A Steamy Shower Ch. 02

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Sunday morning Susan got up when Thomas did, they had breakfast together, and she kissed him on his way out the door at 6:30. Susan took her time cleaning up from breakfast. She had 2 ½ hours until 9:00…the time that she and Eric had set for their second shower together.

Susan found that the anticipation of having a second…much longer…illicit sexual experience with her son had her so excited that her nipples were hard and her pussy was on fire.

By 7:00 she couldn’t take it anymore; Thomas was already gone so there wasn’t any reason to wait until 9:00. She walked up the stairs and poked her head into Eric’s room.

“Are you awake?” Susan asked.

“Who could sleep thinking about what happened yesterday and what’s going to happen today? Is dad gone yet?” Eric asked.

“He left half an hour ago. I know we said 9:00, but since Thomas is already gone could we move our appointment up a little bit?” Susan asked.

Eric smiled.

“As it happens I have an opening right now so I think I could squeeze you in.” Eric said.

Susan smiled.

“I’m the one with openings for you to squeeze into and the sooner you squeeze into them the better.” Susan said.

Eric rolled out of bed; Susan took his hand, and smiled at him as he led her down the hall and into her bedroom.

Susan dropped her robe leaving her completely naked. Eric quickly stepped out of the shorts that he’d worn to bed. Susan took his hand again and led him into the bathroom. She reached in to warm up the shower.

“I suppose that we don’t really have to do this in the shower. Since we’ve already crossed the taboo boundary we could do it in my bed or yours, but it was so hot doing it in the shower yesterday that it just seems right to do it in here again.” Susan said.

“You’ll get no complaints from me about doing it in the shower.” Eric said.

When Susan turned Eric pulled her to him and kissed her. Once the shower was warmed up they stepped inside. Susan and Eric kissed as they ran their hands all over one another’s bodies under the steamy spray of the early morning shower.

“We know that your father will be gone all day so we can take our time today and really enjoy ourselves, but I’m so excited that I just don’t want to wait.” Susan said.

Susan lowered herself to her knees in front of her son so that she was at eye level with his already erect cock. She took it in her left hand and began stroking it.

“I’ve been dreaming of getting your cock in my mouth since we stepped out of the shower yesterday.” Susan said.

Eric smiled as his mother opened her mouth and moved towards him. He could feel her hot breath on his cock as she slowly took the head into her mouth. Eric’s eyes rolled back in his head and his head tilted back when he felt his mother’s lips wrap around his cock. She started slowly sucking the first few inches into her mouth while stroking the rest of his cock.

“Oh yeah…god that feels good mom.” Eric said.

Susan pulled her mouth off of his cock and smiled up at him.

“You like the way mommy sucks your cock?” Susan asked.

“God yes.” Eric said.

“How about the way she licks your balls?” Susan asked.

Susan lowered her head and began licking Eric’s balls; her hand was slowly stroking his cock.

“God that’s so hot.” Eric said.

Susan licked Eric’s balls for a few minutes then took his cock back in her mouth. She sucked his cock for several minutes using one hand to stroke the base of his cock and the other to caress and squeeze his balls. It didn’t take long for Eric to get close.

“I’m gonna cum.” Eric groaned.

Susan pulled Eric’s cock out of her mouth and looked up into his eyes.

“Cum in my mouth baby.” Susan said.

Susan went back to sucking her son’s cock. Within a minute Eric groaned as the pressure in his balls gave way and a thick stream of cum erupted into his mother’s mouth. Susan kept stroking Eric’s cock until she’d milked the last drop of her son’s cum into her hungry mouth.

Finally she released her grip on his cock and with one last flick of her tongue over the head pulled her mouth away. Susan sat back on her heels looking up at her son. She opened her mouth so he could see her savoring his cum; rolling it around with her tongue. After several seconds she closed her mouth and swallowed every drop…licking her lips to prevent the last drop from getting away.

“God mom; that was amazing.” Eric said.

Susan smiled up at the handsome face of her only son.

“Your cum is so thick and warm; it tastes wonderful.” Susan said.

Eric smiled.

“You sure seemed to be enjoying it with the way you were playing with it in your mouth. Watching you play with it in your mouth was hot.” Eric said.

Susan smiled.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve had a real mouthful of cum like that…and yours is the thickest I’ve ever had. I couldn’t just swallow cum like that without savoring it properly.” Susan said.

“Well it was sexy as hell to see my cum in your mouth like that. I haven’t had very many, but that was by far the best blowjob kadıköy escort I’ve ever had.” Eric said.

Susan smiled.

