Office Goddess

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This story is homage to those old Penthouse stories your father used to read and you found under his bed. The ones that always started with the first line “I know you won’t believe this but every word is true”. This is our take on that story.


I know you won’t believe this but every word is true.

My name is Blake and I work in an office with about a hundred people. Most of them are men doing the same job I do but then we have a few women as clerks and receptionists. Whenever a new person is hired an employee in their department walks them around the office to introduce them to everyone. When it’s a chick, most the guys, including me are interested in seeing the ‘new girl’, hoping she’s hot so there is some eye candy around this mostly male dominated office.

A couple of weeks ago was one of those times. We all got an email telling us that a Kristen had been hired as a new clerk and the next Monday she was introduced to us. The first time I saw her, I was sitting behind my computer at my desk and a knock sounded on my open door. I turned to see who it was and saw, Janet another clerk with a stunning blond standing next to her. I must have looked like a fool because my breath caught in my throat and I forgot I had my headphones around my neck connected to my computer when I tried to stand up.

By the time I finally got untangled to shake Kristen’s hand, she was grinning and I felt really stupid. I think I said like two words to her and she moved on to the next person. Good holy hell she was damn hot, with beautiful blond hair, blue eyes and from what I could see without staring, a body from heaven. Her breasts were perky and large for her skinny toned form and she stood about five seven I would guess. Her face was gorgeous and I immediately wanted to shake her hand and the manager that hired her.

Well, anyway I didn’t see her for the rest of the day but she sure was the talk of the department. She was by far the hottest girl in the office and some greatly needed eye candy.


The next morning I was getting my first cup of coffee and around the corner came Kristen. I handled myself much better this time and said hi to her. She smiled and I could tell she didn’t remember my name.

“Blake,” I said.

“Right, hi Blake… how are you today?” she asked, moving to get her own cup.

“I’m great. How are you liking it here?” I asked.

“So far so good,” she said, sipping her coffee and then adding some creamer and sugar.

Damn she looked fine. She had tight body hugging jeans on and a shirt that formed to her breasts like paint. Her hair was curly this morning, almost like she had gone to extra effort to curl it. I looked her up and down as she was busy with her coffee. Finished, she turned, took a sip and looked at me over her cup, her eyes were amazing. I suddenly couldn’t look away and was almost hypnotized by them.

“Something wrong?” she asked. “Something on my face?”

“No, nothing… sorry,” I said, turning to leave.

Okay so I didn’t handle the second time seeing her much better and felt like an idiot again when I got back to my office. I figured any chance I had of even being a friend was gone. I was sure I had come off as a total geek loser twice now.

Later that day, I was eating lunch in my office and someone knocked on my closed door. I hate when someone bugs me on my lunch break but I got up anyway and opened it. It was Janet, the other clerk that introduced everyone to Kristen. It was strange for her to be at my door, I don’t normally work with her much.

“What’s up?” I asked, wanting to get back to my food.

“I just thought I’d let you know that Kristen asked about you. I thought it noteworthy since you were the only one she has mentioned since I introduced her to everyone.

“Seriously? What did she say?”

“She wanted to know if you were single, she assumed you were since she noticed you didn’t have ring on your finger but was making sure.”

My heart jumped in my chest and I didn’t know what to make of this? Was Janet screwing with me? Did someone see me make a fool of myself at the coffee pot and now they put her up to this to fuck with me. Pranks around the office were not uncommon. I played it cool.

“That’s strange, seeing as how I’ve been a dweeb around her.”

“She mentioned that as well. Thought it was cute.”

“Great, well thanks for, whatever this is?”

“Sure thing,” Janet said and left my office.

I closed the door behind her, sat behind my desk and stared at my food. It was most likely a joke one of my coworkers put Janet up to. I passed it off as such and finished my lunch.

About 2:30 I had to take some files over to a different department and decided to take a path that would pass Kristen’s new office. I got everything ready and headed to drop them off. I just expected to glance in and see her as I passed. Just to get a glimpse of her behind her desk or filing something away in a cabinet with her back turned but that’s not what happened.

As I passed I looked in of course and our eyes met. I turned quickly away and halkalı escort kept walking until I heard my name. I turned around and went back.

“Did you call me?” I asked.

