beneath Dawn and was licking her clit with reckless abandon. This did wonders to ease the tension in Dawn’s rear and she finally relaxed enough for me to enter all the way in. As I was able to get into a rhythm with her, she began to orgasm continuously.

Erica was coming right along with her and they both screamed in unison. Jim lost it first, exploding deep into Erica’s ass. All this excitement had finally caught up with me and I said, “I’m going to come too!”

Erica grasped my cock from Dawn’s ass and pumped my seed onto her face, smearing it all over. I felt like I was in the end of a porno flick, everything looked so smutty. I loved it.

Dawn got up on her knees, swung around and kissed me deep, the taste of Erica still fresh on her lips. She then bent down and kissed Erica deeply too, smearing my cum even more over her face.

It was a picture perfect moment to a picture perfect evening, one that would continue for many nights in the future.

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