Number In The Back Pages

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Just a quick story. Thanks to Private_Label for the proof and edits. Enjoy.

I’d been considering making the call for days. I’d dithered unnecessarily, paused on the brink of calling innumerable times as my thumb hovered over the keypad of my mobile phone, but never actually finding the guts to press out the individual digits of the number. Now, however, steeled with resolve I pressed ahead and held the handset to my ear.

One… two… three rings indicated I had made a connection. My heart hammered and my hands trembled as the ring tone sounded in my ear and I imagined an anonymous phone ringing in response in some incorporeal universe. I was on the verge of hanging up as my nerve failed. I wouldn’t go through with the scheme anyway, it was madness, but as the fates would have it I’d no sooner made that decision than the ethereal phone was suddenly manifest into the physical world and it was answered.

‘Hello,’ a soft female voice enquired.

‘Uh…’ I said. I hadn’t actually thought about what I was going to say to the person that picked up the phone. I had absolutely no experience of this strange new world at all and was at a complete loss as to continue. ‘Oh,’ I added, ‘I… er… I saw your advert.’

‘Ok,’ the soft voice responded, ‘do you want to visit?’

I paused. Did I? did I want to visit? I suppose I did since I’d called, and suddenly I found the resolve to carry on. ‘Yes,’ I replied somewhat hesitantly, ‘yes I would, but…’ I paused to gather my thoughts.

‘Would you like to know a few details?’ The girl asked. The voice sounded young and so I assumed she was a girl as opposed to a more matronly woman.

‘Yes,’ I sighed in relief at her suggestion. At least the burden of thinking was lifted from me and I felt strangely grateful to the girl on the other end of the phone.

‘Well, ‘ she went on. ‘It’s thirty for a massage; can go to eighty for full personal, and anything further we can discuss when you get here. I’m nineteen years old, blonde haired and blue eyed. I’m leggy and busty and real good fun. The service is relaxed and unhurried; usually lasts for half an hour, but once again we can discuss things when you get here.’

The girl delivered her pitch with well practiced ease. Her description was undoubtedly designed to whet the appetites of lecherous men and certainly worked on me. The ‘thirty to eighty’ was pounds sterling I assumed, and would be her fee for the ‘full personal’ service she offered. Eighty pounds was a lot of money, granted, but after making contact and hearing the girl’s dulcet tones as she delivered her sales pitch – I was hooked.

‘Where can I find you?’ I croaked after making my instant decision.

The girl gave me an address and brief, accurate directions, and a short time later I found myself standing outside an anonymous block of flats in Guildford. In a sudden panic of paranoia I imagined wild scenarios of police observation posts and vice squad officers just waiting for me to ring the bell to the girl’s address before they swooped for the arrest. I turned to leave and then halted. I paused on the brink in an agony of indecision. I could turn away now and save myself a fistful of cash, but on the other hand if I did turn away – I’d never know.

I rang the bell and after a brief pause the buzzer sounded which sounded my acceptance and signalled my entrance. I climbed the stairs to number 21 and watched as the door opened slightly. As I walked slowly towards the door I realised that the girl was obviously watching through the peephole, for just as I stepped close enough to touch it, the door swung inwards and opened fully.

I stopped with surprise when I saw the girl who stood smiling just inside beyond the threshold. Her physical description of herself had been wholly accurate, and the blonde vision in front of me was just as she’d described.

‘Come in,’ she said quietly with an amused glint in her eyes, and she stepped to one side to allow me in.

Dumbly, I entered and then stood awkwardly while the girl closed the door and brushed past me. I smelled the scent of her as she passed me, and I knew that I would forever associate that particular scent with the excitement of my first visit to Beth.

I followed her into a small but tidy living room and sat in the chair that was indicated to me by the blonde girl.

‘So,’ she said brightly, ‘what’s your name?’

‘Phillip,’ I replied, giving my real name.

‘Hi, Phillip, I’m Beth.’ She looked at me for a moment as though she was studying me. ‘You look like a nice man, Phillip,’ she continued. ‘What can I do for you?’

‘Er…’ I was strangely inhibited in spite of Beth’s profession. I suppose it was a throwback to the etiquette of my generation. I was brought up in a more chivalrous age and I was suddenly shy of voicing my intent to a girl of such tender years. It’s laughable now with hindsight, now that I know the true, staggering depths of Beth’s depravity, but at the time, in that embryonic period of our relationship I took Beth’s outwardly angelic appearance to be a true reflection of her personality.

Beth anadolu yakası escort threw her head back and laughed. ‘I suppose you want to fuck me.’ She looked at me directly, ‘Am I right?’