“Thank you sweetie; a girl always likes to know that her efforts are appreciated.” Susan said.

Susan leaned in and kissed the tip of her son’s cock.

“Oh I appreciate it mom; in fact let me show you how much. You’ve had your chance to suck my cock so now its time for me to eat your pussy.” Eric said.

Susan looked up at her son and they both smiled. Susan scurried quickly over to the bench where he’d fucked her the day before. She moved up onto it, sat on the edge, and spread her legs. Eric moved to his knees between his mother’s legs. For a moment he stared at his mother’s pussy.

“Yesterday when we were sitting around wondering when dad was going to get home I had to stop myself from throwing you back on the couch, yanking your shorts and panties down, and plunging my tongue inside you.” Eric said.

Susan smiled.

“There’s nothing to stop you now baby. Show mommy how good a pussy licker you are.” Susan said.

Eric lowered his face between his mother’s legs. He kissed her inner thighs and the area all around his mother’s pussy. Finally his lips parted and the tip of his tongue flicked over her clit. Susan groaned.

“Oh god baby.” Susan said.

Eric began caressing Susan’s clit with his tongue. Every few seconds he would move down and lick her pussy; even pushing his tongue inside her. Susan gasped when Eric went even lower and flicked his tongue over her puckered asshole.

“Jesus…I wasn’t expecting that.” Susan said.

“Did you like it?” Eric asked.

“Yeah. It felt really good.” Susan said.

“Then I’ll keep doing it.” Eric said.

Eric moved his mouth around his mother’s intimate region frequently. He’d focus on Susan’s clit for a few seconds then move down to probe her pussy with his tongue and then down to teasing her asshole. Eric licked two of his fingers and eased them into Susan’s pussy. He twisted his wrist while moving the fingers in and out. Susan moaned.

Eric pulled his fingers out of his mom’s pussy and licked them.

“God you taste great mom.” Eric said.

Susan smiled. Eric licked his two fingers clean of his mother’s juices and then licked his pinky. When he inserted the two fingers back into Susan’s pussy his pinky pushed against her asshole.

“What are you doing?” Susan asked.

Eric looked up at his mother and smiled.

“Trust me mom; you’ll like it.” Eric said.

“Okay.” Susan said.

Eric applied enough pressure to push his pinky into his mother’s asshole. He started moving his fingers in and out as he licked her clit. Eric’s pinky was in her asshole just to the first knuckle and it wasn’t moving very much, but the sensation it gave Susan was incredible.

“God that feels great.” Susan said.

Eric smiled.

“Told you you’d like it.” Eric said.

Eric continued to lick his mother’s clit as he used his fingers to probe her pussy and her asshole. Susan was surprised at how quickly she built towards an orgasm.

“Oh Jesus.” Susan said.

Susan climaxed, but Eric continued to lick her clit and work his fingers on her pussy and asshole. Within minutes Susan was cumming again. Her entire body shuddered from the intensity of her second orgasm. Eric finally moved from between his mother’s legs and stood over her as she lay limp on the bench.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you now mom?” Eric asked.

Susan didn’t speak…she didn’t have to. The look of pure lust in her eyes said more than any words could have. Eric moved over her, took hold of his cock and guided it so the head was against her pussy. He and Susan locked eyes as Eric’s cock pushed deep inside her.

“Oh god Eric…I can’t even begin to describe how amazing that feels. Fuck me baby. Fuck me with your big fat cock.” Susan said.

Eric smiled down at his mother as he started slowly fucking her. He was slowly pulling his cock most of the way out of her and then pushing its full length back into her. With each thrust Susan moaned deeply.

“God Eric that feels so good, but don’t tease me like this.” Susan said.

Eric smiled.

“We’ve got all day to have fun mom. Let me have this now and I promise you that I’ll make it well worth your while.” Eric said.

Susan smiled.

“Okay baby. I want you to fuck me so badly right now that I was being selfish.” Susan said.

Eric leaned down and kissed Susan. He fucked his mother nice and slow for several minutes; savoring the heavenly feel of her pussy on his throbbing cock. He bent down to kiss her and suck her nipples and kiss her breasts multiple times. Eventually Eric increased his pace; Susan reacted immediately.

“Now we’re talking; that feels good. Fuck me Eric. I want you to fuck me hard…I need you to fuck me hard and fast. I need you to fuck me and fill me with your wonderful cum.” Susan said.

Eric smiled as he saw the lust and longing in his mother’s eyes. He started stroking üsküdar escort his cock in and out of Susan’s pussy hard and fast.

“That’s it…fuck me baby. Drive your cock deep inside me…it feels so good.” Susan said.

