A Little Taste Pt. 02

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Alexis Texas

This story involves incest among the members of this family. If incest stories offend you, please do not read this story.


After the trip to the amusement park:

I sleep well that night, as I was exhausted from the car trip, the physical exertions in experiencing the park’s attractions, and from the expenditure of energy from being sexually excited for most of the ride home. I did, however, experience a weird dream that night. In the dream I saw myself in Arthur’s kitchen fixing and serving breakfast to Arthur and the boys. I was wearing a very lose fitting apron over my body which was clothed only with my panties.

When morning came, I awoke before everyone else. I decided to go fix breakfast for everyone. As Bill and Joe came into the kitchen that morning, they both came up to me and gave me a good morning hug. They found me standing in front of the stove fixing pancakes dressed in one of their father’s sweatpants and shirt. Soon after, Arthur came in and gave me a very long passionate kiss accompanied by an obvious grope of my left breast. We had a great time at breakfast recounting the events of yesterday.

As soon as breakfast was finished, the boys excused themselves since they had been invited to spend this Sunday at one of their friend’s home. Bill came up to my chair from behind and leaned over to me to give me a hug and to say thank you for fixing breakfast. In hugging me he reached around my upper body with both hands. Those hands landed on both of my breasts which he squeezed. Not to be out done, Joe followed suit with a similar hug and squeeze. As I sat there letting the boys feel me up, I was looking at Arthur to gage his reaction to what was going on. He sat there with approving look on his face. Was he approving of what the boys were doing to me or approving of my letting them do so? I came to the conclusions that he was approving of both, the boy’s actions and my acceptance of their actions. I thought back to my promise, “You and your boys have total access to my breasts anytime and anywhere you want.” I was keeping my promise and Arthur approved of my keeping that promise.

Since everyone was finished with breakfast, I gather the dishes and cookware and went to the sink to wash them. Arthur came up behind me and said that he wanted his pants and shirt back. He removed them from me and left the kitchen with them. That left me in kitchen with only my panties on.

After completing the kitchen work, I went into the living room and found Arthur on the couch reading the Sunday paper. I went and got a section of the paper and sat in the chair oppose the couch. We spent the rest of the day reading and discussing various issues from the newspaper. I found it to be a really enjoy way to spend a Sunday afternoon. After a while, I forgot about being practically nude.

In the late afternoon, there was a TV program coming on that I wanted to watch. I pick up the TV remote and moved over to the couch and sat next to Arthur. He held me as we watched the TV program.

Halfway through the program, the front door open and the boys walked into the living room. Upon seeing them, I started to get up with the intention of immediately going into the bedroom to get some clothes. Arthur gently but firmly held me in place. Somewhat shocked, I started to pull away but stop when I remembered that Arthur stated that their mother only wore panties in the house.

A myriad of thoughts ran through my head. What was Arthur doing? What were the boys thinking of me seeing me like that? What were my feelings and thoughts about what he was doing? What did this mean about how Arthur thought of me (was I a floozy in his mind or was he thinking that I was his boy’s mother)? I was so confused that I froze in place.

The next thing Arthur did surprise me even more. He got up and told the boys to sit on the couch with me. They come over and sat on the couch with me in the middle. Arthur explained what the program was about and suggested the boys watch the rest of it.

They snuggled up to me, resting their heads up against the side of my breasts.

Finally, I relaxed thinking of how their mother allowed them such contact. After a while, I began to enjoy the situation, especially when I glanced at Arthur who had this unexplainable contented look about him.

We watch TV for the rest of the night with only a break to eat pizza that Arthur went to the local pizzeria to get. The boys sat with me the whole time.

As the night got late, Arthur told the boys it was time for them to leave the living room. They got up and for the first time, they both gave a kiss on the cheek.

After we were alone, Arthur came up to me. He reached for my hand and stood me up. He bent down and pressed his face to my pussy and took a deep breath. He then removed my panties and placed the gusset in his mouth. I knew what he smelled and tasted, my excretion from my excited pussy.

