Other Days Ch. 02

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The Lady at Cosimo’s

I was sitting in Cosimo’s that night just about midnight. It was spring, I think. Yea, it must have been spring, the doors were open and I was staring out onto Burgundy Street when I saw her. Drunk, lost tourist. O tempore, O mores. She was alone, this drunk, lost tourist, though more lost than drunk and more alone than lost. Red dress. Fishnet stockings. Stiletto heels. I figured she would come in, and she did. She sat at the corner stool and crossed her legs. My heart went thump. I was impressed. Full, red lips that begged to be kissed; firm, young breasts that drew attention, not for their size but for their bidding; long legs that I could almost feel wrapped around me; deep blue pools of eyes that called for me to dive into.

Immediately one of the young hawks at the other side of the bar bought her a drink, though he was obviously not in her class. In fact, none of the guys at the bar were in her class, save one or two of the queens, and they were not about to jump into the fray. It was more interesting than the muted rerun of the 10 o’clock news on the TV. That’s why I like Napoleon House, you know, no TV.

She was good looking, not in the classic sense but beautiful with sex was written all over her. No, not sexy as in playmate sexy or sexy like one of those women in the middle blocks of Bourbon in the latex shorts. No, really sexy. Every man in the bar was watching and a lot of the ladies, too, and, I imagine, every man — and a lot of those women — wanted her. I watched. Yea, I wanted her, too. She smoked a cigar, blowing blue circles toward the ceiling, and she laughed, gales ringing off the window panes and filling Governor Nichols and Burgundy streets. And she smiled, lighting up the dim, dingy barroom. Then, she looked at me, sitting at a table just outside the French doors. I smiled and lifted my glass.

I went to the juke box and punched in the numbers for the Ultimate Dr. John, and walked back to my chair. There was what was left of a martini on the table, and SHE was sitting behind it. I lifted her nearly empty glass and waved it at the bartender. Then we listened, watching each other. I have no idea how long Mack sang and played. My interests were elsewhere. A smile crossed her face. “Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was — or what freedom really is. I’m at the Richelieu.”

She stood up and began walking into the night down Governor Nichols, through the darkness. Little girl lost knew where she was going. I confess that I really wanted to lag behind just a bit to watch. Firm in just the right spots, just the right amount of jiggle in just the right spots. That red dress rushed in waves over that delicious ass. She was skipping now. Well, almost skipping, which made her breasts jiggle, too, bouncing in three-quarter time. She reached out to grab my hand and I tried to keep up, really did.

At the corner of Governor Nichols and Bourbon she stopped. I nearly ran over her, bumping full into that inviting woman. I put my arms on her shoulders to stop myself. halkalı escort Instead of being my anchor, she stepped to the side and pushed me onto the hood of a Ford parked at the intersection. She leaned over me and mesmerized me with those navy pools until I fell in… a long — loooooong –fall. A first kiss. Her lips were as divine as I had imagined the first time I saw them, and our kiss lingered. When we broke the kiss, she just stared at me — a stare, I swear, that was out of this world. An alien. A goddess. Helen. Venus. Aphrodite.. I could take it no longer, and I kissed her again, a long, slow, wet kiss. Our tongues met, seeking, searching. I could feel my excitement rising — and something else was rising as well. I reached for her breast, her right breast, and for a few seconds held it like a globe in my left hand, not massaging, not squeezing, just holding it until I could feel the nipple begin to stiffen… I fully expected her to say, “not here.” She didn’t. Instead, she seemed to melt into my body, her arms lightly around my shoulders, her hands at my neck. I pressed her body closer to me until she could feel me. Her warm body slightly straddled my leg and her breath came quicker, even if only a little quicker.

Just as suddenly as she had thrown me onto the car, she stood, grabbed my hand and yanked me to my feet. I was stunned — fearful, really, fearing this was all about to crash into reality, fearing that the alarm would sound and I would have to get up for work.

“But first, we’ve got to dance.” And she grabbed my hand and began skipping again, running down Bourbon to St. Phillip and then toward Decatur. I knew where we were going… Los Marinos was crowded. It always is, even at one-thirty on a Tuesday morning in April. The Corvettes were playing tonight, or what was left of the Corvettes… but then, like so many R our breaths drawing faster and stronger.

I pull the zipper at the back of the dress and let it slide down the spine, past each disk, my fingers working slowly, meaningfully. This woman has made me want her, made me desire her, made me crave her, all of her. In a thrice, I unfasten the bra, and when I reach for that right breast, the one with the taut, long nipples, it is free, the flesh soft in my trembling hand. I kiss her neck and behind her ears, and I remove those hoops of earrings so that I can nibble on the lobes and blow softly my warm breath into her ear… I want you… I want you…

“Of course you want me,” she rebukes and backs off, pushing me away. I stand in the middle of the room, not really sure what is happening. And she smiles again, that wicked smile. I am suddenly aware that the room is dark, except for her glow. She pushes me in the chest and I back away. She pushes again and again until I fall into the soft chair next to the window. Then she draws back, and oh, my god!!

That re dress falls to the floor, revealing those unbelievable breasts… delicious breasts with red areolas and taut, long nipples, taksim escort and there’s that wicked smile again, as she slides her hands down her thighs to remove those fishnet stockings… first one foot, then the other. Red panties — of course — silk, soft, sexy. She slides her finger down the front and touches herself , then walks toward me and holds out her hand for me to taste.