After just a few minutes Susan clamped her legs and arms around Eric as hard as she could as she had an orgasm.

“God that was incredible Eric. Keep fucking me. I want more; I need more.” Susan said.

Eric fucked his mom for a few more minutes before pulling out of her.

“Flip over.” Eric said.

Susan got to her feet, and bent over; putting her hands on the bench. Eric moved in behind her, but he didn’t push his cock into her. Susan looked over her shoulder.

“Is something wrong Eric?” Susan asked.

“No…I’m just looking at your beautiful little asshole. I’ve never done anal before; none of the girls I’ve dated have been interested. Could I fuck you in the ass mom?” Eric asked.

Susan was nervous.

“I don’t know sweetheart…I’ve never let your dad and he’s asked several times. Having your finger back there was fine, but I’m not sure about your cock.” Susan said.

“Okay…it was just an idea.” Eric said.

Susan could feel the disappointment in Eric’s voice. She felt his cock against her pussy.

“Wait Eric…please.” Susan said.

Eric stopped.

“What is it?” Eric asked.

“We can try it, but your cock is so big that I’m afraid you’ll hurt me so you’d have to go slow.” Susan said.

Eric’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t worry mom…I’ll go nice and slow and if it hurts you we can stop.” Eric said.

“Okay.” Susan said.

Eric positioned the head of his cock against his mom’s tight asshole. Susan groaned as her son pushed the head of his cock against her puckered virgin anus. Eric held his cock with one hand and increased the pressure until the head of his cock finally pushed its way inside Susan’s ass. They both moaned.

“I’m in mom…the head is in.” Eric said.

“It feels so much bigger back there than in my pussy.” Susan said.

With her asshole opened Eric was able to slowly push the rest of his cock in with relative ease.

“Okay mom that’s all of it. Does it hurt?” Eric asked.

“A little, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Be gentle when you’re fucking me though; it’s really tight.” Susan said.

Eric bent down and kissed his mom’s shoulder while wrapping his arms around her.

“Of course I’ll be gentle mom; the last thing I ever want to do is hurt you. I just want to have this amazing experience with you. If you’ve never done this before then you’re giving me your anal virginity; that’s special.” Eric said.

Susan laughed.

“I never would have thought I’d be losing my virginity to my own son.” Susan said.

Eric laughed.

“Are you ready?” Eric asked.

“Yes.” Susan said.

Eric started slowly fucking his mom in the ass. At first Susan had to grit her teeth against the pain, but after a few minutes the pain subsided and a wave of pleasure she’d never experienced before washed over her.

“Rub your clit while I fuck you.” Eric said.

Susan was holding herself up with one hand, but she moved her other hand between her legs. She’d been close to cumming again before they’d changed positions so it wasn’t long after Susan touched her clit that she was moaning as another orgasm swept through her.

“Oh god that was incredible. Fuck my ass baby; make me cum again by fucking my ass.” Susan said.

Eric sped up his thrusting into Susan’s ass.

“God your ass is so tight mom. It feels so fucking good. Do you like my cock in your ass?” Eric asked.

“Yes baby; I love the way your cock fills my ass.” Susan said.

Eric continued to fuck Susan’s ass for a few more minutes. Susan’s hand was rubbing her clit as fast as it could.

“I’m gonna cum; can I cum in your ass?” Eric asked.

“Yes; fill my ass with your wonderful seed.” Susan said.

Eric thrust his cock into his mother’s ass a few more times before pushing it all the way in and pulling Susan back against him. He grunted as he came. The extra pressure of Eric pulling on her body helped Susan over the edge and she came as her son was cumming in her ass.

Eric held his cock in Susan’s ass for a minute after he’d climaxed. He leaned down and kissed all over his mother’s back while he reached his arms around her to hug her and caress her breasts.

“Thank you for letting me do that mom. It was absolutely amazing. Did you like it?” Eric asked.

Susan smiled.

“Yes; I liked it. I especially like that I had my first experience at it with you.” Susan said.

Eric slowly pulled his cock out of Susan’s ass. Susan straightened up and immediately pulled Eric into the spray of the shower. She started washing his cock.

“I hope you don’t mind me washing you like this. I’d rather not taste my own ass on this when I take this in my mouth again.” Susan said.

Eric laughed.

“I don’t blame you. They do that in porn a lot, but I’d never ask you to do tuzla escort that. Having you stroke it like that while you’re washing it will get it back up and ready in no time.” Eric said.

Susan thoroughly washed her son’s cock; by the time she was done it was fully hard again.

“Will you fuck my pussy and cum inside me this time?” Susan asked.

