One Life 2 Live Pt. 04

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Chapter 1:

Toby wiped the cum off his cock and continued to watch Tommy and his gardener Dale Garcia, fuck a big-breasted Goth named Daffney.

Dale laid the bulk of his heavy body on the floor and Daffney mounted his cock. Her large pale jiggling ass cheeks, bounced of Dale’s thighs as he shoved his cock in and out of her dripping wet cunt. Her planted her feet under his legs, so she could get a tighter grip.

Tommy sat on the couch and rubbed his huge cock. The sounds of Daffney moaning frantically and the sloping sounds of Dale’s cock going in and out of Daffney made Tommy’s cockhead turn purple. He also watched her enormous tits drag and slide all over Dale’s chubby chest. Tommy kneeled behind Daffney and wet his finger. He shoved it straight up her tight asshole.

“Ahhhhh!” Daffney shouted as Tommy pushed his finger deeper between her pillowy cheeks.

Her ass trembled under the pounding Dale was giving her and soon Tommy inserted his large prick inside her asshole and began fucking her. Daffney had never felt a dick as big as Tommy’s before and never had two dicks fucking her brains out like this.

The two guys double-fucked Daffney hard. Dale would rest his cock inside Daffney’s cunt, while Tommy rammed his cock in and out of her asshole. Tommy’s giant balls would slap up and down against Dale’s own smaller balls.

Dale found his head buried between Daffney’s humongous pale hooters. He sucked on her nipples until they were sore and red. Tommy tried to stuff as much of his oversized dong between Daffney’s ass cheeks while he fucked her.

All Toby could hear was Daffney’s cries and moans as she felt her ass being ripped apart by the monstrous cock.

“Ughhhh! Oh godddd!” moaned Tommy as he clutched onto Daffney’s wobbly ass and pounded her butt harder.

The force of Tommy’s pounding caused Daffney’s huge sweaty knockers to beat on Dale’s face, which of course, he loved as he fondled them greatly with his hands and mouth.

Tommy pulled his cock from Daffney’s ass and oozed some pre-cum between her cheeks. He walked in front of her and shoved his cock between her lips. Her black lipstick smeared all over his cock. Her eye shadow ran down her flushed face. Dale resumed fucking Daffney’s bald snatch until he felt his balls tight up and ready to cum.

Dale pushed Daffney off his 6-inch cock while Tommy gave her mouth a nice hard face fucking before pulling out. She held up her enormous pale breasts as both Tommy and Dale jerked their cocks at her chest. They slapped her big tits with their cocks and rubbed her rubbery nipples and large areolas down in pre-cum. Finally, Dale blasted a large load onto Daffney’s chest. Followed by Tommy who blasted an even large load across her chest and neck. Daffney squeezed and squished her cum-drenched tits together as both guys drained the last of their cum onto her chest.

“Well this is great. I won’t be getting any of Tommy’s cum tonight thanks to that damn gardener mixing his cum with Tommy,” said a disappointed Toby.

Chapter 2:

Toby headed to the bathroom to clean the cum stain off his jeans. He heard footsteps and started to panic. He quickly ran into a dark room and hid inside a closet. The closet door was cracked a little because he couldn’t fit inside the stuffed closet.

The lights came on and a naked Tommy jumped onto his bed. His large cock flopped between his thighs with Daffney’s juices still soaked into it.

Toby could see some picture of women with huge tits on the wall. He figured he must be in Tommy’s room. Toby’s eyes then lit up as big-breasted naked Daffney entered the room.

“I’m going to fuck you hard,” Tommy said to Daffney as she straddled herself on his huge prick.

Tommy grabbed Daffney’s big ass and squeezed her cheeks. He thrusted his cock up and out of her wet cunt. Her large cunt lips were able to swallow his cock as bakırköy escort he pounded her. Her massive pale breasts dragged up and down Tommy’s chest and that caused him to thrust harder and faster.

Toby had a good view of Tommy’s cock going balls deep inside Daffney. The bed rocked up and down and the bed board knocked against the wall. Daffney moaned louder with each hard thrust.

“Uhhh! Uhhhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck! Uhh! Unnnhh!” Daffney cried as the big dick filled her cunt up.

Toby felt his cock harden again and tried to resist pulling it out.

Daffney sat up and Toby got a good view of her mammoth knockers flopping in every direction as she bounced up and down Tommy’s dick.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!” moaned Daffney as she rode Tommy’s cock hard.

Tommy kneaded the tender flesh of Daffney’s jiggling ass. He felt the heels of her feet locked under his wet thighs as she rode him wildly. Tommy had never seen a more beautiful sight then Daffney’s giant sweaty tits as they bounced off her chest with her huge red nipples sticking down from her tits.