The forthright delivery surprised me and I’m embarrassed to say that the use of that profanity shocked me as well. To hear the expletive as it issued forth from the cupid’s bow of Beth’s oh-so-kissable mouth astonished me, and Beth laughed loudly again at the expression on my face.

‘Did I shock you?’ she teased and fixed me with her disconcerting light blue eyes. ‘What do you think I’m doing here?’ she asked. She stood up and unbuttoned the front of her summer dress and let it gape open when she’d finished. ‘I’m here for you fuck,’ she whispered as she revealed the full length of her delectable figure. Her breasts were pushed together in her pretty lace bra and the cleavage between the full globes was deep and enticing. Her waist was narrow and flared outwards to her broad hips. The high shoes she wore impossibly accentuated her long, athletic legs, and the tension on her calves caused by the heels gave her legs that little extra shape and tone that caused my cock to stiffen at the mere sight. Beth’s skin was tanned a light golden honey colour, and I could see the mound of her mons jutting abruptly against the light coloured thong she wore.

I gulped and feasted my eyes on the girl so blatantly revealed to me. Desire surged through me and I knew I would pay any price that Beth named. I was growing desperate to have her. I wanted to feel her tight skin under my finger tips and under my palms. I wanted to feel the weight of her breasts and to feel the hard nub of each nipple that decorated the tips of her globes. The dark circles of her areolae were covered by the filmy gossamer of her bra, but I could clearly see their outline and the stub of each nipple as they pressed against the material.. I could only dream of how delectable it would feel to have her slowly lowering her tight cunt over the head of my cock, and how the tightness of her insides would grip my shaft as she fully impaled herself upon my stiffness.

‘Well?’ Beth asked and interrupted my reverie, ‘do you want me?’

‘Yes,’ I croaked unable to speak properly. ‘God, yes! You’re… you’re…’ I was speechless. I had never seen a girl so physically near perfection before in my life. In my youth the girls were just different. They were part of a different era, a completely different generation with a moral code that held them in bonds of strict morality and imposed virtue. Of course there were exceptions, dozens of them probably, but I had never had the good fortune to find such a woman of loose morals.

I was brought up in a quiet Surrey village, Born in the final days of World War Two. My youth had consisted of Sunday afternoon cricket on the village green, family holidays to the coastlines of Wales and Yorkshire, and schooling at the expensive but mediocre public schools of no real repute.

The cusp of youth and adulthood had led me into the expected courtship of Veronica, which in turn led to bland years of marriage and a career in finance at a minor establishment in the City. Two children and forty years later and I had been casually leafing through the pages of the local newspaper when I had found an intriguing little section tucked discretely away on the back pages.

With a thrill of realisation it suddenly dawned on me what the advertisements were. Never before had I considered visiting a prostitute, I’d always been afraid of authority, and to step outside the boundaries of what I considered normal civilisation both frightened and excited me in equal measure.

Once I’d discovered the telephone numbers in the paper I couldn’t help myself fantasising about them. I was intrigued at first and then the thoughts built up over the days, and became almost an obsession. What were the women like? Why did they do what they did? Did they enjoy it? My curiosity was aroused as much as my ardour, and the result was my initial prevarication and the subsequent phone call to Beth.

‘Do you want to fuck me?’ Beth’s question was a whisper as she allowed the dress to fall from her shoulders. ‘I think you do,’ she continued and turned to unhook her bra. She turned to face me again and I saw her firm, full breasts for the first time. The twin globes of her breasts swayed in gentle synchronisation as Beth casually threw the bra onto a nearby chair, and then she shocked me fully by suddenly hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and then pulled the scrap of material over her hips. She stepped free of her underwear and stood with her hands on her hips. She posed confidently, almost arrogantly in front of me as though she challenged me to resist the siren song of her exquisite figure. She shook her head to fan her long blonde hair and then reached up to pull the long strands back over her shoulders. I gulped at the sight of her breasts as they danced with the movement of her arms and then I studied the plump vulva at the junction of her ataşehir escort thighs. Beth’s pubic hair was trimmed to resemble a thin stripe, almost an exclamation mark above the cleft of her sex, and I found the light coloured strip of fuzz hypnotic.

‘Oh God, Beth,’ I moaned. ‘Yes, yes I want to.’

‘Eighty pounds,’ she responded. ‘Eighty pounds and you can have me.’