“Yeah, close the door?” she said.

“Huh? Why?” I asked.

She stood up and pulled my arm inside and closed it herself. There I was, trapped in the gorgeous new girl’s office with the door closed, not knowing what to think. She turned back to me and smiled that incredible smile.

“I know you think I’m hot and I know you’re single. I don’t want to waste months flirting with each other around the office before one of us has the balls to do something, so this is me moving things along,” she said.

My eyes got really big. I tried to say something but nothing came out.

“You’re cute, actually pretty hot and we would match up perfectly I think,” she said walking toward me and placing her hand on my chest.

I was stunned, like deer in the headlights of an oncoming semi.

“What do you say, Blake… want to hook up with me?” she asked.

I swallowed, “Sure,” was all I could say.

“Thought so,” she said, turning around quickly and opening her door.

“You better go?” she said.

Stunned, I walked by her and didn’t know what to do. Finally getting a grip, I took the files to the sales department and walked back to my office. Work was impossible. I just sat staring at my computer screen as I thought about what had happened in her office. What was supposed to happen now? Was I supposed to call her? She asked if I wanted to ‘hook up’. Did she understand that term as I thought I understood what it meant?

Five o’clock rolled around and I hadn’t seen or heard from her. When I left the building I went by her office and she was already gone. What the hell? Was she messing with me too? Was this all some elaborate hoax that even she is in on?

I drove home pissed off. I was convinced it was a ploy and I wasn’t about to be the fool.


The next day, I was moody. I was just waiting for the joke to all come out and everyone to make fun of me. I got my coffee and quickly went back to my office, trying to avoid everyone. Problem was, we had a big office meeting today at eleven and I couldn’t avoid that. When the time arrived, I went along with a big group down the hall to the conference room and found a seat. Kristen came in with Janet and they sat across the room from me. She saw me and smiled and actually bit her lip slightly but I don’t think anyone else noticed but me. I wondered if something was going to happen in the meeting. If somehow I was going to be embarrassed by the general manager but as the meeting progressed and he showed his PowerPoint, nothing was off.

I kept looking over at Kristen and she kept looking over at me. We were doing that flirting thing she didn’t want to happen for months. The lights were down in the room and I doubt anyone noticed us looking at each other.

Finally the presentation was over and it was five minutes to lunch. We all got up and I headed back to my office to eat. Closing the door, I got my lunch out on my desk and was about to take a bit when a knock sounded. Grumbling, I got up and opened it. Kristen pushed herself in and closed the door behind her.

“Wow, that was a boring meeting. I was just counting the minutes until it was over,” she said sitting on the edge of my desk as I turned to face her.

“Yeah, most of them are like that,” I said, not knowing what she expected in my closed door office during lunch.

“Lock the door?” she said.


“Yeah, why not. We have an hour for lunch. I’ll try and not scream to loud,” she grinned and began to unbutton her jeans.

I was floored. But I locked the door and then stood there staring at her as she removed her clothing. I thought she had a hot body with clothes on but in her bra and panties, I thought I might cream my pants. She was perfect! Her stomach was flat and her navel was oval, joining with a defined line up to her ribs. She looked up at me, standing there, and shook her head.

“Well, get to it, the hour is wasting,” she motioned to my clothing.

I jumped to it, my cock rising rapidly as she waited for me. Next thing I knew she was standing in front of me, helping me undo my pants since I was taking my shirt off and much slower than she. When my shirt came off she was looking up at me with a smile.

“Nice body, your abs rock,” she said unbuckling my belt.

She tugged my pants down and my cock was rock hard in my boxers, making a tent. She giggled and pulled them over it and I watched for her reaction.

“Oh, wow, nice. Not too big and definitely not small,” she said taking a hold of my six and a half inches.

My body jerked as her hand took hold. The sensation ripped through me and I felt light headed. She looked up at me with those mesmerizing eyes, opened her mouth and as she watched my eyes, took my cock in her mouth. Fuck! I couldn’t remember anything feeling like this before. The warm, wet mouth on my cock taksim escort was phenomenal and a rush of pleasure, twice that of when she held me, pulsed through my body. She held me in her mouth, removed her hands and unclasped her bra, letting it fall off her breasts and to the ground. Looking down they were perfect. Her nipples were hard and high on the breast. She had small areolas that were light and pink. I don’t think her perky tits even moved when the bra was released. The visual, combined with her mouth descending on my cock was something I will never forget. I was in my fucking office at work and had a blond goddess sucking my cock. It was so unbelievable I told you before you wouldn’t believe me. Right then I didn’t believe it either.