Daffney’s orgasm was too overwhelming for her. She pressed her body down onto Tommy’s. She held him tightly. Her massive breast spread out between the two as she released her pussy juices all over his thrusting cock.


Tommy continued to pound Daffney’s creamy cunt. Her cunt was so wet and slippery after she had came, that Tommy couldn’t hold back any longer. He managed to fuck her pussy for a few more minutes and gave way to her unbelievable wetness.

Tommy lifted Daffney off his cock and aimed it at her flushed face. He shot nothing but massive loads of cum all over her face, hair, neck, and chest. He rubbed his cock into her face and jerked off some more, making sure he completely emptied his nuts’ juices.

Tommy fall back into bed to catch his breath.

“Ok girl, now get your clothes and get the fuck out!” Tommy said harshly.

“Fuck you,” said Daffney as she climbed out of the bed and left his room.

“Stupid bitch,” Tommy muttered.

Tommy got out of bed and went into his bathroom and closed the door.

“Now’s my chance,” said Toby.

Toby got out of the closet and went over to Tommy’s bed. He found a large glob of cum on the sheets. Toby pulled out a small tube and collected the seamen. He slowly move stealthily out of Tommy’s room and left the house through the front door.

“I did it!” said an excited Toby as he rushed home to work on a new Hicks formula.

Chapter 3:

As soon as Toby got home, his mother confronted him.

“Toby!” his mother said.

“Yes mom?” he answered with a worried tone.

“Quickie Marts called earlier and said they need someone to work the late shift. They want to know if you would like to do it?” his mother replied.

“Yeah. Sure mom. I need the extra money,” he answered.

Toby sat the seamen simple aside, got dressed in his Quickie Marts’ uniform and headed out the door to work.

Chapter 4:

Quickie Marts was a small convene store. Not including the manager, only 3 people worked their. Two male employees and one female supervisor. Toby is one of the employees, but the other employee called in sick. So Toby had to work with the supervisor.

As soon as Toby entered the store, he saw his supervisor chewing gun and reading a Cosmo magazine at the front desk.

“About time you show up,” she said.

“Sorry Leslie. I was not home when you called me,” he explained.

“I figured that much,” Leslie responded. “Now go make yourself useful and stock some shelves or something.”

Toby sighed and headed to the backroom. He didn’t like Leslie being a supervisor. She used to be an employee until the last supervisor quit. Toby hoped that he would have got promoted to supervisor, after working for beşiktaş escort Quickie Mart for 2 years. But 6-month amateur Leslie got promoted instead. Toby and the other male employee knew Leslie had slept with the manager to get promoted.

One time, they saw Leslie giving the married manager head in the backroom. A couple of times they heard loud noises from the back and strange moans.

Leslie James was a 22-year-old college dropout. She wasn’t a beauty queen but had a decent face with small freckles around her nose and wide forehead. She stood 5’9, 140 pounds, slim with long legs, which she never showed off because she’s required to wear jeans to work. Long straight blond brownish hair, which passed her shoulders, pretty hazel eyes, and she wore braces.

The only thing Toby liked about Leslie, was that she had large breasts for being so slim. They’re very visible even when she wore hooded shirts and her work uniform, which is a Quickie Mart vest, jeans, and a shirt. Her big tits bobbed a lot when she moved around. They attracted a lot of male costumers. Even bisexual women and lesbians often couldn’t keep their eyes from Leslie’s bobbing beauties.

Toby and the other male employee had a bet going on about Leslie’s bra size. Toby figured her breasts must be double D’s. The other employee bet they’re larger then double D’s. Toby couldn’t disagree because each boob looked bigger then her head and they must weight a lot to naturally hang down from her chest even with a bra on.

During the night, Toby kept going back and forth from the back to the front, keeping an eye on Leslie. She pretty much did nothing but read magazines and talk on the phone.

As Toby stocked some baby items, a good looking 6’3, 245 pound muscular blond man came into the store. Toby watched as he flirted with Leslie and she flirted back. Leslie then came from behind the desk and grabbed the guy’s hand.

“Hey Toby. I’m going to the back to show this costumer some “special items” on sale. Be right back in 20 minutes,” Leslie said.

Toby sighed as he knew she was going to fuck that guy. He actually wish he was fucking Leslie. Then it came to him that once he becomes Jordan again, he would have a chance to fuck her brains out.

5 minutes had passed and Toby got curious. He started to hear some strange noises from the back room. He got up and followed the sounds. As he got closer, the noises became much clearer as slurping noises. They were coming from the manager’s office. Toby peaked through the window as the blinds weren’t all the way down. He saw Leslie on her knees with just her white socks on and green thong. He eyes got wide as he saw the sides of Leslie’s huge tits as they swayed back and forth against the man’s bare legs. They looked much bigger then he expected.