Arthur took my left hand into his as he knelt on one knee. “Mary-Anne will you marry me?” Before I recovered from the shock and was able to sarıyer escort speak, Arthur slipped this beautiful ring on my left hand.

With tears in my eyes, I said, “Yes”.

Arthur kissed my pussy and then stood up and kiss my lips, saying, “Mary-Anne I have looked far and wide for you. I will do everything I can to make you the happiest woman on earth.”

Arthur then pick me up and carried me to his bedroom and placed me on the bed. Arthur spent the rest of the night bring me orally to orgasm after orgasm until I begged him to stop. At that point, he entered me, and I came repeatedly until he filled my pussy with his sperm to the point that it was gushing out of me. We then fell asleep with Arthur holding me in his arms. During the night, I had that dream again of me fixing breakfast for Arthur and the boys wearing only an apron and panties.

In the morning, I rose from the bed with the intention of going downstairs and fixing breakfast for “my guys’. I quickly showered and dried my body. Reentering the bedroom, I when into the closet and reached for Arthur’s sweatshirt and pants. At that instant, my mind flashed back to that dream. I released Arthur’s sweat clothes. I walked back into the bedroom and reached into my travel bag and pulled out a fresh pair of panties. Putting them on, I walked out of the room and headed downstairs to the kitchen. In the kitchen I found that apron from my dream and put it on. I then set about fixing a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs for everyone.

Just as I finished placing everything on the kitchen table, Bill and Joe walked into the room. They stopped in their tracks when they saw what I was wearing. They just stared at me like they could not believe what they were seeing. I am sure they were flashing back to their image of their mother preparing breakfast. I calmly told them to sit and to eat their breakfast. That brought them back to the present, so they sat at the table and started to eat.

Arthur came into the kitchen and walked right up to me and gave me a big kiss. He then stepped behind me and placed his arm around my waist. Looking straight at the boys he said, “You will be seeing a lot more of Mary-Ann in the mornings since she has accepted my proposal to marry me”.

The boys jumped from their seats and ran up to us hugging us both. They wanted to know when the wedding was going to be. Arthur replied that we hadn’t decided on all the details yet. He did say that he had make one decision. Arthur looking straight at the boys, asking them, “Bill and Joe will you be my best man or men in this case.” With shocked faces, they eagerly agreed.

I watched the boys and Arthur hurriedly eating the breakfast I had fixed for them. Everyone was running late because it took a little while, that morning, for the boys to calm down from their excitement of Arthur and I telling that I had accepted their father’s marriage proposal.

After wishing them all a good day as they left the house, I removed the apron that I was wearing and walked back to the bedroom wearing only my somewhat soaked panties. I had just enough time to dress and prepare to return to my house when the taxi pulled up to the house. I would be late for work, but I had already called telling them I would be late.

Arthur and I set a wedding date for three months after he proposed to me. Two weeks after his proposal, I moved into his home, which would become officially our joint home on our wedding day as would my house be jointly owned by the two of us. It would, however become a rental with the rent being added to our joint savings.

Because of the engagement and my moving into the house, the boys became increasing affectionate toward me. I, like their mother, only wore panties inside of the house (unless we had company). It became routine for them to hug me and to stroke and fondle my breasts.

About a month after I moved in, the big event finally occurred. We were in the living room watching a film. The boys, as is their usual practice, were sitting on either side of me with their heads up against my breasts. I was just casually watching the movie when I felt it. I looked down and saw Bill, in an absent-mindedly fashion, sucking on my left nipple. I was, initially surprised and was getting ready to say something when I remembered, “You and your boys have total access to my breasts anytime and anywhere you want.” I looked at Arthur and he was totally ok with it. So, I just settled back and went with the flow. After a while, it felt really good.

After the movie was over, the boys got up and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left the room. There was nothing in Bill attitude that reflected what had happen. I thought about that and concluded that that was normal with their mother. That meant to me that the boys were looking upon me as their new mother.

Shortly after the boys had left, Arthur came over to the couch and sat next to me. He had me stand up and remove my panties. He then pulled me up on to his body such that I was laying esenyurt escort between his legs with my back on his chest and my head just to the left of his chin. That gave him access to the front of my body. By the time we retired to bed, there was not an inch of the front of my body that he had not touched or caressed which resulted in my experiencing two powerful orgasm. I was loving my new role in life.

