Night Tremors Ch. 02

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After a long day of much-needed rest and much-desired anticipation, the sun started to go down. Meghann had stayed in bed all day, only getting up to use the bathroom or to get something to eat. She spent the entire day massaging her cum filled pussy. Every time she got out of bed she left a trail of cum drops.

By sunset, she was empty and massaging herself without mercy. She could still feel his girth stretching her walls to the extreme while gushing hot cum inside her. She moaned at the thought of him returning that night.

She looked out the window at the night sky and started thinking of what she should do to get ready. She jumped out of bed, still naked, and rushed to the hallway closet. She grabbed her bucket of cleaning supplies and cleaned the entire bedroom. She never knew where he came from, so she didn’t know whether she should clean the rest of the house.

She finished around eight o’clock and went into the bathroom to shower. She thought he might appear while she was showering, so she left the bathroom door open. She took her time showering, but he never showed up. She came out of the bathroom, still drying off, and stared at herself in the mirror.

She admired her sex-starved body, thinking about what would happen to it and how sexy she would look afterward. She shook with excitement as she threw her towel in the dirty clothes basket. She continued to shake and whimper while rubbing lotion on her body.

She started with her beautiful face and moisturized her way down her neck to her perky chest. She moaned as she imagined it was his hands rubbing the lotion into her skin. Her ordinary routine began to turn into a sensual self-massage.

Her hands glided over her breasts, massaging and pinching until she let out a soft moan. She massaged her waist and hips, struggling to reach her back. She had to sit down on the bed to arch and bend to reach the hard to reach places. Contorted on the bed, she looked down at her slightly shiny labia.

She reached down and felt how hot and wet she was making herself. She wanted to stop, but her imagination had convinced her that it was his hand rubbing on her pussy. She gasped as her middle finger slid into her wet hole, but she quickly pulled herself out of her daydream. She sucked the juice off her finger and caught her breath.

“I have to stop,” she thought.

She ran her hand through her hair and continued to rub lotion on herself. She finished with the lotion and put it back on the dresser before skipping back to bed. She jumped in and only covered herself with a see-through sheet. She bit her bottom lip and turned the light out, leaving her entire house pitch black.

She tossed her hair around and made herself look pretty in anticipation of her guest. She lay for what seemed like hours. She was starting to get sleepy but was too horny to just drift off. She started to get more and more frustrated as her pussy’s yearning started to feel painful.

She reached down to massage herself and relieve some of the tension. Her pussy pulsated under her hand as she began rubbing the tense spots. Her opening especially ached as her fingers grazed over it again and again. She started getting light headed and rubbed herself in more particular spots.

Her imagination once again took over, and her hand had become his hand. Her thumb rubbed her clit as her middle and ring finger teased her trickling hole. Her middle finger glided in and lazily found its way to her G-spot. She rubbed against her palm as her finger stroked at her hot spot.

She arched her back and took a deep breath while sliding her other down to her pussy. She used one hand to stimulate her clit and the other to tantalize her G-spot. She closed her eyes and slowed her breathing while continues to excite herself. She felt jolts of pleasure every few seconds as she tried to maintain her composure.

Her hands quickened and more accurately hit their spots. Her breathing quickened for a few seconds repeatedly, but she always managed to regain control. Her mind seemed to warp as her pussy convulsed in her hands. As the pleasure became too much, she reached out and grabbed the edge of the mattress.

Her back arched and she let out a series of squeaks and squeals as her fingering hand continued its mission. Her pussy trembled and squished in her hand as she came. She bucked and screamed, but she couldn’t stop fingering. Her heart raced and her breathing became a series of long moans. She gripped the mattress harder as her orgasm intensified, causing her to gush squirt all around her hand.

She started to get light headed again, but her hand continued to torment her. By the time she finally stopped fingering herself, she had gushed all over herself. The lower end of the mattress and sheets were completely soaked. Her head rolled around for a few moments before istanbul escort she passed out.