The man had his hands on the back of Leslie’s head. His eyes were closed and head tilted back. Moans escaped from his lips while Leslie’s sucking noises drowned them out.

Toby watched as Leslie bobbed her head up and down the man’s crotch rapidly. She slurped, moaned, and savored the guy’s cock. Toby wondered how big the guy’s cock was for Leslie to pull up for a long time and then push back down. He wanted a better view but just couldn’t get one.

Toby heard the front door open. He heard the costumer-shouting hello and had to go greet them. He sighed as he left from the back room.

After 6 minutes of helping the customer, Toby could still barely hear Leslie and the guy fucking wildly in the back. Her moans and cries were faint but noticeable. Toby quickly rushed the customer out the door and headed to the back room. He saw Leslie laying on the arm of the couch, her legs up in the air swaying and the large man in between them, pounding her pussy hard. The only nudity Toby could see was the man’s pasty butt cheeks as they tighten up with each beylikdüzü escort thrust he gave Leslie.

Another customer had entered the shop and Toby had to go.

After he finished with the latest customer, only took in 4 minutes, Toby headed back to the back. He saw Leslie on her hands and knees with the guy thrusting his cock hard and deep inside her pussy. Toby only saw Leslie’s sock-covered feet with her toes constantly curling with each hard thrust and the back of her quivering legs. Her pussy was blocked by the man’s enormous slick balls as they bounced and flopped all over her dripping cunt. His pasty ass was high in the air blocking his view of Leslie’s ass. Her moans and groans caused Toby’s cock to spring to life. He wanted to fuck Leslie so bad. Watching her get pounded from behind set his crotch on fire.

Soon more customers started walking in and Toby had to go service them. He left from the back with his boner still intact.

After 30 minutes, all the customers were gone from the store. Leslie and the man came from the back room. Both of their faces were flushed and the man had a huge smile on his face as he left the store. Leslie joined Toby behind the counter.

“Sorry it took so long. Apparently what he wanted wasn’t back there. We had to make a few calls,” Leslie explained.

“Oh. Well that’s just too bad,” Toby said sarcastically. “And where I thought had got plenty of what he wanted.”

Leslie looked at Toby oddly and then gave him a mean look.

“Get lost and go stock some more,” Leslie said harshly.

Toby put his head down and went back to stocking as Leslie once again started to read magazines and talked on the phone.

Chapter 5:

It was 2am about the time Toby and Leslie locked up the shop and headed their separate ways. As Toby walked home, all he had on his mind was seeing the bare sides of Leslie’s gigantic tits. His cock filled up the front of his jeans and his face became red.

“I hope everyone is asleep. I can’t go into the house with a boner,” Toby said to himself.

He made it home and quietly opened the door. He heard the television on and tried to creep pass the living room.

“Toby! Is that you?” a sweet southern voice said.

Toby realized it couldn’t have been any girl in his family.

“Bree?” Toby said.

“Yeah Toby. Erica told me you would be coming home from work,” Bree said.

Bree came into view from the living room. Toby almost creamed his pants at the sight of Bree.

Bree was a junior in school and Mrs. McGee’s daughter from next door. She’s also good friends with Toby’s sister Erica. And like mother like daughter, Bree inherited her mother’s gargantuan knockers. They swayed loosely under her plain tee shirt.

Toby sized up Bree starting at her tiny bare feet with her toenails painted dark red. Her legs were short and the tee shirt barely covered her thick thighs. He could see parts of her white cotton panties. Her huge tits made her shirt hang loosely from her body. Toby couldn’t believe for a junior girl who stood 5’2, her tits were monstrous and made her thin body look deformed. But that’s what made Bree the star of so many wet dreams for guys at Toby’s school. He could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Besides the fact that her tits hung naturally low, her small nipples poked through the fabric.

Toby noticed that Bree had her dark brown hair trimmed shoulder length. Her ruby red lips were large and full. Her skin was giving off a golden glow. He figured she must have gotten a tan earlier.

“Toby? Toby? Earth calling Toby?” Bree said.

Toby broke out of his daze and smiled at Bree.

“You are ok?” Bree asked concerned.

“Never better,” he replied.

“Well I’m going to go watch some more TV. You want to join me?” she asked.

Toby’s heart pounded fast and beans of sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Maybe later,” he said. “Right now I have to go finish some schoolwork.”

“Figures,” she said disappointed.

Bree left Toby and headed back to the living room. Toby sighed and headed downstairs to his lab. Ready to become Jordan. And the first thing on his mind after becoming Jordan, was to fuck Bree McGee…

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