Arthur then took me to bed. I looked down between Arthur’s legs and saw his beautiful penis was in a very rigid state. I realized that he had not gotten any relief this night. So, I asked him what I could do to help with the situation of his erect penis. He told me to just lie down on my back as he moved to straddle my chest. He then had me push my breasts together entrapping his penis between them. He looked me straight into my eyes. We held that lock on to each other’s eyes as he pumped his penis which was trapped between my breasts. A minute later I felt several strings of his cum hitting my forehead, nose, lips and my chest. He then rolled off me and held my hand through the rest of the night as we fell into a deep sleep with his cum drying on my body.

In the morning, I fixed everyone a bowl of cereal. Since I was not cooking, I didn’t need the apron, so I only had on my panties. I sat down next to Joe. As he was pouring his milk onto his cereal, he looked at me and said, jokingly, maybe if we all take turns sucking on Mary-Anne breast, like Bill did last night, we might be able to get milk directly from Mary-Anne instead of from the milk bottle. I blushed. I then took my hand and lifted one of my breasts, turned toward Joe and offered it to him. He tenderly took my nipple into his mouth and gently sucked on it. Everyone started laughing. After a few seconds, I pulled back and told him to finish his cereal.

The date of our wedding came quickly upon us. The boys got a great kick out of walking me down the aisle. It was a beautiful small wedding with family and selected good friends.

After the reception had ended and all the guest, except for a few close friends, had left, I went to change out of my wedding dress into this beautiful white mid-length dress for our plane trip to this resort that Arthur had picked out for our honey moon. My maid of honor and my one bride maid both lived out of state and had to leave a half hour before the reception ended to make their connection to their flights home. I ran into Bill and Joe who were returning to the reception area after walking some of the guest to their cars. An idea pop into my head.

“Bill and Joe, both my maid of honor and my bride maid have left. I have no one to assist me in changing out of this wedding dress. I would like to give you two the honor of assisting me in preparing me for my trip to my honeymoon with my husband. Do you accept this honor? With big smiles on their faces, they each put their arm into mine and walked me to my changing room.

After entering the room and I stood in the middle of the room and I told Bill to lock the room door. I then had the boys stand one in front and one behind me. They removed my vail, unzip my dress and carefully lowered and then place it and the vail into the wedding dress’s bag. Next Bill, who was behind me, unclipped my bra and removed it.

At that point, I told Bill to move in front of me next to Joe. Very calmly, I told the boys to close their eyes and to keep them closed until I told them to open them. They both complied with my instructions.

I then went to my other bag and removed my travel clothes (the white dress, bra, sandals and a very string panties). I removed the panties that I wore for the wedding and pulled on those string panties making sure the front covered my entire pussy but being a string pantie, my whole ass was uncovered except for the string going down through my ass crack. I walk back over in front of the boys.

I told them to open their eyes. Their attention was immediately drawn to the string panties (I had always worn a full pantie in their presence). I turned around and stood for a few seconds with my back to them. As I turned around, I saw this appreciative look on their faces.

“Boys, I have let you have access to my breasts every time the opportunity presents itself. Now that I have married your father and am now your “mother”, whenever I am wearing a string bikini type of panties, I am giving you access to my whole body, with the exception of my vagina and anus, which are reserved for your father only. When I am wearing a full pantie, your access, as usual, is limited to my breasts. Come here and explore your almost unlimited access to my body”. They immediately did, spending the majority of their time with their hands on my well form ass.

After their initial exploration of me, I had them finish dressing me in my travel outfit.

We walked out of the room and headed out to meet Arthur at the car which was waiting to take Arthur and I to the airport for the start of our honeymoon trip. As we got to the car, Arthur and I turned avrupa yakası escort toward the boys and surprised them by informing them that they were coming with us. We all piled into the car and head for our honeymoon.