Eric smiled.

“Anything for you mom. How do you want to do it?” Eric asked.

“That bench doesn’t make for a very comfortable position. The shower is big enough that we can do it on the floor; let’s do it down there. I want you on top of me so that I can look you in the eyes while we’re fucking.” Susan said.

Susan moved to her back on the shower floor. Eric moved to his knees between her legs. He moved over her and eased his cock into Susan’s pussy. He leaned down over his mother and kissed her.

“I love you so much mom.” Eric said.

“I love you too baby.” Susan said.

Eric started kissing and caressing Susan’s breasts while slowly fucking her. Susan moaned her appreciation and ran her fingers through her son’s hair.

Eric reached down with one hand and pulled one of Susan’s legs up, and lifted it over his shoulder. The speed and force of his fucking increased.

“Yeah; that’s it…fuck me hard baby. Make me cum all over your beautiful cock and cum inside my hot pussy.” Susan said.

Eric continued fucking his mother for several more minutes before Susan came.

“Oh god you fuck me so good! Make me cum again! Cum inside me.” Susan said.

Eric started grunting as he was really pounding his mother’s pussy. Eric was looking into Susan’s face and saw the expression on her face change; she was starting into another orgasm. Eric slammed his cock as far into Susan’s pussy as it would go and he grunted as his balls emptied inside his mother; who was mid-orgasm.

When he’d finished cumming Eric moved Susan’s leg back down and leaned down to kiss her. Susan grabbed his face in her hands and held him in a prolonged and passionate kiss.

“God Eric; I haven’t had orgasms like this in a long time. I love the way you fuck me.” Susan said.

“I love the way I fuck you too mom.” Eric said.

Eric pulled himself up off of Susan and both of them moved to their knees in the shower so they could kiss and embrace. Susan’s hand moved down to Eric’s cock.

“Jesus Eric; you’ve cum three times and you’re getting hard again already?” Susan asked.

Eric smiled.

“I can’t help it; you’re so fucking hot. I just want to fuck you all day.” Eric said.

“I don’t know if I can take this thing all day, but I’ve got a few more hours in me. Go over and sit on the bench so mommy can have another taste of your beautiful cock.” Susan said.

“I’d love to, but we’re just about out of hot water. No matter how hot we are right now the water is getting cold. We need to take this somewhere else.” Eric said.

“You’re right; the last thing either of us needs right now is a cold shower. We can’t use my bed…it just wouldn’t be right…so we’ll have to use yours.” Susan said.

Eric smiled.

“That’s fine by me. A sexy woman like you is always welcome in my bed. Let’s get going.” Eric said.

Eric shut off the water as Susan opened the shower door. As she stepped out of the shower Susan grabbed a towel. She turned her head towards the door into the bedroom to start drying her hair when she saw him. Susan screamed when she saw her husband Thomas standing in the door.

Thomas’ pants were around his ankles and he was furiously stroking his cock. Thomas gritted his teeth and groaned as he shot his cum onto the tile floor at Susan’s feet. Susan and Eric both stared at Thomas in stunned silence for a moment as he stroked every last drop of cum out of his cock letting it drip onto the floor.

“Thomas I…” Susan started.

Thomas smiled and waved his arm for them to come towards the door.

“Don’t just stand there; let’s get moving.” Thomas said.

Thomas pulled his pants up.

“Where to?” Susan asked apprehensively.

“You said you were going to Eric’s room so you two could keep fucking right? Let’s go.” Thomas said.

Eric and Susan were stunned.

“What? You just caught me fucking our son and you aren’t mad?” Susan asked.

Thomas smiled; his eyes glazed with lust.

“I’ve wanted to watch another man fuck you for years Susan; I never knew how to bring it up so it’s just been a fantasy until now. I never thought that it would be Eric that fucked you, but what the hell…if that’s who you want to fuck…that’s fine with me. At least I know I can trust him not to go telling everyone. Come on…let’s go.” Thomas said.

Thomas again motioned for them to follow him. Susan stood still; shocked equally by being caught in the act and by her husband’s confession that he was getting off on it. She shrieked when Eric scooped her into his arms.

“What are you doing?” Susan asked.

Eric smiled.

“Taking you to my room so you can suck my cock again like you said you were going to.” Eric said.

“Eric we can’t.” Susan said.

“Look mom, I know you’re a bit shocked to have been caught like this, but dad isn’t mad at us. It turns out that he gets off on the idea of you getting fucked by someone else, and he wants to watch. He’s not upset that we’re fucking so why should we stop now when we’re enjoying it so much?” Eric asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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