Naughty Nurse

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It began one night when I woke up with a back ache. During the night the pain got worse.

My wife said, “I bet you have gull stones. That is how it felt when I had them.”

The pain got to the point where I threw up. Off to the ER we went. I was diagnosed with kidney stones. The Dr. assured me they would pass and it was going to hurt like hell.

It had been two weeks living with the on and off pain. I had a two hour drive for a board meeting when the pain hit me like it had never before. I could swear someone was stabbing me in my lower back and twisting the knife. I called and said I would not be making it to the meeting. I turned around and headed for the hospital.

They did another scan and the Dr. said, “They have not moved much. We will have to remove them surgically.”

This involved running a probe up my urethra with a little basket on it and them fishing them out. This didn’t sound particularly fun. They told me I would be going into surgery in an hour. As it turned out I got bumped because of some emergency that came in.

They moved me to a room and put in an IV with medication for the pain. Two hours later I was informed I was bumped again. I would be going in at 5 p.m.

5 p.m. came and I got bumped until the next day. They said 8 a.m. in the morning. The night nurse Cathy came on at 7. Cathy was late 30’s to early 40’s. She was not super gorgeous by any means. But she was cute, in good shape and had a fun bubbly personality. She stopped in often to check on me and would visit. I found out she was divorced with one 12 year old boy.

I kind of felt sorry for the older man I was sharing the room with as she gave him very little attention. It was 11 p.m. she checked in on me.

She said, halkalı escort “How are you feeling Brian?”

I told her, “The meds seem to help the pain, but my back is sore from lying in bed.”

She told me, “Go to sleep and you will feel better in the morning.”

About 10 minutes later she returned to the room with a bottle of lotion.

Cathy said, “It’s pretty quite. How about I give you a back massage?”

I told her, “That would be great!”

She pulled the curtain to separate us from my roommate. I rolled over to give her access to my back. The embarrassing part was I had a hospital gown on and it exposed my entire backside. But truthfully I was aroused by the thought of her seeing me.

As I turned over I purposely positioned my cock pointing down with a fantasy in my mind where she could see it and get turned on.

She put lotion on her hands and gave me an amazing back massage. The meds were taking care of my stone pain and she relieved the muscle tension in my back.

She asked me, “Would you like me to do your leg?”

I replied, “That would be great.”

I parted my legs hoping she would get a view of my balls and cock. As she rubbed my thighs I could feel my cock start to get hard. Without asking she moved up and massaged my butt.

Then she closed my gown up and said, “I hope that helped so you can sleep now.”

I rolled over and said, “I hope so, it felt great and thank you.”

She left the room and left the curtain pulled. I dozed off to sleep. She came in at 4:00 a.m. and woke me up.

She said, “I need to check your blood pressure again.

This time she took my arm and put my hand between her bicep and breast. My hand was taksim escort cupping the side of her breast. She had never done this before and I ever so gently squeezed her breast. I was looking into her brown eyes as I did this and she closed them for just a moment.

I figured she liked it and got a little bolder. I ran my thumb across the front of her breast. She didn’t say anything so I did it a few more times and I could feel her nipple getting hard.

She then took my hand away and said, “Blood pressure is good, you naughty man.” She smiled and left the room.

Half an hour later she came back into the room. She told me she was coming to the end of her shift soon. She had to do some paper work then would be leaving.

Cathy asked, “Would you like one more massage before I leave?”

Who could say no to this. I said, “I would love one.”

I rolled over and positioned my cock in the same position as before. The massage went as it did before. But when she was massaging my butt her fingers would brush against my balls and tip of my cock. I began to get hard and she had to notice as she touched me more and more.

Cathy then stated to gently massage my balls and asked me, “Does this feel good.”

All I could do was moan, “Mmm, yes.”

Her hand found my cock and started to tease the tip and stroke part of my shaft.

Cathy said, “How about you roll over so I can take care of this for you.”

I rolled over and she leaned over and started to slowly stroke my now fully hard cock. With her index finger she wiped the tip of my cock and took the precum off and rubbed it into my cock.

I could see down her hospital gown and saw her nice cleavage. I reached inside her top şişli escort and slid my hand under her bra. Her nipples were already hard. She took my hand from her shirt. She stood up then reached under her gown and pulled her straps down and lowered her bra and put my hand up her shirt.

She went back to stroking my cock while I fondled her breast and lightly pinched her nipples. She started to grind her pussy against the side of the bed. My hips started to pump. I couldn’t hold back and I shot my load with it landing on my stomach and chest.

Cathy didn’t stop playing with my cock. She was till horny and was grinding her pussy hard against the bed. I reached over and undid the string to her hospital scrubs. They dropped to the floor and she was not wearing any panties.

My fingers found her wet sex hole. I started to finger her deep as I could and used my thumb on her clit. She started to moan loudly. I was concerned she would wake my roommate.

She muffled her moaning by taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked my cock back to life in a matter of seconds. It wasn’t long before she came hard from my finger play. I wasn’t far behind her and I came in her mouth. She swallowed it all.

She went over to my sink and got a warm wash cloth and washed her thighs off and then put her scrubs back on and situated her bra.

She came over to me and said, “Now to clean you up.”

She washed the cum off my chest and stomach and washed my groin area.

When she was done she said, “Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. Do you know if they are keeping you over night?”

I told her, “I have no idea. If you are working tomorrow I sure hope so.”

Cathy told me she does work tomorrow and hoped to see me again.

The next day my surgery kept getting pushed back again and again. Finally at 5 p.m. they took me in. It was 8 p.m. by the time I was awake. I asked the Doctor if I was spending the night.

He said, “I see no reason to keep you. You can go home in an hour.”

Sadly I went home…

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