At the resort, we checked into our rooms. The boy’s room was one of those adjoining rooms with a door that opened into Arthur’s and my room. We sent the boys to their room telling them to unpack their luggage that Arthur and I had packed for them. We told them we would call them into our room through room’s adjoining door, after we had settled in our room.

There was a knock on the door. Arthur open the door and let into the room two bellmen who were carrying a long large carboard box. Arthur instructed them to place the box by the end of the bed. As they were placing the box near the bed, they opened it, remove and place there this beautiful 8′ by 8′ carpet. Arthur tipped and thanked them as they left the room.

Turning to me his said, “A beautiful gift for a beautiful bride”. I took off my shoes and walked to the center of the carpet and turned toward Arthur. He said, “Stay where you are”. He then called the boys on his phone asking them to remove their shoes and to come into our room

A minute later, as I stood in front of our honeymoon bed on that carpet, dressed in the clothes the boys had put on me back at the reception, the adjoin door open and the boys walked into our room.

As boys came in, Arthur went and sat in a chair which was facing me and the bed. He explained to the boys that I had told him about their excellent job of dressing me for the trip here. Now it was time for them to complete the dressing task by removing my clothes.

I stood there staring straight into my husband’s eyes waiting for his two sons to strip me. They did so with great care and joy (especially when they pulled my bra down and saw my tits drop straight down). They removed everything except my panties (bikini string panties).

At that point, they both looked at me then at their father, who had a surprised look on his face as he saw the string bikini panties (I had never worn that type of panty in front of him). The boys didn’t know what was coming next, so they stayed transfixed in front and back of me.

Arthur then stated, “Interesting choice of underwear!”

I responded, “Yes they are a symbol of my new relationship with you and the boys. My body is now totally yours and to an extent theirs. When I am wearing this type of underwear, you can do anything you want to me. I have no fear for I know that your love for me knows no bond and as such you will never harm me. For the boys it means that except for my vagina and anus which belong to you alone, they have access to every inch of my body. When I am wearing regular panties, their access is limited to the way it was prior to our wedding”.

Arthur sat there thinking for a minute, then smiled knowingly and said, “I agree!”.

Addressing the boys, he said, “I believe that since Mary-Anne has given you access to her body, it is time for you to show me how you prepared your mother for me on those times when she couldn’t wait for me and needed to be attended to prior to my arrival”.

The boys looked at each other, then stripped off their clothes and then stepped up to me, with Bill standing slightly to the side of me and Joe knelling down directly in front of me, lining his head so that he was looking directly at my panty covered pussy. Joe inhaled deeply taking in my aroma (which was emanating from within my pussy) deep into his lungs before extending his tongue to lick the gossip of my panties. Bill firmly hefted both of my sagging breast into his hands, lifting them upward somewhat supporting my body weight (God, that felt good) as he started sucking on my nipples.

Electric shocks rip through my body making me continually convulse. I strained to keep my eyes open and looking into Arthur’s eyes. I wanted to see his reactions/emotions as his two sons ravaged me. Arthur’s eyes sparkled, and a smile crossed his lips. That did it, I came like I never had before in my life. My body went limp, but I did not collapse because Bill was holding me up by my tits and Joe had his hands on my ass cheeks pressing his face deeply into my panties.

The next thing that I realized was happening was that a nude Arthur standing in front of me pulling my bikini panties down and off my legs. Joe had moved in behind me grasping both of my ass cheeks. Arthur’s hard penis was sticking straight out aiming for my pussy. The boys then moved to either side of me holding me up by my arms. Arthur entered me going all the way into the back of my vagina. He pounded into me like his life depended on it. Every thrust forced my body upward only to sag downward as Arthur pulled back before lifting me upwards again with his next thrust into my pussy. Arthur pounded me like that for at least five minutes before he and I came together.

Arthur pulled out of my pussy and told the boys to lower me to the carpeted floor. He went back to the chair he had been sitting in earlier. He just sat there watching me lying (in a semi-conscious state) on that beautiful carpet, moaning in sexual blissful state, stroking my pussy and pulling on my left nipple. At some point, I must have pass out from the continual sexual excitement (the source of which I could not fully remember) that my body was experiencing.

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