My eyes blurred and my body almost betrayed me. It was all I could do to hold my load in for those first few incredible seconds. She sucked slowly, thank goodness. I think she could tell I was on the verge of cumming. She kept looking up at me. Her head twisted slightly on the down and upward motions and the grip of her lips was perfect with no hint of any teeth. Kristen watched my face as she continued sucking deep and shallow, nice and slow until she finally felt I had had enough and let me pop out of her mouth. It was a good thing she stopped because I was so close and so overwhelmed with what was happening I probably wouldn’t have warned her before I blew.

“Wow, you really like that, don’t you?” she asked.

“Oh my hell yes,” I said.

“How close were you?” she asked.

“Seconds away. If you would have gone any faster or longer…”

“Thought so,” she said, standing up.

I took in her body as she stood before me, my cock wet and throbbing. She was stunning; I can’t hardly try and describe the entire package. She shimmied out of her thong and she was completely hair free down there, which just added to the visual.

“Time to return the favor, she said, sitting in my desk chair and pulling her legs up to open her pussy to me. I dropped immediately to my knees on the hard plastic mat under my desk. Her sex was exquisite, flushed with blood and moist from sucking me. Her labia were dark pink, perfectly shaped. Her little clit peaked through her folds just a bit and I admired the image for a second before it became too blurry as my mouth made contact.

She was tangy, hot and wet to my mouth. My hands were shaking with excitement and the thrill of what was happening to me. Right off the bat I inserted my tongue through her folds and into her moist tunnel. She cooed from the sensation, the chair squeaked as she leaned back further. Removing my tongue, I let it slide up over her urethra to her clit. The little nubbin was plump and she flinched, grabbing hold of the chair arms when my tongue slit up over it. I began side to side, speeding up my flicks the more she began to wiggle on the chair. Back to up and down, I could feel and hear her reacting and getting more vocal and stimulated.

I was hoping wasn’t going to scream because by the way she was moving and breathing I saw it happening. I gave her clit a little break, moving my tongue back to her hole, which was now even warmer and a great deal of juice met my tongue as I forced it in deep. Suddenly, Kristen’s hands grabbed my hair and forced my face deeper between her legs. She whimpered and shook as I assumed her orgasm had come. I felt her insides convulse and the spasms continued for several seconds before she released her grip on my face.

“Wow, Blake… you’re really good at that,” she said once she found her words.

“Thanks, you made it really easy?” is said.

I stood up; glanced at the clock and already a half hour had passed in our one hour lunch break. She reached forward, grabbing my cock and pulled me toward her.

“I want you in me,” she said quietly.

So far she was keeping herself quiet even when she came she didn’t make much noise. Our offices are not well insulated. I can usually hear full half conversations of my coworkers when they are on the phone. Luckily I had my music playing and this helped drown out any gasps and moans.

I had to squat down slightly to reach her sex but it was worth it. Bending my cock down with my hand, I blinked twice, felt my heart pounding in my chest and eased my shiny, pre-cum covered, head into Kristen’s exquisite pussy. Her climax had made her even more wet and I slid in easily, floating on her slippery effluent among her tantalizing warm folds. Fuck, there is just something about that initial penetration that is just so good. We both moaned with pleasure as I sank all my length into her until I felt my balls resting against her body and the chair seat.

Pausing, we looked into each other’s eyes and marveled together the wonderful experience. As I looked at her eyes I couldn’t help but notice her stunning breasts, begging to be touched. I had yet to do anything to them but already my cock was in her pussy. Kind of seemed backwards to me at the time. Reaching forward with both hands, I cupped her breasts, awed at their firmness and the şişli escort hard nipples on my palms. The tactile stimulation from my hands to my brain made my cock jump inside of her. I began fondling her perfect breasts, letting my palms tease her nipples as I gently tightened my fingers around her round flesh.