She was immediately swept into a continuation of her orgasmic bliss. Suddenly, she was lying in an enormous hot spring in the mountains. The cold snow around her chilled her exposed skin while the hot water kept her more than relaxed. She leaned her head back on a rock while running her hands up and down her body.

Her hardening nipples ached in her hands as she massaged her breasts under the water. She could feel the heat in her pussy mixing with the heat of the water. She started to slide her hand down her soaking bush, but the water suddenly began bubbling around her labia. One of the spring’s geysers had erupted underneath her.

The bubbles began floating up her pussy, riding her labia to her clit before floating to the surface. She let her hand rest on her navel as the bubbles increased. They began jetting up into her pussy, vibrating her labia and clit with their sliding and popping. She arched her back and grabbed onto some of the rocks underneath the water.

As she arched and squirmed around, some of the bubbles began jetting into her twitching hole. They filled her pussy with air as they collided with her walls and popped. Because she was lying and arching at her angle, the bubbles began popping deeper inside her walls. The mixture of the bubbles popping and her pussy releasing built up air increased the vibrations.

She moved her pussy over the jet more, causing most of the stream to shoot inside her. The few bubbles that did slide up her labia, popped and teased against her clitoris. She softly bounced on the jet stream while continuing to position herself for the most thrill. She found her spot as the bulk of the jet stream began pounding against her G-spot, and the leftover bubbles popped against her clit.

She whimpered and squealed as the bubbles tickled and massaged her G-spot harder. Her hips bucked and she moaned as the bubbles thickened and intensified. She felt her clit heating up and getting more sensitive. She started to reach down to shield herself a bit, but her clit and G-spot erupted simultaneously.

She opened her eyes and sat up, trembling and trying to catch her breath. She quickly looked around the dark room before her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her hips bucked and her legs started to viciously shake. She reached down and grabbed two handfuls of hair.

As he sucked on her clit and fingered her hot spot, she came all over his face. She felt herself squirt a tiny stream as he ate his way through her orgasm. He stopped sucking her clit only to lick up the juice while still tortured her G-spot. She smashed his face into her pussy more and rocked on his face as he savored every drop she gave.

She pulled his head off her pussy and leaned back, pulling him on top of her. He pulled his finger from her pussy and slid both his hands up her body. He massaged her perfect tits while grinding his massive dick against her sloppy pussy. They groaned and whimpered in each other’s mouths as their throbbing combined.

Her aching pussy could finally feel its lover throbbing against it. Her puffy lips wrapped around his shaft as much as possible, inviting the tip to penetrate her wanting hole. She passionately rubbed on his muscles while greedily sucking the taste of herself off his tongue. They took their time kissing and tasting each other’s mouths.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pinned his hips against hers. She moaned harder as she felt her hole trying to stretch around his shaft. His throbbing felt bigger as he smashed their love parts together. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeper while sliding her pussy up and down his thick rod.

Their mouths gave way to moans and whimpers every so often. They humped against each other for what felt like hours of constant pleasure mixed with the pains of over excitement. He oozed precum all over her pussy and tiny bush as she swirled her pussy against his grinding.

She stared up into the blackness, wishing she could see her magnificent lover’s face. Before she could start imagining her perfect man, she felt her cervix convulse. His lips pressed against hers as her moans started to turn into screams. She dug her nails into his neck and held onto him as her body shook.

He softly bounced her against his dick with faster grinding while muffling her orgasmic screams. She involuntarily bucked into his grinds, making him smash against her clit harder. He continued sliding his shaft against her watering pussy until she curled up, hiding her now sensitive pussy from his thrusts.

She slid her hands down his back and grabbed his tight ass. She squeezed his cheeks in her hands and moaned as her orgasm avcılar escort lingered in her body. He leaned off of her but let her continue squeezing his ass. She could feel his throbbing rod softly grazing her labia as it dangled over her. She moved her hands off his ass and slowly teased her way to grabbing his shaft.