I rise to go to her, but she pushes me back into the seat… then, she kneels in front of me and begins to unfasten the buttons on my shirt The buttons seem to fall off, as her magical fingers undo them, allowing her to press her soft hands against my chest and shoulders and arms to remove it, and quickly she unties and removes my shoes, then my socks, stopping briefly to run her long fingers through the toes and over the soles. By this time, I am going crazy, clutching at the fabric at the chair to compose myself. I take a deep breath as she unfastens the belt, then unhooks the clasp, and finally brings down the zipper, exposing my manhood through my moist boxers. I shut my eyes for a moment, grit my teeth, take another deep breath as she pushes my pants and shorts to the floor. That smile is not so much wicked anymore as just plain evil. I am scared. Really scared, as she runs her fingers up the length of my penis and down again, cradling my testicles in her hands. She nearly laughs as she moves over me, and licks up my shaft, then kisses the head before taking it … taking it all. I nearly scream. I grab her shoulder to steady her, as she moves up and down on me, moving to take as much as she can with each motion. My body is shaking, shivering as I grow harder and harder and bigger and bigger. My own hips are moving back and forth, my eyes closed, my breaths coming long and hard, and I moan. damn, do I moan. And she suddenly stops.

Again that wicked, no that evil, smile. “Now it is your turn.”

Well, it is my turn, and I am eager but hesitant at the same time. She stands and moves toward the bed and crawls on it, invitingly. I move toward her and we kiss, one more long, wet, sensual and sensuous kiss that drains me and keeps me focused, aroused and eager. I pull her red silk panties off, slowly moving my hands down her creamy legs, and I begin to kiss the thighs, the outside, the inside, the knees, working my way up the inside of the right thigh, then the left until I can my feel the top of my head against her muff, and I just continue past her delta and back down the right leg and again and again. She moans and turns, which, of course, adds to my own excitement — if that’s possible.

I move to cover her spongy, salt-and-pepper pubic hairs, like thick bristles on an extra sot brush, and I bury my face in her moist muff as my tongue hunts for and finds her clitoris, already long and firm. I suck it, massaging it with my lips and stroking with my tongue. Her scent is driving me crazy, crazy with desire, crazy with lust. She moans and twists, and I can sense, smell and feel the rush of her love juices, which I begin to lap şişli escort up, yea drink. She pulls my hair, lifting me up. I go without an argument. I think I am afraid to do otherwise. I kiss her lush body all the way up, my hands touching her soft sides, firm ass, ribbed back and abdomen, until my mouth touches one of those delicious breasts. I kiss, then press against the breast with my mouth as my hand massages the other breast, then I switch. I am eager, as is she, and I rise to kiss her neck and her ears, my penis pressing against her legs, her sides, her tits and finally her neck. I stroke the sides of her neck over her shoulders before descending again, to allow me to kiss her body as I position myself at her entrance.

Then, I am in.

I press quickly to bury my member in her, all the way, against the back of her. She jumps, a sudden gasp of breath. I fill her, my hard seeming to press all the way to her spine, choking her and filling her body. And, I pull out, slowly, all the way out, my thickness pressing against her opening. She seems to grip me, holding me in as I pull out, and pushing me back as I press in, again and again and again and again.

We turn and roll over on the king size bed until she is atop. She sits up on me, that same wicked, evil smile as if she at last has me, and she does. She rises off of me, then back down, those delicious breasts rising and falling… she grabs one, then the other as if to tease, without stopping her pace. In and out and in and out and in and out. I see us together, my hardness, all red and purple, disappearing inside her, then reemerging a few moments later amid more moans and sighs. And I am moaning and sighing, too, of course, grabbing the edges of the sheets to stay under control. I press hard to stay in control, and she just laughs and tries to rush me, knowing I won’t be rushed. And she raises her arms above her head and rocks from side to side.

Then, she begins to quake. And her movements atop me become hurried. And she jerks, as I begin to explode again and again and again, a Niagara of love in a sea of moans and screams. Then she collapses atop me in silence. I give a final moan and final rush, and I hold her tight in my arms.

Sweat and cum soak the mattress and bed clothes as we lay together under a single sheet, hearts pounding, breaths coming quickly, exhaustion filling the room. Her hair feels soft and smells sweet. Her body is warm and soft. I let my hand touch her bare breast, full and firm. The nipples begin to harden. Her hand rests gently on my spent cock.

We smoke a cigarette. She rises, grabs a robe from a chair in the corner and disappears. I smoke another cigarette. She doesn’t return. I smoke another cigarette.

Stoically — or was it just in disappointment? — I go to the parlor to dress. Her clothes are not there.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I took the polar route home that morning, making the fifteen minute walk in an hour and a half. No way I could sleep after this wonderful woman. I eventually showered, shaved and sleep-walked to work dreaming of her. For the next forever I could feel her muscles gripping my cock. Awake or asleep I could see only her, and her scent was with me round the clock.

It has been a number of years now, but I’ve never been back to Cosimo’s, though I’m sure I will someday. I want to stop dreaming of this woman first.

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