As I played I finally withdrew my cock, feeling her innards clinging to my shaft as I left her hot sex. With the head the only thing remaining, I thrust back in, making her moan and the chair slide backwards on its wheels. I had to adjust me feet to follow and we both kind of laughed. A few more thrusts and I had pushed the chair against my back table so she could no longer move away from me. I sped up, basking in the sensations surrounding my cock and the feel of her breasts under my hands.

The combination of the two was inconceivable; I had never done anything remotely like this before so I didn’t last long. I’m sure that’s not a surprise to anyone. I mean, shit, I’m in my office at work for one. Second I’m fucking a goddess for the first time. I challenge any guy to last more than ten minutes in my situation. It wasn’t just the thrill of the location or the newness, Kristen’s pussy was incredible, wrapping my cock in velvety bliss. I couldn’t remember a more stimulating sensation around my dick. I think she could tell I was getting close and she apparently wanted to plan ahead for my pending explosion.

“Do you know how to pull out?” she asked.

“Ahuh,” I breathed.

“Good, I don’t want to be leaking for the rest of the day?” she said, with a slight giggle.

I didn’t respond, my pleasure was ramping up and I was seconds away from what was probably going to be a stellar display of cum. The euphoria increased, my toes tightened and so did my entire body, preparatory to my release.

“Cum on my stomach, we can clean it up easier?” she said, just as I was at my limit.

Hearing that, I lost it and withdrew fully, just in time. I didn’t even have a grip on my cock before the first burst shot from my head, curled in the air and landed all the way to her breasts, splashing down the length of her body. Grabbing hold, I stroked for the second massive blast, with in most cases for me is bigger than the first. This was no exception and it flew up between her breasts, painting her along with the first. I think I managed five more ropes, decreasing in length until I oozed the rest out onto her flat stomach. The pleasure in my body was massive. The added newness and excitement spilled over into my orgasm and increased everything from my output to the ecstasy.

“Wow, Blake, you’ve got some serious potency. This is a lot of semen,” she said, looking down at her body. “You just kept shooting all over me. That was amazing.”

“Your fault,” I joked.

“My fault? How so?” she asked.

“You’re just too hot to contain it?” I snickered.

“Ahuh, sure, Blake,” she smiled. “You know, there is no need for flattery, you’ve already fucked me,” she laughed. “You better find something to clean it up before it runs to your chair.”

I used a few paper towels from a roll in my office, wiping my impressive load off the hottest woman I had ever fucked. She got to her feet and began to dress. I did the same, following her lead. We had about ten minutes to spare and before she left I asked her if she wanted to do something this weekend.

“What? Oh no… I’m not looking for a relationship, Blake. I just hoped we could hook up at lunch once in a while. You okay with that?” she asked.

“Oh… yeah, sure…” I said, not wanting to ruin whatever this was.

“Okay, good. See you later, and thanks, it was exactly what I needed,” she said.

She opened my door slowly, peeked out and once it was safe she was gone. I thought it a little strange that she was only using me for a nooner and didn’t want any other contact apparently. I guess it was a guy’s dream come true, really hot sex with a bombshell blond with none of the baggage that came with it. I could deal with that.


The next couple days I made sure I was in my office for lunch, but Kristen never did knock. We saw each other in the halls or at meetings and at the coffee maker, but we never discussed anything inappropriate. I wanted to tell her I would be in my office for lunch the rest of the week but I never did and she didn’t hint that she would come by either.

Thinking I was going to get some any day, I had forgone masturbating, saving my load for Kristen. I didn’t want to disappoint her with a subpar load since she had made such a big deal about how much I had unloaded on her the first time. The week ended, I kept all my semen bottled up and started getting really horny but resisted tossing off, thinking the next day would be when she would knock. Even over the weekend I didn’t toss off, confident Monday would be the day she would come in my office and I’d really show her a load.

Monday arrived. I hung out at the coffee maker way longer than I should have, hoping to see her and maybe hint that we should hookup at lunch. She finally showed up for her morning coffee, looking fabulous as always. Unfortunately Janet was with her and several other people all showed up at the same time for their cups. I said hi to both her and Janet but that was about all I could do. I was hoping Kristen would throw me a look or give some hint she would stop by at lunch but no such luck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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