New Holiday Friends Pt. 01

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This the opening section to a story about two couples who find friendship and much more on a holiday. I hope you find it intriguing and want more and discover how their friendship blooms over the week.


It was the first time that Mark and Izzy had been to Majorca for a holiday, having gone to Menorca for the past 11 years. It was there that they had first discovered the joy of being nude in the sun, and had never wanted to go back to wearing swimming costumes again. This year though they had decided to try somewhere new, but at the end of the first day were starting to regret their decision. Although their holiday apartment was nice, the balcony was overlooked and so they had not been able to lie out naked like normal. Not knowing the island either they did not know of any nude beaches either.

So here they were in the evening for dinner, both thinking why?

Izzy had made an effort tonight though, she looked great wearing a tight dress which came to just over her knees, short enough to tease Mark during the meal. To help cheer themselves up they went to a bar after dinner. Little did they know that this simple choice was going to not only change their holiday, but also their life from then on.

Whilst they were standing at the bar ordering their drinks they nodded and said hello to the couple standing next to them. They looked a pleasant couple in their 50’s Mark guessed. They both looked relaxed and it was obvious they enjoyed the sun as they had nice tans.

After ordering their drinks Mark esenyurt escort and Izzy looked for an empty table, it was a busy bar so there was only the one, as they headed for it so did the couple from the bar, reaching it at the same time. Laughing the man said its ok we don’t mind sharing it. Mark and Izzy sat down with them. They introduced themselves as Paul and Lou, and this was their second week in Majorca.

“That explains the nice tans then”, Mark said.

“Oh yes we enjoy the sun”

“We do too,” said Izzy,” but I don’t think we are going to get as much as we normally do this time” she added.

“Oh, the weather forecast is looking like sun every day for the next week, I am sure you will get enough sun.” Lou told her.

Laughing Mark said,” I don’t think that is what Izzy meant.” Looking at Izzy he raised his eyebrows as if to say shall I go on. She just smiled back at him.

“What my wife means is that we normally go home with an all over tan, if you know what I mean. But we have not found anywhere we can do that yet.”

Paul smiled and said, “Oh you like to go nude, that’s fine, so do we!”

“Really?” Mark said. “Is there a beach we can go to then?”

“Well we do not go to the beach, Lou is a little shy about that, but we have a villa here with a private pool. Perfect for sunbathing.”

“That is great,” Izzy said. “We should have done that Mark.”

“Yes I know.” He agreed.

Mark finished off his Gin &Tonic, then noticed Paul had an empty glass, and avrupa yakası escort the ladies were almost finished too. “Can I get you both a drink?” He asked.

“Oh thanks, mines a rum and coke, Lou will have a wine.” Paul replied. “Let me come and give you a hand back with them” he added.

At the bar Paul said to Mark, “Can I just say Izzy is a stunning lady Mark.”

“Thanks. Lou looks good too.”

“Look I was thinking, if I can get Lou to agree, do you think Izzy and you would like to come to ours tomorrow to use our pool and sun patio?”

“Well I am up for it, have to see what Izzy thinks. Barman could you make that a large Vodka please.” Mark said. “That should help.” He added to Paul.

They took the drinks back to the table, and it looked like the girls were chatting like old friends.

Mark took the opportunity to look more closely at Lou. She had a very pleasant face, but even more striking was her bust. In the dress she wore he could tell that she was a big lady, guessing at a D cup at least. Her legs were a great shape too, with good calves and nice high heels setting them off.

Lou got up to go to the bathroom, and Paul followed her. Mark had an idea that he was going to suggest his plan to her whilst they were away. “They seem like a nice couple, don’t they?” Mark asked Izzy.

“Yes, it’s surprising how alike Lou and I are in fact.”

“Oh that’s good.” Mark looked up to see Paul and Lou walking back, anadolu yakası escort Paul put a thumbs up sign to Mark behind Lou’s back. They were on for an invite now.

“Same again?” Paul asked.

“Please.” Said Mark. ” I will help you”

At the bar Paul said, “Lou is going to invite you and Izzy over now. She does not know I have mentioned it to you. She wanted to give Izzy the chance to say no without you there.”

“Fair enough, but I get the feeling that she will say yes.”

When they returned with the drinks Lou and Izzy were laughing. “Mark, Lou has just invited us to their villa tomorrow so we can sunbathe and use the pool.”

“That’s very nice of them, what do you think?”

“Oh I have already agreed, you don’t mind do you?”

“No sounds lovely.”

The night went on with a few more drinks and getting to know each other more. But Mark was thinking that tomorrow he was going to see Lou’s body in her swimming suit at least, and maybe less, if they felt comfortable enough.

At the end of the evening they said their goodbyes, with a kiss on the cheek before Paul gave them the address to their villa.

“See you about 11:30 in the morning ok” Paul said as they parted.


Back in their apartment Mark was now feeling horny and wanted to check that Izzy felt the same. Lifting her dress up he put his hand on her crotch. He could feel dampness through her knickers. “Seems you are excited Izzy, why is that?”

“Looking forward to tomorrow I guess, but also did you not notice when Lou came back from the toilet?”

“No, what?”

“She was not wearing her knickers when she came back.”

“Wow, you could tell that?”

“Yes I could, you were looking at her boobs so much you missed it.”

“Well you could have told me earlier. Now I really need to shag you.”

“I am all yours Mark you know that.”

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