She immediately played with the tip of his foreskin while stroking him for precum. He oozed onto her hands almost as soon as she started to pump him. He groaned and jolted as she quickened her pace and squeezed him harder. She suddenly stopped as a larger gush of precum landed on her hand.

Scared she was going to make him cum too quick, she massaged what she hoped was precum into his shaft while softly moaning at him.

“If you treat me right, I’ll give you something extra naughty,” she seductively whispered.

He reached down and grabbed her hands and slowly pulled them off his shaft. He licked both her palms before kissing her, filling her mouth with his light taste. They moaned in each other’s mouths again as his girthy head bounced against her pussy.

As she started to put her hands on his neck, he rolled her over onto her stomach. She let him move her into position, resisting only when she wanted to feel his dominance. He manhandled her onto her knees and pulled her against his chest. She reached out and found the top of the headboard.

She gripped the headboard just as he forced his wide dick into her tightening pussy. She was barely able to stay conscious as he powered his way to the depths of her pussy. Her mouth hung open as she let out hard groans as he stretched every wall to her cervix. Once she felt his crotch against her ass, she sighed at the fact his entire length was inside her.

He let his dick throb inside her to physically remind her what his dick does to her pussy. She leaned her head against the headboard to catch her breath. She could feel his shaft pressing against her G-spot and knew once the thrusting started, she’d cum fast and hard. She took another deep breath and quivered as she felt her pussy pulsating around his massive monster.

He grabbed her hips and softly started pumping into her just as hard as he forced himself inside her. She squeezed the headboard harder with every thrust. Her pussy swelled and shrunk as he used his length to massage every hot spot. He stretched her depths past her cervix, hitting her G-spot more and more with every push and pull.

Her pussy watered and sloshed around him as he began pulling her into his forceful thrusts. She ached and moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain as his pace intensified. She held onto the headboard as hard as she could as her arms shook. He started rocking the bed back and forth, using his knees to push him against her G-spot more.

The pitch black room echoed with the sounds of the bed rocking and Meghann moaning. The feel of her perky tits wildly bouncing on her chest added to the sensational force he was thrusting into her with. Her back arched more and her legs moved further apart so she could feel his sack ramming into her labia. The squishing of her pussy was all she could hear as she convulsed around him more and more.

He reached up and grabbed her jiggling tits and squeezed them while leveraging himself into her harder. He held her body as still as he could as he began ramming into her pussy as hard and fast as he could. Her pussy responded in kindness by watering more and squeezing his shaft harder.

The loose tip of his foreskin rubbed and teased her depths over and over again. She felt her G-spot pulsating and her cervix constricting. She leaned her head down and moaned and screamed as loud as she could. Her breaths quickened and hardened until she couldn’t breathe anymore. Her body tightened and froze as he slammed away at her pussy.

The blackness seemed to get darker as she struggled to keep her eyes focused. Her head rushed with every sense of euphoria she had ever felt. Her body twitched from the explosive orgasm and vigorously shook from the power of his thrusting. She continued holding onto the headboard as she came harder and longer. She started to black out but managed to stay awake and feel every orgasmic twitch.

She reached down with both hands and felt how swollen her pussy was getting. Her pussy felt twice its normal size as he rammed his thickness balls deep. She trembled against his body as he held her against himself more. Her tight, quivering frame made his dick harden even more, and he groaned from the throb.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her orgasm continued lingering. She felt numb all over and could only feel her pussy stretching and tightening around her lover’s enormity. She laid her head on his shoulder and moaned in his ear as she nibbled on her ear and neck. şirinevler escort She slid her wet hands up her body and held onto his muscular arms as he massaged her perfect globes.

She felt overwhelmed with ecstasy as her head rushed with wave after wave of lingering orgasms. Just when she thought her body had reached its limit, her pussy exploded even harder. She let out one loud, long scream until she ran out air and couldn’t scream anymore. Her body bucked one hard time and tightened against her lover.