Beth moved closer to me. To my eyes she seemed to move with the sinuous, lithe grace of a feline. The long muscles in her legs rippled slightly and her breasts swung from side to side gently. I watched as Beth’s hips swayed with that peculiar feminine grace as she moved close to me. She held out her hand, palm upward and I fumbled immediately for my wallet. I passed four, twenty pound notes to Beth and without a word she turned and walked through a doorway to what I assumed was a bedroom. Her round buttocks barely jiggled when Beth swayed from the room and I took a moment to gaze longingly at the view of her from the rear.

Beth turned in the doorway and beckoned to me to follow. ‘Come on,’ she said quietly. ‘Come on in here, let’s have some fun.’

A few minutes later I was undressed. I was hugely self conscious about my nudity in front of such a gorgeous creature, but my pale skinned, doughy body and hairy legs didn’t appear to raise any distaste in Beth, and I was surprised again when she pressed her firm body against mine and kissed me on the lips.

‘I don’t usually kiss clients,’ she said to me in a brief moment between kisses. ‘But somehow I think that I’m going to like you.’ Beth lifted my cock in her fingers and gently manipulated it. ‘You remind me of an uncle I had.’ She kissed me again. ‘Would you like to be my uncle?’ The slightly perverted allusion to incest sent a surge of lust through me, and my penis stiffened shockingly at the suggestion. ‘Oh my, Uncle Phillip,’ Beth whispered in a dry, throaty voice. ‘You’re all big and excited.’ She handled the length of me and continued, ‘Do you like it? Am I a naughty girl?’ The slightly lisping little girl’s voice sent a further frisson of desire through my body and my stomach felt leaden with lust.

‘Oh God,’ I groaned. ‘That feels so good. I…’

I couldn’t continue since I was already lost in the sensation of Beth’s fingers squeezing my shaft. I reached out and touched Beth’s body. The springy resilience of her flesh felt sublime to my touch, and I felt a long moment of almost clinical detachment, a sort out out-of-body experience where I saw myself, a sixty year old man with a nineteen year old girl. It was unbelievable and I couldn’t rationalise how, in the space of fifteen minutes, I had gone from an standing outside an innocuous block of flats to holding a dream girl in both hands. Not only that, but the dream girl was slowly and skilfully wanking the stiff length of my cock.

‘Enjoy it Phillip,’ Beth murmured in my ear. ‘I enjoy it you know,’ she revealed. ‘I enjoy fucking – I adore it in fact.’ She looked down at my cock in her hand. ‘You’ve got a nice, thick cock Uncle Phillip. Would you like me to suck on it for you?’

Without waiting for a reply, Beth squatted in front of me and held my penis level with her mouth. She studied it for a moment and then placed her mouth directly over the bulbous head of my cock. She moaned deeply in the back of her throat as though she was appreciating the taste of me, and I could feel the tip of her tongue wriggling against the underside of my glans.

I could only sigh as I pushed my fingers through Beth’s blonde hair. Her head bobbed rapidly up and down as she fellated me, and I realised that I was in very real danger of climaxing in these first few moments. ‘Beth…’ I groaned. ‘Beth, please…’

Beth pulled away from me, and with a final suck that forced her cheeks inwards my cock popped loudly and wetly from between her lips. ‘Don’t you like it Uncle Phillip?’ Beth lisped. ‘Don’t you like me sucking your big, fat cock?’ She grinned up at me and waggled my cock in front of her face playfully. Beth shifted her position from squatting to a more comfortable kneeling position.

I looked down at the beautiful girl kneeling in front of me as she held my erection against the smooth skin of her cheek. As I watched, Beth slowly rubbed the slippery head of my cock against her skin. My pre cum was smeared across her face, as a long strand of the gooey stuff clung wetly to her cheek and linked it to my cock. She looked at me with a wicked smile on her face and then opened her mouth again to take me back inside. Beth sucked at me and wanked the root of my cock at its base. She made tiny mewling sounds in her throat as she sucked at me and then let my cock fall from her mouth once again.

It had been years since I’d experienced such a strong erection, and I was astounded at my ardour. My cock felt stiff and huge as Beth’s hand worked me up to further heights of passion. I could see how her saliva had coated the shaft of my penis as it glistened dully in the subdued natural light in the bedroom. ‘Show it to me Phillip,’ Beth whispered. ümraniye escort ‘Show me the hot stuff, come on, come on my tits, I want you to come all over my tits.’

