Night of Fulfilling Desires

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Let me lay the groundwork here for you, I am a married man who was looking for a little extra, I knew that one of my best friends who happened to be a sexy girl was out with her friends on the night in question. She had teased me for months and even been as so bold to suck my cock once but she said she got guilty feelings halfway through and had stopped and left me hard dripping precum and ready to go insane. This night she had told me a few days before she would call when she got back to her friends house who was only a few minutes away and see if I wanted to come over.

“It may be late honey,” she had told me over the phone, “but Steve won’t be with us and Susan told me that if you wanted to come by when we get back she will give us the back bedroom for some fun. Think you can be up around three, that is if I’m sober enough to dial the phone honey.”

“Yes, I’ll be dressed and ready to go when you call Mandy.”

Well right around 2:30 that morning she called to say that they were on their way back and as soon as they were closer she would ring me again and see if I wanted to come over.

“Oh and by the way Todd, I’m horny and ready to make good on all those bets that we have, I hope you are too.”

I made sure I had all my stuff laid out keys, jacket, cell phone etc… and patiently awaited her phone call. Sure enough twenty minutes later the phone rang again and she said they were almost home and gave me directions to the house. In a flash I was out in my car and driving to go see this girl.

As I pulled up Mandy stood in the doorway looking sexy as all hell in her little slutty clubbing outfit. She came outside as I got out of the car and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply sliding her tongue into my mouth and her hands down the front of my pants, grabbing my cock beneath the material.

She didn’t say a word as she broke the kiss only grabbed my hand with her free one and kept the other on my cock as she lead me inside. As we entered the house she shut the door and then directed me through the interior until we came to a bedroom in the back. Walking through the door she turned on the cd player and kept the volume down as dance music started to come through the speakers.

Mandy then pushed me down onto the bed and stood halkalı escort in front of me, smiling seductively she started swaying to the beat and then pulled her blouse over her head. She wasn’t wasting time as she pulled it off and tossed it to the side and then reached behind to unhook her bra. I watched as she cupped those pretty breasts and then slid her bra off each arm without exposing her nipples. As soon as the bra hit the floor she leaned over me and pulled my head to her ample breasts, “Suck my nipples honey,” she cooed as I opened my mouth to pull the hard little bud of flesh into my mouth. “Bite it, do it like you know I want you to.”

I bit down softly and then ran my tongue over hard nipple flicking and sucking it all the while with the hoop that went through my pierced tongue. She then pushed me down on my back on the bed and slid her tongue across my lips and then down my neck while her hands were tugging my shirt up. I leaned forward enough to pull off my shirt and as I did her mouth went hungrily to the hoops that were through my nipples. She licked the nipple while her teeth tugged on the rings roughly, she knew that I liked the hint of pain. Her hands were sliding back down over my stomach and she moaned as she came up for a kiss and smiled when her hand slipped beneath my jeans and finding I had no boxers on she wrapped her hand around my cock.

“Is this for me,” she asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

“Yep it’s all for you babydoll.”

Mandy unbuckled my belt and unfastened my jeans and opened them revealing my pulsing cock and as it came into view she turned enough so that she could immediately suck it into her mouth and run her tongue up and down my shaft as she stroked my balls with her fingernails. She was humming against my cock as her free hand was stroking the exposed portion and I was nearly prepared right then to blow my load but I had wanted her for too long to just let it happen that quickly. I pulled her mouth away and flicked out the little ball that held my hoop in my tongue and reached into my jeans pocket and pulled out a new stud that had a french tickler on the end.

Mandy just smiled and stood pushing her thong down şişli escort to the floor and then slid her pussy right up near my face and started to straddle my head as she went back to sucking on my cock. I grabbed her hips and pulled them down and attacked her pussy with such vigor that I surprised myself. I knew I wanted to taste her but presented with the option I had just dove in tongue first. I lapped at the outer labia and then slid my tongue past the fleshy little folds and cupped her clit with my tongue as I slid a finger into her moist opening. She at once pushed her mouth down further over my cock and started to bob fiercely. Not to be outdone I searched her insides for her spongy little sweet spot and as soon as I found it I started to rub it as I licked up and down her slit and swirled my tongue over her clit again and again.

Moans filled the room as we both licked and sucked on each others special areas and Mandy was again on the verge of making me spill my seed but this time I would warn her and it would be up to her to either stop or keep going. I pushed her hips away for a moment and told her that I was close to cumming, she didn’t stop nor did she speed up, Mandy just maintained that constant bobbing that kept me on edge for longer than I could even imagine. I was still tonguing her pussy and clit and fingering her as I felt the warm rush and suddenly my cock started jerking wildly inside this hot little slut’s mouth.

For her part Mandy didn’t pull away she kept bobbing and sucking and running her tongue over the head as I came. I sank a third finger inside her wet pussy and that’s when she finally stopped sucking and started jerking me with her hand as she moaned and came on my tongue and fingers.

As she finished her orgasm I pushed her off and rolled her over onto her back and kissed my way up her body, making sure not to miss an inch of flesh. In the minutes between my orgasm and the time it took me to tease her nipples and finally kiss her and slide my tongue into her mouth my cock had grown less sensitive while remaining hard and as we kissed I spread her legs wide and slid inside her with no resistance. “Oh god, Todd, this feels so good, I should have given in a long time ago honey.”

I sarıyer escort just whispered agreement as I pinned her arms down and bit her nipples as I slowly slid in and out of her pussy. I knew she liked it rough so I was already prepared to go that route and I grabbed both of her legs as I sat up on my haunches and started fucking her hard and fast. I grabbed her hair by the ponytail and gave her head a slight tug as I fucked her. She felt so good and tight that it was a good thing I had cum not long before or I would have already finished this time.

We fucked at a furious pace until I knew that I had to fuck this horny girl doggiestyle and I flipped her over as I pulled out and put her on the edge of the bed as I stood there behind her. Before I would even begin fucking her again I slapped her ass hard and demanded to know who’s slut she was.

“MMM, I’m yours tonight Todd, Sir,” she said playfully teasing me.

I slapped her ass again and as she gave a little jump I grabbed both hips and pushed forward burying my cock to the hilt. It was an exquisite feeling to push all the way inside her and feel that there was no more cock to give. She took it all and slammed her hips back to meet every thrust as I swatted her ass every few thrusts and tugged that ponytail again. Fucking her was worth the wait and I was sure that we would be keeping this a semi-regular thing. I leaned over her and grabbed her tits and rolled the nipples between my fingers as I railed her from behind. Mandy continued moaning and fucking back against me and I watched as her head went down to the bed and her I felt her fingers start to stroke her clit and my balls whenever they slammed near.

“Cum inside me honey, I want to feel you spurt inside me please, Sir.”

I wasn’t about to deny that request and quickly I started to pump her for all I was worth, it only took a few strokes as she rolled my balls in her hand and then as she moaned and her pussy started to clench I exploded filling her with my cum.

“Oh fuck yes, you slut,” I yelled, “your tight little pussy feels so good, it’s making me cum.”

Mandy squealed and came even harder as we thrust against one another through our orgasm and in the final few pumps I knew she was mine to fuck from now on whenever I wished. A few hours later I got up to leave and she rolled over in bed and crooked a finger…

“I’m not done with you yet stud,” she teased as she opened her legs and started fingering her pussy while I watched. Tossing my clothes back to the floor I slid over her for a repeat performance.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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