He continued holding onto her while sliding his girthy dick out of her. Her pussy convulsed even harder as she released a waterfall of squirt. She sprayed all over her thighs and the bed, even wetting her pillows and the headboard. She let her eyes close and whimpered as her pussy continued squirting and convulsing.

With every vaginal twitch, a stream of squirt sprayed onto the bed. She groaned during every squirt and tried to stop, but he reached down and ferociously rubbed on her clit until she squirted more. She bucked in his arms and grabbed his hand as he continue rubbing for more juice. He finally stopped as her pussy stop squirting and she started breathing instead of screaming.

She turned her head and kissed at his ear and neck until he turned and met her lips with his own. They kissed and groaned with each other until they needed to breathe. She collapsed on the bed and felt how wet it now was. He quickly lay on top of her back and laughed at how wet everything was.

He rubbed his rod against her soft, bubbly ass cheeks while massaging her thighs and hips. He groaned at her thickness and curviness and massaged her harder. She moaned into her soaked pillow as his massage got rougher. She knew he was begging to explode, but she let him suffer so he would take his frustration out on her body.

As he was positioning himself to slide back into her, she rolled onto her back. She rubbed on his body until she found his throbbing member straining from the built up tension. She softly maneuvered him onto his back and seductively rubbed her body against his while moving in between his legs.

He laid his back against the wet headboard and grabbed the pillows next to him. She stared up into the blackness and smiled as she lowered her mouth onto the throbbing dick in her hands. She licked and sucked on the tip of his foreskin before pulling it down and tasting his bare head.

Her sensual teasing was immediately met with a blast of precum down her throat. She softly gagged but was too hot for cum to take her mouth off his dick. She slid as much of him into her mouth as she could before needing to come up for air. She felt the slimy blowjob strings linking her mouth to his dick hanging from her lips.

She licked her lips clean and moaned at him before taking his dick back into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down while stroking and squeezing his shaft. He could feel her hair tickling the inside of his thighs as she got faster. She sucked and moaned on his dick as hard as she could, pumping him for his hot cum.

He squeezed the pillows while listening to her slurping and sucking. She pushed more of him into her mouth with each bob until he was touching her throat. She slid his entire monstrosity into her mouth, lightly gagging as he moved into her throat. She held him there to softly throat fuck herself.

She pulled herself off of him to take a breath and felt him swelling in her hands. She put her mouth back on his shaft and stroked and sucked him as hard and fast as possible. He let out a groan and arched his back as the first blast coated the back of her throat. Her eyes got bigger and she nearly pulled off as the thick goo exploded out.

She gagged on his dick while continuing to suck and stroke him off. He put his hand on the back of her head and held her there while cumming in her throat. She sucked and swallowed every drop of cum out of him like a pro. He pulled on her hair and groaned harder as he shot thick rope after thick rope. She continued pumping and sucking his cum out until he was empty.

He pulled her mouth off his sensitive dick, but she continued licking and kissing his slimy member. She leaned her head back and gargled the last few ropes of cum in her mouth loud enough for him to hear. She swallowed the mouthful as loud as possible before leaning down to kiss him. They found each other’s lips and sucked the tastes out of each other’s mouths. She sat in his lap and massaged his softening dick while he squeezed her bubbly ass.

They stayed in that position, kissing until he started getting hard again. He laid her back on the bed and pinned her to the bed with his hips. She moaned as his hardening dick grew against her pussy. She kissed him harder and pulled him on top of her more while positioning her pussy underneath his monster.

As he moved his dick against her opening, he slid out of bed. She playfully tried to stop him from leaving, and he punished her by slapping her swollen pussy lips until she let him go. She rolled onto her stomach and listened to him vanish into the blackness.

“Oh fuck, I can’t wait until tomorrow,” she moaned while rubbing her sore pussy.

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