The words of encouragement were too much and I felt my semen spurt violently from the eye of my cock head. The intensity of my orgasm took my breath away and I sobbed loudly in time with the jets of cum spitting from my cock. ‘Beth…’ I croaked. ‘Fuck…’ Arcs of cum splashed across Beth’s body, and I stared at the goo as it clung viscously to Beth’s tanned skin. Her breasts were smeared with thick dollops that trickled slowly along the smooth slopes of her ripe jugs. A thick rope of spunk hung down from her blonde hair and jerked with the movements of her head. Once my climax had tapered I watched in disbelief as Beth rubbed the smeary cum into the skin of her breasts and body.

‘Was that nice, Phillip?’ Beth whispered quietly and stood up suddenly. ‘Did you like coming on my tits?’ She kissed me on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Beth pressed against me and I felt the sticky wet cold of my spunk as her breasts squashed against my chest. ‘I hope you’ve got enough left to fuck me,’ Beth sighed when she broke the kiss. ‘I need to fuck, are you up to it?’

My penis was already flagging and I could only look at Beth forlornly as it slumped into limp indifference.

‘Oh no,’ she sighed. ‘I really wanted you to stick that hard cock into my cunt.’

The use of the word excited me again, and I felt my flaccid cock twitch almost imperceptibly. ‘I’ll be ready in a while, Beth,’ I said hopefully. ‘It won’t take me too long,’ I continued. ‘You’re so beautiful… I’m sure I’ll be fine soon. I’m sixty years old, but you make me feel twenty five.’

‘Mmm, Phillip,’ Beth murmured. ‘You’re going to fuck me, yes?’ She walked around to the side of the big bed and pulled the bedside drawer open and pulled a large rubber cock out from within. ‘The only trouble is…’ She lay back on the bed and opened her smooth thighs. ‘If you want to play some more, you’ve got to pay more.’

Beth ran her middle finger through her labia and gently fingered the top of her cleft, right against the pink flesh of her clitoris. She parted the lips of her sex and exposed the glistening pink opening to me. She dipped the tip of her finger into the centre of herself and lifted the wet fingertip to her mouth. She tasted the syrup on her finger and kept her blue eyes locked with my enraptured gaze. It dawned on me that Beth was a well versed in the art of manipulation and that she was deliberately using her enormous sex appeal to get more cash from me. At that moment in time I simply didn’t care. I would have sold my soul to have another hour in her company. The girl could have had any of my possessions if she’d only asked, I was completely and utterly under her spell, and I wanted to have her at any cost.

‘How much, Beth?’ I croaked dryly.

‘What would you like to do to me?’ she replied and slid one index finger into her sticky opening and pushed it deep inside. She used her other hand to squeeze at her breasts, and the sound of her low moan filled me with desire and lust again.

‘Oh God, Beth,’ I moaned as I stood by the foot of the bed, confused. ‘I don’t know, please… help me.’

‘Would you like to taste me?’ she whispered. ‘Would you like to taste my cunt?’ She pushed a second finger in alongside the first and groaned again. She lifted her buttocks up from the bed and I watched as her flat stomach went taut and the muscles in her thighs tightened. ‘Oh, Phillip, it feels so tight in there… so tight. Your cock would feel sooo good inside me.’ Beth looked at me again, ‘Another hundred pounds to fuck me in my tight, wet pussy,’ she said. ‘But…’ she paused and then rolled over onto her front. She pushed her supreme derriere out towards me and reached back with her hands to pull the cheeks of her arse apart. I looked at the dark stain of her anus and saw the dark lips of her sex peel stickily apart. ‘I really, really love being fucked in my ass.’ Beth wriggled her hips in invitation, and I could only stand pole axed at the lewd invitation.

‘How much?’ I responded. I was single minded now. I had to have this girl. God, she was only nineteen but she was infinitely more experienced than I was. How did a girl so young and so fucking breathtakingly pretty turn so depraved?

‘My ass, baby?’ she cooed. ‘Fuck me in my ass? – Two hundred.’

‘Yes,’ I agreed instantly. I went to my trousers and pulled out my wallet. I gave Beth the money and she stashed it away in her drawer. Then she lay back again and pushed the thick rubber cock against her sex.

‘Watch me,’ she said. ‘Watch me while I fuck myself with this lovely dildo. I want you to watch me and wank, and then when you’re big and hard I want you to fuck me in my ass.’

I sat next to Beth on the bed and played with my slowly thickening cock. She pushed the big dildo into her opening and I continued to watch as Beth pulled the length of it out of her body slowly. She sighed with the pleasure of it and I saw her labia clinging to the shaft of the faux penis as though reluctant to release it. The shaft of the cock was already slick with Beth’s juices, and I saw that she really did enjoy what she did, there was no faking it, she was getting great pleasure from this situation, and I realised I was in the middle of a life changing experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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